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Devil in red episode 56

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Devil in red episode 56 by : 4:43 am On May 7, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 56
© Goddy Francis
I walk out of her room with Elna. She looks at me and sigh.
” What are you going to do about her ? She now talks to herself , that’s almost same thing as insanity.”
She raise her hand up in defense and sit down.
” You should talk to her mom , I don’t have a say here.”
Her mom walks in as she glared at her sister and then me.
” What’s going on with the two of you ?” She ask.
” It’s Gold , she’s getting worse because of Mitchel.” I tell her.
She sit down on the opposite couch and scoff.
” She’ll get over it.”
” She can’t. She’s loosing it. I mean she now talks to herself. What are you gonna do about that ?”
” Easy , give her some space and get her a boyfriend before I leave this forsaken city.” Her mom says.
” You’re s***ting me right ?” I ask.
” Of course I’m not. Gold needs someone who’s gonna be better than Mitchel. Someone who would love her more than Mitchel and then she’s gonna move on.”
” So who’s that someone ?” Elna asks.
” There are a lot of boys in New York who would love her more than Mitchel. I think we are being occupied by his goddamn wealth. She doesn’t need those things . Gold is being deceived by that boy.”
” I think you really need to go back home , this place is tired of you. You should go home.” Elna says standing up.
” Really ?”
” Yes. We are talking about making Gold better you’re talking about bringing in a man just to make her forget about him . Anne it doesn’t work like that.”
” Oh.. okay , I am going to bed and I wouldn’t like disturbance.” She smirks and walk out.
” She’s funny.” I said as Elna shrugs.
” I should leave . I’m not involve in this whole terrible drama. I’m about to loose my mind.” I sigh and walk outside.
I entered my car and drive out of the house.
One week , two weeks , three weeks and now a month , he still hasn’t returned. All this while I had this feeling he’s still around somewhere and he will definitely come back , but hell no , he still hasn’t returned.
I lay on my bed and go through my phone. He was never a picture person , always hate it. Claiming pictures are not meant for people like him.
I smile to nothing and stare at the pictures we took together. I sigh and toss my phone aside. This several months I’m always falling sick and I just don’t know why. Mom says it’s depression and I think too much about Mitchel.
I still cry about him every single day. My eyes are already out and I’ve totally lost appetite for food. My phone rang and it’s Cameron. Kiki.
” Hey Cameron..” i sigh on the phone.
” Gold , how are you ?”
” I’m good.”
” Sorry I didn’t check this past weeks , I’ve been busy.”
” It’s fine , I understand. What’s up with you ?”
” Just here. Work needs you. You keep on giving excuses. This has always been your dream job , you shouldn’t just abandon it.” I smile a little and sigh again.
” I’ll be resuming on Monday.”
” Really ?”
” Yeah , it’s a promise. I so missed you guys.” He giggles on the phone.
” Thanks Gold. I’ll be glad to see you. I’m personally gonna clean your office.” I chuckle and smile.
It’s been long I smiled.
” Thanks Cam , I’m happy.”
” You have to. You should just…”
” I know , I’m getting over it , even if it’s not easy. The more i try the more I’m loosing my mind.” I sigh and pat my eyes to stop the pending tears that’s already falling.
” It’s okay. You need to go out and have a little fun. Mitchel will always love you.”
” Thanks Cam.”
” Talk later Gold.” I nod and he hang up.
I sigh and bury my face on my pillow. He’s ****in right , for almost three months I’ve been Indoors and I’ve not even gone out. School’s resuming soon and I need to get prepare.
I got up from bed and undress myself to shower. I turn on the shower and get beneath it. I stay there for minutes till I started feeling weird. Like Mitchel was right there with me , cuddling me under the shower. I open my eyes and shake the thoughts away. I’m really loosing my mind.
I step out of the bathroom and get dressed , I’m going to THE SPOT today. I walk out of the house and entered my car. First time in three months. I shut the door and rest my head on the wheel. I remembered the house he bought for me and the new car .
I wasn’t ready to drive any silly car same time I really wanna sell them. Maybe give the funds to the orphanage but my conscience won’t allow it. I start the car and drive out to THE SPOT . I halt outside and get down.
” Hey Max.” I said to Max leaning on his counter.
He smile at me for a while and walk out of the counter holding my hands.
We stop as we embrace ourselves.
” It’s been long. We’ve been worried.” He says as we disengage from the hug.
” Yeah. I’m good.”
” You’re looking really pretty.” I blush and Chuckle.
We take the elevator together as we talked.
” How have you been ?” He asks.
” Really great , I think.”
” Wow. Hope you’re good now ?”
” Not that good. I just have to live again.” He smiles and hug me again.
The elevator stops and we get out. He rang the doorbell of the house and carol get up to open it.
” Kitty. ” She squeal and hug me tightly.
” Look who finally decides to show up ?” She ask taking my hand from max.
Max shrug and whispered he’s leaving.
” Max, you ain’t going anywhere. I made cookies and brownies.” He smiles and walk in.
” They are almost toast.” Carol mocks.
I take a fork and cut out of the cake.
” It’s been long I taste something like this.” I said taking the cake from her hand and placing it on the table.
Max takes a cookie and shove it in his mouth.
” Thanks girls , I should leave . Work issues ” I smile at him and he winks.
” Bye Max , stop winking.” He laughs and step out of the house.
” So , what happened to you ?” Perkins asks and furrow her brows.
” What ?” I chuckle eating her brownie.
