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Devil in red episode 34

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Devil in red episode 34 by : 2:11 pm On April 23, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 34
© Goddy Francis
I open my eyes and scoff. It’s another boring day. I roll over on my bed and that’s when it dawn to me that I’ve been dating Mitchel Cooper.
I missed him again. I sigh and rest my hand under my head looking at the ceiling. I’m a mess , relationship mess to be precise.
I jerk up at once and look at my phone.
” 10.pm.” I mutter.
How on Earth did I sleep this late and woke up around 10.pm . I’m late for work , same time I’m not in the mood.
I pick up my phone and stare at an SMS from Kiki.
” Now what ?” I sigh and unlock my phone to read the text fully.
* Hey , Golden , just want to inform you that you should take a break from work. I think you deserve a lot of rest after your awesome job. Xoxo .* I read..
” What is she talking about ?” I mutter confuse.
I heard a knock on my door and i order the person in. Carol walks in with Perkins and Cameron.
” She’s awake.” Perkins says with a frown.
” What’s going on ?” I ask.
” We should be asking you that. What’s going on ?” Carol ask.
” Just look at that…” Cameron states stretching a magazine to me.
I take it and the cover almost made me choke.
* Secret life of Mitchel Cooper , life behind the mask revealed.*
” What’s this ?” I ask unaware of what ever this s*** is.
” You’re acting funny. You wrote it and you’re asking , I don’t get it.” Perkins sighs and sit on my couch.
” Golden , it’s all over the net. That Mitch is Jason who’s under the pretence of something. Because of his bad business and of course dirty past.” Cameron explain.
” Jesus , what are you saying ? I don’t understand. What’s all this ?” I ask throwing the magazine aside.
Carol sighs and show me something on her phone. An article about Mitchel Cooper and my name’s the writer. I didn’t write this , who did this ?
” I didn’t write that. Who wrote that ?” I yell.
” What are you talking about ? Why would you write such hateful speech about Jason because of what he did to you.” Perkins yell at me.
” Shut up. What’s going on ? I’m about to loose my mind. I slept yesterday after you guys left and I’m just waking up. I don’t even know what you guys are talking about..” I take a deep breath.
Carol exchange glances with Perkins as they avert their gaze at me. What’s going on ?
” Okay , this weird. Kiki received a mail from you this morning and it’s about your Mitchel Cooper article. Kiki uploaded it on our online blog and in just less than a hour , we had about 1 million visitors. And today we are having 20 million visitors and it’s counting. Peggy’s talked to Kiki that she liked the article.” Cameron explain and i almost had an attack.
I touched my head and try to talk but I can’t. Someone sneaked my laptop and used it against me ? Who ? I checked Kiki’s blog and read the so called article. How can I write such hateful things about Mitchel.
To the extent of saying to the world that he’s a drug dealer , a rapist and of course a murderer. Who the **** wrote this ?
I stand up and rush to my bathroom to shower.
” Gold , what’s going on ?” Perkins ask from my room and i ignored them.
Not now. Whoever wrote this must be someone i know. Someone I told about Jason’s secrets. Someone who’s close to me . Then who must have wrote that article in the pretence of me ?
We might have a tiny beef and I’m still thinking about it , I’m making it worse by someone writing such articles. Jason is gonna hate me more than I hate him.
I walk out of my bathroom with my towel and Cameron is gone except Carol and Perkins.
” Gold , please calm down and explain. Who wrote the article ?”
” How am i supposed to know ? You both are the only people who knew about Jason being Mitch. You both knew about his drug issues and yet someone wrote an article about Mitchel’s drug dealing and of course uploaded his real face and him being Jason. Who did that ? I slept early last night because of what happened and i just woke up to another tragedy. Why ? Someone hacked into my account and wrote s***ty stuff about Mitchel and sent it to Kiki. Kiki uploaded it on our blog and it’s hitting close to 30 million views . Why ? What is he gonna see me as ? **** I hate him , but I’m not a leak and not a snitch ? I will never write bad things about him ? I think the question you both should be asking , who among you wrote that ?” I yell and open my closet.
The girls kept quiet and sigh. Perkins scoff annoyingly and walk out.
” Gold…” Carol calls.
” I don’t wanna listen to you, get out.”
” Gold..”
” Now. I’m not in the mood for that.” I tell her and she nods sadly before walking out.
I changed into something different and hail a cab to Kiki’s. Damn , I miss my car. I walk into the company’s board room and every single worker applaud me for the evil that so called person wrote just to make me look like a devil in front of Jason.
” Please stop. Kiki we need to talk ” I said to Kiki.
” Why ? Your article brought life back to Kiki.”
” We need to talk , now.” I half yell as she furrow her brows.
I hold her arm and drag her to her office.
” You need to delete that article.”
” What ? Are you insane ? 30 million views in less than 24 hours. And i should stupidly delete it. Are you okay ? Oh I understand , is it because he’s your boyfriend ?” She yell.
