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Devil in red episode 43

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Devil in red episode 43 by : 6:18 am On April 27, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 43
© Goddy Francis
I walk into his house and saw Allison in a sober condition. It’s really hell we don’t mix.
” Hey..” I said to her.
” Hi..” she replies and i smile a little. I really wanted to talk her but I just sigh and climb the stairs to Mitchel’s room.
I open the door and he’s fast asleep. So cute. I smile and shut the door. I sit on his bed and caress his hair slowly. He wince a little till his eyes open slowly.
” Hey..” he says and I sigh. He sits up and slightly wipe his eyes.
” You’re okay ?” He ask and I shake my head sideways.
” Come here..” I sit in between his legs as his hands hold firm around my waist.
” What happened ?”
” Do you remember any friend of mine that usually wears glasses ?”
” I guess , I really don’t remember her name.”
” Carol.” I said
” What’s up with her ?”
” Are you a murderer ? Like a murderer ?” I ask and turn to look at him over my shoulder.
He sighs deeply and look at me.
” I thought you knew about it.” I roll my eyes and scoff.
” You didn’t tell me about it , Mitchel.”
” Gold.. you know what I’m into and it’s really terrible. You have to kill to survive.”
I smile and sit on his laps.
” Maybe I just need to assume you’re terribly dangerous.” I smirk and touch his hair. He Chuckles and hold my waist pulling me closer to himself.
” Today I visited THE SPOT. Perkins was admitted in the hospital over some bleeding. Someone slam her head against the wall and she was unconscious. I visited Carol and discovered she’s not just carol but a random slut..”
” The girl with the glasses ?” He asks and I nod.
” That’s weird.”
” She wrote the article because she was jealous of me. I confronted her and she said you killed her father..”
” What ?”
” Yeah. Just start thinking. When did you move out of Washington ? After dropping out of college ?”
” About a year after I guess .”
” Did you kill someone ? Not just someone , someone’s father.” He sighs and thought for a while.
” I don’t keep records.”
” I know , please think. She really wants to take vengeance on his death.”
” Well , when I move out of Ben’s business I got a delivery guy , he cheated , like stole from me and I shot him. A day after , Jake brought in a man that he wants to be a delivery guy and I agreed. After about a month of delivery , he swap the items. Instead of bringing normal stuffs , he brought in heroin and the kilo is not even up to a gram. I shot him and yeah he died.” He explains and i nod slightly.
” Was that her father ?”
” I think. She was hurt.”
” Okay , well it’s not my fault. He stole from me.”
” Mitchel , it still doesn’t change anything. She planned on killing you and your family but someone else did it before her. I talked to her about it and she said you killed tobie and your dad.”
” I don’t really blame anyone who thinks I killed them. I’ve been a devil actually , doing a lot of bad s*** and I don’t even care. I can’t kill Tobie , he’s my older brother.” He says .
I almost sob as I hug him tightly.
” I’m sorry. I don’t wanna loose you. I don’t really care if you’re a devil or maybe a monster , I don’t ****in care . I’m willing to be bad for you..” I said still hugging him.
” Thanks , I don’t wanna loose you either. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m willing to be the best for you. I can’t afford to loose you , not to anyone. I love you.”
” I love you more.” I sniff back my tears and pull away from the hug.
He smiles and klzzed me. I chuckle in his mouth and klzzed him back. He stops and take a deep breath.
” What about Carol ?” He asks.
” I wanna call the cops on her. I truly pitied her , I like her a lot.”
” But she doesn’t like you at all.”
” Reasons I hate humans.” He smirks and klzzed my neck .
I Chuckle cause it tickles. He caress my hips and slide his hands into the dress lifting it up close to my waist.
” Don’t even think about it.” I giggle and he smirks.
” So I should stop ?” He ask seductively.
” Yeah..”
” Okay..” he smiles annoyingly and adjust my dress to it’s normal length.
I pouts and he sighs.
” You said I should stop.” I scoff and grab his shirt pulling him on top of me.
” klzz me..” I tell him.
He smirks and take off his shirt.
” Will you spend the night ?” He ask and I chuckle.
” Should I ?”
” I want you to. Lemme hold you tight tonight.” I smile and he smirks.
He klzzed my neck and I bite my lips. He pull my shirt upwards a little and klzzed my thighs. I giggle as he move to my lips. I hold him close to me and klzz him like my life depends on it.
I m0@n on his mouth as he caress on my thighs. I hover on top of him and get on top of him. I klzzed him back as it deepens. His tongue brush on mine as I m0@n slightly. He stops and i smiled at him.
” I love you.”
” I love you too.” I lay on his chest and caress it slowly.
” What’s up with Kiki ?” He asks.
” She’s there..”
” You are not going back ?”
” I don’t feel like.”
” She did nothing to you.”
” I know , I just feel bad. But I missed my job and everything.” He smiles and klzzed my cheek.
” You should go back , maybe after your exams.”
” I’ll think about it.” He giggle and stroke my back.
