Devil in red episode 55

Devil In Red – Episode 55
© Goddy Francis
I lay on my back and stare at the ceiling. My second time of going to the hospital again. I sigh and look at the drip and then my hand .
Why did I have to survive ?
I mean why on Earth did I survive ?
They took Mitchel , why is it so hard to take me too.
I thought I would die but yet , nothing. I’m sleeping on a hospital bed again , so terrible.
” Gold..” mom called as she sit close to me.
I don’t need her right now, I need Mitchel back. Even if I have to do anything , I just want him back.
” Are you feeling better ?” She ask.
” Thanks , I’m fine.”
Aunt Elna walks in with her arms crossed. She smiles and sit close to me.
” Your life is not a movie , why end it ?” She ask touching my forehead.
” He has left me.” I whimper.
” Gold , why on Earth should you take your life because of a mere boy.”
” That mere boy meant everything to me. He makes me happy. He was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”
” One of the best ? What about your family ? Are you alright at all ?” I sob as Elna cuddle me.
” This is weird. Who would take their live because of a boy. A boy who doesn’t even care about you. What did he feed you with ? What’s wrong with you ? If you’re smart you’ll move on with your life.” Mom yell.
” I don’t wanna move on. I want him back , I don’t want anything except him. You don’t understand. We were Inlove him , mother I fell in love with him.” I cry and sniffles.
” You don’t know what love is. Nobody chooses their boyfriend over their family. But you , you choose to disgrace me. That i was about to loose two of my daughters to one crazy kid. What did you see in him ?” Mom scolds.
” I see a lot in him. A lot. He made me feel special. He was something better than what you even think. It’s fine , it’s not even important anymore. He has left , he’s ****in dead. And you killed him , how am I so sure it was an accident..” I yell.
She bites her lip and almost smack my face , but stop. Aunt Elna glare at her and take a deep breath.
” Do not dare me , I don’t even wanna regret ever giving birth to you. You’ve lost your manners, Gold . Where is that sweet little girl I gave birth to ? Where’s that little girl who would do anything for her kid sister ? Where’s that girl who would scold her kid sister because of her wrong steps ? That girl who won’t stand up to her mother ? Look at you , ever since you started having sex with that boy , you’ve finally develop bad morals. You now yell at me and even walk out on me. You even chose him over me , your mother. Gold , you’ll regret all of this ? I bet you …” She sob and that made me cry too.
Why’s she making me feel bad.
” Just try and put yourself in my shoes. Who would want their daughters to date such boy. You won’t even understand instead you travel with him and you got shot. It hurts you have to wake up from that sleep of yours , I wish you can go back. I don’t even care if you take your life , just go on. It’s useless now , you want him right , go on, kill yourself and meet him in on the other side.” She wipe her eyes and walk out of the ward.
Aunt Elna sighs and look at me.
” In several ways she’s right.” She says.
” But , she should also try and understand we all make mistakes.”
” I know but , you should never forget she’s your mom. You don’t choose a man over your mother. The only reasons I am just keeping quiet about the whole issues is because Mitchel is a good boy , and he truly loved you so much. I think you should focus more on school and go back to Kiki.”
” Aunt , it’s not easy. He was my first everything , even if he wasn’t the first man I ever dated. Mitchel is…” I sigh and cry silently.
” It’s okay. I understand. It hurts i know , but crying everyday won’t bring him back. You need to be strong and alive for him. Just take back everything and move on..” she advise.
I look away and she stands up and walk out of the ward. I thought about my mom. Emily’s death was the last time I saw her cry. I pitied her and now she’s crying because of me and also Mitchel is also the curse.
I want him back , I don’t care if he’s not coming back. I just wanna see him again , if it’s for the last time.
I got discharged the following day and I went home. Things didn’t went out for me well. For one reason or another I’m always crying , cursing and wishing it was all a nightmare.
I walk out of the house one evening and board a cab to Mitchel’s. I stand outside his apartment , wishing he will just come back and hug me , cuddle me and then tell me he just traveled and he missed me.
But hell no , it’s not a dream. He has left me. I stand outside his apartment and cross my arms weeping silently.
” Gold..” Jake called my name.
I turn to look at him about to sob again. Perkins is standing close to him.
” Where’s Mitchel ?” I ask him.
He sighs and turn to look at Perkins who’s looking sad.
” Where is he ? Is he coming ?” I cry .
” Gold , please stop..” Perkins sob silently as she hug me.
” Where’s he ? Just bring him back . I want him back , just bring him back to me. I’m not gonna leave here if you don’t bring him back to me.” I sob.
She cuddle me and stroke my back.
” Gold it’s okay..”
” It’s not okay. I want him back. He has left me like every other person. Why would death take him away from me ? I want him back , Perkins.” She sniffles and hug me.
” Let’s take her inside.”
Perkins hold my hand and walk me inside his house.
This is crazy.
I’ve never seen Gold in such a condition before.
What’s happening to her ?
I walk her into the house as she sobs.
” Jake , I don’t understand. What’s happening to her ?” I ask.
He sighs as we turn to look at Gold who’s hugging her knee. She already wet her knees with tears.
” I don’t know. I just don’t know. It’s always hard to swallow death issues. Mitchel was her everything I guess.”
” I can’t imagine myself in such condition.”
” So if I’m gone you won’t act like this ?” He ask .
” No , I mean to the extent of taking my life. Jake , Gold tried to commit suicide , i was stoked.”
” Yeah. It’s true love. She loves him , Mitchel also loved her. I remembered the day she find out about Mitchel’s bad business , Mitchel almost went mad. He Missed her and she’s his distraction. This is messed up.”
I sigh and shake my head.
” I’m taking her home.” I said and walk over to Gold who’s still hugging her knees.
” Gold , let’s go home.” I tell her.
” Will he visit me ?” I sigh and sit close to her.
” Gold , Mitchel isn’t coming back.”
” No , he’s coming back . He promised he was never gonna let go. He said he won’t leave me. He’s gonna come back , i don’t think he’s gone.” She cry.
I hug her and cuddle her.
Allison walks in and glared at me and then Gold.
” What is she doing here ?” She ask with her arms crossed.
” This is her boyfriend’s house , Allison.” Jake said to her.
” Same , her boyfriend is dead. Perhaps it’s her boyfriend not husband.”
” Allison , just go upstairs and go to bed. Don’t even try to do s*** .” Jake said.
” She should learn to leave without him. We don’t want you. You already took him away from me.”
” Allison , upstairs.” Jake yell.
She scoffs and walk out.
” Perkins..”
” I’m taking her home.” I say and hold Gold who’s acting like a sick patient.
This is hurtful.
” I want him back.” She laments.
” He will come back..” I hold her to my car and open the passenger seat for her.
I turn around and entered the driver’s seat. I drove her home and ring the doorbell.
” Perkins..” her aunt says.
” Gold is getting worse. She’s now talking to herself.”
She broad her eyes at me. I nod and point my car to her. We walk back to the car and Gold’s lamenting to herself.
” You need to find a solution or she’s gonna loose her mind.” I sigh and open the car for her.
We carried Gold out and take her inside.
” I want him back..” she lament again.
Elna exchange glances with me as she sigh. Things are getting out of hand. We take her to her room and place her on the bed.
I cover her with her duvet and arrange her legs. I turn to  leave but she grab my hand.
” Will Mitchel come back ?” She asks.
Tears slide down my eyes and I couldn’t make out words. What am I supposed to tell her? I sit close to her and caress her hair.
” He’s gonna come back. Just close your eyes and imagine he never left.” She smiles and nod, she gently closes her eyes.
She’s loosing her mind.
To be continued

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