Devil in red episode 51

Devil In Red – Episode 51
© Goddy Francis
” What did you do to my daughter ?” Anne asks.
” I can explain..” Mitchel stammers.
” Anne , please calm down.”
” You won’t tell me to calm down. What did you do to her ? You got her shot and why ? Are you trying to kill her same way you killed the first one.” She yell and I’m about to get a headache.
” It’s not what you think. I wanted to tell you guys but…”
” But what ? You crazy annoying redhead. Get out and don’t even bother coming back. I don’t like you and i won’t. You deceived my daughter and made her choose you over her family and now you’re here , you got her shot .” Mitchel sighs and cross his arm.
” Look I don’t care the amount of trash you fed her with , you are breaking up with her and that’s final. You’ll walk through that door and never return.” She yell.
” Anne…”
” You’ll shut up and mind your business. You planned this with him. You advised her to continue the relationship because she’s not your daughter.”
” What are you saying ? She is inlove with him. What am I supposed to do ? Yell at her and scold her for finding happiness ?”
” Did you call this happiness ? Look at her , lying in a God forsaken hospital bed and she’s not even breathing properly. Elna look at her , a useless oxygen is fixed to her nose just to breathe and you call this happiness. Mitchel get out or get ready to fight me.”
” What !”
” I love her okay and I can’t just leave her.”
” Did you just say you love her ? Do you know what love is ? If you love her you won’t date her after what you did to her sister. You used her to satisfy your selfish urge. You don’t Know what love is. You’re wicked and heartless and you’ll suffer. If my daughter doesn’t come out alive I’ll make sure I kill you before I kill myself. I don’t know what is wrong with you white people , you do a lot of terrible things and people have to overlook them. Get your ass out of here now and don’t even come back.”
” I’m sorry.” He plea
” Just save it. I don’t need it , it won’t bring back the joy you stole from me. It won’t save Gold from this trauma you’ve put her. Stop talking to her. Go away and leave her alone you don’t deserve peace , you’re heartless and wicked. Get out..” Anne yell again.
” I don’t really get it. You just don’t yell at people over what your daughter did. It’s not his fault , she got herself shot. What’s up with you. ” Allison utter and Anne almost gave her a slap but I had to stop her.
” I didn’t call you here to fight , Anne.” I said to her.
” Mitch , you should leave. You need to understand and let her be for now. You should have informed us about the incident instead you kept it from us , that wasn’t advisable.”
” I was scared and I’m truly sorry.”
” Yeah , get out before I call the security.” Anne said.
” Mitchel , let’s get the hell outta here.” Allison said.
He takes a deep breath and look at me. I nod and he sighs.
” Thanks , I’m really sorry.” I look away as he walk pass me.
He left the ward with Allison as Anne begin to cry.
” This is awkward.” Perkins says and cross her arms.
” Don’t you think we should talk to the doctor , he should explain what’s happening. I mean what’s her fate.” The other guy said. The guy I met at Perkins house.
” You cost all of this.” Anne fires .
” Don’t start with me. Just leave me out of this .” I sigh and sit down.
” I’m sorry who are you ?” A doctor asks.
” We’re the family. What’s happening to her ?” Anne asks.
” She was shot multiple times and it result to this. She’s unconscious and in coma. I don’t even know her fate but I just hope she’ll be fine .” The doctor states.
” Mitchel , did he explain how come she was shot ?” I ask.
” Not exactly. You can ask him. I mean , where is he ?” I sigh and dart my eyes at Gold.
” Don’t ever allow Mitch in here anymore. I don’t want to see him in this hospital , let him stay away from her.” Anne said.
” I’m sorry , why ? He brought her here and I think they are dating.”
” I don’t care if he’s the owner of this hospital , don’t let him come close to her. If I see him wandering around her ward again , I’m willing to file a case against you and this forsaken hospital of yours.”
” Okay ma, I’m sorry.”
” How much is the hospital bill ?” I ask him.
” Don’t worry , he already sort out everything.” The doctor says.
” Thanks.” He nods and walk out.
” She’s my only child. If she dies then I’m gonna kill him and kill myself.” She cries.
” Anne , stop it. She won’t die , stop saying negative words , nothing is going to happen to her. She will be fine.”
” I should leave you both. I’m not really good with this. The hell i hate crying.” Perkins says and walk out including the guy.
” I’m willing to do anything to make sure she forgets about him. I don’t mind giving her injections that will make her forget about Mitchel.”
” Anne , you won’t temper with her brain. We should be talking about how to get her out of here alive and you’re talking about injections. Do you know it can affect the brain.”
” I don’t care. She’s my daughter and I have every right to do what I want. She’s not okay , if she wakes up she will still go back to that crazy redhead guy with tattoos and piercings. Did you see his ears ? He’s a wearing an earring. What type of boy is that ? Will you even allow Miranda to date such person ?”
” Are you angry because he’s like that or you’re angry because he once had something with Emily ?”
” I don’t care. I don’t like him and gold must forget about him if I have to do anything stupid. I’m giving her injections even if she has to loose her memory.”
” Anne you won’t do that. I won’t allow you. Leave her alone..” I was getting angry at her and I don’t mind fighting with her.
Who would inject their daughter just because they want them to forget about who they truly love. This is insane. I sigh and sit down. What might have cause the shot is what i really don’t know.
