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Devil in red episode 49

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Devil in red episode 49 by : 2:20 pm On May 1, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 49
© Goddy Francis
I sit on the floor as my entire system burn up. Gold is just still , I really can’t tell if she’s still alive. If I loose her then I’m definitely going to loose my mind.
” What makes you think you can out number such number of people ?” Tionna asks.
” Mitchel this isn’t your mansion.” I look at her and the gun she’s holding.
I’m loosing blood and I’m burning up more. She squat to my level and caress my hair . I glance at the others and I’m sure they are not smart enough.
” Mitchel , are you okay ?” Allison sob but I ignored her. I just want Gold to be okay , that’s what I care about now.
Tionna klzz my forehead slowly and caress my hair.
” I’m gonna miss you Mitchel. Let’s make your death slow.” She whispers and shove out a pocket knife from her boots.
She proceed to stab me but I hold her hand tightly. I snatch the knife from her hand and pierce it into her stomach. I smile a little and coo her gently. It’s nice they didn’t notice.
” Tionna , what are you waiting for ?” Ben ask but Tionna isn’t replying , of course she’s dying and I’m bleeding.
I pick up her gun and shot Ben on the forehead. The guys pull the trigger but someone else shot them. Who on Earth is that ? I kinda told Jake to come with Tom.
” b****…” I heard Will”s voice as he shot the last guy.
” ****.. Gold.” He says checking gold’s temperature.
” Will she be okay ?” I ask but Jake isn’t replying.
Tom loosed up tied up Allison as she ran to me.
” Mitchel…”
” I’m fine..” I snap at and stand up.
I rush to Gold and check her her pulse. She’s cold and not even breathing.
” Jesus..”
” Jason , calm down , you’re bleeding too.” Jake says to me.
He lift Gold on his arm and rush her outside the warehouse.
” Mitch, I’m sorry.” Will said to me.
” **** you…” Tom hold me with her Allison and we walk out of the warehouse.
I sit at the back seat of the car I came with with Gold. Tom takes the wheel while Will sit at the passenger seat. We’ve got a lot to talk about .
Jake carried Gold in his car and drove ahead of us.
” What took you guys so long ?” Allison yell pressing tight to my bleeding stomach.
” We lost signal.” Will said and I scoff.
” You’ve got a knife ?” Allison yell. Always like my mom.
Will stretch a pocket knife to Allison as she rip my shirt apart. She dig the knife into my skin and I bite my lips hardly.
She dig out the knife with the bullet and throw it away.
” You’ll be fine , just breathe.”
” I don’t care about me right now. I don’t want anything to happen to Gold..” she sighs.
” Nothing is gonna happen to her. Even if she was shot multiple times.” That’s my fear. I can’t loose her not now. The worse part is today’s her birthday.
I open my eyes and look at the time. It’s afternoon and I had a nightmare about Gold . We need to call her, I just hope she’s fine. Worst is today’s her birthday , jeez.
” Anne..” I called my sister who’s sitting on the living room.
” Have you called gold ?”
” No ” she replies. I sigh and shove out my phone.
” What are you doing ?” She ask me.
” I’m calling her , since you don’t want to call her.” I scoff and call her number. She’s not picking up.
” Mom..” Miranda said walking into the living room.
” Can I borrow your phone ?” She nods and give me her phone.
” Elna , let her be. When she realizes her mistake , she will definitely come back. Gold is naive and brainwashed. What is so special about that crazy kid with terrible tattoos.” I sigh and shake my head .
I dialed gold’s number and it’s not even reachable.
” What’s happening to her phone ?” I lament.
” She’s having fun with her boyfriend. She knew he got her sister pregnant but yet she decides to open her legs for him and chose him over her family.”
” Anne , you don’t understand. She never knew he was Mitchel Cooper , he disguise under something else. And then they fell in love with each other , that’s when she discovered he was Mitchel Cooper . Was she supposed to break up with him ?” I sigh and sit down.
” I will call Mitch.” Miranda says and dial his number.
” He’s not picking.”
” We need to check on her. Today’s even her birthday.” I said.
” Elna stop. Leave gold alone. She’s not a kid, she knows what she’s doing. Just let her be and let her have fun with that her boyfriend. I won’t forgive her except she comes back and apologizes. I’m not in support of that relationship and there’s nothing you can do to change it.” She says and barges out .
” Today’s her birthday, and I didn’t even get to wish her.” Miranda sighs and types something on her phone.
