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Devil in red episode 35

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Devil in red episode 35 by : 7:18 pm On April 24, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 35
© Goddy Francis
I stayed for few hours in the beach and afterwards board a cab back to THE SPOT. I just wanna be far , I can’t work at kiki anymore and I’ve been betrayed by some friends enemies.
How worse can my life be?
New York’s been making my life stressful. Why ?
The cab halt outside the spot and i got down. A BMW halt in front of me as Allison alights the car.
” You daughter of a slut.” She yells and shut her door.
So am I supposed to exchange words with Allison because of that stupid article.
” You’ve always wanted fame and it’s obvious. Why would you write that about someone you claim you love ? Are you such a leak ? What the **** is wrong with you ?” She yells.
God I’m not in the mood for this ?
Not with Allison. I don’t even blame her. Everyone sees her brother as a bad person.
” Look, I’m not ready for your silly rants. It’s not my fault your brothers fans despise him now. Just get out of my way.” I push pass her but her hands grab me back.
She slapped me and that made me angry. I push her against her car and proceed to punch her. I sigh and slam her against her car and that hurt her back.
” Don’t even dare me . You’ll hate it.” I sigh and turn to leave.
” You’re just a lonely slut like your sister.” She says and that hurt me really bad.
How dare she ? I turn around and angrily slap her. There’s a huge gathering outside the spot as some record the scene. I grab her hair and slam her face against her car.
” You’ll listen to me..” I say to her as she struggle to free from my grip.
” You’ll not call my sister a slut . You have no right. She was better than your dirty ass. My sister’s not a b****. She don’t **** her way in just to get through. She doesn’t have s£× with her producers and directors because of fame. You’re the dirty whore with a dirty v***** , b**** you s√¢k..” I yell and slam her face against her car window.
I left her and walk into THE SPOT.
I open the door and walk in. Perkins and Carol look up at me and I scoff.
” Gold…” Carol calls and I ignored her.
Perkins stands up and grab my arm tightly pulling down on a couch.
” You won’t walk out on us like that . What’s wrong with you ? What makes you think we wrote the article just to make you look bad before the Cooper’s and the entire public.” Perkins yells and i laugh.
” I don’t have anything to discuss with you both. I’m not saying you both wrote the article , I’m just saying I told my two friends about all Jason’s lies and the next minute someone stole my laptop and wrote bad stuffs about Mitchel Cooper and made me look like I wrote it. What do you want me to believe ? That someone , I mean someone out there broke into the house and hack into my laptop and wrote secretive things about the man I’m in love with. Who the **** is that ?”
They exchange glances and sigh. I stand up and walk to my room. I pick out few items and arrange them in my bag . Right now , I’m missing my car again. Why do I have to fight with him ?
” Where are you going ?”Carol ask as I walk into the living room.
” I’m going on a vacation.”
” I’m really not happy about the article but acting this way won’t help. We’re your friends and we really don’t know what’s going on. Maybe I should be talking about myself , after you fall asleep i left the house to a frat party and i return this morning. Only for me to discover that the entire net turned into something last night. Why would I wanna write bad things about jason , I really don’t get it.” Perkins states.
” I was in my dorm and i studied through out the night. I’m really confused as you.”
” So ?”
” Look Gold , please calm down. You’re taking it too far.”
” Really ? I’m taking it too far ? The public sees Mitchel as a demon.”
” So , when did you care about Mitchel Cooper ?” Perkins asks.
” So you wrote it huh ?”
” You’re stupid…” She scoffs and nudge pass me.
Carol cross her arm and sigh.
” I’m leaving…” I tell her.
” Where are you going ?”
I ignored her and walk out of the house. I board a cab and entered. This life is so unfair.
” You can’t just barge into my brother’s house to investigate about whatever s*** that desperate blogger wrote.” Allison say to the cops.
It’s interesting she acts like my mom. If my mom was alife , she must have done worse than this.
” You can check the entire house if you want.” They nod at me and entered my rooms.
I sigh and stuck my hands inside my pocket. Few minutes of pointless search they returned.
” How many houses do you have in New York ?”
” My tiny secrets , can’t tell you. You can’t just believe everything on the net , it’s crazy..” I smile a little and they nod.
How can they even think about arresting me. **** I’m Mitchel Cooper. I ain’t bragging though.