” Why would Gold fall in love with such bad news ? I’m sure he’s in to bad business and he was trying to run away with Gold and she was shot. She will never listen to me . Emily’s stubbornness killed her and it was caused by just one redhead man and now Gold is in coma because of one same redhead. Who did I offend ? Why are my daughters naive ?” She weep and I don’t know when tears slide down from my eyes.
I pat my eyes and inhale. If she dies then I’m sure someone is gonna place a curse on a redhead Mitchel.
I pace around my living room and thought about what her mother said. It’s all my fault. I think she was right , I just need to stay away from her if it will benefit her.
I plump down on the couch and sigh endlessly.
” You should stop thinking about her.” Allison says climbing down the stairs.
” I can’t.”
” You can. Look at you , ever since you started dating her , you’ve always been in one mess or the other. Can’t you see , you’re not met for each other.” I roll my eyes and sit up to look at her.
” I just want you to get a boyfriend and stay out of my business.”
” I’m just trying to look out for you.”
” I don’t need it. You are such a leak , how could you tell them Gold’s been shot and admitted. What’s up with your leak attitude ? Can’t you just shot your mouth and act like a normal person. You’re getting on my nerves and I don’t like it.”
” And you’re acting totally different and it’s not fair. What’s up with Gold that you care so much about her ?”
” Allison go to your room. It would be nice if you don’t tell anyone about her condition.”
” Yeah , that she can’t bear children. It’s normal.” She scoffs and walk out of the living room.
” Mitchel..” Jake calls walking into the living room.
” Hey..” he Chuckles and sat down.
” Yo , Mitchel..” Tom said walking into our discussion.
” What !”
” I got something for you .” He says giving me an envelope.
I open it and saw a picture. Tionna having a conversation with Drake.
” I thought she’s..”
” Dead ?” Tom asks and chuckles.
” She was stabbed not shot . What is Drake doing with Tionna ?” I ask looking at Tom.
” I think she planned everything with Tionna and that includes Tobie’s death.” Tom says .
” Woah.. seriously.” Jake mutter looking at the pictures.
” Do I have to kill people again ?” I ask.
” I think he’s planning with Tionna to rewrite the will.” Tom says.
” And where the **** is will ?”
” Right here , Mitchel.” Will said walking into the living room.
” You owe me a lot of explanation.”
” I am not working with Ben or Tionna. I pledge to you remember. I can’t betray you.”
” All that doesn’t really matter . We need to get Drake.” Jake says and I scoff.
” Get Allison , she’s in her room.” Tom nods and climb upstairs.
Few seconds after, Tom returns with Allison.
” Now what ?”
” I want you to call Drake with William’s phone , pretend to be Tionna and ask him to meet you at my warehouse. He’s such a dumbass.” I tell her.
” Why am I doing that ?” She asks, always so annoying.
” Alli , we think he killed Tobie and planned your father’s death with Tionna.” Jake said.
” Wow…” She takes Williams phone and dialed his number. After the second ring he picked up.
She did as she was told and hang up.
” Thanks , you can go back to your room.” She roll her eyes and walk out.
” Who’s up ?” They laughs and walk out of the house.
” Tionna , I’m here where are you ?” Drake asks.
” Right here..” Jake replies from the dark and punch his mouth.
” **** , this ring cost me fifty bucks.” Jake says and scoff.
Will and Tom force him on a chair and tied him up. He groans and spit out blood.
” You ****in prick. What are you up to ?”
” Why did you kill Tobie ? After all the s***ty things he did for you.” I ask him.
” I don’t owe you a damn answer.” He spits.
” Okay.”
I look up at tom who brought out a syringe.
” The fluid inside is poisonous. Drake , it’s acid , it will burn your entire system slowly till you’re dead. Start talking.”
” You ****in **** , you won’t threaten me.” He cuss with a grin.
” Okay.” I snap at tom as he inject the fluid into his system.
” 5 ..4..3..2..1…”
He growls as he jerk slowly.
” I’m waiting..”
” ****.. fine..” he yells still jerking a little.
” I have always wanted your father’s wealth including my father. Your father was greedy , my father made him. After helping him acquire such wealth he turn into something else. He later introduce Tionna as his mistress , I knew she was married to Ben but I don’t want to say a word. I talked to her about marrying your father. Your father told my father he has changed his will and he is willing everything to Tionna. That ****in day , we paid a sniper to kill him but he wasn’t smart , he shot him even before your father signed the ****in will . We killed Tobie because he would do anything to take his properties back… Tionna isn’t dead and she is after your stupid punk girlfriend.” He coughs out blood and spit it out.
” Don’t bother looking for Tionna , she already killed Gold , that is if you’ll be smart to stop her first…..” I pull the trigger and shot him continuously. I was angry.
” Mitch , that’s enough…” Jake snatch the gun from my hand while I tried to catch  my breath.
” He’s already dead.. ” I inhale and rush out of the warehouse.
” Mitch where are you going ?” Jake ask .
” I need to get Gold , I can’t loose her not after everything.” I entered my car and ignite the engine.
I take the wheel and speed out of the warehouse. It halt outside the hospital and I ran out. I open the door to her ward and she’s gone.
There’s blood on the hospital bed and Gold is nowhere to be found.
To be continued

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