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Devil in red – episode 50

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Devil in red – episode 50 by : 2:21 pm On May 1, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 50
© Goddy Francis
I got discharged the following morning. I couldn’t go home. I sit opposite Gold who’s still asleep. An oxygen mask is fixed to her nose and I’m blaming myself for everything.
What if her mother finds out , she’s going to hate me more than she hate me. I look at her heart beat rate on the monitor and sigh. Will she ever be alright. What about the surprise I planned to give her on her birthday. The doctor said she’s in a state of coma and nobody knows when she will get out of it.
” Mitchel..” I look up at the doorway and he’s standing there with his hands in his pocket.
He sighs and walk in.
” Don’t you think you should call her family ?”
” What am I gonna tell them ?”
” I don’t know, maybe the truth.”
” That my sister got kidnapped and I had to save her. I told Gold to wait in the car but she refused and she was shot in the process. What type of news is that ?”
” Yeah , weird. Just call them and tell them Gold’s been shot.”
” By who ? Look Jake it doesn’t make any sense to me. She’s gonna freak out and say I’m trying to kill Gold same way I killed Emily. If I were in her shoes I’ll get me arrested.”
” But not telling her family isn’t advisable. If she finds out from an unknown sources she’s gonna hate you more. For lying to her and getting her daughter shot.” I sigh and facepalm myself.
” God I hate my life.”
” It’s not your fault Mitchel. You should be strong for her.” I touch my forehead and look at poor Gold.
This is too much. Where should I start from ? What am I gonna tell her mom ?
” What are you gonna do about the other part ? That if she wakes up from the coma she won’t be able to give birth.”
” I don’t care. I can’t start debating on that. I just want her to be fine even if she doesn’t bear children , I’m fine with that.”
” You will tell her right ?”
” No , it’s gonna break her. Gold likes children, telling her such news will make her suffer emotional pains. I don’t want you to tell anyone , I hope Allison won’t leak it out since she doesn’t like Gold.”
Jake sighs and nod.
” You should get some rest I think. Perkins is worried. I mean I told her you went out with gold , it’s kinda weird , she’s not back and she’s not picking their calls. Mitchel do something about it. I’m gonna tell Perkins Gold is in the hospital , you should tell her mom and aunt.” I roll my eyes at him and scoff.
” I’ll think about it.”
He huffs and walk out of the ward.
” Please be fine for me. I can’t even imagine my life without you right now. I hope I don’t loose my mind.” I mutter looking at unconscious Gold.
I toss my textbook aside and sigh. Something isn’t right , I mean someone is not saying something. Gold can’t be blank for two days without even calling or visiting . Her school’s counselor is been worried about her since exams are already commencing.
The doorbell chimers and I stand up to get it.
” Cameron..”
” Shall I ?” He ask pointing to the doorway. I nod and pave way for him.
” It’s been long i have been here..” he said and I shut the door.
” Where’s Gold ?”
” Have you called her ?”
” Yeah. Not reachable and she’s not even picking up.”
” Same as me. I’ve called several times and she’s not even replying the texts and I am really scared.”
” Called her boyfriend ?”
” I don’t have his number. But I called his friend earlier and we talked said Gold’s fine but she lost her phone.”
” Lost her phone ? Now that’s weird.” I cross my arm and plump down on the couch.
” Exactly my point. I think something is happening and no one’s willing to tell us.” I sigh.
The doorbell chimers again and I was really tired of opening for visitors. I sluggishly stand up and open the door. A strange brown skin woman is standing opposite me.
” How may I help you ma’am ?”
” Are you Perkins ?” She asks.
” Yeah..” how did she know my name ?
She sighs and walk into my apartment without my permission.
” I need to speak with Gold.”
” And you are ?”
” I’m Elna , her aunt.”
” Oh my bad. I’m sorry. She’s not here.”
” What do you mean ?”
” I’ve been trying to reach her two days ago and it’s impossible. She’s not replying our texts nor calls. Everyone is worried.”
” What ! Have you talked to Mitchel ?”
” I don’t even have his number.”
