Devil in red episode 33

Devil In Red – Episode 33
© Goddy Francis
” Jason ? You’re Mitch ?” I ask already broken.
” I’m ….”
” Wait , like Mitchel Cooper ?” I ask and he nods with guilt.
” I’m really….”
” Sorry ? What did I do to you ? Why are you always hurting me ? You’re Mitchel Cooper ?” He sighs and look away.
” You monster , you’re a demon. You killed my ****in sister…” I yell as he whip his head to my direction.
” What ?”
” Oh , you’ve forgotten Emily huh ?”
Crazy , he never knew I’m her sister.
” She’s your twin ?”
” The twin you got pregnant you b******. You told her to get rid of it and she’s dead. You killed her. And now me , how can i imagine falling in love with you. You don’t deserve love , you deserve nothing but pain.”
” Look , I’m sorry. How am i supposed to know you’re both twin. It’s not like I loved her , she knew I don’t date but yet , she decides to come into my life. How Is that my fault ?”
” Yeah right. It’s her fault. You open your bad luck you called mouth and say it to my face that it’s my sister’s fault. How on earth am I supposed to forgive you ?” I cry.
” She’s just a one night….”
” One night what ? Go on say it , complete it. I dare you . Go on and call my sister a one night stand and I’mma smack your face right now and you gon’ hate it. You’re wicked , why did I have to fall in love with you. Disguising to be Jason , you’re just this bloody stupid lonely person who takes advantage of everything good. You’ll suffer…” I sniff and tried to hold back the tears but it’s always coming.
” Gold , I love you…”
” I don’t love you. What makes you think I would wanna do anything with Mitchel Cooper. The Cooper that got my sister pregnant and ask her to get rid of it. You killed my sister..”
” I didn’t kill your sister…” He yell.
” We had sex like every normal girl. She came back to have fun with me again. She’s willing to be my mistress not even a girlfriend. And after few months she called me to inform me she’s pregnant , how am i supposed to accept the pregnancy when I don’t even love her. If you were in my shoes you would have done the same. How am I supposed to know I’m gonna fall in love with her sister. Look, you can hate me , i don’t really care anymore. My life’s been a mess until you showed up , the least I can ask from you right now is to forgive me. I don’t deserve you and it’s obvious. I’m tired of lying to you and that’s the reason I refused to tell you that I’m Mitchel Cooper. I know you can’t love me anymore and i deserve it , just look for someone who worth you.” He says and yeah is eyes water.
I sniff mine and drop his car key on the table.
” It’s yours , I don’t need it anymore. I’ll just move on and imagined I never fell in love with Mitchel Cooper. Look what you done to me ? I can’t even think anymore. Why did I have to fall in love with you ? A monster ! A terrible liar….” I cry and wipe my eyes.
” You can keep your necklace too .” I said and removed it.
” Baby please… Don’t just give that to me. I might die of depression. I just want you to know that I truly love you.” He says.
I clean my tears and throw the necklace on the table.
” Gold….”
” **** you…” I spits and turn to leave.
He grab my arm and I angrily slapped him. Allison walked in . She drop her bag on the floor as she stare at us . She saw the slap I guess.
” What’s going on ? Did you come in here to slap my brother ?” She ask.
I snatch my hand from Mitchel and walk out. I hail a cab and it halt outside THE SPOT.
I alight and ran upstairs to my house. I open the door and slump on the chair. I just felt like going far away. Why can’t this just be a dream ? Who did I offend in this world ?
” Golden , what’s up ?” Perkins ask sitting close to me including carol. I cried and kept quiet.
” Gold , what’s going on ? Did something happen to Jason ?” Carol ask.
So where should I start from ? That Jason styles is Mitchel Cooper.
” Gold , say something..”
” Jason is a Cooper.”
” What ?”
” The worst thing is that , he’s Mitchel Cooper . Who did I offend ? Why me ?” I lean against the chair and rest my head on the headrest.
” Wait , Jason is popular masked redhead Cooper ? Jesus , what the !” Perkins exclaim and stand up.
” How did you get to know ?” Carol ask.
I sniff and sit up.
” Mitchel ask to see me. I went there because of my article. To my surprise , my boyfriend turns out to be Mitchel Cooper. I’ve been ****in Mitchel Cooper all my entire ****in life and I never knew. The painful part is , he got Emily pregnant before she stupidly got rid of it and now she’s dead. Where am I gonna start from ?” I cry as Carol hug me cuddling me.
” Oh my God. This is the worst news I’ve ever heard in New York. Mitchel Cooper is Jason styles. ****…” Perkins mutter and plump down on the opposite couch.
” I just wanna bury my face in my pillow and cuss my soul.” I mutter and stand up.
” Gold…”
” I wanna be alone.” I walk pass them and stride to my room . I shut it and locked the door.
I thought about Jason , now Mitch. Every s***ty things we’ve done together , just when I’m trying to live with his drug lie , i discovered the worse nightmare unfolds.
