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Devil in red episode 4

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Devil in red episode 4 by : 3:03 pm On April 8, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 4
© Goddy Francis
Not edited..
Technically , celebrity are mostly actors , actresses , filmmakers and most times musicians. I barely can tell were I get the parrazi from.
I got out of the chopper and smiled at the view called Africa. That was my first time stepping my feet here. Tom opened the car and i got in accompanied by my convoy. The car halt in a hotel as Tom got out to open up.
I was shocked to the bizarre standing right around my convoy.
” God why..” I muttered and tried to pass through the lane the guards managed to create.
I took a deep breath and smiled at my assumed room.
” Get the models , work start tomorrow.” I said to tom.
He nods and proceed to leave when I stopped him.
” Bring in a girl , no dark skin please. Brown , light or maybe chocolate.” Tom smirked and walked out closing the door.
I walked to the balcony and look around. Truly enough it was beautiful.
” Damn.. look at all this parrazi because of Mitch. He’s a God.”
” A young God.” I said to Miranda.
She huff and avert her look to the laptop.
” Heard his father , Andrew Cooper is getting married to Tionna Petrov , Mitchel’s ex girlfriend.” Miranda said as I rolled my eyes.
” I just hope Emily won’t stupidly fall for his invisible charms.” I muttered.
” It’s worth it.” Miranda replied. How could she hear that ?
” Miranda , there’s more dignity if a woman doesn’t throw herself on men. Every single woman has her own prince charming and they’re gonna find them.” I said combing my hair.
” I just don’t believe in love.” I said silently.
” Me neither.” Miranda said.
I stop combing and turned to look her. Is she for real ?
” What ? It’s the truth. Love barely exists , it mostly exist in romance teen novels and films , it’s so funny..” she said and grin.
” Okay , that’s enough. Go to take your bath.” I said standing up.
” But why ?”
” You know too much and you talk too much. Time to bathe.” I said lifting her up.
” Come on , it’s unfair.” She whined but I ignored her.
Mitchel Cooper a****le. I thought and carried Miranda to the bathroom.
” I need privacy.” She said softly sitting on the bathtub.
” Really ? You’re just a kid.” I said trying to take off her shirt.
” No way , I won’t allow that.” She said laughing smacking my hand endlessly.
” Miranda i cleaned your poop when you were six.”
” Da , it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll be a woman soon.” She said and crossed her arms.
” Okay.” I said and switch on the tap as water flow freely into the bathtub.
” I can take it from here.” She said and winked.
” Sure.” I smirked devilishly and carried inside the bathtub making her entire body wet.
” What the hell.. Golden you’re mean.” She said and pretend to be angry.
” Shower..” I said and walked out of the bathroom.
I took a deep breath and slump on the bed. I turned around and saw Miranda’s laptop. Mitchel Cooper was displaying in her screen.
” Why so popular ?” I asked going through his info.
” Emily..” I muttered and closed the laptop. I called her number and she wasn’t picking.
” Yeah right , getting dressed for masked face Cooper.” I said and threw my phone aside.
” Chill , he’s gonna be your boyfriend soon.” Miranda shouted from the bathroom.
” Enough of the boyfriend talk.” I shouted back.
” ****…” I muttered and touched my forehead.
” I heard that.” Miranda said and I scoff.
I sighed and tried to hold back my nervousness because of what I heard.
” So it’s true..” I said breathing in and out.
” So what now ?” Ayanda asked.
” I’m getting laid tonight. I truly like him , don’t care if he’s a masked cute redhead , I just…”
” Wanna **** him..” Ayanda said and Chuckle.
” That wasn’t meant to be funny.” I said applying foundation on my face.
” Try and use protection , you don’t wanna get pregnant.”
” So, what’s wrong in getting pregnant for Mitchel ? He’s worth it.” I said smiling at my reflection.
I opened my closet and brought out a short black sleeveless dress and a black stilettos. I got dressed and smiled at my reflection. Partially , I’m going out on a date. I carried my purse and walk out of my room. I saw mom watching tv , she avert her eyes to were I was standing and frown.
” What is that ?” She asked referring to my dress.
” Erm.. I’m going out.” I said.
” You’re going out , dressed like that ? Is that human hair you’re carrying ?” Mom asked as I touched my hair.
” What’s going on ?” Mom asked.
” We’re just going out to a party , I’ll be back before ten. It’s just a party.” I said. Ayanda smiled and nod.
” Oh wow .. a party.” Mom said and Chuckle.
” You’re grounded , go to your room.”
” What ? Mom why ?”
” Because you’re grounded , you’re not partying.” Mom yelled.