” I’ve been trying his number for two good days and he’s not picking up. Yesterday the phone was switched off. What type of game are they playing ? I even had a nightmare .”
” Do you think something happened to her and they are not willing to tell us ?” Cameron says.
” I think so too . She can’t just ignore everybody’s call. A friend to Mitch told me she lost her phone on her birthday and Mitchel is supposed to get her a new phone that same day. This is the third day and yet we still can’t reach her. I’m scared.” I said and touch my forehead.
” Anyone knows his house ? I mean Mitchel ?”
” I think I do.”
” Please take me there..”
” Sure..”
” I’m coming with you.” Cameron states as we rush out of my house.
I can’t hold back my pain.
I lost Ben to the hands of Mitch and my property too. What about the will . After the stab , I was unconscious but later made my way out of the warehouse.
I called my nurse and she hurried in to give me treatments , I felt like a looser. I inhale and exhale before gulping down my wine.
” Mitchel…” I chuckle and light up my cigarette.
Drake walks in. Jealous cousin of Mitchel. He was part of the whole plan , because Mitchel was better than his stupid ass , including his father.
” What are you doing here ?” I ask him.
He sits down and take my drink.
” I’m sorry about what happened. Heard Mitchel is still alife but consoling his almost dead girlfriend.” I chuckle and inhale the cigarette I’m holding.
” Let him console , I’ll be back soon. What do you want ?”
” You can get the lawyer and Della their manager to speak for you about the will. Pay them to sign it and kill them afterwards as long as I’m getting my share on it. Mitchel is willing to will his entire property to that Gold girl , I just don’t like her.”
” I’ll get rid of her and that’s if she’s ever gonna make it alive. I’m paying the lawyer a visit today , I need to heal fast because of this injury I sustain.”
” I’m always available , holla at me if you need help.” He stands up and consume the entire wine before walking out.
God remind me to poison his drink next time. He’s just too greedy. I rest back on the couch and thought about my husband. I just have to move on and think about getting what I want.
. Elna barge in to the living room without even ringing the bell or knocking . We saw Allison pacing around in the living room.
” Perkins..” yeah she remembers me , cause I play a script on that movie that’s yet to be concluded.
” Allison..” Elna says walking to where she’s standing.
” Who are you ?”
” I’m here to speak to your brother. What’s up with him ? He’s not picking my calls and Gold isn’t picking our calls either.”
” Are you her mom ?” Allison asks.
” I’m her aunt and I need to speak with her.”
” It’s nice you’re here. You need to take her away , she is making my brother go insane. He’s not even eating because of her, just take her away from us.”
” I’m sorry Alli , what are you talking about ?” I ask.
” She’s in the hospital and in a very terrible condition. She was shot and in coma. Not even sure if she’s going to make it out alive.”
” What ! She was shot ? How come your brother didn’t tell us ? What is wrong with him ?” Elna yell.
” You won’t yell in my house.”
” Shut your filthy mouth you idiot. You s√¢k with your terrible redhead that sounds like your mouth. You’re gonna take us to the hospital now.’ Elna yell holding tight to Allison.
She groans but Elna refuse to let her go. Now I know where Gold got her attitude from. Her mom might be worse too , who knows . She opens the driver’s seat and force Allison in.
I entered the back seat with Cameron while Elna sit at the front.
” You’ll take the Wheel and drive us to the goddamn hospital or I’ll make sure I beat you really bad. Now drive.” I chuckle to Allison’s face even if I can’t see her.
She’s too proud and annoying. What’s up with celebrities ? I huff silently and cross my arm. Allison takes the wheel and starts the car as she drive out of the house.
I thought about what Jake said. Telling her family will definitely make things worse. And I can’t tell them Gold will never get pregnant ever again.
I pace around her ward and look back at her. She’s not even improving. I really don’t believe in God but I hope he saves her. I take a sit and the door went open. The views almost made me choke.
” Mitchel… Gold…” Her aunt yells.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
Good , they are gonna hate me more. What am I supposed to tell them. I look up at the doorway and saw her mother.
Her mother. Things are about to go wild.
To be continued

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