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Devil in red – episode 40

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Devil in red – episode 40 by : 6:26 pm On April 25, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 40

© Goddy Francis


We entered his room as he drop me on the floor . He shut the door and guard my waist with his hands klzzing me all over.

” Okay , that’s enough…” I giggle.

” I’m not ready to get pregnant..”

” Yeah , I don’t want babies either..”

” You don’t want babies or you are not ready to have babies ?” I ask and furrow my brows.

” Both…” I arch my brows and he tilts his head.

” What ?”

” Are we just having s£× ? Like we’re just having fun with each other ?”

” Don’t even start..” I sigh and take his hands off me.

I sit on the bed and take off my shoes.

” We’re not just having s£×. I’m not really a kid kinda person. I’m not actually keeping you around me just to make out with you , if i really wanna do that , I would have get rid of you , and I’m serious..”

” I like kids. So what are we gonna do about that ?” I ask wrapping my hair with a hair band.

He sighs and sit close to me on the bed.

” Then I’ll give you one..” I smile at him and he smirks.

” Not now..” I said in a flirty manner and he nods slowly locking eyes with me.

He klzzed my neck and caress my thighs squeezing on it gently. He continued klzzing and lay me on the bed getting on top of me in a push up position.

” You ain’t going home today , you know that right ?”

” No way..”

” You’re in Dubai and you’re with me. I’m not letting you leave..” I roll my eyes at him and huff.

style="text-align: left;">

” My aunt already bought plane tickets to Malibu. For me and Miranda , including her..”

” Call her and tell her your boyfriend isn’t willing to let you leave and you’re not in the country. It’s almost evening.” He winks triumphantly and get off me.

” That’s gonna hurt her.” I said sitting up.

” It won’t , trust me.” He pull his shirt above his head and throw it on the couch.

” I’m taking a bath , you wanna join ? We’re partying tonight and I’m invited.” I sigh and stand up.

” Is this party gonna be occupied by smokers and cocaine sniffers ?”

He chuckles and giggle.

” Yeah and strippers too. Are you scared ?” I shake my head sideways as he take a step forward to where I’m sitting on the bed.

He lifts me up and I stand on my feet looking at his bare chest.

” You’ll learn.” He says holding my waist.

” What am I learning ?”

” Such parties..” I chuckle and nod.

” Don’t smoke there..” he smirks and shrug.

” I quit..”

” You didn’t..”

” What makes you think so ?”

” You’re mostly Mitchel than being Jason..” he laughs and smiles.

” Maybe.. Mitchel is quite better..” he says softly pulling me closer.

” And I like it.” I coo and he smiles not broad actually.

He raise my dress upwards and pull it above my head. I’m braless just underpants.

” This are my favorite..” he says looking down at my n@k£d br£@sts. My cheeks heat up and my butterflies too.

” You’re bad , but in a normal way..” he whispers and turn me around.

I’m leaning against his body as his f!ng£rs trail on my stomach to the waistline of the pants I’m wearing. I inhale and s√¢k on my lips. He slide his hands inside my underpants and klzz my neck slowly.

He caress slowly on my sensitive part as he continued klzzing my neck. His other hand move up to my B@@bs and fondle on it. I m0@n slowly as he continued with this three motions.

His hands slide out of my pants and take them off. He turn me to look at him and I’m shy like it’s new. He smirks and klzz my lips moving his hands all over my body. I felt them on my bottom as my entire system heat up more.

I touched his chest and klzz him back. He lift me up with my legs on his waist as he gently place me on the bed. He klzz my nlpp!es and bites them gently. I m0@n slowly as his tongue brush on my tits.

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He klzzed my stomach down to my abdomen and moved down to my waist. His mouth is warm , he klzzed down to my sensitive part as I felt his tongue brush on it. I let out a loud m0@n forgetting the fact that Mitchel’s men are downstairs.

He fondle on my br£@st and continued brushing his lips and tongue on my sensitive part. I bite on my lips and m0@n his name . I tug on his hair and rock my hips a bit. My legs are weak as I m0@n loudly and then slowly.

I felt I’m about to give in , as he continued klzzing on me. I inhale silently and finally sigh. I’m filled with my sweat after my fluid.

He smiles and klzzed my laps moving up to my stomach and then my neck.

” Your turn..” he whispers and i nod.

I hover on top of him and klzzed him on his lips. I plant soft klzzes on his abs and then lick his nlpp!es. He Inhale a little and grab my butt. I smirk at him and continued.

I touched his bulge on his trousers and slowly caress on it. He m0@ns silently and that made me smile. I unbotton his trousers and take them off.

I klzzed the waistline of his boxers and take them off.

” I don’t wanna make out , save it for tonight..” he says and I nod.

I touch his length and klzz it slow taking it Into my mouth. He let out a quick m0@n as I whip my mouth in and out of it. He m0@ns slowly as I continue whipping it in and out of my mouth.

He m0@n my name and that’s really cool. I fastened the motion till he finally arrived. He takes a deep breath as I crash close to him on the bed.

” That was good..” he coo holding me close to him while my butt relax on his bosom.

” Thanks..” I smile and turn to look at him.

” You need to shower.”

