Devil in red – episode 36

Devil In Red – Episode 36
© Goddy Francis
Kindly manage , I typed this in a hurry.
” Who was that ?” Aunt Elna asks .
” Not important. He’s gone.”
” Mitchel ?” She ask.
Miranda frown and slump on the couch.
” Why was he here ?” Aunt Elna ask.
” Because he missed her and he’s sorry.” Miranda chip in.
” Seal your mouth. What did you tell him ?”
I sigh and sat down close to Miranda.
” I broke up with him.”
” It’s okay. I won’t blame him and I won’t blame you either. Your mom already hated Mitchel and you bringing him back to your mom is gonna make things worse. She will never let you be with him.”
” Do you like Jason ?” I ask.
” I do.”
” Thanks.” I said.
” Do you love him ? Like still love him ?”
” I can’t stop loving him. He makes me feel special. This past few months with him , has been the best thing in my life. I’m not even sure any one can really make me happy like him. I hate my life..” I sigh and walk to my room.
I’ve been thinking about how to settle that article and just make things better. Why did I have to meet him again ? I plump down on my bed and cuddle myself.
I imagined him cuddling me to bed and making me feel happy again. Right now , i truly missed him more than anything. Why is life so unfair to me ?
I buried my face on my pillow and cried.
” Golden..” I heard Miranda’s voice.
Her tiny hands run slowly on my hair. I turn to look at her and she wipe my eyes.
” I like you both together. He loves you a lot. The day he visited with you , he said he will do anything to make you the happiest woman on Earth. I Know Emily was pregnant for him before, but it still doesn’t change anything. What matters is how you both feel for each other. Your love can break any bound and he’s willing to do anything for you. You should give him a chance…” Miranda coo still caressing my hair.
” You’re little and you can’t understand. What about mom ?”
” We’ll talk to her.” I chuckle to her impossible dream.
I remembered the day i travelled to New York. Mom said if I ever trade Emily’s mistake , she was gonna kill herself. I know my mom , she’s worse than a drama queen.
How on Earth am I supposed to leave with him. I can’t pretend he’s not Mitchel. Naturally , I hate Mitchel , but falling in love with him without knowing is just too painful.
” Thanks, Miranda . I’ll think about it.’
” Thank you.”
” You’ve seen who wrote the article ?”
” No. I don’t know who to trust.”
” It’s okay. You’re hungry ? I bought ice cream.”
” Thanks kid. I’m not hungry. ” She Chuckle and ran out.
I sigh and resume crying again. I hope I don’t grow slim cause of depression.
My phone rang and i stretched to get it.
” Cameron.” I mutter and pick up.
” Hey..”
” Gold , where are you ?”
” Around. You’re okay ?” I ask.
” I’m not okay. You can still make things change by correcting your article. You love him , don’t you ?” I sigh and touch my head.
” Cam it’s not that easy. There’s a large world inside the net. What am I gonna say ? Yo , I didn’t write the article , someone who hated me did it. And you expect the net to buy it ? No way , Cam.”
” I understand. I just wish you come back. Kiki said she’s sorry and she wish you return. Peggy’s looking into the endorsement issues , and Kiki’s team is traveling to London in a week’s time.”
” For the endorsement ?”
” Like a tour over Peggy’s. Kiki will be awarded sooner enough..”
” That’s great news. I’m not coming back.”
” Can you tell me your whereabouts , so that I can stop by. I really need to see you.”
” Thanks Cam. I appreciate , I’ll be fine , I just want you to take care of yourself.”
” Okay. Becareful . Kim sent her regards..”
” Okay. Thank you.” I reply and he hang up .
I sigh to another caller. I just need a break . I can’t ignore Max , he did nothing to me anyways.
” Where are you ?” He ask on the phone.
” Max , I’m fine.”
” I know you’re fine. Your friends are worried. Gold , I’m worried. You’re the only thing on the internet now as so many bloggers are making a speedy out of whatever thing that happened between you and Mitchel. Are you okay ?”
” Yeah. I’m safe and fine. I just wanna be far away , so that i can think perfectly well..”
” Can I come over ?”
” No..” I chuckle silently and smile.
” Thanks , Max. I’m really glad you care about me.”
” You be careful , okay. You need help , please hola at me.”
” Sure thing..” I smile and sit up.
” Bye .” He hang up and i stand up . I reach for my laptop and sit on the table.
I visited my blog and it’s just how i left it. Thoughts of Mitchel flood into my head and I’m feeling guilty and I’m missing him badly.
I clicked on the video icon on my laptop and decides to record myself. I’m sad and bored and I just thought expressing myself in form of a video was definitely gonna help. Yeah , I hope it helps.
” I’m Gold and I really wanna say this. It’s true I wrote the article but it wasn’t intentional. I was angry and sad so I let my anger take the best of me. Mitchel was my boyfriend and I can gladly say he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I felt like his little daughter because of how he treated me. There are a lot of rumors going on that he’s a rapist. He’s not , Mitchel didn’t date my sister , she’s only a fan of Mitchel and nothing more. He doesn’t deal with drugs either. His mom is the best thing in his life including his sister. His mother died of cancer and Mitchel had nothing to do with it. He loves me and i knew about it , I was angry because he hid his real Identity from me . I was angry when i wrote it and it wasn’t intentional. I work with Kiki and we need an article that’s gonna make Kiki stand to fame and I was ask to write something since Millicent always steal ideas from Kiki. Nobody ask me to write it. There’s a reason for his masked life. Like what I get to understand is that , even a strong man his emotional. That pain of loosing someone close to you. I just want to let the world know that , Mitchel Jason Cooper , is the world’s best man. He’s the sweetest person in the entire world and no matter what, he’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He’s not these men full of promises , he’s a man full of love. I hate myself for what I did and I’m truly sorry. To every person who read that , I’m sorry for leading you wrongly. I take back every wrong words and I’m truly sorry…..” I touched my cheek and I’ve been crying.
