Devil in red episode 53

Devil In Red – Episode 53
© Goddy Francis
” Golden , Mitchel is fine. He’s not around.”
” Where’s he ?” I ask looking at my aunt and mom. What’s she even doing here ?
” Gold , you’re just waking up from a month slumber and you need to rest .” Mom snap at me.
One month slumber ? How did that happen ? I tried to sit up but mom hold me back.
” God , please just sleep. You’ll be fine.”
” Why’s Mitchel not here ? Did you chase him away ?” Aunt Elna sighs and scoff silently.
The doctor walks in and smile at me.
” You’re awake.”
” Yes I am awake. What ?” I ask and sigh. My owe body aches a little.
” You’ll be fine . I’ll be prescribing you drugs that will ease the pain and you’ll be strong to go home. It’s really a miracle , we thought you were gonna die…” The doctor narrates.
I don’t care about all his sermons , i need to see Mitchel. Why is he not here ? I mean why is he not here ? My mother must have successfully pursue him. She hates him and I shouldn’t wish for his presence not now.
The doctor check my pulse and injected me again. I lay back on the bed and try to think. I totally forgot I was shot my Tionna and that brought me here. To this stupid hospital. I don’t wanna regret this , it’s not like it’s my fault.
” Where’s my phone ?” I ask no one in particular.
” At home.” Aunt replies and I nod.
” Mom , can you get me something to eat ?” I ask really weak. She look over at Elna and nod a little.
” Thank you .” She smiles and walk out. I look at Elna and she sit close to me.
” Where’s Mitchel ? Where did he went to ? My mom fought with him right ?” She clears her throat and massage her neck.
” Aunt..”
” Golden , he’s fine . He travel out of the country and he was here two weeks ago. He’s been worried and he’s fine.”
” Why did he travel ? And where ?” She sighs and hold my hand.
” I don’t know where he went to okay , Mitch is fine.”
” I don’t think he loves me anymore.” I sob and sniffles.
” Gold , please stop. He does loves you.”
” He doesn’t. I mean Mitch will never leave me no matter what. To the extent he traveled and his last visit was two weeks ago. That’s not likely Mitchel, he will never leave me.” I cry.
” Gold he didn’t leave you. He traveled and nothing more.” Miranda chip in.
” She’s right , you should be strong for him. He will be here soon , I’ll call him and tell him you’re awake . He’ll be so happy to see you again.” She smiles and press my hand gently.
Mother walks in with whatever thing she bought as she glare at Anne.
” What did you tell her ?” She ask sitting the item on a table.
” I told her nothing.” Aunt replies and scoff.
” Golden, what did she tell you ?”
” Nothing.” I reply.
” She just woke up and you made her cry , what’s wrong with you ?” I sigh and shut my eyes.
I can’t sleep , Mitchel is the only thing in my head. I’m having bad feelings and this is rare. I think something is wrong.
The following day , Perkins and Carol visited. Carol was sad as she Interwine her thumbs together feeling sorry. Yeah , she owe me a lot of apologies.
” Mom , can you please excuse us ?” I say to my mom.
She nods and sigh before she left.
” Hi , kitty.” Perkins says sitting close to me. She touched my forehead and smiled.
” Carol , you can sit.” I tell her and she nods.
” I’m really sorry for everything. I’m.. really selfish and hateful and I’m totally sorry. I just want you to forgive me.” I Chuckle and nod.
” It’s okay. I am not angry at you. It’s really nice you’re back to being normal.” I smile at her and she smiled back.
” Where’s Mitchel ?” I ask and their looks changed.
They stare at each other and sigh.
” What are you not telling me ? I think someone is hiding something from me.”
” What makes you think so ?” Perkins ask.
” I have a bad feeling about this . He hasn’t come to check on me. I think something is wrong.” Perkins sighs and touch my hand gently.
” Mitch is fine. Mitch was here two weeks ago and he was here through out the day.”
” And how did you know ?” I ask.
” We met him here. We pleaded with your mom to allow him stay and she did.” Carol adds.
” Then why is he not here ?”
” He’s not in town.”
” And when did Mitchel started traveling ?”
” I think you worry too much. You should be happy about your health. Then when you’re strong you’ll see Mitchel.” I nod and pouts.