” I’m lazy now…” He chuckles and carry me out of the bed taking me to the bathroom.

We step on the shower together and the water rinse on our skins. He klzzed my neck and turn my back to face him. He caress my skin and klzzed my neck continually.

He brought out a sponge and liquid soap. He turn me to look at him as he starts to wash my skin. I smile and gather the lather of the soap and decorate it on his hair. He chuckles and continued sponging me.

I take out another lather of the soap and draw something on his chest.

” What’s that ?” He ask looking up at me.

” Just guess.” He Chuckles and look down on his chest.

” You cheat a lot.” He chuckles and smile at me.

” Say it..”

” I love you..” I say to him.

” I love you more..” he klzzed me on the lips and I klzzed back.

His hands grab slightly on my butt and i chuckle.

” We’re almost running late for the party.” He says.

” I don’t even have a thing to wear .”

” I ask Tom to buy you new clothes.”

” How did he know my type of clothes ?”

” He knows what I like .” Mitchel winks and i blush.

He keeps the sponge aside after rinsing it and he turn on the shower. I pick up the sponge and sponge him back. We bathe together and he gave me a towel carrying me out of the bathroom.

I wipe my skin and sigh. Thank God for the extra underpants he bought. Someone knocked on the door as Mitchel stand up to get it.

” Thanks..” he says and shut the door.

” Your new clothes.” He smiles and drop it on the bed.

I take a look at them and smile . Super hot clothes . I really need to adjust to this tempting revealing clothes.

He brought out a necklace from his pocket and raise it upwards.

” You should take it back. No matter how we fought again don’t ever give me back , please…” I sigh and nod.

He smiles and lock it around my neck.

” Thanks.” I said and he nods too.

” Get dressed.” I walk to the bed and pick out a red dress to wear. What’s this party gonna look like ?

I get on it and Mitchel adjusts it for me. I smile and look at my reflection in the mirror.

” You’re beautiful..” I smile and turn to look at him. I klzzed him and he bites my lip. I scream and swat him.

He Chuckles and stretch his hands out. I take it and we walk out of the room.



Perkins sits opposite Carol inside THE SPOT as they talked. Max walk to meet them and they greeted.

” Have you heard from Gold ?” He asks.

” Yeah , she’s pretty cool I guess .” He sighs and nods gently.

” It’s been long I talked to her , I’m a bit worried though.”

” Max , she’s fine. She needs a little distance because of what happened.” Perkins says.

He sighs and smiles.

” Thanks girls , later.” He walk out and the girls sigh.

” I truly like max you know. He’s super caring and I admire his traits and all that goody part.” Carol says and Perkins scoff.

” You don’t like boys and yeah , you’re a nerd.” She scoffs and roll her eyes.

” Carol..” a girl calls from behind them.

They look up at this weird girl as Perkins avert her eyes back to Carol who’s baffled.

Perkins Is a little bit surprised cause, the girl who just called Carol’s name is a little too weird. Not the nerdy kinda weird. She has a tattoo and she’s wearing a short skirt and a crop top.

” You know her ?” Perkins ask.

” Carol , what did you do to your hair ? What’s up with the colors ? And the glasses ? Are you wearing contacts ? It’s been a year since i saw you.” The girl says and Perkins cleared her throat.

” Carol…” Perkins snap at her.

” Hi Val , it’s been long. I’m just .. you know. ” She stammers.

” You know you’ve changed. What’s up with the ‘Carol do anything ‘. The badass….”

” Val , it’s enough. We’ll talk later.” Carol snaps at her.

” Alright , you’ll never change. Talk later..” the girl said and walks out.

Perkins sighs and drank her coffee. Later that evening they went upstairs to Perkins apartment.

” So , is that your friend ?” Perkins asks.

” No , just a normal girl in my previous neighbourhood.” Perkins nods and smiles.

” I’ve been thinking , what’s up with your hair ? She asks what’s wrong with your hair ? And your eyes and also the glasses. You’ve been faking them ?” Carol ask and furrow her brows.

” No , she’s always drunk.”

” Yeah.. true..” Perkins smiles and bites her thumb.

Something is wrong and she’s willing to figure it out.

” Carol…” Perkins calls and push her on the couch.

” What are you doing ?” She yells as Perkins removed her glasses and throw them away. She hold her hair and aggressively pull out the wig Carol’s been wearing.

” You’ve been faking everything ? Why did you have to hide your stupid black hair ? Disguising with grey hair and glasses ?” Perkins yell and throw the hair aside.

Perkins hold unto her shirt and tear it. She saw a tattoo beneath her br£@st as she gasp.

” Who are you ?” Perkins ask.

She scoff and smirk.

” Tell me you wrote that article just because you’re jealous of gold , you dirty lying b****.” She spits as Carol stands up.

She angrily slapped Perkins and that made her angry. Perkins groans as she received a punch from carol .

Carol hold unto her hair and smack her face against the wall. She smack it harder and Perkins crash on the floor unconscious.

How to grow your business while you stay at home

” b****…” Carol mutter and kick her stomach. She drip out blood and black out.

” I hope you die , fool.” She spits and walk out carrying her belongings.

To be continued

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