Devil in red – episode 44

Devil In Red – Episode 44
© Goddy Francis
After the funeral , Jake hold tight to Allison as she pour her fountain of tears on him. Mitchel hold my hand and we walk to his car
Allison drive with Jake and Will in another car while I ride with Mitchel and Tom.
” What did Tionna tell you ?” He asks.
” Nothing to think about.”
” Why are you lying ?” I sigh and look at him.
” I’m not. She said she’s actually surprised to see me and I’m beautiful , all that s***ty stuff.” He scoffs and tilts his head.
” What ?” I ask and he shake his head sideways.
I cross my arm and remain quiet. His hands hold mine and interwine it with his. He smiles a little and look at me.
” I don’t wanna loose you.” He smiles and pull me closer.
I rest my head on his shoulders and close my eyes. I guess I fell asleep cause his whispers was the thing that wake me up.
I walk out of the car accompanied by Mitchel as we walk in. Jake hold Allison’s hand and pull her in. She snatch her hand from Jake and run upstairs. Tobias must be really cool.
” I’ll go get water to drink.” Jake says and Mitch nods.
He turns to leave but stops.
” Gold , can i ask you something ?”
” Yeah..”
” I’ve not heard from Perkins.”
” She’s fine but admitted actually.”
” What happened to her ?” He asks.
” Just a tiny accident. She slipped.” I lied.
” You like her ?” Mitchel ask with a grin.
” Kinda , she’s pretty.” We smile and Chuckle at once.
” I need to see her. Where’s she ?”
” Georgia health center. I’m checking on her today , we can go together if it’s fine by you.”
” Sure , just give me a heads up when you’re ready.” He smiles and walk out.
” Perkins hates boys.” I said and Mitchel Chuckle.
” Why ?” He ask as we climb the stairs.
” A lot of reasons , one is , she has gone through a lot of relationship issues and it sucks.” I sigh and walk into his room terribly exhausted.
” Jake don’t really believe in love . It’s nice he likes her.” He shut the door while i sit on the bed taking off my shoes.
I tie the loose strands of my hair together with a hair band and stand up. I take off the black dress I’m wearing and Jason’s eyes couldn’t get off me.
” You know it’s wrong to stare.” I said without sparing a look.
” And that’s if she’s not yours.” He walks to where I’m standing and hold me from behind.
” I’m tired. I need a bath and of course we’re just coming from a funeral.” I tell him trying to escape from his grip but he’s stronger.
” Jason…” I chuckle as he turn me to look at him.
” You’re beautiful..”
” Thanks , need to shower.”
” Okay..” he unhook my bra as I cover my front yard saving the bra from reaching the floor.
” What are you doing ?” I ask smiling.
” Bathing you.” He smirks and part my hands tossing the bra aside.
” Why are you shy ?”
” I’m not shy.” I reply and cover my breast with my hands.
He smirks and take off his shirt. He carried me in his arms and lead me to the bathroom to shower. I giggle as he turn on the shower letting it fall on my body.
He step under the shower and hold my waist. His hands brush lightly on my skin and it tickles. He kissed my neck as the shower fall slowly on my skin. He hold tight to the waistline of my pants and take it off.
I kissed his chest as he caress my back and move down to my butt. He take off his trousers as we kissed.
” Heard about sex in the shower ?” He whispers as my skin heat up.
” Are you planning that ?” I ask and he Chuckles.
” Turn around..” he says and I oblige.
He fondle on my boobs as I moan. I bite my lips and rest my arms on the wall. He kiss slowly on my neck as his hands slide down to my sensitive part. I moan softly and chew on my lips.
” You’re okay ?” I moan and nod. I felt his fingers slide inside and I couldn’t help but moan silently.
His hands fondle on my nipples as he kissed my neck. He suck on my neck and continued sliding his fingers in and out of me. He stops and turn me to look at him as we kissed.
My hands finds is way to his nape as our tongues brush against each other. He caress my waist and down to my butt fondling on it. I moan on his mouth and tug on his hair. His hand is on my thighs as he pull me closer and I felt his hardness.
He lean me against the wall and lift me up a little with my legs around his waist and he’s in between my legs.
” What about protection ?”
” You won’t get pregnant.” He said and I nod like a kid. I wrap my hands around his shoulders as I moan silently. He thrust in and out of me slowly with his hands touching my body.
” Allison , you need to leave the country.” Jason said to Allison that same day.
I walk down the stairs and rest my hand on the railings. Traveling was definitely gonna help her. New York isn’t safe anyways.