” I’m texting her a birthday message. I just hope she’s fine.” Miranda sighs and type on her phone.
” Today’s Gold’s birthday. She’s not even picking her calls.” I lament looking at my phone.
” What are you buying her ?” Carol ask.
” And I even owe her an apology.” She sighs .
” Maybe a laptop. She said we had ride a rollercoaster on her birthday after hanging out with Mitchel.”
” I’ll call her. I hope she pick up.” Carol dial her number and put it on loud speaker. Same thing, her voicemail is the only thing replying.
” You should call Jake.” Carol says and I nod.
I dial his number and he pick up.
” Hi Jake..”
” Hey. What’s up with you ?”
” I’m good. Was wondering if you could tell us where gold is. Today Is her birthday and I would like to speak with her.” I said.
” Erm…” He stammers as silence ride by.
” Jake.”
” Sorry , she’s out with Mitchel. They went out together.”
” Jake , I can’t reach her. Her voice mail is the only thing replying. Not reachable.”
” She lost her phone.”
” How did you know ?” I ask.
” Mitch told me , cause he said I should get Gold a new phone before traveling back with her.” I sigh and itch my hair.
” Okay. I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday and talk with her.”
” It’s fine. I will tell her you ask after her. Hope you’re good ?” He ask and I smile.
” Yeah , a bit.”
” A bit ? You wanna talk about it ?” I chuckle and sit.
” I’m good , just .. you know.”
” I’ll check on you tonight. Maybe we should hang out , what do you think ?”
” Sure , I’m in.”
” Becareful..” he utter and hang up.
I just hope I’m not having feelings. This is too fast , Jake is really cool and cute too. That date was one of the best things I have really encounter in New York. I toss my phone aside and facepalm myself.
” You’re okay ?” Carol asks and I nod slightly.
” Yeah. Just worried about Gold a little.”
” You already called Jake. She’s fine. Having fun I think.”
I heard a knock on the door and I stand up to get it.
” Max…” He grins and shrug.
” Can I ?”
” Sure…” He sighs and walk in.
” Hi , Carol.”
” Hi Max.” He smiles and turn to look at me.
” What’s up with Gold ? I’ve been calling her and she’s not picking up. Today’s her birthday right ?”
” Yeah. I think she went out with her boyfriend. And I called someone today and he said Gold lost her phone.”
” Really ?”
” I think.” He sighs and shove his hands into his pocket.
” I wanted to wish her a happy birthday and present her gift to her.”
” Yeah , we two. She also planned to ride a rollercoaster today. Maybe she’s having fun , I think she will call in tonight.”
” I hope so. I’ll just go back to THE SPOT and check on the customers.”
” Sure thing boss.” He laughs and wave at Carol.
I heave a sigh of relief and shut the door.
” You care for pizza ?”
” No way…” She widen her eyes and laugh.
” I’m on it.”
The monitor in the hospital was really annoying with it’s terrible noise. Jake walks in with a frown.
” Everyone is worried about Gold. What are we gonna tell them ? Perkins just called and I told her you both traveled together and Gold lost her phone.” He says and sat down.
” Will she be fine ?” I ask and no one answers.
” You should calm down and worry about yourself first.” Allison says and I glared at her.
” Are you stupid ? Don’t let me get angry at you .” She frowns and keep quiet.
” When am I getting the hell outta here ?” I ask.
” Maybe tomorrow.” Jake reply.
” And Gold ?”
” We don’t know her fate.” Jake replies and I really don’t know , but I think I cried.
” Are you crying ?” Allison asks. She’s getting on my nerves.
” I’ve not seen you cry for 15 years and a girl made you cry. So you truly love her this much ?” Allison says and I just ignored her.
” Jason , just chill. We will talk to the doctor.” Jake said as a doctor just walk in.
He hold my wrist and check my pulse.
” You’re fine , Mitchel. You just need a little rest and by tomorrow you should be out of here.”
” I don’t care about me . What about the girl that was shot ? You haven’t said anything about her.” I tell him.
He sighs and stuck his hands in his lab coat pocket.
” I can’t tell her fate. She was shot multiple times and I can’t really tell if she will survive. Even if she survives , she will never give birth again.” The doctor said as we stare at him in awe.
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” Give birth again , I don’t understand.”
” It’s complicated. The bullet affected almost every useful part in her system. You need to see her , she’s breathing through oxygen. Even she fight out of that coma , she won’t be able to get pregnant or even give birth…..”
To be continued

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