Devil in red episode 41

Devil In Red – Episode 41
© Goddy Francis
We walk into a hall like a club , I just don’t get it. Mitchel hold tight to my arm as we walked into the club maybe . It’s occupied with so many people and a loud music is blaring out of the speakers.
” Are you nervous ?” He asks.
I sigh and look at the strippers and smokers. Good Lord.
” Maybe.” He Chuckles and smile a little.
” Don’t be , no one’s gonna harm you.” I scoff at him and shake my head a little.
” Mitchel..” a girl with blonde hair smiled at him.
She take a step closer and kissed him. I was hurt and I’m jealous. Mitchel’s grip to my hand tightens as they stop kissing.
” You’ve not changed..” she smiles and turn to look at me.
I just felt beating the hell outta her but it’s fruitless. Why fight for a man ?
” She’s beautiful..” she tease proceeding to touch me but Mitchel stopped her.
Like it’s useful.
” She’s not a hoe. She’s my girlfriend.” Mitchel says.
” Mitch but brought a girlfriend. I feel like getting laid. It’s been long I heard good news. You’re lucky sweetheart..” she smiles and I huff.
” This way..” she says and leads the march.
” Did you have to kiss her ?” I mutter beside him.
” It’s not what you think. I’m sorry. And she’s gay and a friend.” I roll my eyes and look around this terrible party.
” Mitchel..” a guy wave at him.
He’s smoking and he’s dressed in Arabic wears. Two half naked girls lay by his side touching each other ll as they smoke a pipe. I feel like the different one here.
” Hey kid.” The guy said to Mitchel as they exchange handshake.
Mitchel draw out a seat for me and i sit including him. The girl who kissed Mitchel earlier sit opposite us and two other guys stand behind this weird guys with half naked girls.
” You brought a plus one..” he says and checked me out.
” ****..” i mutter looking at the strippers.
” You smoke ?” The girl who kissed Mitchel ask.
” She don’t smoke..” Mitchel defends
” I smoke , I’m not in the mood…” I utter as Mitchel avert his gaze at me.
” She’s hot and beautiful..”
” Carlos , she’s my girlfriend , not a regular girl.” Mitchel said and he Chuckles.
” Same thing , she’s beautiful.” He smiles and I scoff.
” Drinks please. Keep my guests busy.” He says to some girls around. They are dressed like sluts.
” When did you arrive ?” He ask inhaling the cigarette.
” Yesterday.”
” You care for a smoke ?” He ask stretching a cigarette to Mitchel as he decline.
” No , I’m not in the mood.. thanks.”
” Is she the reason ?” The girl ask.
” Dina chill , I’m cool.” Mitchel replies and she Chuckle.
” Yo , Carlos.” A guy who just walked in said. He’s totally weird with a lot of tattoos.
Why did I accept to come with him to this place ? A lot a weird drug dealers.
” I can take you home if you want. We can just leave and go back home..” Mitchel whispers.
” **** you.” I scoff and drank the wine they offered. God alcohol and so strong.
” Ben , what are you doing here ?” The Carlos guy ask.
” I’m here to party..” the guy reply.
” This is my party and you’re not invited. Nigga you ****ed up.” Carlos says.
” Get your ass down.” Carlos yells and sit down.
” And you invited Mitchel huh ?” Ben ask collecting a wine.
” **** you b****. You won’t question me in my party or I’mma **** your ass up.” Carlos says and I sigh. God I’m bored. What type of party is this ?
The strippers dance around the pole as the loud music blare out of the speakers.
” Your girl is pretty..”
” You should take your eyes off her..” Mitchel said to Ben and he scoffs.
” I’ve got new stuff Mitch , you care to deliver ?” He ask dropping a kilo of cocaine.
” I hope your beauty is comfortable with this ?” Carlos asks as Mitchel exchange guilt face with me.
Yeah , I’m bored and tired.
” Please excuse me..” Mitchel stands up and walk me outside.
” I’m sorry.” Was his first word.
” Why ?”
” For whatever thing that happened tonight. Maybe I should have respect your choices before bringing you in here.”
” Are you tired of moving weed ?” I ask and cross my arm.
” Do you want me to quit ?” I sigh and look into his eyes. He’s sad and he looks like a cute baby. I didn’t say a word and we just stare at each other for minutes.
He brought out his phone and make a call.
” Tom , get Will outside. I need to go home. Tell Carlos I’ll talk to him later.” He says on the phone and hang up.
” Let’s go home..” he open the backseat door and i entered. He entered and shut the door.
” Come here..” he coo and make me rest my head on his shoulder. Tom and Will entered the car and drove out of the club.
This is my worst night. I’ve gone to clubs but not this type of clubs with strippers and cocaine dealers and people making out everywhere.
The car halt and we alight. He hold my hand and we walk inside. I stop halfway and take off my shoes. He Chuckles and hold my shoes.
” I’m really hungry.” I sigh and climb the stairs.
I open the door to his room as he shut the door behind me. He pull me against the door lightly and hold my waist. He smiles lightly and drop my shoes on the floor . He lean forward and kiss my shoulders. I gigles and wrap my hand around his neck.
” Why didn’t you smoke there ?” I ask him.
” You’re there and I don’t feel like.” I smiles and touch his cheek with one hand and tug his hair with the other.
” I wanted to talk about your father.” He scoffs and pull away.
He take off his shirt and throw them aside. I held him behind and kissed his back.
” I really wanna know why you hate each other and how long have you been dealing with drugs.”
He hold my hand and turn to look at me.
” Can we eat ? I’m starving.” I roll my eyes and nod.
” I can’t cook now.”
” It’s fine. Ordered for food.” I smile and hug him.
His phone distracted us from the hug. He sighs and pick up.
