Devil in red episode 39

Devil In Red – Episode 39
© Goddy Francis
” Who must have shot father ?” Tobie asks while I reach for my bar to get a drink.
Why do they care much about him ?
” Della called and says father is dead. How can they shot him ?” Allison cry.
” He got what he deserves.” I scoff and gulp the wine.
” What are you saying ? Did you kill him ?” Allison ask and that almost got me angry.
” What do you all see me as ? Fine , I hate him , so what ? I killed him huh ?” I scoff and sit.
” He was our father Mitchel. Do you even have a heart ?” Allison yell with tears on her eyes.
” I’m not sure I have any.” I roll my eyes and sit.
Two cops walks in and they were accompanied by a detective. Now what ?
” Where are your knocking manners ?” I ask.
” I’m sorry Mitchel , just wanted to ask a few questions about your father’s death.” The detective states.
” It’s our father and it shouldn’t be your concern.” I utter.
” He was murdered the day he shared his will. I believe you had a little misunderstanding with yoir father before he died and you despise him.”
What is this detective talking about ?
” So you’re saying , i killed my father ?”
” You just said that..” I chuckle and smile.
” So what makes you think I killed Andrew Cooper ? Is it because he’s annoying and never liked me or because I wasn’t mentioned in his will ?”
” You just stated the reasons.”
” Sorry , but you don’t have any right to come here and call my brother a murderer. It’s true they never liked each other but Mitch wouldn’t kill his father.” Allison protests.
” What makes you say that ?” Tobie asks the detective.
” Maybe because I wasn’t mentioned in his will. The **** , that old man had just 10 billion dollars , what on Earth should I kill him for 10 billion dollars. Nigga I have more than that. If you wanna ask questions ask , don’t come into my house and call me a murderer , except you wanna get the **** out.” I said.
” I’m sorry master Cooper. Do you think your father must have had an enemy ?” The detective asks.
” Everyone hates him. He’s been the worse human on earth. Maybe he did someone bad and they attacked him the day he shared his will. A sniper shot him . Now the question is , who sent the sniper ? I shouldn’t be helping you with your job.” I states.
” What if Tionna paid someone to shoot him ?” Allison asks.
” Why would Tionna kill him even after willing his whole properties to her ?” Tobias asks.
” I believe Tionna is his fianceè ? And your alleged ex girlfriend Mitchel ?”
” She wasn’t my girlfriend , just a sex mate.” I snap at him.
” Okay. Maybe we should take our leave. I’ll call if I need questions..” The detective says and stands up.
He prostrates a little before walking out.
” What if Ben shot him ?” Tobie asks.
” Why would Ben ? Andrew never sold drugs and secondly he barely cares about father.” They sigh and sat down.
” Did he sign the will ?” Tobie asks.
” No he didn’t. Thank God he didn’t. We still have hope , just that it hurts they have to kill him.” Allison says and I chuckle.
” He’s dead , y’all should move on.” I smile and walk to my room.
God I’ve always hated him. He’s always so mean and annoying. I rest my arm on the rail of my balcony and sigh at my compound. I missed Gold so badly.
I regretted ever making her sad like it was my fault. I really wanted to touch her again and kiss her too. I sigh and thought about her.
I pick out few clothes and arrange them inside my bag. Aunt Elna already bought flight ticket to Malibu.
Miranda rushed in and I glance at her in awe.
” You’re okay ?” I ask her.
” You didn’t hear ?”
I furrow my brows and she sigh.
” Mitchel’s father is dead.”
” No way..” I mutter.
” It’s true. He was shot yesterday and the entire Cooper’s are really sad. I heard he willed his property yesterday but unfortunately he was shot and he died.”
” Oh my God..” I sigh and sit down.
” You should see him. He needs you now. Heard what happened between you two , you’re hurting him too much.” I sigh and pick up the phone I just bought.
” Tell your mom i went over to Mitchel’s. I’ll be back soon.”
” Aww…” She squeal and bat her lashes.
” Tell him I missed him. Please make him happy, he truly loves you..”
I roll my eyes and lift her up .
” You’re too young for saying such words. Don’t get a boyfriend , they are gonna break your heart.” I smile and he Chuckles.
I drop her on the floor and she smiles.
” Thanks gold , Mitchel’s waiting for you .” She ran out of the room while i try to look my best.
I missed him and I really want us to settle things for the better. I hurriedly shower and put on a spaghetti strap black dress that hug my entire body.
God I hate stilettos it hurts too much. I brought out a white sneaker and get on it. I sigh and look at the mirror , not satisfying.
I take off the shirt and put on a dark jeans with tank crop top. I put on the white sneakers and arrange my curls.
I know I look good. I pick up my phone and rush out of my room.
” Where are you going ?” Aunt Elna ask coming from outside.
” Mitch. Heard his father…”
” Died. Yeah,I know. Send my condolences.” She hug me and kissed me.
” Okay , you look pretty. He’s definitely gonna drool. Don’t get pregnant..” she wink and walk pass me.
I take a deep breath and walk out . I really wanted to borrow her car instead i hail a cab. It halt and I alight. I heave a huge sigh and walk inside.
I rang the doorbell and I didn’t get a reply. I open the door and walk in. His eyes caught mine as we stare at each other. He’s alone and looks like who’s thinking since his hands are in his pocket.
His hair is a mess as his cute eyes locked with mine. I stayed beside his door post as we exchange looks. My heartbeat is fast and my skin already heat up.
I ran off the doorpost and hug him tightly. His hands hold me tightly as he lift me up a bit wrapping my legs around his waist. We stare into each other’s eyes and kissed. His hands support me by holding tight to my thighs kissing me deeply.