” Okay , sorry for harassing you.” They said and turn to leave.
” Is that a gun ?” One of the cops ask.
” I have every right to keep a gun. This is New York and it’s licensed.”
They nod and walk out. I sigh and slam the door shut. Why am i missing her again ?
” Why would they believe you move stacks ?” Allison ask.
” How am I supposed to know.”
” You’re rich..” Tobie says walking in.
I scoff and sat down.
” Hey man.” He says and sit too.
” Hey..”
” Sup with Gold ? And also I saw the fight between you and Gold. I mean you Allison..” Tobie states. She scoff and sat down.
” I’m still angry at you.” I tell her.
” I don’t like her.” She says.
” And I don’t care if you don’t like her . It’s so painful she didn’t shove a knife into your annoying ass.” I yell at her.
” So you’re choosing Gold over me ? The b**** who wrote s***ty stuff about you and abused you of killing mother , our mother.” She spits.
” It’s really weird if she’s responsible.”
” She didn’t. Maybe her friends did. It’s really annoying. She’s not picking my calls and I’m sad.”
” It’s still surprising that you’re Inlove. I’m still finding it hard to believe that Mitchel Cooper is inlove with a black girl. **** me..” he laughs and open a drawer on the table bringing out a cigarette and a lighter.
” You want ?” He ask stretching a stick to me.
” Thanks , not in the mood.”
” Is she the reason ? You’ve stopped ?”
” Maybe. It’s not like I stopped , just not in the mood.”
” So no more , ‘ get me a girl ‘ nagging” Tobie tease.
I Chuckle and chewed on my lips.
” I truly love her.”
” She’s gonna hurt you..” Allison said getting up to take a drink.
” It will be nice if you mind your business , Allison..” Tobie says and i sigh.
She scoffs and gulp down a bottle of wine. Will , Jake and Tom walks in.
” Hi , Mitch..” Jake says and smiled at Allison.
” Sup man..” He said to Tobie.
He sat down and pick up a stick from the cigarette.
” Parcels are ready. Carlos sent a message.”
” What’s that ?” I ask as Jake avert his gaze at Allison.
” You can talk , she’s my sister.” I said.
” He’s asking if this is your final parcel ? It’s huge , cause of the money you spent on it.” Will said.
I sigh and kept quiet. I don’t even know. Gold’s not willing to talk to me and now an article made things worse. Especially when New York and almost the entire internet sees you as a monster. My life’s ****ed.
” Beautiful home…” Ben says walking Into my living room.
What his he doing here ?
” Alli , upstairs.” I said to Allison.
” What !” She whisper.
” Now , go upstairs.” She scoff and walk out.
” Your sister is pretty.” He compliments and I’m irritated.
” What are you doing here ?” I ask.
” Mitchel i gave you life. I remembered when you were little , you begged me to make you my boy. Nigga I made you , if not for me there won’t Mitchel Cooper. And you think because you run New York you have every stupid right to outrun me and spoil business between me and Carlos. Mitch , I’mma **** your ass up b****…” I scoff and smirk.
” I hate threats and you know that. You don’t belong here Ben. I don’t ****in care who the **** you are , i just want you to get your ****in ass out of my ****in house , now.” He Chuckles and smirk.
” Clock’s ticking… Watch your back boy.” He says and walk out.
” Yo , Mitch. What if he’s not joking ? Ben’s bad news.” Jake ask.
” I don’t ****in care. I’ve got a lot of s*** to sort out and I’ve got a girl to talk to. I’ve been in a mess lately and it’s not New. Take out the s***’s and deliver every of it, I want my money complete. No debts…” I said and climb upstairs.
I open the door to my room and stride to the balcony. I rest my arm on the rails and thought about her.
Why do I miss her all of a sudden ?
I just wanna be close to her every minute , every second.
I can’t stop thinking about her.
Worse part is that , she’s already part of me and I can’t let her go. I sigh and entered my room. I pick up my keys and ran downstairs.
” Mitch , where are you going ?” Allison ask.
” I’m going out. Tobie is here , Jake is here , you’ll be fine.” I klzz her on her cheek and walk outside.
” You need guards ?” Jake ask .
” **** you…” They Chuckle and i walk outside to my car.
I drove to THE SPOT and decipher wether to knock or not. I sigh and knock. The door open and it revealed Perkins. She’s angry and her arms are crossed.
