Devil in red – episode 42

Devil In Red – Episode 42
© Goddy Francis
” Tobie is dead..” he said.
” How did that happen ?” I ask.
” Get ready , we’re traveling back.”
” Mitch , calm down. How did it happened ? Who shot him ?” I ask getting off from the bed.
” How am i supposed to know ? Who the **** wants my family dead ? I’m taking you home and I want you to stay in your aunt’s place. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He says and pick up his shirt.
” Tom..” he yells and I’m getting a headache.
” Boss.” Tom says opening his room door.
” Get the jet , we’re getting the **** outta here. Tell Will to get ready.” He nods and shut the door.
” Gold, please get ready.” He says and I sigh. I’m not getting anything.
I take off the shirt I’m wearing and the sweatpants. I quickly pick up a gown and adjust to it. I arranged my hair and and wear my shoes.
He hold my arm and pull me alongside him down the stairs. What the **** is happening ? We board his jet in the open field and I fastened my seatbelt.
Mitchel isn’t saying anything and he’s really upset.
” Mitchel..”
” Gold , what ?” He ask and turn to look at me.
” Will you please calm down ?”
” I can’t. What if something happens to Allison ? Oh God I’m so stressed.” He says and tug his hair annoyingly.
Okay, this is really not cool. I might not really be cool with tobie like close to him but , this is a sad news. I walk out of the jet after the long boring flight.
” Where are you ?” Mitchel ask on the phone.
” I’m coming.” He says and hang up .
Tom open the backseat door and we entered. He’s not saying a word to me and he’s not happy. We drive in silence and I’m getting really pissed. The car halt outside a strange house that I assumed it’s Tobias. We alight as Mitchel ran in.
I followed him including the guys . Allison is crying and i almost went numb at the sight of Tobie Cooper. He’s covered in his own blood.
” Who shot him ?” Mitchel ask.
” I don’t know.” Allison cry.
He sighs and look down at his body.
” What happened ?” Mitchel ask.
” I was talking with him about father’s death and I don’t know ,a bullet just hit him on his stomach and I got confused…” She cried and i felt pitied on her.
Della walks in with another guy as they both stare at Tobie’s dead body.
” Who wants to kill the entire Cooper’s ?” She ask.
” How are we supposed to know ?”
” We need to talk to Tionna Petrov , something isn’t right. Who is doing this killing ?”
” Let’s get out of here. Call the ambulance , they should get rid of this..” he holds me and walk me out of the house. Allison cried behind us and i felt her pain.
” Tobie was her closest.” He says still holding me.
” I know the feeling.” I sniff and hug him at once.
He smiles a little and stroke me gently.
” You’ll be fine , we should get you settled.” I nod in his arm and hug him tightly.
” What are you saying ? That we killed tobie ?” I ask the detective.
” We are not saying you killed him.” The detective said.
” My bad , Mitchel was in Dubai when all this s*** happened. If you want to ask questions , please ask , don’t call names.” Della says.
I scoff and sit down.
” You should question Tionna. She have something to say. I kinda have this feelings she isn’t the one because , dad didn’t sign the will before he died.”
” So the wealth still belongs to the Cooper’s..” Della nods.
” Okay , we should take our leave.”
” And please don’t come back.” They sigh and walk out.
” It’s been long I shot someone.” Della rolls her eyes at me and scoff.
” Who was that girl you brought in ?” Della ask and cross her legs.
” My girlfriend.”
” Girlfriend ?” She ask really baffled.
” So, I’m not allowed to have a girlfriend ?”
” Not really.. i mean you’re Mitchel Cooper , it’s a bit surprising. She’s pretty.”
” Yeah ,whatever.” Allison scoffs and wipe her eyes.
” Allison you should calm down. We’re truly sad about Tobie , I didn’t expect that. They will be buried tomorrow alongside your father..”
Who shot him ? He might not really be my blood but Tobias was like a older brother to me. I truly liked him , everyone does. I don’t mind killing every member of the murderer’s family.
” Mitchel..” Drake calls walking in with his father. Yeah , I owe him a bullet.
” What are you doing in my house ?” I ask.
” We are here to talk.” Alex says.
” I don’t wanna talk, not with you both. Just get your ass out and I don’t wanna yell.”
” Why are you acting like we killed Tobie and your father and you killed him.” Drake yells.
” You’re unbelievable.” Allison mutters.
” Get out.” I order.
” I just wanna drop a message. You’ve finally succeeded..” I pick out a gun and shut his arm.
” Out..”
” **** you ****.” He spits and I shot his leg.
” Another word and I’m killing your father.” I said.
” Just say you killed my brother , Mitchel..” Alex scoffs and spits.
I pull the trigger and the bullet hit the wall. It’s nice he flinch.
” My next aim is your heart, move.” He scoffs and move out with his bleeding son.
” You’re capable of so many things. I really didn’t imagine you to be this harmful.” Della says and I scoff.
” Allison you need to be careful and stay here , don’t go out. Always be watchful , whosoever that killed father and Tobias are still watching. We don’t know who’s next.” I said and she sniff.
” I’m in my room , I’m really tired.” I stand up and rush upstairs. I called gold and she picked up.
” Babe , where are you ?”
” I’m on my way to THE SPOT.” She says.
” Okay , I’ll call you later , just please be safe.”
” I will. Hope you’re okay ? I’m really scared , I can’t afford to loose you now.” I sigh and plump down on the bed.
