Devil in red – episode 57

Devil In Red – Episode 57
© Goddy Francis
” You should get out.” I say to the guy.
” Seriously ?” Mom asks.
I walk to the door and open it. I stand beside the door and gesture him to leave.
” Get the **** out ! ” I yell at him.
” Gold , are you alright ?” Mom asks.
” The **** I’m alright. Tell him to leave or I’ll get mad at him.”
He surrender and walk out. I slam the door angrily and cross my arms.
” Mom , what is the meaning of that ?”
” Really ? You don’t want to let him go ? You must let him go.”
” You can’t force me to love someone else. Mom go back home and leave me alone.”
” I’m not leaving till you move on.”
” I’m not willing to move on can’t you understand. He’s still alive and I have that strong feeling. You can’t force me to love someone , why can’t you understand Mitchel isn’t a bad person. You don’t know him.”
” What makes you think you know him ? You don’t know him either. I don’t want to Know him.”
I wave my hands in the air and walk out of the living room. I locked my door and throw my shoes aside. My phone rang and Perkins is the dialer.
” Are you at home ?” She ask.
” Yeah , I’m at home.”
” I hope you’re okay ?” She asks.
” Yeah , I’m fine.” I sigh and clean my eyes.
” Okay. Becareful.” She hang up.
I slump on the bed and cuddle my pillow. My eyes are wet and I’m crying again. Why can’t he just return and save me from this humiliation and emotional stress.
The weekend roll by and I resume work on Monday. I sigh at my reflection on the mirror and get dressed properly. This will definitely save me from Mitchel’s stress and Mom’s boyfriend’s haunt.
I carried my bag and walk out of my room.
” Hi Miranda.” I kissed her on the cheek as she hug me.
” Where are you going ?” Mom asks.
” Mom I work.” I say to her.
” You work ? When did you start working ?” I roll my eyes at her question.
” Anne , she has an internship and she works with a magazine. It’s because of the accident that she had to take a break.” Aunt Elna says.
” Hmm..” mom mutters silently.
” I’m late.” I walk out and entered my car. I drove to work that morning and alight the car.
It’s been almost two months , how am I supposed to get used to everything again ?
” Golden..” Kim squeal as she rush to hug me.
” Good morning , Kimberly.” She smiles and disengage from the hug.
” How are you ? I didn’t expect to see you.”
” I’m right here.” I said.
” Are you back for real ?”
” Yeah..” she squeal again and hug me.
Someone cleared his throat and it’s Cameron.
” Cam.” He smiles and hand me a coffee.
” Thanks.” I take the coffee and hug him slightly.
” We need to see Kiki.” He takes my hand and lead me to her office.
We knock and her voice ordered us in. We walk in and she’s talking to a guy.
” Gold…”
” Hi , kiki.”
” I’m so happy to see you .” She stands up and pull me in for a hug.
” Are you back for real ?” I smile and shrug.
” Aww . Look at you. This is Anderson , the new editor.” She says pointing to the guy she was talking with before.
” Hi.” We exchange handshake and he smile. So terrible but he’s really good looking.
” She’s Gold. An analyst and our really good worker. Kiki owe her a lot for giving us a chance with Peggy.” I lower my head shyly and smile.
” It’s a pleasure meeting you. I believe you’re the awesome popular Mitchel’s girlfriend ?” Why is he talking about Mitchel now ?
Aren’t they aware he’s dead ? Cam clears his throat and hang his hands around my shoulders.
” I promise I’m gonna make you a manager.”
” I don’t need it , thanks. You should give it to Cam.”
” No I don’t need it. Gold you deserve it. I mean you brought life back to Kiki.” Cam says.
” Thanks guys. Please I love my Normal job. I really don’t wanna change anything.”
” If it’s fine by you then we’re good. I want you to be familiar with Anderson , he’s a good person.” I nod as he flash me a seductive grin.
We walk out of Kiki as every single girl in Kiki greeted him. What’s up with him ?
” I’ll leave you both.” He tells us and left.
Cam and I walk to my office as I slump on my chair.
” When was he employed ?” I ask referring to Anderson.
” A month ago. He’s super hot.”
” You like him ?” I ask.
” The fact that I’m gay doesn’t mean he should attract me . Although he’s hot.” I laugh and Cameron shrug.
” I’m being sincere . Almost every girl likes him.”
” Weird. Don’t care. It’s nice he’s not my assistant , I might puke you know.”
” Wow. I’ll leave you to work.” I nod and he walk out.
I sigh and rest my head on the chair. I hope this will work out. Forgetting Mitchel isn’t something easy though.
My door opens as Anderson walks in.
” I’m sorry , do you have knocking issues ?” I ask him.
He smiles and take a seat.