I didn’t notice…
I stop the recording and uploaded it on my blog. I close my laptop and fall asleep. I had a dream and it’s weird I saw Emily. I open my eyes and Miranda is sitting close to me on the bed.
Her mom stand beside her and they are smiling at me.
” It’s late and you’ve been sleeping. Dinner is served.” Miranda says giving me her hand.
I smiled and take her hand. Aunt Elna lead the march ahead of us. I have a weird feeling and I don’t know why.
” We saw your video..” Miranda winked picking up a fork to eat.
” Yeah and it’s fab. It’s so emotional , do you love him this much ?”
” Yeah.. I really do..” I sigh and start to eat.
” And also you need to check your blog. The comments and of course views.” Miranda said.
” What are you saying ? My blog’s dried like there’s no single viewer or visitor.”
” Then I can assure you your video did wonders. You care to have your own magazine soon ? I would love to be in charge of your social media pages if you choose to own a magazine.” Miranda tease and I’m confused.
” She’s right. A million views.” Aunt Elna chip in.
” It’s a lie.”
” Still counting…” She squeal and showed me something on her phone.
How did it happened ?
” It’s still weird you had to take the blame. Most of the comments says you’re a queen and all that love s***. When are you writing your semester exams ?” Aunt Elna asks.
” Next week.”
” Okay.. I’m booking a flight for summer break , we’re going to Malibu.”
” No way..” Miranda and I said in unison.
” Yes way.. if I should advise you on Jason , I’d say you shouldn’t break up like that. He likes you I guess but , you’re giving him a break to clear your mind off things before coming back together. Maybe I’ll handle your mom. That’s the reason I’m booking a flight to Malibu after your exams or maybe this weekend , I love my youth self , I just wanna party.” Aunt Elna says and we gigles.
” This weekend is a great idea . What do you think gold ?” Miranda ask and furrow her brows smiling like a clown.
” I’m in.” She gigles and high-five me.
” I can’t wait…” She giggle and we continued eating.
I’m happy maybe because that Mitchel rumor will finally ease. I thought about Emily , why did I have to see her in my dream.
” I saw Emily.. in my dreams.”
” She wants you to move on.” Aunt Elna said.
Black women , who told her that ? I sigh and nod.
” Your mother still missed her a lot.”
” Everyone does.” I sigh and touch my forehead.
I’m sick and God knows I’m allergic to illness and drugs too. My phone rang and it’s Perkins same time Carol. I ignored the calls and scoff.
” You need to stop avoiding them. That won’t make whosoever that wrote the article confess.” Elna said.
” Yeah I know. We will meet at school tomorrow…” I said and she nods.
My phone vibrate and I received a text from Perkins.
* Hey Gold , saw your video and it was fab.* I sigh and start eating and it vibrates again.
* Hey , friend. We miss you , just wanna say your video was amazing.* Carol.
* Hi , everyone likes your video , Peggy likes to speak with you. And I missed you.* Cam damn.
I sigh and look up at aunt Elna. I shrug and they Chuckle.
“. Why did she take sides with you after writing it ?”
” She didn’t write it and it still doesn’t really matter , she broke up with me.” I sigh and she scoff.
” I told you before..”
” You should get yourself a boyfriend okay and try to mind your business. You’re acting a movie next month , worry about that.” I sigh and walk pass her to my room.
Annoying sister. I plump down on my bed and try hard not to think about her. I deserve peace and I really need to get it.
I don’t even blame her , I would do worse if I was in her shoes. I sigh and roll on my bed endlessly. I’m about to fall ill.
” Mitchel…” I heard a knock on my door.
” Tobie , not now..”
” It’s an emergency.”
” Now what .” I mutter as he let himself in.
” Father needs us , it’s an emergency. He’s sharing his will tonight.”
” He’s not dead .” I said.
” Same thing I thought about.” Allison said from behind Tobias.
” I’m not going..”
” Come on , you have to. You’re his son.”
” I don’t feel like. I’m not the only son , you’re also his son. And you’re older than me , reasons you ought to be there..” I tell him.
” Mitchel , please we need to hear this will. That is if i have a share though.” Allison says and I scoff.
” Okay.. I need a nap.” I said and lay back on the bed.
” She’s gonna come back , that is if you stop thinking about her.” Tobie said and left same as Allison.
” Like it’s easy..” I mutter and sigh.
I’ve been feeling weird and it’s really not cool. I rest my arm on the sink of the bathroom and throw up for the third time.
Why’s my temperature hot ?
God I hate sickness..
” Gold ..” Miranda calls beside the bathroom door.
I throw up again and touched my forehead. This is too much , I need drugs even if I’m allergic. I wipe my mouth and turn to look at her.
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” Yes…” I faked a smile as she grin.
” Are you pregnant ?”
To be continued

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