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Devil in red episode 47

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Devil in red episode 47 by : 2:16 pm On May 1, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 47
© Goddy Francis
I stare at Gold who’s already asleep. The drug work perfectly just as I imagined. I pick up my phone and dialed Tom’s number.
” Where are you ?” I ask on the phone.
” Home , with Allison.”
” Tell Will to take Allison out of the city. If she refused tell him to grab her and lock her in his trunk and make sure she leaves. I want you to come to the warehouse with a car , I’m waiting.”
” Okay.” I hang up and sigh.
Do I have to endanger her life because of the mess i created. Who is even behind all this ? I sigh and pace around the warehouse till Tom showed up.
” Boss.”
” What happened to her ?” He ask.
” Shot. Someone was after our car and they shot her. I want you to find every single information about the shooter. This attack is being too much.” He nods and look down on Gold.
” Yes , boss.” He give me a car key while I carried Gold in my arm.
I walk out of the warehouse to my car. Tom open the door to the passenger seat while I drop Gold inside.
” I’m traveling but I’ll be back tomorrow maybe , I need to take her far.” I shut the door as Tom nods.
” And Allison ?”
” Done with.” I smile a little and enter the driver’s seat as I shut the door.
” Becareful..” he says and I nod before driving out.
I exhale and inhale silently as I tried to open my eyes. I sigh and stare at this weird room. Totally different from all Mitchel’s room I’ve been to.
I sit up at once and tried to stand but my clothes is different.
” Who bought this ?” I lament looking at the matching white lingerie and a white night robe.
” Where am I ?” I look at the arm that was shot and it’s perfectly fine now. Clean and neatly stitched.
I stand up and tie the robe firmly as i find my way around. Where on Earth is this place. A tiny sea breeze travel pass my hair and I caress my arms with my arms.
I look around the suppose house and it’s totally pretty.
” Wow..” Mitchel is crazy.
I walk outside and discovered it’s not a house but a boat. A yacht. Mitchel is standing with his back against me and he didn’t notice me.
” Seriously..” I mutter and he turn to look at me.
He smiles warmly at me and take a step closer.
” Hey..” he coo as his hands find their way around my waist.
” What did you do to me ?”
” I assume you look better. Just a little sedative.” I scoff and he giggle.
” That was cocaine.”
” And it’s a drug. It has his own good side and it reduces pain and makes you sleep.” I roll my eyes at him .
” How come we’re in a boat ? A yacht , Mitchel ?”
” I don’t know. I just thought maybe we need to get away in other to get you safe.” I sigh as the sea breeze brush against my skin.
” And Allison ?”
” Out , she’ll be fine.”
The view is really beautiful. Seems the boat is moving , I just don’t get it cause we’re in the middle of nowhere. Just Sea water and water again.
I sigh and look around.
” How many of this do you have ?” I ask referring to the boat.
” Three.” My eyes widen and I chuckle.
” Come , let’s go inside. You need to eat.”
” I’m not hungry.” He smiles and giggle.
” You’ve been sleeping since yesterday. You need to eat.”
” What ! Since yesterday ?” He nods and smile.
” I got you treated after I brought you here.” I sigh and cross my arms.
His he kidding me ? I’ve been sleeping since yesterday ?
” Where are we ? I can’t see any place , just water.” He smiles and pull me closer to himself.
” You’ll be fine , no one’s gonna shot you here.” He said locking eyes with me.
His f!ng£rs move up to my cheek as he stroke them gently.
” And the clothes ?” I ask.
He take his hand off my cheeks and caress slowly on my thighs up to my waist. He isn’t saying anything , instead he continued caressing my skin and his eyes are glued to mine.
He lean closer and klzz the spot right under my ear. My breath skip as he continued klzzing moving down to my neck. He stops and look back at me , he isn’t smiling and he’s not frowning. Just the cute normal Jason.
” Who am I to you ? Your boyfriend or something else ?” I blush and smile.
His hands grab on my butt as I wrap my hands around his neck touching his hair.
” Something better.” I tell him. He smiles and klzz my cheek planting soft klzzes on it as his hands trail around my hips.
” You’re my weakness , my distraction….” He says in my hear as my heart beat fast.
” My favorite , my world , my everything….” He stops planting klzzes on my cheek and look up at me.
” I think i love you more than myself.” He says softly. I inhale and klzz him at once. I stop and smile a little.
” We’re outside..” I said.
” Don’t care , this is my boat.” I giggle as he lean closer to klzz me.
” Sir..” the stewardess prostrates.
” What ?” Mitchel ask.
” Erm.. I’m sorry , lunch is ready and I’m here to ask if I should…” She stammers.
” Take it to the room , you can leave.” She nods and walk out.
” Why is she scared of you ?”
He Chuckles and furrow his brows.
” I don’t know. Heard a lot of s*** about Mitchel.” He grins and I chuckle.
” Let’s go , you need to eat something.” I nod as he lifts me in his arm.