” But why and where ?”
” Why , because , I don’t want anything to happen to you and where maybe London or Canada. Anywhere that pleases you but not here.”
” Why am i traveling ?” She asks.
” Alli , you don’t get it , do you ?” She scoffs and sat down.
” Mitch , I’m not going anywhere.”
” You’re leaving and you’re not staying here. I can’t watch over you and Gold at the same time.”
” Now I understand where you’re driving at. You are choosing her over me. What happened to the Mitchel that will do anything for his sister , if she wasn’t here will you even think of pushing me out in the name of traveling.” She yells and avert her gaze at me.
I don’t even understand her anymore.
” What are you saying ? Are you trying to say I don’t care about you by sending you out of the country.”
” Yeah , if Tobias was alive he would know how to make me happy . You’re just being pathetic. Who knows if she even killed father and Tobie.”
” What !” I exclaim and walk down the stairs.
Why would she say that ?
I mean why on Earth should I kill Tobie and his father ?
” Alli , why would you say that ?”
” Maybe , because you got her twin sister pregnant and she is seeking revenge pretending like a saint whereas she knows what she’s doing.” Allison spits.
I exchange looks with Allison and then Mitchel. Good Lord , I shouldn’t be here. Not when someone thinks I’m responsible for her family’s death.
I sigh and climb the stairs to Mitchel’s room. I slam the door and sit on the couch. How could she say that ? Murderer ? I can’t kill anyone . Even if Emily’s death was painful, I can’t think of avenging it to the extent of killing them.
I fold my legs together and sigh. Mitchel walks in and stare at me for a while before he shut the door . I don’t want to think he believed his sister.
He smiles and sit close to me , he pull me closer to himself and rest my head on his shoulders.
” I’m sorry about what happened.” He says.
” She doesn’t like me and I really don’t know why.”
He remain quiet as I take my head off his shoulders.
” Maybe because , she thinks you’re here because of… I really don’t know. But it doesn’t matter , I love you and that’s what matters.” I smile and hug him.
” I love you more..” I coo on his shoulders as he stroke my back.
” Let’s have dinner outside today. It’s gonna be fun.” He says and I nod on his shoulders.
” Go get dressed.” We disengage from the hug.
” And Allison ?” I ask.
” She refused to travel and I don’t know what to do to her.”
” I hope she’s okay.”
” I ask her to stay indoors since she refused to travel. The guys are here , she’ll will be fine. Just get dressed and let’s get out.” I nod and stand up.
I put a black jean trousers and a white hoodie. Mitchel wear a black pants and a black hoodie.
” Too much black.” I compliment and he Chuckles.
” Then I should take it off.”
” No , don’t bother. You look awesome.”
” Awesome doesn’t mean good looking.” I smile and drag him to the mirror.
I hug him from behind as we stare at the mirror.
” You’re done ?” He ask looking at me from his shoulders.
” I should be asking you that.” He chuckles and turn to look at me.
His smile is always adorable and too innocent. A bad guy lies behind this smile , who could believe ?
” You’re cute…” I tell him as his cheeks widen.
He kissed me as I kissed back. I bite his lips and he screams. I chuckle and giggle.
” Got you. Race you to the car.” I shout waving his keys and run out of the house.
I press a button as the car beep and the door opens.
” You’re lazy.” I tell him as he get to where I’m standing. He scoffs and shake his head slightly.
” I’m driving.” I said and open the door to the passenger seat for him.
” I’m not a woman..” he smiles and get in.
” You’re welcome , milady.” I said and shut the door as his eyes widen.
” I’m not a lady.” He says as I get in the car.
” Don’t care.” I scoff and take the wheel as i drive out of the house.
” Where are we going ?”
” A Chinese restaurant.”
” You’re s***ting me right ?” He ask.
” We’re eating seafoods. I’m tired of pepperoni pizza and desserts.” I smile and speed off.
” I can’t imagine eating that.”
” Seafoods ? I mean shrimps and crabs.”
” It’s terrible..”
” You need to try it.” He huffs and looks out of the window. His eyes avert to me as he smiled a little.
Why am I uncomfortable about what Allison said . Why will I kill them ? We really need to sort out a lot of things.
I might be really crazy but I can’t kill a person. My phone vibrates as I look at the dialer. A strange number.
” Who the hell is this.” I said in my head as i mute the call.
” Who was that ?” He ask.
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” No one.” I smile and toss my phone aside.
He nods a little and smiles. I sighs as Allison’s allegations flood into my head. It’s not her fault , we don’t mix.
To be continued

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