I wrap my eyes around his neck and kissed him back. I missed this lips and it’s taste. We kissed for minutes till we stop. I look into his eyes and it’s obvious he missed me so much.
” What did you do to me ?” He ask with a soft voice.
I tried to talk but I can’t. I missed him a lot. He sighs with me still on his hold. I smile and he drop me on the floor.
” Come here..” he hold my arm and pull me to his backyard. There’s a pool there too and a snooker.
We stand on deck and I cross my arms. We stayed quiet for a while as i clear my throat.
” I’m sorry…” I plea.
” I’m sorry too , for everything.” He says too and turn to look at me.
I hug him tightly and he stroke my back. He kissed my hair and I guess he smirks. We pull from the hug and smiled.
” I missed this , your touch , your kisses , your body and our making out.” I playfully swat his arm and he Chuckles.
” I’m really sorry. I truly missed you , I can’t afford to loose you , not anymore. I’m sorry for calling you cheap , I didn’t mean that , I’m just jealous.” He says and I chuckle.
” Let’s travel.” He says softly and my eyes widen.
” I wanna tell you something , but not here. I wanna hold you tighter than before..” he says and I blush.
He holds my waist and pull me closer to himself. I put my arms around his neck and play with his hair.
” Where ?” I ask and he smirks.
” Somewhere better , nothing is gonna happen to you. I will be there. I just want us to go far away from home , an open space..” he says looking into my eyes.
Where’s this open space ?
” I’ll bring you back home today.” He winks and I nod.
” Thanks… You’ll have to change.” He says and I sigh.
” I can’t go back home..”
” Okay , I’ll take you there myself.” He pull me out of the house and we drove out to a boutique. I saw a black spaghetti strap dress again and the back also revealed too.
” I like that..” he whispers pointing to the dress.
I roll my eyes as the sales attendant remove the dress and bagged it.
” Thanks..” I said and Jason paid.
We walk out of the boutique as we get into his car. God knows where he’s taking me to. He halt outside his house and we alight it.
” Get the jet.” He says to a guy and he nods.
I smile and scan his house , this is quite bigger than his other house i usually visits and also more prettier. I walk into his living room and glance at every corner.
” You should get ready.” He whispers and kissed me on the cheek before walking out.
I heave a deep sigh and change into the dress. This is super sexy and it’s obvious . It reveals my cleavages a little and my back down to my waist is revealing.
” Wow…” He says from behind.
I turn to look at him and his eyes made my cheek flushed. He take a step closer and look down to my revealing cleavage.
” Why do you like revealing clothes ?” I ask and he smirks.
” It makes you super hot and it brings out your curves..” he says in a flirty manner and that sent shivers down my skin.
” I missed you..” he says and I smiled.
” This is too open..” I said looking down at myself.
” I like it , just get used to it a little..” I sigh and stand opposite the dresser looking at my reflection in the mirror.
Mitchel stand behind me and his hands slowly caress my hips up to my stomach. I take a deep breath and he smirks. His hands brush up to my revealing cleavage as he pull down the spaghetti sleeve. He smirks again and slowly kissed my neck.
I gulp and bites my lips. His hands grip on my boobs as he continued kissing my neck. He stops kissing and smiled at my reflection on the mirror.
He adjust the dress and turn me to look at him.
” You’re ready ?” He asks and I nod.
” Okay..” he smiles and take my hand out of his room down his stairs.
” You didn’t tell me you own a private jet.” I said staring at this jet outside his house.
” You didn’t ask.” I chuckle and get in.
He smiles and board the jet too. I sit close to the window and look outside.
” Where are we going ?” I ask him.
” It’s a surprise..” he smirks and I frown a little.
I lean against the chair and fasten my seatbelt.
” Don’t fall asleep , I won’t wake you.” He winks and I huff.
” Of course you’ll. I’m allergic to this type of air..” he chuckles and go through his phone.
” Are you gonna puke ?” He ask looking at me.
” I hope I don’t…” I sigh and look out of the window , we’re flying.
I walk out of the jet accompanied by Jason. Where’s this place ? A guy open the backseat door of a Porsche car and Mitchel usher me in.
Mitchel sit close to me as he shut the door.
” Where are we going ?” I ask as the driver take the wheel.
” My place..”
” Michael where are we ?” I ask.
He smiles and look at me.
” Look through the window..” I nod a little and look through the window.
” No way..” he Chuckles and I turn to look at him.
” Is this Dubai ?” I ask and he laughs.
” Yeah , just want us to be alone here..” he says softly as I whip my head back to the window.
Is he s***ting me ?
I’m in Dubai ? Like Dubai ?
Is that his own way of saying sorry ?
” We’re exploring..” he whispers and I smile biting my thumb.
The car halt outside a house that is just made with expensive translucent glass. It looks like a penthouse and it’s structure is damn expensive.
” Wow…” I smile as I get down including Mitchel.
His hands grip to my hand and we walk inside. I stop in the living room and observe every furniture. Why is he always spending a lot of money on things like this.
Two of his guards , that includes the guy who drove the car stand beside the door. I don’t even know their names.
” It’s ours.. I bought it yesterday.” He says holding my waist.
” Do you have to ?” He shrug and I scowl.
” Let’s get you pregnant..” he says and lift me up on his shoulders.
” Mitch , no way…” I chuckle but he’s not dropping me.
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” Tom , I’m busy , no disturbance please..” Mitchel said to the driver and he nods.
He climb up the stairs while I giggle on his shoulders. I missed this. I hope we don’t fight anymore..
To be continued

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