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Devil in red episode 38

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Devil in red episode 38 by : 6:23 pm On April 25, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 38
© Goddy Francis
I wipe the corner of my eyes and sniff.
Did he really have to delete mine too ? Where did I go wrong again ? I sigh and cross my arm. I just wanna go home , same time I really like to go after Mitchel.
” Gold..” I turn to look at the direction of the voice and it’s Perkins standing next to her is carol.
” What happened ?” They ask.
I dare not say a word untill I find out who wrote that article.
” Nothing..”
” You’re sure ?” Carol ask.
I turn to look at her as they both sigh.
” I’m sure..”
” We saw someone pull you out of the club , who was that ?” Perkins ask.
Am I supposed to explain to them it’s Mitchel. No way.
” Forget about it , can we just go home ? Please ?” I pout trying my possible best to look normal.
” Okay..” they nod and take my hand.
Perkins halt outside THE SPOT and we alight the car. I walk ahead of her and walk straight to my room.
” Gold..” they call after me but I quickly lock my door and squat close to the door leaning my back against it.
I scream and throw my phone away. It hit the wall and of course it shattered. I cried and try to pull out my hair.
Why’s everything complicated ?
I just wanna get out of here. I want him back of course I’ve always wanted him. He makes my heart bleed and he makes me feel special.
I lay on the floor and it was great i couldn’t cry no more. The hell I hate my life.
” Gold..” they called and knock my door.
I ignored them and thought about us. I missed his touch and every single thing about him. I stayed there for a hour and get up. I need to go back to my aunt’s home. I don’t wanna be here.
I clean my eyes and pick up my phone. Just as I imagined it truly destroyed. I shove it inside my bag and clean my eyes. I’m not in the mood to talk to the girls.
” Gold , what’s going on ?” Perkins ask.
” I’m fine. I’m a bit sick. My aunt just called me and I really need to go back.”
” Can’t you just spend the night ?” Carol ask and I decline.
” I’m sorry guys , love you guys so much.” I coo and hug them tightly.
” Gotta run..” I smiled and walk out of the apartment.
” So why did you have to klzz a boy ? You forgot the fact that Mitchel is a jealous person ?” Aunt Elna scold and I’m about to have a headache.
” How am i supposed to know he’s definitely gonna show up ?”
” That’s not even an excuse . Gold , you’re hurting him too much.” Aunt Elna yell.
Why’s she blaming me ?
” Aunt it’s not my fault. I just wanted to be happy for once. He called me cheap remember ?”
” Because you pushed him to. He broke up with you right ? Well you started it first. Go and change , I made dinner.” She sighs and walk out.
I roll my eyes and walk to my room. I lost my appetite and Mitchel is making me go insane. With my shoes still on , I lay on my bed and hug my pillow tightly , pouring my tears on it.
I love him , why’s he always annoying ? What if he truly broke up with me too ? I might definitely die of hypertension.
” What the **** is wrong with her ?” I yell.
” You just gotta calm down..” Jake says but I’m not in the mood.
Gold always bring out the worst in me same time , she bring out the monster in me. How am I supposed to forget about her ? Why did I have to fall in love ? This s***’s stressful.
” Do you know , I’ve never been slapped by a woman before ? Nobody and that includes a man has never raised their hands on me. My father tried it and I shot him. And now Gold , this is the second time she’s smacking her tiny hands on my cheek and i actually ignored it , because i loved her. Look I’m tired and worst part still is that I can’t forget about her. She already stole part of my heart and I find it hard to think this days.” I sigh and sit.
” I’ll talk to her.”
” Don’t. She needs a break. I don’t even blame her , I was a monster. I took her sister’s virginity and she even got pregnant and then died after trying to get rid of it. I feel her pain though.”
” Jason , it’s not your fault.”
” Yeah , still. Gold reminds me of my mom. I’m a huge mess.” I stand up and pick up my cigarette and a lighter.
I light it and walk down to the swimming pool. Jake stands next to me and he’s smiling , same time sighing.
” You need a girl ?”
” I can’t even imagine making out with someone else. She already succeeded in stealing my heart. I don’t want another girl.”
” I like that..” Jake chuckles. I sigh and throw away the cigarette. I even feel uncomfortable smoking this days. She’s a huge distraction to me and also my addiction.
