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Devil in red episode 32

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Devil in red episode 32 by : 2:08 pm On April 23, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 32
© Goddy Francis
I stayed in my room till evening. Someone knock on my door and I ordered the person in. The doorknob creak open and it reveals Carol.
” Someone is here to see you.”
” Jason ?”
” Not Jason.. someone else.” I roll my eyes and get off my bed following Carol out of the room.
Perkins was talking to someone at the doorpost. Carol gesture me to the conversation and sit down. I sigh and walk to the doorpost as Perkins give way for me.
” Jake..” he smiles and I smiled a little.
” I’ll be inside.” Perkins cleared her throat at me and walk back to the living room.
I shut the door and followed Jake outside to his car.
” I’m really sorry about what happened..” he states leaning against his car.
” For ?”
” Jason told me . He’s really sorry , he regretted everything and he planned on stopping and that’s the reason he refused to tell you about it. He’s afraid of loosing you Gold..” I sigh and cross my arm.
” He loves you..” Jake says and I sigh again.
” Thanks for coming to talk to me, I truly appreciate. I just wanna be alone for now.”
” Gold do you love him ?” He ask.
My eyes water already as I sigh.
” Jake you know I love him. But I’m really tired of being lied to. This is the third time.”
” You know , he’s not really the love kinda person. He’s not really a person who talks about his issues , it’s hard dealing with relationship. I just want you to give him a chance. Another chance , please…”
” Thanks , I heard you. But , I want a little space in order to think properly. Just tell him that I’m sorry too , bye Jake.” I said.
” Tell Perkins I already left…” I smile at him and nods.
He nods and smiles. I smile back as he entered his car and drive away. I wipe my tears and walk back to THE SPOT. I met max in the elevator as we both stare at each other for over minutes.
” You’re okay ?” He ask.
” Maybe..”
” Or you fought with Jason ?”
” A little..”
He smiles and hug me. He stroke my back and we pull from the hug. The elevator halt and we walk outside.
” Did he apologized ?” He ask.
” Yeah , often times.”
” Then you need to forgive him. He loved you.”
” Imagine we’re dating and I lied to you , what you gon’ do ?” I ask and cross my arm.
” It depends on the lie though.” Max says.
As much as I hate what he did , I really don’t wanna tell anyone apart from the girls that Jason is a drug dealer.
I sigh and look up at him. Max is really dreamy and extremely nice.
” Thanks Max..” I hug him and he stroke my back.
” Becareful…” He whispers and klzz me on the cheek before he left.
I sigh and open the door to my house. Perkins already served dinner. It’s really glad she cooks this days. She’s a lazy person.
” Where’s Jake ?” She ask on spotting me.
” You like him ?” Carol ask as Perkins roll her eyes.
” There’s nothing wrong. Jake is cute.” I said.
” So is Jason.” She spits and sits down.
” Has he called ?” Carol ask snapping her f!ng£rs at me.
” I switched off my phone..”
” You’re hurting him. He likes you a lot. He truly loves you more than anything in the world.” Perkins persist.
” What’s that on your neck ?” Carol ask referring to the necklace on my neck.
” That’s a diamond necklace.” Perkins says observing the pendent hanging on the chain.
” And that’s close to 30 million dollars..” Perkins says and I roll my eyes.
” He gave it to you right ?” Perkins ask and I nod.
” Aww , the dude loves you a lot. Look at all this…” i sigh and pick up a fork to eat.
” I know he does. It’s weird when he lies.” I sigh and eat up.
” Everyone lies though…” Carol says drinking her glass of water.
” Let’s please eat , I’m having a headache already. Tomorrow I have an article to face and I’ve got class to attend to. I’m planning on visiting Mitchel Cooper tomorrow , if he doesn’t wanna talk about himself and I’m definitely ****in his ass up.” I said.
” Really ? What if it’s not safe ?”
” Don’t really care , I’m getting information from him tomorrow.” I sigh and eat.
They exchange looks and nods.
The following day I get dressed for work. Jason is always calling till I get to work. I mute the call and get out of my car.
” Gold…” Kim’s voice startled me.
I’m not just in a good mood for this , it’s too early.
” Good morning..” she greet.
” Good morning , Kim.” I half smile and walk pass her.
” Good morning , Gold..” Cameron greeted behind me and I smiled taking the coffee.
” Good morning , Cam and thanks.” I say to him and he smiles.
” Something is waiting for you in your office.” He winks and walk out.
What the hell is that ?
I sigh and walk into my office. I remove my shoes and keep them aside slumping on my chair. I saw something on the table with a note.
Flowers !!
I stand up and take out of the note. I smell the flowers and they smell so good and it’s beautiful.
I open the card and read it..
*I’M INCOMPLETE WITHOUT YOU. I’M SORRY FOR HURTING YOU. JASON* I wipe the corner of my eyes and look down at the flowers and smile.