” I missed this place , my room , everything…” I sigh and breathe in.
” We missed you. We are glad you’re a bit better.” I sigh and half smile.
” I’m not even sure.” I said with a croak voice. That speech was to come out with tears.
” I’m good.” I finally say.
” We’re partying tonight , you’re coming with us. I already bought a dress and anyone who sees you in this won’t be able to resist you. Trust me.” Perkins flatters and I just shrug.
It reminds me of Mitchel. Always buying me s£×y clothes just to be sure I look super hot.
” He’s ****in gone , Gold .” My subconsciousness tells me.
” Thanks girls . I’m in. I just wanna feel alive , even it’s for a lifetime.” They laugh and Perkins almost choke on her juice.
” Sorry about that.” She nods and wipe the corner of her mouth.
” What’s up with Jake ? And how’s Allison coping ?”
” Jake is good . Allison , I think she’s fine now.”
” Yeah. It hurts though. He was her only family.” I shut my eyes and try not to cry. I really wanna forget the fact that i didn’t date anyone with the name Mitchel and also he’s not dead to me.
But memories are meant to stay , so they said.
” When are we partying ?” I ask trying to divert from that emotional speech I was about to make.
” 8.pm it’s almost 7 though.”
” Okay.” I smile as we eat up.
I help Perkins take out the dish and we wash them. We returned back to the living room and carol was already playing a video game. Mitchel hates it , never allowed me to play this.
” Ready for this new semester ? You’re rocking college. New sets of transfer students are popping in.” I smile taking the other game pad.
” Okay. I need to cover up for last semester , it was terrible for me.”
” Yeah , you shouldn’t worry.” Carol says.
I sigh and concentrate on the game . The game ends and I lost. I’ve never been a genius though. We played till it was almost 8:pm. I take my bath and stare at this black dress Perkins bought.
This reminds me of Mitchel again. Same type of clothes he likes and now Perkins bought me one.
” You don’t like it ?” Perkins ask standing by my door.
” No, it reminds me of Jason .” I sigh and touch my forehead.
” It’s okay. You can try something else.”
” It’s fine.. I’m great.” I fake a smile and she nods.
” Thanks , Perkins.” She hug me and klzzed my cheek before she left.
I put on the dress and the shoes. I smile at my reflection and arrange my hair. After gaining satisfaction , I walk out of the room and we walk down THE SPOT. Carol wasn’t wearing her nerdy attitude this time , the super hot she.
I shut the door to the passenger seat as Perkins takes the wheel to my car. She turn on the music player as they both squeal. My mind’s being occupied , a lot of Mitchel memories.
I glue my face to the window and thought about him. Him sitting on the driver’s seat taking me out . Him fighting with me and telling me not to do this. I sighs and sniff back the tears, it’s nice the girls didn’t notice because of the loud music.
It halt and I quickly get out of the car cleaning my eyes.
” Okay , it’s our night , let’s feel it.” Perkins says leading the march.
Thank God it’s not one of Mitchel’s club. I take a seat and Perkins ordered for drinks. I’m not happy and also not comfortable. I just smile to Perkins conversation even if I can’t hear a thing.
” You wanna dance kitty ?” She asks and I nod.
She dance with me till a guy stole her away from me. Carol giggles since she was dancing with another guy. I sigh and turn to leave but someone grab my hand. I turn to look at him and gasp.
” Mitchel …”
” I’m Damian , actually.” I blink my lashes and scoff at this weird blonde hair guy.
” Thanks , I don’t dance.” How can I see him as Mitchel ? This is not good.
” Come on , you’re pretty and hot..” he flirts about to touch me.
I hold his hand and proceed to slap him but I felt a grip on my arm.
” Gold it’s okay. You should get your ass out of here.” She tells the guy.
He scoffs and walk into the crowds of dancing youths and teens.
” Come ..” Perkins takes my hand and take me to a seat. Carol sit close to me and fill up a glass with alcohol.
She push it to me and I gulp everything.
” Why do I have to see every hot guy as Mitchel ?” I ask.
” You need to let go.”
” I can’t. I’m just gonna loose my mind. I always feel he’s around me and holding me.” I sigh and gulp down another glass of wine.
” I’m never gonna date another person. I can’t even imagine klzzing someone else , talk more of having s£× with another person. I’m….” I scoff and facepalm myself.
” Gold , just calm down..”
” I’m going home. You can bring my car to my aunt’s house.”
” No , you can drive it. We’re gonna take the Uber.” I smile and walk out of the club .
I entered my car and starts the engine. I drove to my house and halt. I rest my head on the wheel and cry my eyes out.
Why can’t he just come back ? I stay in my car for minutes and then hours. I walk out of the car and shut the door. I entered the house and mom is standing next to a black guy.
Nice hair and really cool skin. What the **** is he doing here ?
” Hey kid.” Mom hug me and smile.
Elna is sitting on the couch braiding Miranda’s hair. She’s not even concern or something.
” Gold , meet Troy.”
” Hi .” We said in unison.
” What is he doing here ?” I ask.
” Well , we booked a date for you two. He likes and you both are going on a date tonight.” My mom says and smiles.
” We ? Who’s we ?” I ask.
” She.” Elna grin at me.
I scoff and shake my head.
” Mom , I don’t understand.”
” What is there not to understand ? You both are going out on a date tonight. You need to forget about that thing that is already gone and he’s rotten beneath the ground.”
Is she serious ? The guy smile at me and I’m about to go wild. How dare she ?
To be continued

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