” I need a nap. Talk later.” I turn to leave and climb upstairs.
I close my door and slump on the bed. I thought about Gold in a club about to klzz a boy. Was she doing that on purpose to hurt me ? I can’t even imagine another man touching her.
The following evening I got dressed for my father’s will sharing in his house. Imagine i had to listen to his will like I really care about his wealth. I sigh and alight my car , the last time I got here , we fought. I imagine what today will look like.
Allison walk out of the house and hug me , I really don’t know why she did that. Before mother died , she’d said I should reunite with dad and typically it’s not really easy. Not with such terrible attitudes of his.
She hold my hand and we walk side to side inside his house. Tobias was drinking including Drake. Like is he my father’s son ? What is he doing here ?
My father’s brother is present and my father’s friend banabas. This will , will definitely go weird. I sigh for the second time as Drake glared at me . I even forgot I shot him.
” What is a b****** son doing here ?” He ask in a way only the both if us can hear the question.
” I don’t wanna be responsible for your death.” I tell him.
” Like I’m scared of Mitchel Cooper. Wait for it, you **** nigga. Don’t be scared if you find out you’re not Andrew Cooper’s son and you were just picked from the garbage.” He spits as Allison tried to attack him but I stop him , we really don’t fight him not now.
” I like your nerves , keep it for later. It’s nice you’re still alive , next time I’ll aim for your heart.” I smile as he smirk.
” That is , if I don’t aim for your heart first. Watch your back Mitchel.” I chuckle silently and look around , everyone’s drinking.
” Watch yours too.” I smile and pull Allison to meet Tobie who’s talking with dad’s friend.
Seriously that word hurt me and i really felt like shoving his heart out. I’m not his son and I’m just picked from a garbage. Wow..
” Hey brother..” Tobie said giving me a handshake and I receive it.
” Sup with you and Drake ?” He ask.
” Don’t worry about it.”
” Care to drink ?” I shake my head and he Chuckles.
” You need to settle issues with dad , I’m really tired of this beef.”
” I can’t and I don’t want.” I scoff and turn to look at the direction of a noise.
Tionna and father stroll down the hallway holding hands. God I hate him.
” God , I hate her..” Allison mutter.
They walk to his living room as dad smiled at everyone except me. I scoff and take a sit.
” Mitchel , what are you doing here ?”
” I’m here to watch..” he smirks like a devil he is and smiled at his fianceè. When on Earth are they gonna get married ?
” Welcome Cooper’s. This meeting is held because of my will even if I’m not dead. I need to settle issues down to avoid physical wrestle when I’m gone.” He brought out a little documents and Tionna smile .
Yeah , he willed everything to her. I so much pity tobie , I can sort Allison out.
” My total assets and that includes my houses and cars , investments and bank account , amount to 10 billion dollars….” Wow I thought it’s 20 billion. Poor b******.
” I , Andrew Cooper , willed everything to Tionna Petrov except the company where Tobie works in…”
” What ?” They exclaim.
” Dad , what about me ?” Allison asks.
” You’ll be given 200 million dollars daughter, while Tionna inherits everything..”
” Father , you can’t do that..” here begins the bizarre.
I sit quietly and watch. I told Allison not to come but she won’t listen. All his assets to his stupid mistress.
” Father , what did she do to you ?” Allison asks.
” Father what’s happening ? How can you will almost 10 billion to your mistress not even your wife..” tobie utter.
” Andrew , what about your family ?” Alex asks.
I chuckle silently , so Alex was also expecting an asset from Andrew . They argued and chatter till I heard a noise and a scream.
I stand up at once only for me to see my dad on the floor bleeding from his stomach. He was shot from an unknown person.
” Father…” Allison and Tobie rushed to him and i didn’t.
The entire family gathered around him as Tionna cried. I sigh and sit back , I knew this was gonna happen. Now who shot him ?
I heard a broken glass noise as a bullet hit the wall. That was supposed to hit me. I get up and pull Allison up. She decline crying like Andrew was a good person.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
I told tobie to leave too and he’s really angry on how father treated him. Someone’s out there and he or she is planning to kill the entire Cooper’s tonight.
Tom guard me to my car and I forced Allison in. Tobias entered his car and we quickly drove out.
To be continued

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