Why did he have to be Mitchel ? I remove my shoes and sit on the the bed. Everything keep rolling in my memory. The Emily I saw in new York and the Emily that was buried back home.
I angrily threw my shoes at the dresser as the mirror shatter. I destroyed every valuable thing in my room and cried my eyes out.
” Gold ..” Perkins calls knocking on my door.
” Gold , open up. ” She called and I ignored her.
Few minutes after , my doorknob creak open and she entered with Carol.
” Gold…” Carol utter and kneel close to me.
” Are you okay ?” They ask.
I’m unconscious, my eyes are blurry and I felt like I’m about to pass out. The hell I hate falling in love.
” Carol go get her water.” Perkins says as she lift me up and lay me on my bed.
” You’ll be fine. You didn’t kill Emily , it was her destiny. They were not met for each other. Jason truly loves you. Emily is gone and she’ll be happy if you just move on..” Perkins voice out and I barely care what she is saying.
This is too much for me to bear. God I love him . Why Mitchel ?
” Water…” Carol walk in with a glass of water as Perkins help me up.
” Thanks…” I tell her and drink up.
” What are you gonna do ?” They ask.
” I’m breaking up.” I said sitting the glass on the bedside table.
” Gold , you can’t just break up.” Carol says.
” What do you mean ? Mitchel Cooper did something with my sister.”
” Like it matters. They never dated , just a tiny little sexual experience…”
” And that cost her life , I hope you know that..”
” Look I don’t mean to disrespect the dead , but Emily got what she wanted. I can’t just have sex with a celebrity and then decide to keep the pregnancy. She’s gone gold . And what ever thing that happened between your boyfriend and your sister is passed. If you wanna give Jason a break it’s fine , but you’re not breaking up.” She says and walk out .
Carol smile a little and left too. I felt weak and my system needs a nap. I close my eyes and everything went blank.
” Someone should please explain to me. What is going on ? Jake say something , you’ve been quiet including tobie. Mitchel what was she doing here ? She slapped you remember ?” Allison yell.
” They are dating…”
” I don’t get it. Mitch I thought you hated her.”
” Alli , you don’t understand.”
” He disguise under the pretence of being Jason styles because he wanted to leave a normal life despite the Mitch Cooper legacy. He met gold and he’s so ****in in love. She finds out and freak out because some months ago , Mitch got her sister pregnant and she committed abortion. She didn’t survive , she died…” Jake narrated.
I couldn’t say a word. I just rest my head and think about her. My heart finally beat for someone and it’s someone that I’ve done bad against.
Why didn’t she tell me about her sister ? Why me ? It’s not like it’s my fault. How am I supposed to know she’s a sister to Emily.
I hate myself more than anything. I feel like just going away from her. I can’t stay away from her. She’s the reason I planned to make my last sales with Carlos. How will she ever understand what ever thing that happened to her sister wasn’t on purpose.
” You’re Jason. How come nobody told me my brother is disguising to be someone else. And Gold is a twin sister to Emily. A girl who got pregnant for you and she’s dead. Jeez… This s***’s ****ed. Is that the reason you didn’t want me to go after her ? After she took your car. We fought and you didn’t reacted to it because, great Mitchel Is in love.” Allison yell and take a deep breath.
” Tobie , you knew about it right ? Why did you have to tease about gold dating Jason ? And you knew about Mitchel’s fake life. And Jake you too ?” Allison fires.
” He Insists we didn’t tell you , so you won’t go ahead and bring out the girly spirit in you by confronting Gold.” Tobie states.
” I thought there was someone with the real name Jason styles..” Allison stated.
We all kept quiet and the guys sighs.
” Wait , that was all made up ? Good Lord.. I don’t even know my brother. One person , two lives. You’re screwed.”
” Mitchel, what are you gonna do ?” Tobie ask.
” I don’t know.”
” She loves you.”
” Not anymore. She hates me now. It’s not like i lied about being Jason. You all know my middle name is Jason.. and our mother’s last name is styles before she finally got married to Andrew Cooper. So where did I go wrong ?”
” But your last name isn’t styles. You lied about your last name. The painful part is that nobody told me my brother goes out without his mask claiming to be Styles. And now you’re Inlove with a girl whom you got her twin sister pregnant. How are you gonna resolve that ?” Allison says and I sigh.
” If she don’t come back to my life , I’m gonna go insane. Because I can’t think anymore , I’m loosing my mind. My life has never been the best untill I met her. I can’t be without her..”
” You wanna go after her ?”
” I love her. Am I supposed to sit and wait for her to come back to me. Of course she won’t..” I sigh and stand up.
” Mitchel , where are you going ?” Allison yells.
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I ignored her and walk out of the house. I don’t really mind if she don’t wanna talk to me again.
I just wanna see her face and maybe apologize to her. Why do I have to fall in love ?
To be continued

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