” I will be fine , I need to look after Allison. I can’t loose her and loose you too. Just stay in your house and always watch.”
” You have any idea who killed him ?”
” No , I’m suspecting Tionna. I really don’t like her. Not after marrying my father.” I said and she huff on the phone.
” Okay , i just hope you’re okay.” I smile and nod to an invisible person.
” I love you.” I say to her. She Chuckle and I guess she blushed.
” I love you too.”
” It hurts we have to leave so soon. I planned something for you tonight.” I said and She Chuckle.
” What was that ?”
” Something better and hotter.”
” You’re a badass.” She tease and I chuckle.
” You care to hangout after my dad’s funeral ?”
” I’m all yours.” She says softly and I guess I blush at the way she flirts.
” Thanks , I’ll call later. Becareful.” I tell her.
” Sure.” I hang up and sigh. I roll over to the edge of my bed and try to sleep. I ****in hate this world , too fake to be true.
It’s painful Tobie has to die but yet it’s nice I have my car back. I drove to THE SPOT and halt outside. I thought for a while before I finally alight my car and climb upstairs. I rang the doorbell and get no reply.
I fastened in my keys and walk in. The entire house looks empty and dry. Where the hell is Perkins ? I sigh and walk to her room , she isn’t there.
” Gold..” I heard Max’s voice.
” Hey..” I walk to meet him and hug him.
” What happened ? Where’s Perkins ?”
” Perkins is in the hospital.”
” Why ? What happened ?” I stutter.
” She collapsed and slam her head against the wall. Carol and I took her to the hospital.”
” Please take me there.”
” Georgia Heath center. I’m sorry , work won’t allow me.”
” It’s okay , thanks.” I said and rush out of the house without locking it.
I entered my car and take the wheel. I drive quickly and after about 30 minutes I arrived at the clinic.
” Please I need to see my friend.”
” Calm down. What’s her name ?” The nurse asks.
” Perkins.”
” Okay.. her wards down that lane. Ward 55.” I nod and race out of her presence.
I open the door to the ward and Perkins is decorated with bandage on her head. She’s weak and her face is slightly bruised.
” Oh my God..” I mutter and sit close to her. I hold her hand and it’s cold. She’s not awake and she looks really unconscious.
” Who are you ?” A nurse asks.
” I’m her friend. Please what happened to her ?”
” Not that serious , just a slight internal bleeding.” I sigh and Imagine what Max said to me.
She collapsed and slam her head on the wall. It’s really hard to believe. What’s making her collapsed ?
” Please will she be okay ?” I ask the nurse.
” Yeah , she will be fine.” She says and injected Perkins before she walked out.
I sigh and look over to Perkins who is still fast asleep. I stand up and walk out of the ward. I need to talk to Carol for explanation.
I drove to her dorm and alight the car. I rush into school’s dorm and knock on her door. She didn’t reply. I barge in and saw her making out with a boy.
” Carol..” who would expect that.
” ****..” she mutters and quickly wear her sweatpants with a t-shirt.
” Out..” she says to the boy as he dressed his naked body. He scoffs and walk out.
” I thought you said you’re a virgin ? On a second thought , what’s up with you hair ? You dyed it ?” I ask really confused.
” What do you want ?”
” I want explanations ? What’s with the real you ? What happened to Perkins ? You’re now having sex ? So you were not a virgin ?” I yell.
” You’ll listen to me.” She says and take a step closer to me.
” You don’t have any right to judge me. Fine I wasn’t a virgin , so what ? This is my real hair , what’s up with that ? I lied about being a nerd , what’s up with you ? b**** I have every right to do what I want , you have any problem with that ? You gon’ sort it out.” She spits and I almost fainted.
” Why faking it ? Are you scared of being judged ?”
” No , scared of being caught.” She smirks and scoff.
” Did you write the article ? Because you wanted Jason and I got him .”
” Quick guess. Why would I do that to you ?”
” Maybe because you tried to kill Perkins after she discovered your cover.” I said and look down at her.
She smirks irritatingly and i hate it. I scoff and and slapped her. I hold her down on her bed and punch the hell out of her.
” Now you’re gonna talk to me.”
” Of course I won’t..” she says and Chuckle spitting out blood.
I pull out a gun and shot her leg.
” You ****in ****.”
” You wanna talk ?” I ask her as she groan.
” What did you do to Perkins ? Tell me you wrote the ****in article.” I yell at her ready to pull the trigger on her brain.
” I wrote it , because i was jealous of you. Yeah , I drug your water because you felt too good. And the disguise , I’ve did a lot of s*** in Washington before coming to New York. Slept with a lot of men and kill a lot of people. I hated Mitchel Cooper and his ****in family.” She yells and spits.
” You killed Tobie and his father ?”
” Planned to , someone smarter did it before me . Mitch killed my father .”
” It can’t be , he’s not a murderer.” She chuckles insanely and laughs.
” Who killed his father and Tobie ?”
” So you want me to talk huh ? Of course I will. Your boyfriend killed them..”
” I want you to tell me the truth now , Carol.”
” You can ask that lying son of a b**** , you idiot. You still don’t know him yet , b**** he ****in killed my father and he killed his too. You know nothing about Mitchel.” She yells and I angrily smack her face with the gun as she collapse.
It can’t be true. Did she really kill them ?
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Mitch killed them ? No , not true.
I need to talk to Mitchel. I stare at unconscious Carol and storm out of the house.
To be continued

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