I giggle and hold tight to him as we walk back to the room I slept. I lay on the bed as three stewardesses walks in with trays of food. They place it on the table , and prostrate before Mitchel. Seriously , this is awkward.
” You all can leave.” They nod and walk out.
” You’re scaring them.” I tell him and he laughs.
” Are you gonna eat ?”
” Nah , I’m fine.”
” I want to feed you.” I blush and smile.
He sit close to me and pick up a fork. I smile and open my mouth as he feed me.
” What’s the time ?” I ask him chewing on the food.
” 3pm.”
” Wow. I truly slept a lot ” he nods and continue feeding me.
” You should call your mom.”
I sigh and drank water.
” I will. Maybe later. Although I missed her a lot. Emily and I was her only family and then my aunt.” He sighs and klzzed my forehead.
” You’ll be fine.” I half smile and eat up. After lunch I guess, the stewardesses showed up and take away the dish.
I lay on his arms as he cuddle me.
” I love you okay.” He whispers.
” I love you more..” he sighs and gently caress my back.
Jake wasn’t really bad . After the date he drove me back to THE SPOT. We talked about several stuffs before I alight his car. It’s been two days after the date and he’s really cool.
I’m not really ready for a relationship but Jake isn’t bad either . I halt outside school and get out of my car. After the incident that happened in my house , i haven’t really seen Carol or talk to her. I knock on her door as she open up.
The look on her face was sour as she scoffs defeatedly.
” Come in if you want.” She says and walk back inside. It’s really cool she’s not with her fake hair and glasses.
I entered her dorm and shut the door.
” What do you want ?”
” Carol , you baffled me. What were you thinking ? I thought you were this little angel and i truly liked you. Why do you have to fake everything just because of some crazy reasons. I really don’t know you. I remembered the innocent transfer student I met in school’s library. Who the **** are you ?”
She laughs and sit on her bed.
” You know , I’ve done a lot of terrible s*** in Washington before coming to New York. Killed a lot of people and have s£× with so many crazy people. I just thought I should move out and act really different because I don’t wanna get judge by my goddamn past. And then, I like jason because he’s really cool. Gold showed up and it seems she attracted him. I got jealous because , he doesn’t like me or even look at me. I thought of a plan to make him hate her more and let them just go their separate ways. She told us about her boyfriend’s dirty life and i thought about an idea. Yeah , I sedated her water and all that s***ty stuff. I hate Mitchel , especially when I found out the good guy i like turns out to be Mitchel Cooper who killed my ****in father. Look I don’t care about anyone , just go on , hate me. I don’t care , I wanna be alone same way I’ve been all along in my terrible life .”
I sigh and look at Carol. God , she’s crying.
” I still want our friendship back. I just want you to apologise to Gold.”
” Why would I do that ?”
” Because she still care about you. She likes you before you allow jealousy ruin everything.” She sighs and scoff.
” I can’t.”
” You can.” She inhale and facepalm herself.
” I’m damaged.” She mutters.
I sit close to her and hug her.
” You’ll be fine. We all are damaged. We’ve done crazy things sometimes to certain people and I believe we deserve a second chance . Gold doesn’t hate you , she wants you to face it and apologize.” Carol nods .
I clean her eyes and hug her again.
” I’m sorry..” she said still hugging tight to me.
” It’s okay.” I smile warmly and stroke her back. We disengage from the hug as she laughs. I missed her even if she was a terrible person , she’s one of my favorite person’s in New York.
The yacht come to a halt in Russia as we get out. I bought tickets that evening in a theater since Gold wanted to watch a movie. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I shove it out. A familiar but strange number.
” Mitchel..” I heard a feminine voice as I tried to remember the voice.
” Tionna.”
” It’s nice you remember me. I want you to come back to New York..” I chuckle and take Gold’s hand and pull her out of the theater.
” Are you crazy ?”
” What makes you think running away will make you survive ? Mitchel you’re dying and of course you’ll die.”
” What are you talking about ?” I ask on the phone looking at Gold’s puzzle face.
” You’re so dumb and stupid.”
” Wait , you killed Tobie ?”
Gold furrow her brows as she mouths ‘what’
” It’s so weird you didn’t notice. You’re a dumbass. I know you’re in Russia, in front of a theater. Don’t panic, I’m in New York with Allison in my custody.” I sigh and look around. She must be kidding.
” Wait , you’re s***ting me right ?” She Chuckle.
” Listen.”
” Mitchel.. this stupid b**** abduct me from the airport.” I heard Allison’s voice on  the phone. The next thing I heard is a slap on the phone and Allison whimpers.
” ****..” I mutter.
” I will kill her if you don’t return to New York by dawn. And your stupid girlfriend gold , I know her aunt’s address too. You don’t want me to hurt her family right ? I’ll kill her and kill you both in Russia and make sure you’re both thrown into the sea…”
” Are you threatening me ?”
How to grow your business while you stay at home
” Tick tock.. clock’s ticking….”
To be continued

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