I wish he’s here even if I’m angry i just wish I can hug him again. I drop the card and slide on the chair. I’m not just in the mood for work , I just had to show up because of Kiki and Cam.
” Hey , Gold..” Kimberly says coming in.
” Do you have knocking issues ?” I ask her.
” Sorry , escaped my memory.” She smiles and drop a file.
” You’re writing an article on healthy issues and fatigue. Kiki wants it to be fab. Good luck.” She winks and proceed to leave when she spot the flowers.
” Wow , is this from your boyfriend ?”
” Kim , mind your business..”
” Yeah , right.. he’s cute. Does he have a cousin or brother ? I don’t mind to share even if he’s not single.”
” He doesn’t have a brother , Kim talk later.” I smile at her and she walk out.
Thank Goodness. Bloody gossip.
I write non-stop on the suppose article as my mind drift to Jason. I stop typing and turn to look at his flowers. Gosh I’m crying again.
I just want to see my Jason again. I don’t really care if he’s into illegal s*** , I just want my Jason to hug and cuddle me tight. I imagine our last meeting and his lips on mine.
I can’t stay away from him. He makes me happy , comfortable and he’s just one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Someone knocked on my door and that distracted me from my thoughts.
I sigh and order the person in. The door open and he walks in. My heart skip at his presence and that feeling is back. He walked in and shut the door.
He’s sad and unhappy. He walks towards me as I take a deep breath.
” Hey…” He voice out.
I stand up and cross my arm staring at him.
” Hi…”
” I’m sorry..” he says and I nod.
Why do I have to fall in love with him ? Why do my heart have to beat for him this hard ?
He step closer and stare into my eyes. I really don’t know what happened next but we were klzzing. I’m tugging tight to his shirt and I’m klzzing him passionately like I’ve not been with him for a year.
He carried me on my desk and klzzed me again grabbing tight to my thighs. He let loose of my buttons and klzz my neck gently moving down to my collarbone. His hands slide on my thighs as he caress it slowly klzzing my lips hard.
I can’t feel my lip anymore as he s√¢ked on it . He tease my tongue with his and caress my laps. God I love him.
We stop klzzing as i heave a sigh of relief looking at each other’s sad eyes. He missed me and I guess i missed him more.
” I’m sorry..”
” I’m sorry too. Jason I love you.” I said still holding his shirt.
” I love you too. And I’m really angry at myself. I missed you even if it’s just yesterday. I thought I won’t have you back.”
” I’m always here and i won’t leave no matter what.”
” You promise ?” He ask and pouts.
” I promise , I won’t leave.”
” Even if you find out something more worse than this ?” He ask.
His he still hiding something again ? I don’t even care anymore. Even if he’s a murderer , I ain’t leaving not with such connections. I thought I’m definitely gonna loose my mind because I’m away from him again.
How am I supposed to leave without him ? He smiles and touch my cheek.
” Thanks..” He says and I klzzed him forgetting the fact that he’s in my office.
” What happened to your sister ?”
” She died of abortion. She was lured by her friend.”
” I’m sorry about that.” He says and hug me tightly.
I cried on his shoulders as we hug. We klzzed for seconds till we stop.
” I missed you.”
” I missed you more than anything you can think of.” He Chuckles and smiles.
” Thanks. I should leave you now , becareful. Just keep thinking about me..”
I smile and i’m sad , I just don’t want him to leave. I’m missing him already. I hug him again and klzzed him for the last time.
He klzzed my cheek and left.
I stand up and get back to work. It’s nice we’re back together again. Almost evening , Cameron walk to my office with a weird news.
” Mitchel Cooper wants to speak with you.” Cameron says and for no reason my heart skip.
” Okay , we’re going together.” He shake his head sideways and Chuckle.
” He’s not gonna hurt you , he’s just a mere man.” I sigh and half smile.
” Okay. I hope i get what I’m looking for.”
” Good luck..” he says and walk out.
Mitchel Cooper huh !
My article is the only reason I’m going , not after all his bossy boring character.
I halt outside his apartment and get out of my car. I just rounded up for the day and I’ve not even got home.
I take a deep breath and walk into his expensive house. Jesus , Mitchel is a definition of wealth. Look at this mansion ? The Cooper’s are ****ed.
Who knows if he sells drugs too. I walk into the living room as this familiar eyes stare at me. He’s standing with his hands stuck in his pocket. I can’t tell if he’s smiling or sad or not , cause he’s masked.
Weird a****le. I sigh and look at his living room , we’re alone.
” What do you want ?” I ask.
He sighs and take of his mask as my heart bleeds. I don’t wanna believe what I’m seeing.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
This should be a dream. Someone should just pinch me. I almost lost consciousness but my subconsciousness was strong to hold the worse nightmare of my life .
How can my boyfriend be my worst enemy ?
To be continued

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