” But maa…” Ayanda chip in.
” Go home , your mom needs you.” Mom said to ayanda.
Ayanda sighed and Walk out. I can’t believe I won’t see Mitchel , I will do anything just to hang out. I growled and barge to my room. I called ayanda and ask her to wait beneath my window.
I open the window and jumped down making sure I make no noise. Ayanda Chuckle as we ran into the streets. We got out of the cab and smiled at this view. It was one of the best hotels around. I touched my chest as ayanda and I walked in.
We entered the bar and ordered for drinks. Heard Mitchel lodge here and I hope I see him tonight. I was nervous and impatient to see him.
” Where is he ?” I asked Ayanda.
” It will be nice if you just try and calm yourself down. If you’re destined to meet him this night , trust me you’ll.” She said and i just smiled and nod.
Three hours later , a guy walk to my table and said someone wants to talk to me.
” Who ?” I asked.
” He’s in room 306 , he’s waiting.” He said and left.
” I don’t get it. I’m not a hoe. I mean , I just ask him who and he ignored me. What am I supposed to do ?”
” Go check him out.” Ayanda said.
I tilt my head in confusion and stood up finding my way to room 306. I walked upstairs and knock on the door. It opens at once , I took a deep breath and wished nothing bad happens. I walked in and saw a guy standing in the balcony of the room with his back against me.
I was scared as i swallowed a lump on my throat.
” Hello..” I called.
He turned around and I almost went paralyzed.
” Oh my God..”
” What ? You’re okay ?” He asked walking to were I was standing.
This should be a dream , I can’t believe I’m standing opposite Mitchel Cooper , my big time crush.
” Sorry , I’m … Erm..” I stammered.
” It’s okay.” He said and smiled.
It was all true , he was wearing a mask. But his eyes are perfect , glowing and smiling back at me. He touched my cheek and smiled.
” You’re nervous ?” He asked.
Of course I’m nervous. Are we about to make out ?
” I won’t hurt.” He whispered klzzing my neck gently.
I gasp as my purse fell off my hand. Oh right , I’m falling with my dream man. He unzip my dress and touched my bare back slowly. He stare into my eyes and klzzed me biting my lower lip.
I was unclad remaining my underwear. We klzzed and I found myself on his bed m0@ning his name. He took off the mask he was wearing and switched off the bed side lamp. He took off the underwear I was putting on and klzzed my abdomen down to my nlpp!es.
I chuckled to the sensational feeling that was tingling.
” What’s your name ?” He asked.
” Emily.” I replied as he smiled at me.
All though it was dark in his room, but it was obvious he was a God , so good looking. His eyes sparkle and glows in the dark. I m0@n loudly as he thrust in and out. It hurts and I can’t hold back the tears. Mitchel Cooper just took away my v-card.
I opened my eyes slowly and gasp to the bright light reflecting into my eyes. It was morning , oh no I spend the night.
” Oh my God.” I jerked up and look around , he was no were to be found.
I look down at the duvet and saw my n@k£d self smiling back at me.
” This shouldn’t be a dream.” I thought.
I picked up my phone and frown at the Missed calls. My mom’s gonna kill me . Ayanda , mom and even gold. She must be worried , what am I gonna tell her ? That I was grounded but I sneak out and spend the night.
” Hey…” A voice greeted me. I look up and saw Mitchel standing close to the door that leads to the balcony. He was wearing his mask , so weird but cute.
” Hi , good morning..” I said shyly clinging to the duvet that covered my unclad self.
He smirked and look down at me.
” You’re okay ?” He asked and i just nods.
” Get ready , my driver’s gonna drop you off.” He said and proceed to leave but stopped to look at me.
” Why didn’t you tell me you haven’t been touched before ?” He asked as my heart leap to the ground.
” Huh…” He chuckled and smiled.
” it’s okay.” He said and walked out of the room.
I got up and quickly got dressed. A guy walk into the room and he was the the same guy who approached me last night.
” You’re ready ?” He asked and I nodded.
” Okay.” He said as I walked out and he accompany me.
I sat at the backseat alone , the guy sit at the passenger with the driver. I ask them to stop me few houses away from mine in other not to complicate things for me and my mom.
” He ask me to give you this.” The guy said giving me an envelope.
” Why ?” I asked staring at the money.
” I don’t know. Just take it.” He said and I took it.
I opened it and it was a bundle of dollars. I smirked at the money and smiled at him.
” Thank you.” I said.
” You’re welcome.”
I got out of the car and passed through the back door. I tiptoe into the kitchen but unluckily mom saw me.
” Where are you coming from ?” I halt at once and turned around.
” Gold..”
To be continued

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