” Hey , Mitch..”
” Hi , Perkins.”
She pave way for me and I entered. I sigh and look around.
” What do you want ?” She ask.
” I need to speak with Gold.”
” She’s not here..”
” Where’s she ?”
” I don’t know..” she sigh and sat down.
” Someone wrote an article on her name and she’s angry. She packed few of her things and traveled. I really don’t know where she went to. And she’s not picking my calls.”
” Thanks , I’ll go look for her.” She nod and I walk out.
Where on Earth could she be ?
” Miranda’s..” I mutter and entered my car.
I drove to her aunt’s place and i really hope she’s here. I alight the car and rang the doorbell. A minute after Miranda opened the door.
” Mitchel..” I smile warmly at her and she smiled.
” My mom’s angry at you..”
” Miranda’s who’s there ?” I heard her mom’s voice.
” Someone who wants to see Gold.” She shout back.
I heard Gold’s voice and she groan. I take a deep breath and wait impatiently for her arrival. Miranda winked at me and walk inside.
Gold walk outside and she’s startled same time sad , thank God she’s not angry. We stare at each other for what happened to be minutes before she finally broke the silence.
” Jason… I mean Mitchel. What are you doing here ?”
” We need to talk.”
” I don’t want to talk to you.”
” Just go away okay. I’ve got a lot of issues to battle with and i don’t want you to complicate things for me.” She says and proceed to close the door and i stopped her.
” Mitchel, please…” She says softly.
” I won’t leave , if you won’t talk to me.” She sighs and i let go of her hand.
She shut the door and we walk to my car.
” Ten minutes….” She says.
” Gold , I still love you.”
” But , I don’t love you.”
” Stop lying to yourself , look at your eyes , you still have a thing for me.”
” You know we can’t be together and I don’t want us to be together. Mitchel I’m… God , I can’t even imagine calling you Mitchel.”
” You can call me Jason if you want. It’s my name. But all that doesn’t really matter. Look I’m sorry , I’m truly sorry..”
” Why ?” She ask and I can’t make out words.
” I’m sorry about the article too anyways…” She said and turn to leave.
” Gold , please I’m sorry..” she stops and walk back to me. She take a step closer and stop two feets from me.
” Let’s break up , okay. Even if we come back , we still can’t be together. My mother almost died when my sister died and worse still I hated myself more because I thought if we were really closer she might still be alive. Jason I love you but I can’t love you. I’ve seen too much and I’m not willing to go back. I don’t even like you anymore…”
” Of course you do… I’m not breaking up with you and I’m not letting you go either. You can’t just walk out of my life after giving it a meaning , what will become of me ? ”
” I don’t know. You still have your siblings and nice masked life. I don’t want you anymore…” She sigh and turn to leave.
I grab her arm and pull her close to me. I felt her heart skip and her eyes water a bit. We look into each other’s eyes and she’s not moving. I hold her waist and her skin heat up.
It’s nice I still have an effect on her.
” Let’s go away together. Far away , I promise I won’t let no one harm you. Gold , please stay with me.” She shake her head sideways and wipe the corner of her eyes.
” I can’t and I don’t want to.” I sigh and lean closer to her.
Our lips are just inch apart and I could feel her breath. I gently klzzed her and she didn’t move. I touch her slowly and deepen the klzz . It’s surprising she klzzed back. She slowly touch me and made her way to my neck tugging to my hair. We klzzed and she stopped.
” I’m sorry , but we can’t be together .”
” Gold .” She shut me with her f!ng£rs and shake her head.
” I’m breaking up okay. I already decide on that and I meant it. Don’t stalk me , don’t bug me either. It’s over and I’m damn tired. Don’t come back you won’t find me cause I’m moving out…” She says and brought out her phone.
She showed me my number and deleted it.
” Just do same to mine. Move on and get yourself another girl. No matter how we try we’re not fit for each other. Mitchel we’re done okay and I don’t want you back.” She faked a smile and walk away.
I watched her walk away and she’s not coming back. I stayed in that position and watch her walk into her house. She didn’t even turn around.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
* Mitchel , I’m breaking up okay…* Her voice echoed in my ears.
I’ve always been a looser. Always loosing so many important things to me. My mom , my normal life and now Gold.
To be continued

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