Devil in red episode 5

Devil In Red – Episode 5
© Goddy Francis
“. Where are you coming from ?’ mom asked as Emily flinched.
” Gold..” she muttered as she stare at us. I know she’s surprised to see me.
” You’re back..”
” Emily , I ask you a question. Where are you coming from ?” Mom asked.
” I went to party.” Emily said.
Mom Chuckle and begin to loosen up her sleeves.
” Mom please let her be.” I said as I held my mom.
” What do you mean ? She slept in a man’s house after all my warning.” Mom yelled.
” It’s okay , I’ll talk to her myself.” I pleaded.
Mom glared at Emily and walked out on us.
” You went to **** Mitch right ?” I asked.
” Oh shut up.” She uttered and walked out of the living room.
I hope something good comes out of this nonsense she calls feelings. I shake my head and left for my room.
Later that day ayanda visited Emily as they talked about last night trash. I stood beside her door and made sure I wasn’t noticed.
” Did you use protection ?” Ayanda asked.
” Not at all. I took pills this morning. It’s my first and it felt so good.” Emily said.
I rolled my eyes and scoff. People give their first self to the man they truly love but Emily gave hers to a masked celebrity that’s so weird.
” Did you see his eyes ?” Ayanda asked.
” Yeah , he was so cute. His eyes sparkle and I wished we could do it all over again. I missed him already.”
” Then you have to check on him today , hang out with him before he finally leaves.”
” And I like that idea.” Emily said and they both laugh.
I walked into the room uninvited as they both flinched.
” Emily what is wrong with you ? You’re going back to that hotel to get ****ed again huh ?” I said as Emily huff.
” I really don’t see reasons why you care all of a sudden.” She said and rolled her eyes.
” Dirty little slut.” I said and hissed.
” **** you , you’re the slut here. A stupid highschool drunk deceived you and used you , what did you do huh ! What’s your business with who i hang out with ? Just be straight ‘ Emily , I’m jealous that you had to sleep with Mitchel Cooper’ and I will have to tolerate you till you chose to mind your business.” She yelled.
” Did you just…” I said glaring dagger at her.
” Yeah right ? What are you going to do ? You shameless dirty **** face.” She yelled at me and that’s it.
I punched her face as she fell on her bed bleeding.
” Gold.” Ayanda called but I angrily slapped her.
” You daughter of a….” Emily yelled. I held unto her blouse and continuously punched her face making her light skinned face turn red.
” Gold…” Mom called and held me tightly.
” Leave me alone let me beat the hell outta her.” I yelled and pushed my mom aside. Emily jerked up and ran to the bathroom.
” Golden.” Mom called and held my hand.
” She called me a slut , did you hear that ?”
” It’s okay.” Mom said.
” Ayanda , go home.” Mom said as she ran out.
” Emily come out , we need to talk.” Mom shouted as she whimpers..
I sighed as Emily and i exchange angry glances.
” Gold you’re up ” mom said.
” I came back from Aunt Elna and i was happy to see her , I never knew she went over to Mitchel’s.” I said.
” Who’s Mitchel ?” Mom asked.
” Emily should answer that.”
” He’s a celebrity.” Emily replied.
” A celebrity ? From where ?” Mom asked staring at Emily.
” He’s an American.” I said.
” An American ? I don’t get it , what his he doing here ?” Mom asked.
” A tour.” Emily said.
” Then what are you doing with him ? I mean how did you get to meet him ?” Mom asked.
” Like I said he’s a celebrity. We just hang out last night , there’s nothing wrong in hanging out with a celebrity.” Emily said and shrugged.
” Then why did you call gold a slut ?” Mom asked as she sighed.
” I’m sorry.” She said looking at the floor.
” I’m sorry for beating you up too.” I said. Emily frown and rolled her eyes .
” The least i can take from you both is fighting. Emily you’re grounded. I don’t really care if you’ll will sneak out through your window this time but I promise you you’ll have to leave my house. I can’t mother a child who won’t listen to me and my orders.” Mom said and walked out.
” You’ve seen what you’ve cost huh ? Looser .” She said and walked out too.
” Yeah right looser..” I said and sighed.
I lay on my bed and thought about Mitchel. Something in me wants to see him , I totally forgot I didn’t take his number. I rolled over in my bed and tried to make out yesterday scene in my bed , it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.
You won’t understand till you make out with your celebrity crush. I smiled and cuddle myself. I remembered we didn’t use any protection but thank God for birth control pills.
Later that night , I sneaked out of the house and board a cab to the hotel. I knock on the door and the guy of yesterday opened up and ushered me in. I saw Mitchel sitting on the couch smoking weed. Who knew he smokes.
” Tom , excuse us.” Mitchel said to the guy.
” Okay boss.” Tom replied and walks out .
” I didn’t ask you to come.” He said exhaling the smoke out of his mouth.
” I missed you.” I said softly making my way to were he was sitting.
He chuckled and kept the cigarette aside.
” You don’t have to miss me.” He whispered standing up. As usual he was wearing his mask.
” I couldn’t sleep last night , I was thinking about you.” I said touching his chest.
He smirked under his mask and touched my arm up to my cheek.
” I don’t date.” He whispered as my heart almost tear apart.
” I don’t care.” I said and stare at his eyes.