” Hi Alli.”
” I traveled with gold.” He replies since i didn’t hear her at all.
” I can’t come home. I’m busy and I’m really not in the mood for funeral issues. I’ll come when I’m ready.”
” I didn’t say he’s not my father , I’m just.. I need free time with her and I’m not coming home. The funeral can wait or you guys can just go ahead with it.” Mitchel says and run his fingers in his hair.
” I know. Any news with who killed him ?”
” Okay , i gotta go.” He scoff and hang up.
I totally forgot I haven’t called Elna. Good Lord. I pick out my phone and dialed her number.
” Hey Aunt..”
” What’s up with you ?” She asks.
” I’m sorry.. Mitch took me out .” I reply and she gigles.
” I’m out of the country but I’ll be back in the weekend.”
” Okay , have fun and please don’t get pregnant.” I chuckle and she laughs.
” Thanks , I won’t.”
” Becareful sweetheart. Send my regards to your boyfriend.”
” Sure…” I smile and hang up.
” Your aunt ?” He ask and I nod.
” Let’s eat.”
” I need to shower first.” He roll his eyes and I huff.
I take off my clothes and walk to the bathroom. I step on the bathroom and bathe. I take out the towel and wrap it around myself as I walk out of the bathroom. Mitchel isn’t around maybe he went to arrange dinner.
I changed into my pajamas and his t-shirt. I love the scents a lot. I rush downstairs and like I guess, he already arranged dinner.
” Wow..” I sniff the meal and giggle.
He take out a seat and i sit down. He sit opposite me and we start to eat.
” Do you really smoke ?” He asks picking up a fork.
I chuckle and chew on the meal.
” I don’t . I’m definitely gonna choke.” He laughs and nods.
” For a starter yeah.”
I sigh and drank water. He eats slowly and exchange looks with me. I’m nervous as i clear my throat.
” You’re okay ?” I ask and he smirks.
” I guess. You’re pretty.” He says and my cheeks heat up.
” Thanks. It seems you have a huge beef with suits.” I said as he pretend to cough.
” Holy Christ , I ****in hate it. I wear that just twice and it’s so terrible.” I chuckle and imagined Mitchel in suit. s*** !
” What’s up with your father’s murderer ?” I ask as his expression changed.
” We should talk about that later..” he faked a smile and I nod. We continued to eat in silence and our eyes were doing the talking.
I lay on mitchel on the bed and played a video game with Mitchel’s phone. He hated it and I successfully installed it after all his scolding.
” What does coke feels like ? Why is it always addicting ?” I ask and pause the game.
He Chuckles and take out his hand from my shirt. He sits up and open a drawer in the night stand. He brought a little knife and a kilo of cocaine.
” You wanna try ?” He ask and I sit up.
” Am I supposed to sniff this ?” I ask keeping his phone aside. His looks is puzzled and I sigh.
I can’t imagine inhaling cocaine , Mitchel has finally succeeded in rebranding me.
” It doesn’t hurt.” He says softly.
” Do you take this ?”
” Each time you make me mad.” He smirks and i roll my eyes. Terrible boyfriend.
” Before we started dating , do you ?”
” Yeah. Once in a while.” I furrow my brows and he Chuckles.
” I think you’re too cute for this.” He shrug and pierce the knife into the kilo of coke. He dig it out and take it closer to my nose.
My breath fade a little as I cough.
” ****..” I utter smacking him. He chuckles and smiles.
” Easy ,you wanted to know what it feels like.”
” It’s terrible. How can you be taking this ?”
” Used to it already. But I actually quit a little.”
” This s*** is dangerous and the game itself.” I sigh . He rub his thumb on the content of the knife and place it beneath my nose.
I used my entire strength and sniff it , jeez I almost choke.
” Shh.. calm down..” he coo and keep it aside.
” What’s up with all this ?”
” You wanted to talk about my father.” I smile and nod. He sighs and lay on the bed. I lie down too and rest on his arms.
” When I was a bit younger my father always fight with my mom . He’s not always the best father. Always picking on my mom to the extent he beats her up with every given opportunity. I was really irritated and he really don’t care about us. One day he said I’m the worst kid he has ever given birth to. He says I brought nothing but bad luck and I don’t even care to know why. He moved out and took Allison with him including Tobie. My mom cried every single time and I had to console her. I went to college just because I wanted to make my mom happy. She worked hard and made sure I’m taken care of since Allison and Tobie are cool. I’m just the bad one here. After first semester in WSU , I met Ben , that second weird guy in the club. He introduced me into weed and made me his delivery guy. Mom hated him and till she died she really didn’t find out about Ben and I. I was 19 then actually. I dropped out of college after my first year , I really didn’t like school anyways. After two years I moved out and created my own empire. That’s just Mitchel.” I smile a little and look up at him.
His hands curl around my waist as he smiled back.
” What if something happens to you ? It’s too dangerous.”
” I’m stepping down , just gotta sort some s*** out.” I chuckle and crawl on top of him.
” You should go to your dad’s funeral.” I tell him.
” Yeah and you’re coming with me.”
” I’m your girlfriend , I’ve got to be there..” he smiles and hover on top of me.
” Why do you like my t-shirt ?” He asks smiling at me.
” It smell so good.” He Chuckles and kissed my lips.
He stops and kiss down to my abdomen and trail his hands inside my shirt. His hands play with my breast and I chuckle. His phone rang and he growls.
” Who the **** is that ?” He scoffs and pick up his phone.
” Allison..” he mutters and pick up.
” Allison, now what ?”
” What do you mean dead ? I don’t get it.” I sit up at once at the mention of dead.
” Jesus..”
” ****..” he mutters as his phone slip off his hand.
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” What happened ?”
” Tobie is dead.”
To be continued

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