” Thanks guys. What’s up with Cameron ?”
” He’s been worried about you. He’s great though. I guess their London tour was awesome.” Perkins giggle and I smile.
” Yes. I miss my job.”
” And we miss you too. Just get back to your feet and start again. Kiki is right there waiting for you.” We laugh together.
” You missed your exams you know that right ? We sort that for you. Mitchel had to get someone who will impersonate for you but we decline. I talked to your counselor and he said we can write for you.”
” Thanks guys , I’m happy.”
” Yeah. Get out of here and let’s party.” We laugh and talk about different stuff.
” I think perkins has a confession.” Carol snaps with a grin.
” Oh ..” I widen my eyes and smirk at her.
” Okay. I’m dating Jake.”
” No way.” I said.
” Yes way , he’s so dreamy and nice. Just the bad kind of nice and that’s what I’ve always wanted.”
” That’s a huge news. And carol ?” She Chuckles and shake her head sideways.
” No , I’m still me. I’m not searching.” Perkins Chuckle and we laugh.
” I miss you guys a lot. One month on a void island without you guys was terrible. It was always dark and nothing else.” I say.
” No dreams ?” They ask and I shake my head sideways.
” Wow. Good to have you back.” I smile as they smile too.
A week after I got discharged and I was better. Two weeks and Mitchel didn’t call nor visit me. I don’t wanna think my mom chased him away , it’s gonna be terrible.
Perkins and Carol was always calling and including Cameron and max. Kiki also visited and I was really surprised to See her. But all that doesn’t really matter, I just wanna see Mitchel.
I sigh and fold my legs on the couch. I called Mitchel’s number for 100th time and it’s not reachable. No voicemail , no ring at all.
” What’s happening ?” I mutter.
My phone rang and it was a strange number. I quickly pick up hoping it’s Mitchel.
” Hi , Gold.” The person said on the phone. It’s not Mitchel but someone else.
” Hi..”
” It’s Jake.” I smile at once hoping he would tell me about Mitchel.
” Jake , how are you ?”
” I’m good. Hope you’re better ? Perkins told me you are out and I’m really happy.”
” Yeah.. where’s Mitchel ?” I ask. The background is silent and I could feel he’s thinking of a perfect lie.
” Gold. Hmm , Mitchel is fine.”
” Where’s he ? Why can’t I reach him ? Why’s he not even calling ? What is happening ? Did he break up with me ? His he tired ? Why didn’t he check on me for over two weeks ? Jake say something , don’t lie to me like the others..” he sigh.
” Jake..”
” Gold , Mitchel is fine. He traveled.”
” To where ? Tell me . I’m willing to go look for him.”
” Gold you don’t understand. You should talk to your mom or maybe your aunt. They owe you a owe lot of explanations.” He sniffles on the phone and my heart skip. I’m scared.
Did he dump me ?
” Thanks Jake.” I hang up and toss my aside.
I walk to the kitchen and pick up a knife. I walk back to the living room and my Aunt just arrived with my mom. They stop and stare at me surprisingly.
” I need answers or I’m killing myself.” I threaten showing them the knife.
” Gold , what are you talking about ?” Mom stammers.
” What happened to Mitchel ? Did you push him away from me ? Or he left me ?” I ask.
” No , he traveled.” My aunt say.
I bite my lip and cut my wrist. They jerk and proceed to rush at me but I stop them pointing the knife at them.
” Talk. Where’s he ?”
” Gold please calm down. Put the knife down and I’ll tell you everything.”
” I’m not putting the knife down. Tell me what I need to hear. Where’s he ? Why’s he not picking my calls ? What happened to us ?” I weep.
Aunt Elna cries at once and look at mom who’s sad.
” Gold I’m sorry. Mitchel is dead.” My heart drop at once as the knife fall off my hand. I look at my mom  and my aunt.
” We were scared to tell you. We don’t want to loose you again so I had to shut up.” My aunt explain.
” It’s a lie.”
” It’s not a lie. He visited you two weeks ago . On his way back he had an accident and didn’t make it. He died the following morning..” mom narrate. My vision Is blurry as my heart is heavy.
I don’t know what happened but all I see his void.
To be continued

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