” I didn’t write that. I won’t write such hateful things about someone I had something for. Someone hacked into my laptop and wrote s***ty stuff about Mitchel Cooper. He’s not really a drug dealer..” God why am I taking sides with him ?
” What are you saying ? If you didn’t write it then who did ?”
” Someone who’s jealous of me. Someone who hate the fact that I’m dating him and they pretend like they care about me. I slept early last night because of some personal reasons and then i woke up to a strange text from you. Kiki you have to delete that article. You can’t just post something about someone because you’re desperate to have blog visitors and magazine contract.”
” And that’s enough. You won’t insult me. This is my company and you will respect my orders and everything. I’m not deleting any article , if you don’t like the success of Kiki then it will be great you back down.”
” Really ?”
” Yeah .” I scoff and walk out of her office.
Maybe some people might think I shouldn’t care about him because he lied about being Mitchel Cooper. I still love him and watching the whole world see him as a monster is what I don’t want.
Who wrote that ?
Who’s envious me ?
Perkins and Carol are the only people who knew about Jason’s dark secret and now someone , one of them or maybe both of them hack into my laptop and wrote about him in order to make me look like a leak.
What am I gonna do ?
The cops might arrest him . Kill him or maybe rot in jail and I don’t want that.
****, he’s gonna hate me more than I even hate him. Oh God I’m screwed. Who took advantage of my sadness ? Who pretend to like me and yet screw s*** about me in public.
I just wanna go away.
Far away. I saw Cameron outside waiting for me.
” Gold..”
” I didn’t write that.” I sigh and wipe my tears.
” Who did ?”
” I don’t know. I just don’t know. I feel like a bad person. He was my boyfriend.” I sigh and proceed to walk out.
Cameron hold me back and hug me. I cry on his shoulders as he stroke my back gently.
” Thanks Cam.” I say to him as we disengage from the hug.
” Will you be okay ? Or you need company ?”
” I will be fine , Cam.” I smile at him and walk out.
I hail a cab and get in. I stop at the beach and stare at the sea. The cold breeze brush against my skin and i sigh.
Why do I have to go through mess ?
What his he gonna see me as ?
I know we had relationship issues but this isn’t supposed to happen. I feel guilty and now I’m like a leak.
I brought out my phone and read the article that my friend enemy wrote about the man i fell in love with.
” It’s been trending since yesterday about the real identify of Mitchel Cooper. According to a blogger and an analyst at Kiki who’s alleged to be Mitchel Cooper’s girlfriend says he is a drug addict and also a drug dealer. She went on saying Mitchel Cooper , sells illegal drugs and also a rapist. She said Mitchel used her twin sister and forced her to get rid of her pregnancy unfortunately she died. The entire net went wild after seeing the real face of Mitchel Cooper. Some fans accused him and abused him. While some thought it’s really bad of Gold Lange the blogger who wrote the article shouldn’t have brought that to the public. She further wrote that , Mitchel wears a mask because of his dirty cover in New York. She further explain that Mitchel Cooper dropped out of college in his first year because of some undisclosed reason. And later went on saying , he lost his mother to cold hands of death and it’s certain Mitchel have a hand in his mother’s painful death.The police are looking into the drug matter and they are willing to summon Mitchel Cooper to the station…..”
” **** ..” Allison scoff as she switched off the television.
” Stupid reporter…” Allison mutter.
That s*** went viral. I can’t believe New York sees me as a rapist and of course a murderer.
” Did you talk to her about mother’s death ?” Tobie ask.
” Of course I did. Why won’t I ?”
” How can you be so stupid ?”
” Alli , you won’t talk to me like that. The **** , you won’t talk to me like that.” I yell at her.
” How could she do that ? Why would she write that about you ? Everyone sees the Cooper’s as bad name. She will pay okay , I’m gonna **** her ass up.” Allison yell.
” Allison , you’ll leave her alone. She did nothing. I don’t think she wrote it , maybe someone else did ..” I said.
” So who then ?” Tobie ask.
” She’s the only one who knew about your real identify and of course Emily’s death and you moving weed.” Allison says and cross her arms.
” Before she showed up in your life nobody , i mean no one is willing to talk about your masked life because we’re Cooper’s. We don’t need that bad name. And then suddenly you fell in love with a girl who turn out to be a twin sister to a girl you got pregnant and then ask her to get rid of it. She died and then she finds out you’re Mitchel Cooper. Why won’t she write s***ty stuff about you ? You said she’s a blogger at Kiki’s and yeah she asked you for help over Mitchel’s secret life. If she didn’t then who did ?” Allison states.
I sigh and touch my hair.
She might be angry but she won’t . Gold’s not a leak even if she’s a snitch.
” Maybe she told her friends about it. Maybe one of her friends wrote it.” I said and sigh.
” I’m confronting her.” Allison says and storm out.
” Allison , get back here…” I yell at her but she ignored me.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
Oh God. What on Earth am I supposed to say to the public.
The cops will be here any minute. s*** I can’t go to jail.
To be continued

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