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Devil in red episode 48

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Devil in red episode 48 by : 2:18 pm On May 1, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 48
© Goddy Francis
Ignore the typing error. Wrote this in a hurry.
” What’s happening ?” She ask.
” I just need to call someone.” I sighs and call another person.
” Will , what happened to Allison ?” I ask on the phone.
” What do you mean you can ****in explain ? What the **** is wrong with you ? Nigga , what happened to her ?” I yell on the phone.
” I drove her to the airport. I booked her flight and left her there.”
” What the **** did I tell you ? What is wrong with you ? You can’t just wait and watch the airplane leave and you left her. What makes you think she’s out of the country ?”
” Mitch I have no idea.”
” You have no idea ? The **** you let Tionna kidnap her ? If I find out you’re working with her , you won’t like what I’m gonna do to you.” I sigh and hang up.
” Mitchel what’s happening ?” She ask and I ignored her.
I called Tom and he finally picked up after the second ring.
” Where are you ?”
” New York. I traced two guys earlier today and found out they work with Tionna. I’m thinking Tionna works with Ben. Maybe he’s having his revenge.” Tom states.
” I’m coming back to New York. Wait at the Port and bring a car.”
” Sure thing.” I hang up and glance at puzzled Gold.
” You’re okay ?” I ask her.
” Are you s***ting me ? How on Earth am I supposed to be okay ? Jason what is happening ? You’re getting me scared with all your scary calls. What’s happening ?” I smile at her and hug her.
” Let’s get back to the Port. I’ll explain once we get settled in the boat.” She sighs and walk ahead of me.
She opens the door to the passenger seat and get in , shutting the door loudly. Great , I need to apologise again.
I entered the driver’s seat and start the car and drove out of the theater. She’s not talking to me and it’s really annoying.
” Gold , I’m sorry.”
She scoffs and glue her face to the mirror. I sigh and continued driving. I halt the car and get down with Gold walking angrily to the Port. She get on the boat as I tried to keep up with her.
I sigh and followed her to the room. Her anger issues is terribly terrible and tiring too.
” Gold..”
She sigh and take off the shirt she’s wearing. I hold her and pull her close to me.
” Look , I’m scared..” I tell her.
” Scared of what ?” She ask.
” Scared of loosing you.” She sighs and lock eyes with me.
” Tionna killed Tobie and my father too. She got Allison now and she’s threatening me that I should come back to New York or she’s gonna kill your family and us.”
” What ? Is she crazy ?”
I hug her and stroke her.
” We’re going back ? I don’t mind beating her to death. What the **** is wrong with her ?”
I chuckle at her boldness and klzz her cheek.
” You should be scared of her. She’s dangerous.”
” I don’t ****in care. She dare not touch my family and I don’t mind hurting her myself.” I smile and take her hand.
I sit on the bed and sit her on my lap.
” Once we get to New York , I want you to go to your mom.”
” Mitchel…”
” Please listen to me. Have you heard about Ben Petrov ?”
” The tattooed guy at that crazy Arabic man’s party ?”
” Exactly. I think they are kind of related and he’s after me.”
” Why ?”
” Because I want to quit drugs. Last sales actually and I want it to be big. Ben works with Carlos the other guy. I had to spoil s*** for him just to make the direct sales with Carlos. Carlos doesn’t like him anymore and he’s cutting ties with Ben. Carlos sees him as a betrayer.”
” Why did you quit drugs ?”
” Because I love you. And I don’t wanna get you hurt.” She sighs and facepalm herself.
” What are you planning ?”
” I’m seeing her and I want you to go to your aunt’s place.”
” Mitchel , I’m coming with you. I don’t care about her. Even if Ben’s a criminal I don’t care. I’m not leaving you.” I smile and hug her.
” You’re too stubborn.” I tell her.
” I don’t care. I just don’t wanna loose you. I’m not leaving you not for anything.” She coo on my arms as I smile.
I stroke her back gently and klzzed her cheek.
” I love you.” I say.
” Thanks..”
” I’ll tell them to get us dinner. You’re hungry ?”
” I’m not hungry. I just wanna stay in your arms tonight. I want you to hold me tight and don’t ever leave me.” She says.
” Sure.” I remove my shirt and lay down on the bed.
She smirks like a six years old as I help her remove her shirt. She sleep on my arm with our legs interwine together. I stroke her back gently and cuddle her to bed. Tomorrow is one of her special day and I’m sure she has forgotten.
” Gold..” I call but she didn’t reply.
I look down at her and she’s already fast asleep.
” Goodnight.” I klzzed her forehead and smiled at her. So innocent.
My mind drift back to Tionna.
I really don’t blame her , I blame dad and myself too. I’ve been through a lot mess and bringing gold into it , it’s not advising. I just hope Allison is fine.
The following morning , I yawn silently and itch my eyes gently. Mitchel is still sleeping and I totally forgot we’re going to New York. What if we are in New York ? It’s a boat and it’s always moving.
I break out from his grip and get out of bed. I walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I stand opposite the mirror and sigh at my reflection. What type of feeling is this ?
Mitchel appear behind me. His hands curl around my waist as he smiled at me in the mirror. He drop a cup of coffee on the edge of the bathroom sink as he hold me again.
” Good morning..” he says.
” Don’t you think it’s too early drinking coffee ?”
” You didn’t reply , Gold .” I Chuckle and smile.
” Good morning..” he nods and klzzed my neck.
I inhale and watch him through the mirror. His hands hold on the hem of the crop tank top and he take it off. I giggle and cover my br£@sts at once . His cheek widen and he smirks.