He lean closer to kiss me , I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He held my waist tightly and touched my thighs slowly moving to my ass. It might sound weird but we make out again.
It was almost 9pm , I quickly got up and from his bed and hurriedly got dressed. Mitchel was at his balcony smoking that night.
” Hey I’m leaving.” I said to him.
He turned to look at me and nods striding to were I was standing.
” Becareful.” He whispered and kissed my cheek.
I smiled and walked out. Tom as usual drove me home. I sneaked through the back door but was stoned to the image that was glaring at me.
” Hey sis.” I said to her.
” Hey. ” she replied without sparing me a look.
” Goodnight.”
” Goodnight.” I replied and hurried to my room. I quickly took my bath and change into my pajamas and slump on my bed with yesterday’s scenario unfolding in my memory. Why does he feel so different ?
I wish I can travel to New York with him . If I can’t be his girlfriend then lemme be his mistress. I am in love with him but it will sound weird. I guess he will see me as a one night stand who’s after his supposed wealth. I held tightly to my blanket and tried to forget the first make out and yesterday’s.
I lean on the counter on the grocery shop and wait for my change. The sales attendant gave me my change and I walked out. My phone buzz and it was a message from Miranda. I so missed her , she might be really young but I think she’s smarter than Emily , my punk twin.
I Chuckle to her messages and grin , my tiny little bear.
” Gold .” That familiar annoying voice called. I look up to this nightmare standing in front of me. He was smiling again , that stupid seductive grin.
” Yeah , what ?” I ask him.
” I missed you. I’ve been looking for you and I ask Emily instead she chased me away.” He says.
” Oh my God.. are you for real ?” I ask and laughs looking at pathetic Fred.
” Fred, we are done. Look , whatever thing we had happened in highschool and it was a mistake. I was so stupid and naive. I let you kissed me once and get into my legs once , that’s my worst experience ever . Stop coming after me , I don’t mind killing you right now.” I spat.
” Gold I love you and I know you love me.. I’m sorry..”
” What the **** Fred . Did you even hear yourself ? You couldn’t even make me cum mother****a. I shouldn’t be talking to you.” I said and turn to leave.
His muscular hand held me , I dart my view at him and slapped him at once. Yeah right it hurts him cause he caress his cheek.
I picked a bottle from the floor and smashed it on the wall pointing the sharp edge at him.
” Don’t **** with me , I don’t mind shoving it down your throat.”
” I’m sorry okay.” He says and hurriedly rushed out.
” Boys…” I scream and slam the bottle on the floor.
I breathe in and out and tried to bury my temper. It sucks and I hate it. I clean my tears and find my way to my house.
I just took my college exams to NSU and it was really cool. It’s been three months since i last saw my monthly flow. After that last making out with Mitchel , I haven’t don’t anything with anyone. I was worriedly sick. Ayanda suggest I go for check up or maybe pregnancy test.
I can’t be pregnant and I was certain cause, i swallowed contraceptives. I mumbled in the doctor’s office thinking about my yet to come medical news, either bad or good.
” Miss Emily , you’re two months pregnant.” That news almost made me fall on the floor and collapse.
Is she for real ?
What am I going to tell my mom ?
That I had sex with an American celebrity and I’m ****in pregnant.
I lock myself against my room and cried , ayanda was there to console me. I didn’t tell gold even if she was my twin. I didn’t tell mom cause I was scared of her reactions. I was scared. Ayanda suggest I called him since i begged Tom the other day to give me Mitchel’s number against his will and I even paid.
It rings and he manage to pick up after the third ring.
” Hey Mitch…”
” Who’s this ?” He ask rather too cold on the phone.
” It’s Emily.” I said and sniff back my tears.
” Emily ? The girl I met in sa ?”
” Yes..” I squealed and nods like he was seeing me or something.
” What do you want ?” He asked and my heart almost leap out of it’s place.
” I’m .. I wanted to tell you something.”
” Go on, say it , I’m really busy.” He snaps at me.
” Mitchel , I’m pregnant.” I said in a whisper. A cold silence travel through the background.
” Am I responsible ?” His question hit me right in the chest.
” Mitch you took my virginity and now I’m stranded with a child growing inside of me. What am I gonna do ?” ” My mom needs to see you.” I lied as he huffs on the phone.
” Get rid of it. I don’t need a child now , you’re just a one night stand , what makes you think i can accept whatever thing you throw at me. I’m sorry , just take it away and don’t bother stalking my phone number.” He said silently and ends the call.
My phone fell off from my hand, i held my chest and tried not to cry loud. For real ? One night stand ? So I’m supposed to abort this child ? What have I done to my self ?
One night stand ?
Is Mitchel a devil in disguise ?
Abortion ?
How to grow your business while you stay at home
” Emily , you don’t have a choice .” Ayanda’s voice coo. I face her and almost slump on the floor.
” You should abort it.” She adds.
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  1. Very interesting story…i love it❤️

  2. Very interesting story…i love it❤️

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