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Devil in red episode 46

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Devil in red episode 46 by : 2:14 pm On May 1, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 46
© Goddy Francis
” Mom, i can’t..” I said as her eyes bulge out.
” You can’t ?” She ask with her arms crossed.
” Anne…” Aunt Elna call as mom scoff.
” Get out , now.” Mom yell as Mitchel nods. How can someone has bad as Mitchel oblige to orders just like that.
” Later , Gold.”
” Please don’t leave. Mom you can’t do this to him.” He sighs and walk out.
I proceed to follow but stop to look at mom.
” Why did you have to do that ?” I ask.
” And you won’t yell at me. What is wrong with you ? What did he feed you with ?”
” Love , mother. Love .” I said.
” Love ? Then I’m just going to assume you killed your sister , you stupid daughter of mine.”
” Emily got what she deserves. She refused to be close to me because I don’t like boys like her , I don’t like parties like her. She knew we can’t mix , reasons she had to team up with her kind. She got herself killed and you know that.”
” Really ? She was better than you even if she was wayward. She was a virgin before your stupid boyfriend took it away from her. Are you even a virgin ? Just say it , tell the world you lost it in highschool , you fool.” I stand still and tried to hold back my pending tears.
How can she say that to me ?
” I know , you’ve always loved her more than me. You were always making decisions for me and letting Emily make hers , why ? How am I even sure you’re my mother ?” I spits as my mom give me a slap.
I hold my ears as aunt elna tried to stop her. Miranda was already crying.
” To your room , now.” She said to her kid. Miranda sniff and run out.
I hold my ear and look at my mom.
” Anne , it’s enough.”
” You’ll take your mouth out of this . You knew what’s happening all this while and yet you didn’t tell me. How can you be in support of this abormination she calls a relationship ? You’re breaking up and that’s final.”
” I’m not breaking up. It’s either you accept it or I’ll walk out of that door and won’t return to your life.”
” Fine , get out.” Mom said as I cried.
” Gold , get out. Go , on date him. I’m sure he’s been sleeping with you already. He’s gonna dump you and you’ll suffer. I’m cutting ties with you , you’ll cease to be my daughter and I’m not joking.”
” Anne , you won’t do that to her.” Mom hiss and walk out.
” Gold , don’t do this. Just go to your room and I’ll talk to her.” I shake my sideways and wipe my tears.
” Thanks , aunt. I love him and I’m not leaving him.” I turn my back on her and run out of the house.
” Golden..” aunt Elna called and I ignored her.
I walk into the streets as my phone rang.
” Hi..” I said on the phone.
” Where are you ?” Perkins asks on the phone.
” Out..” I sniff and clean my eyes.
” Where are you ? With Jake ?” I ask.
” Yeah , he’s taking me out on a date. Max is asking about you.”
” Tell him I’m fine. Gotta go.” I hang up and hail a cab. It come to a halt and I get in.
” Direction please ?”
” 12 Mitchel’s close..” I say to the driver as he starts the vehicle.
It halt outside the house and I get out. I paid and walk out into the house. Allison was talking to Will when i entered.
” Hi Gold..” will said.
” Hey guys.” I reply and walk pass them. I climb the stairs and entered Mitchel’s room.
I sigh at the empty room as I look at his balcony. I walk to the balcony and hug him from behind. My eyes already watered.
” Gold..” he calls my name.
He hold my hand and turn around. He’s surprised to see me. I smile a little and hug him.
” I missed you already.” I tell him.
” You don’t have to be here. Just go back to her.”
” I can’t and i don’t want to.” We disengage from the hug as he smiles.
” I understand , she’s your mom. I’ll be fine. She wants the best for you.”
” Really , what best ? I already have the best and that’s you. I’m not leaving you. What do you expect is gonna happen if we part our ways.” I cried.
He clean my eyes and hug me again.
” I’m sorry , for everything that I have cost. Your sister and all that stuff. Your mom is hurt and it’s not her fault.” He said still hugging me.
We disengage from the hug as he tuck my loose strands behind my ear.
” Why did you choose me over your mom ?” He ask.
And that’s really a great question.
” I love you..” he smile faintly and look around like something is missing.
” I know you love me , don’t you love your mom ?”
” I love my mom , but… What about us Jason ? Okay if you really don’t want us to be together anymore , I can actually go back to her and maybe tell her I’m sorry. She ****in disown me.” I said in tears.
” Come here.” He pull me to his arm and carried me like a baby to his room.
He sit on the couch with me on his legs.
” I will talk to her myself.”
” She won’t listen to you. She won’t listen to anyone. She said if I ever find myself in Emily’s condition she was gonna kill herself. I just need to be far away for now.” He sighs and stroke my back.
” I’m sorry..” I place my head on his chest and close my eyes.
” How could you ?” I sigh and cross my arm. My sister is worse than a drama queen. She will never understand.
” Look , they truly love themselves.”
” Really ? You’re saying this because she’s not your daughter. How long have they been dating ?” She yell and I kept quiet.
” Elna , why did you have to lie to me ? You ****in know what he did to my family. I lost my daughter because of that b******. If you were in my shoes will you even allow your daughter to marry that boy talk more to say date ? Go on , admit it.” I sigh and brush my palm on the arm.
” All that is passed. He’s a change person and not who you think he is. You should ignore the past and let them be. Emily is gone and gone for good , just let them be . You can’t just cut gold out because she found love in his arms.” I tell her and she Chuckle.