He look up at the mirror and slowly part my hands but i refused.
” I’ll bite you.” He said rather too seductive.
” Go on.”
” Okay..” he smirks and klzz my neck and I scream thinking he wants to bite.
” Will you take it off ?” He ask with his face in my neck.
I nod and let him have his way. I inhale as I felt his f!ng£rs caress my waist slowly to my chest. He fondle on it as I bite my lips.
He klzz my neck and stop. He reach for the coffee and raise it up.
” You want ?” He ask.
” Yeah..” he nods and the next thing I saw his a cup of coffee falling on my head.
” Happy birthday…” My eyes widen as he smiles. I forgot my birthday , jeez. I look at him through the mirror as he continued bathing me with cold coffee.
” ****…” I mutter and giggle.
I turn around and wipe my face.
” You’re plus 1.” I smile and blush.
He sits the mug aside and wipe my face.
” Thanks…” I tell him.
He smile and all I can feel his my bare chest klzzing his chest . God , he pull me into a hug.
” I got you something.” We disengage from the hug and he’s holding a charm bracelet with my name on it.
” It’s little i know.” I smile as he knot it around my wrist. I smile and hug him at once.
” I love you..”
” I love you more.”
” Let’s wash you.” I nod as he take off the sweatpants I’m wearing.
” We’re in New York.” He said.
” Just as I predicted.”
” After all this Tionna issues , I’m showing you something. I bought it for you because of your birthday.”
” Really ?” I ask him. He shrugs and smiles.
” Yeah.”
” What is it ?”
” It’s a surprise.”
” I just have a bad feeling about this. What if something happens to you ?”
” Nothing is going to happen to me. Just believe..” I sigh and nod.
He smiles and turn on the shower as the water let loose on my skin.
” So cold.” I lament.
” Yeah , manage.” He winks and pick out a sponge and a soap.
” You’re not bathing with me ?” I ask .
” No , I’ll bathe later.” I sigh and pick up the hand shower.
” You wanna bathe with two ?” He ask confused.
I shrug and turn it on. I spray the water coming out of the shower on Mitchel. He tried to escape but I successfully wet his entire body. I switch it off and keep it aside.
” You’ve succeeded right ?”
” Now come to ma.” I wink at him and he laughs.
” I’m in New York.” Mitchel said on the phone.
” Fine .” He sighs and hang up.
” What ?” I ask.
” Said I should meet her in a warehouse. Ben’s warehouse. Is this a drama or what ?”
” Then let’s go.”
” Can you just stay back. I ask the guys to stay out of it. They will look after you.”
” I’m coming with you.”
” Always stubborn. Gold today’s your birthday.”
” Doesn’t make any difference. Does it ?” I ask him. He sighs and open the car for me. I entered and he shut it. He turn around and entered the driver’s seat as he drove away.
After few terrible minutes, the car halt outside a warehouse. A bit far from tbe warehouse actually.
” Promise me you’ll stay in.” He said.
” Mitch…”
” Just do as I say.” I sigh and nod.
” Good , I love you.” He klzz my cheek and proceed to get out.
” Just take this.” He stretch a gun at me and I take it.
” If I don’t come out alive , shoot anyone who tried to attack you.”
” What ?” He klzz my cheek and get out of the car.
His he serious ? God please save him for me.
I sigh and walk into the warehouse. What is Tionna doing inside Ben’s warehouse. Could it be Allison is right ?
” Welcome kid…” I heard Ben’s voice. He’s sitting on a chair.
He laughs and exhale the smoke of the cigarette he’s smoking.
” You know this world is a small world.” He states and laugh.
Two guys stand behind him with a gun while three other guys just stand still on their own.
” Where’s Allison ?”
” Right here..” Tionna reply walking out of the dark with Allison who’s already bleeding in her mouth. She cry slowly as she sees me.
” Let her go. What are you even doing with him ?” Tionna smiled and walk to Ben touching his hair.
” Ben is my husband. We’ve been married for three ****in years even before we started having crazy connection.”
” What !”
” Yeah , what.”
” I don’t like you Mitchel or even your father. You all are thieves. I just thought maybe marrying Andrew Cooper will make him miserable by making him will his ****in wealth to me. How smart is that ?”
” You ****in b****.”
” Hope you’re not here with a gun.” I sigh and look at Ben who’s so annoying right now.
” Search him.” His annoying guys check me and didn’t find nothing.
” Where’s your girlfriend ?”
” Right here.” A guy said from behind. I avert my gaze and saw Gold in the grip of a guy.
” Caught her sneaking in with a gun.” The guy said.
How can she be so annoying ? Even after my warning ?
Things are about to go wrong.
I avert my gaze back to Tionna who’s smiling Mischievously.
” Seems she was here to save you.” Allison said walking to me.
” Rape her.” She said to her guys holding Gold.
” And you’ll watch Mitchel.” She said and then laughs.
” Don’t touch her.” The other guy proceed to touch but my glare made him stop.
” Are you crazy ? You dare not touch her.” I yell.
” Kill her.” Ben orders.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
I don’t know but my heart beat at that word. Gold angrily punch the guy on his nose. But Tionna was quicker. She pull the trigger at Gold and shot her stomach. She cried and fell to the floor bleeding. Tionna shot her again and I angrily punch her snatching the gun from her hand .
I proceed to shoot at Ben but he was smarter. The gun fall from my hand as I fall on my knees touching my bleeding stomach. My eyes are weak and all I could hear is Allison’s scream. I look over to Gold and she’s lying on the floor pale , covered in her own blood.
To be continued

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