” Allison is sad.”
” Yeah. I missed him too.”
I stayed quiet in his arm till I fall asleep.
“. Mitchel..” Jake calls entering into my apartment.
” Is it true ? That tobie is dead ?”
I sigh and tuck my hands inside my pocket.
” Yeah , it’s surprising.”
” Who killed him ?”
” How are we supposed to know ? Someone’s using a sniper to attack the Cooper’s. And if I find out who that person is , I don’t mind killing his or her family.”
” ****..” he mutters and sit down.
I sat down and run my f!ng£rs through my hair. Tobie’s death is still surprising. Why does he have to die ?
” Did Ben kill him ?”
” He won’t , I mean why ? I did s*** with him not tobie.”
” What if he’s trying to make every Cooper pay ?”
” Then he’s dead.” I scoff and sigh.
” We need to talk to him. What about Tionna ?”
” I don’t think she’s the one . My dad didn’t even sign the will before they killed him. I’m confused as ****.”
” What’s up with Gold and Allison ?”
” They are both here. I really wanna quit Coke s*** and deal with Ben for good. If Carlos finds out , the fight will be too messy.”
” But it’s not Carlos issues.”
” I worked with him and that stuff gave me a billion dollars.” Jake sighs and bring out a cigarette and a lighter.
” You want ?”
” No , don’t smoke.” He Chuckles silently and smirks.
” It’s nice Gold did a lot of work on you. She deserves a lot of accolades.” I chuckle and smile.
” Yo , Mitch..” Will calls walking into the living room.
” You’re cool ?” I ask him.
” No.” He sighs and sit close to Drake.
” Do you really wanna quit ?”
” Yeah. I’m not thinking twice.” He sighs and nods.
” What are you gonna do with Ben ?” Will asks.
” I’m getting rid of him after I find who killed Tobie.” I sigh and caress my temple.
” When’s the funeral ?”
” Tomorrow.”
” This s***’s painful. ****..” Will says and scoffs picking up a cigarette.
Later that evening , I drove to tionna’s to talk to her. I get off the car and ring the doorbell. Her door flared open and it reveals Tionna dressed in lingerie.
Her looks is sad and really puzzled.
” Can I ?”
” Sure.” She pave way for me and I walk in.
I glance at her living room as she shut the door.
” Is your girlfriend aware you’re here ?” She ask and cross her arms.
” No , what ?”
She sighs and take a step closer to me. She touched my shoulders slowly and move her hand slowly to my nape.
” Are you here to talk about your father or Tobie ?” She ask looking down at my lips.
” Both. I just wanna know why you killed them .” She smirks and caress my chest slowly.
” You’ve not change Mitchel. I’m bored , you wanna play ?” She asks seductively and touch my lips with her thumb.
” I’m not h**ny. Tionna what do you know about my father’s death ?”
” Even if I know something what makes you think I’d talk.” She says and walk out to her bar to get a drink.
” You’re thirsty ?” She ask raising her wine upwards.
” I’m not thirsty , thanks.” She sighs and drop the wine back.
” I didn’t kill them. I mean Tobie did nothing to me and that includes your father. He was better than you and not an a****le. He makes me happy and injured the pains you inflicted on me.” I chuckle silently and smirk.
” We didn’t date , just s£×.”
” Really ? It’s really aweful I didn’t notice we’re just having fun. I’m not a murderer like you , I didn’t kill anyone.”
” Okay. I really can’t wait to watch you tell the world about whatever thing you did. You didn’t just marry Andrew , you had a plan.”
” Yeah , to make you hate yourself.” She Chuckle and sat down.
” That’s the door , you can leave when you’re tired.” She says and switched on her tv.
I sigh and walk out. Tomorrow is Tobie’s funeral and I hope it turns out right.
” ……For every soul God created , they shall return to eternal life. He was a nice man. Andrew Cooper will always remain a Titan and a great man. May their gentle soul rest in perfect peace…”
I close my eyes and it’s weird a tear drop down from my eyes.
I blink several times and arrange my black scarf around my head. Mitchel look over to me and back to Allison who’s crying bitterly.
I look around the cemetery and cross my arm. God I hate funerals.
” Gold..” Tionna calls.
She’s wearing a long straight black dress and a scarf too. Her eyes were covered with her sunglasses as she approach me. What does she want ?
” I didn’t expect to see you.” She says.
” Why ?”
” I don’t know..” she Chuckle and take a step closer.
” You’re beautiful..” she coo and tuck my scarf behind my ears. She lean closer to my ear and whisper.
” You don’t know the game you’re playing. You will hurt yourself and your love ones. The Cooper’s are not who you think they are. Keep watching your back..” she smiles and walk out with two other guys that looks like her guards.
I take a deep breath and look up. My eyes met with a guy , someone I have never seen before.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
And now I’m scared. I don’t know who that guy is and who’s next ? I can’t afford to attend to any funeral of the Cooper’s.
What if Tionna killed them ?
To be continued

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