” I’m sorry , just wanted to drop by you know.”
” Thanks.”
” You look like a legend and beautiful too. You wanna hang out tonight.”
” I’m sorry , I’m not sure. I’m gonna be busy.”
” With Mitchel ?”
I furrow my brows and look at him. Why’s he acting like Mitchel is still alive.
” Yeah..” I blink my eyes because of the tears.
” Ooh okay. You are through with the article ?”
” I’m about to start.”
” I should leave you.” He stands up and smile again. Good , I don’t like him.
” Thanks. And please knock next time.” He nods and walk out.
I sigh and start typing. It’s afternoon and I’m hungry. If Mitchel was still alive , he would definitely bring me lunch.
God I missed him. I rest my head on my desk and cry again. A knock distracted me from my sad situation. I quickly clean my eyes and order the person in.
” Troy.” I exclaim.
How did he find me ?
I mean , what the **** is he doing here ?
” Are you crazy ? What the hell are you doing here ?” I yell at him.
” Come on , I was driving by just decide to check on you. I bought you lunch.”
” You ****in b******. Take that s*** out , now.”
” Gold , look, I know you love Mitchel. He has left and I’m willing to make you happy. I would love it if things work out for us.”
” Things can’t work out for us you a****le . I have a boyfriend and I want you to get out.”
” Come on please. Go out on a date with me.”
” Oh , I see. Your ears ain’t working. Get out.” I yell.
He sighs and drop a bag on my table.
” I brought you lunch .” I bite my lips and facepalm myself.
My mother is the cause of all this. What’s up with her ?
” Get out.” He nods and proceed to leave.
” And take this nonsense out.”
” I really like you , just think about it.” He open my door and walk out.
I look at the lunch he brought and hiss. Even if I decides to move on , how can I date someone like Troy. So annoying.
Someone knock and I let the person in.
” Gold , you’re always attracting good things . Look at that cute guy.” Gossip , she hasn’t changed.
” Thanks , Kim. What are you doing here ? I guess you’re supposed to be busy.”
” Yeah. Just wanted to check on you. Is that lunch ?”
” You can keep it , I mean take it.” She smiles and snatch it.
” Thanks, Gold. Is Mitchel coming later on ?” What’s happening ?
” I don’t know.” I reply and sigh.
” You’re okay ?” She asks. It seems she noticed my sad look.
” Yeah , I’m fine. I need to concentrate.” I said looking down on my computer.
” Okay , thanks for the lunch.” She winks and walk out.
How come Mitchel is dead and no one is aware ? Something is wrong and I just don’t understand.
For two months, I’ve not check the internet cause it’s weird the TV didn’t announced Mitchel’s death. Why didn’t I notice this ?
I check the net and saw nothing useful. His biography and Andrews death. I read about Drake and every other Cooper’s who are dead , but yet no Mitchel.
What is happening ?
I scroll down and read about Mitchel and yeah I read the crazy part that says I’m his girlfriend. Where’s his death news ?
” Gold…” Cameron knocks on my door.
” You can come in.” He walks in and shut the door.
” I brought lunch.” He smiles and drop it on the desk.
” Thanks , Cam.” He nods and turn to leave.
” Please , wait.” He stops and turn to look at me.
” So how come the internet didn’t write about Mitchel’s death ?” I ask. His jaw drop as she shrugs.
” I really don’t know. I think the family didn’t want to. They never wanted to announce it to anyone. The mourning would be terrible.” He sighs and I nod.
” Thank you.”
” Sure , becareful.” He walks out and I had to rest my head.
Something isn’t right , I need explanation. But who’s gonna give me these explanations ? Evening arrive and I closed for the day. Today was better than most days. I stop by in a pub and order for drink.
” Thanks.” The bartender smiles and nods.
” Are you okay ?” He ask. It’s obvious I’ve been thinking too much.
” Thank you , I’m good.” I take a deep breath and gulp down the second glass.
I ordered for another glass and gulp it down again.
” You’re about to get drunk.”
” I don’t ****in care.” I whimper and wipe my tears.
I gulp down the fifth glass till I’m really full. I facepalm myself and rest my elbow on his counter. I turn to look at the doorway and someone familiar is standing close to the door.
He stare at me for a while and walk outside the pub. I stand up  and followed him outside. My heart almost drop to this strange figure.
” Mitchel…” His look is pale.
He’s standing few steps away from me as I take a bold step closer. We’re a step apart.
” Am I drunk ?” I ask looking at this cute eyes I haven’t seen for almost three months.
” I don’t think so.” He says.
” You talk.” I raise my hand gently and touch his chest. I move my hands to his check and feel it.
A smile curl up in his lips as he smile at me.
Please don’t let this be a dream.
To be continued

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