” I can’t believe you. What type of sister are you ? Can you be this low ? You don’t care about me and that’s because Emily is not your daughter. Fine this is New York , a lot of s*** happens and nobody cares , but **** it i Care. I will not live to see them together , I will not blessed that relationship. If gold choose to date that boy , she can go on. She cease to be my daughter as long as she chose him over me. He will use her and she’s definitely gonna cry back to her family. He has brainwashed her with material things and she’s naive.”
” They will never break up. He love her more than anything you can imagine. Just let them be.” She Chuckle and scoff before walking out.
Good , she can’t listen.
” Mom…” Miranda call as she walk in. I ignore her and sit down.
” Will Gold ever come back ?” She ask.
” Yeah , soon.” I smile at her and she scoff.
” I think this belong to you.” I say to her Stretching the suppose bag Gold brought.
She collect it and open the bag.
” Mitchel brought it.” She says as her cheeks widen.
” I truly like him. He likes Gold a lot and I really don’t want them to separate.” I roll my eyes and bat my lashes at her.
” You know too much about relationship and it’s not acceptable.”
” Maybe I’m definitely gonna be a therapist.” I laugh at her and she laughs too.
” I’ll be in my room. Aunt needs time , she won’t listen to anyone.” I tell her and she nods.
” And daddy ?” She furrow her brows and I giggle.
” He’s fine and he’ll be home soon.” She smiles and run out of the sitting room. I sigh and walk out too.
” Where are we going ?” I ask Mitchel who’s been driving for minutes without telling me our direction.
” Somewhere better. I’m tired of staying at home , just thought we should drive the entire New York.” He smiles and I laugh.
” You’re just directionless.”
” Directionless ? What on Earth does that mean ? I bet you just made that.”
” No way..” I defend.
” Yes way..” he roll his eyes and I huff annoyingly.
” Talked to your mom ?” He ask.
” No , I don’t wanna push it.” He sighs and take a look at me.
I half smile and glue my face to the mirror. I stare at the rear view mirror and furrow my brows to what I saw.
” You’re okay ?” He ask with a smile and i nod.
I sigh and look back at the rear view mirror , still following.
” I think we’ve got company.” I said.
” What ?” He scoffs and look at the rear view mirror.
A blue BMW is following us. He chuckle and smirks.
” You can play right ?” He ask as he speed up.
” Okay , I’m about to puke.” I look at rear view mirror and they are still keeping up increasing their speed too.
” Who are they ?” I ask.
” I don’t know. Expect anything from them , like a shot.” He winks and I take a deep breath.
A bullet penetrate into the car as the windshield shattered.
” ****. This car is expensive.” He sigh and turn around.
” Duck…” He says and I scream.
” What on Earth are you doing ?” He ask and I scoff.
The speed increased and I thought we might die.
” Can you shoot ?” He ask stretching two guns at me.
” What…”
” Of course you can , you stole my car remember.” I roll my eyes and take the gun.
” We really need to talk about that later..” I roll down the window and stuck my head out. I shot the car and the bullet didn’t penetrate at all.
” **** it’s bulletproof.” I said.
” You aim for the tyres , and not the car. Becareful.” He smiles at me and i nod.
God if I die take my soul. I stuck my head out of the window and shot the two front Tyres as the driver loose control a little. It’s a guy , who the hell is he ? And another guy sit at the passenger seat. The car move to the right a little as I shot one of the back Tyres. God I look like a criminal.
” ****…” I scream as the gun fall of my hand. I’ve been shot. I hold my bleeding arm as I cried.
” Hold on , you’ll be fine.” He tells me but I don’t care right now.
” My body is burning up.” I cried looking at my bleeding upper arm.
The car behind us loosed balance as it drive into a wall and explode.
” Mitchel…” I scream still holding tight to my arm.
” God…” He sighs and drive in vast speed. My entire system is hot and it feels like I’m burning to death. I’ve never been shot before , this is hell.
The car come to a halt in front of a warehouse. He rush out and carried me out of the car. He rush in with me in his arms as he drop me inside the warehouse. He take off his jacket and squat to my position.
” Just breathe..” he said and I shake my sideways.
” I can’t breathe.”
” You can breathe , just do it.” I nod and inhale.
He brought out a pocket knife and my eyes widen.
” What are you doing ?” I ask but he ignored me. He tear off the sleeve of the shirt I’m wearing and pick up the knife.
” You wanna kill me ?” He scoffs and grab my non affected hand tightly.
” Just close your eyes while I take out the bullet. I can’t take you to the hospital right now.” He yell at me. He’s not helping matters and I’m loosing blood.
I close my eyes and sigh. I felt the knife dig into my skin and I scream.
” **** you…” I said as he dig out the bullet. He tear out a piece of his t-shirt as he tie it against my bleeding arm.
” I don’t wanna die.”
” You won’t die.” He said but I am not feeling well. Just a arm shot and I feel like my body is been rip apart.
He sighs and check the entire warehouse. He returns with a syringe and a little bottle with an unknown liquid.
” What is that ?”
” Cocaine , it will reduce the pain and you’ll be better.”
” What…” I exclaim and sit up.
” You won’t inject me with coke , what is wrong with you ?” He ignored me instead he brought out  the syringe and inject me with the already consume liquid.
I look into his eyes as he take out the syringe from my arm. My body’s cold a little and I couldn’t say a word but my lips part a little. God remind me never to take a bullet for him . This is too much.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
” You’re okay now.” He ask and i can’t reply.
” Great , you’re high.” Okay I heard the reply but his voice is a little bit faded. I sigh and close my eyes , I guess I slept or something , cause I can’t remember a thing.
To be continued

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