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Devil in red episode 31

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Devil in red episode 31 by : 7:00 am On April 22, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 31
© Goddy Francis
” Go on , I’m waiting for your lies.”
” How did you get the keys to the drawer ?” He ask and I scoff at his annoying statements.
How could he ? Even after lying.
” Do you even have dignity ?” I ask throwing the items on the bed.
” Look I’m sorry..”
” For lying again or for lying over again ?” He sighs and tug his f!ng£rs on his hair.
” Who are you ? You move weed right ? And you smoke but you’ve been lying and hiding.”
” You don’t understand..”
” You’re right , I really don’t understand you , I don’t even know you. You keep on keeping secrets and telling lies to me. First it was snitching about me to Veronica and then lying about loving me , and you start hanging around weird friends and now narcotics , Jesus where did I go wrong in falling in love with you ?”
” Will you allow me to please explain ?” He sighs and look at me sadly.
” Forget about the gun aspect , okay. I really wanted to tell you about it but I’m scared. Scared of loosing you again..” I chuckle insanely and sigh.
I’m about to loose it. This is too much , we’re not even up to six months and the man I claim I’m dating is a big time liar.
” You smoke right ?”
” No…” He reply at once. I bat my lashes and he sigh.
” That’s before , I stopped.”
” And you sell drugs ? You didn’t tell me about it and you made me find out myself.”
” You shouldn’t be snitching around the house in the first place. I was gonna tell you but I had to wait because I don’t want you to hate me.”
” I already hate you. You’re a liar. Do you know how it feels to be lied to ? Of course you don’t.” I yell.
” Of course I do. When are you gonna tell me you had a twin sister ? ” He yell and my heart jump.
This is cool. How did he know ?
” Yeah right , I’m the only liar I know.” He scoffs and look away.
” Who told about my sister ?”
” I’m not a snitch like you…” Wow I’m now a snitch ?
” I borrowed your phone and it’s crazy you left your data on , I saw the text your aunt sent you . How she told you to forget about your twin sister. When were you gonna tell me that ? You keep on yelling for every stupid s*** i do and you don’t care to know why. Do you think I’m perfect ? I’m the worst being on Earth. I’m trying my best to be the best for you cause you are the best thing that has ever happened to my ****in entire life.” He yell and I thought the house was gonna tremble.
His words made my heart bleed and I felt my eyes is soft. His eyes are dark and I could see pending tears on them.
I sigh and pick my car key heading for the door.
” Where are you going ?”
” It’s not of your damn business. I’m going away from this lies you called a house. How am I so sure your mom truly died in that room ? Who knows if you keep your drugs there ? ****…” I cuss and push pass him.
His hands grip around my hand as he slam the door shut pressing me against it
” I may have lied to you but I was ****in serious about that room. My mom died there. What do you see me as ? I know I’m a liar but I ****in meant the i love you I always told you…” I scoff and struggle to free from his grip.
” Jason , we need a break. I’m tired of our differences. We are two different people and i really wanna be alone. Just let go of me.” I says as his cornea water.
I know he doesn’t cry and I’m not expecting to see any tears. He lets go of me and open the door for me paving way for me. I sigh and walk out of the room. He’s hurt I know and I don’t care. I’m hurter than he could ever imagine.
Do i have to go through relationship trauma ? This s***’s giving me headache and fever. I’m running temperature and it’s almost night fall. I walk outside and entered my car and finally drove out to THE SPOT.
I watch her walk out on me as I slam the door aggressively. I’m loosing my mind , thanks to her. How did I get myself in this ?
Who could believe I could ever be this emotional ? I angrily punch the mirror on the dresser and it shattered. My knuckles hurt and it bleeds.
I don’t even care , she hates me now. How was I supposed to tell her I sell drugs. This is New York for ****’s sake.
” Dude..” Jake calls knocking on my door.
I ignored him as he open the door.
” What happened ?” He ask and i ignored him.
He saw my already bruised knuckles , including the drug and gun.
” Oh no. This is bad news.” He says and I sigh.
” I just need a drink..” I said picking up my jacket and keys.
Jake sighs and follow me behind.
” I’ll get rid of the dresser and bring a new one..” he laments behind me and followed me to my car.
” Where are you going ?” He ask.
I sigh and turn to look at him.
” You can join if you want.” I throw my keys at him and turn around to enter the passenger’s seat.
” What are you gonna do about her ?”
” I don’t know. She’s mad and hurt. I felt sorry for her. I just hope she understands.”
” Sorry about that , I will talk to her when she’s a bit fine.”
” Thanks , man.” I said and he starts the wheel driving out of my apartment.
” I ****in hate myself. Why didn’t I see all this coming ? I just wanna be far from him.” Perkins sighs and pick up an apple.
” I wanna get this straight , are you angry because he sells drugs or you’re angry because he didn’t tell you about it ?” Perkins ask.
” Both.”
” Golden , this is New York. He’s not a murderer but , just a drug lord.” Perkins says. Is she even getting it ?
” What are you saying ?”
” There’s nothing wrong in moving drugs. This ****in world is cruel. He loved you and that’s what matters. I don’t care if my ****in man moves stack what I care about his , his feelings around me. Does he really love me as much as I love him ? I think the only reason you should be mad his because he lied to you. You also lied too remember ?”
” Mine can’t be compare to his. You know why I lied.”
” And you know why he lied.” She says and i scoff.
” Gold , take it easy on yourself.” Carol says and i stand up rubbing on my temple.
” Are you planning to dumb him ?” Perkins ask and i scoff.
” You’re not helping matters , what type of friend are you ?”
” Wait up ! You expect me to advise you to leave Jason because he move weed or because he lied about it. Look buddy , you don’t just dump a man. You know he loves you and he was scared about telling you. You’re this weird African girl who’s gonna freak out when finding out her boyfriend is into drug business. He is scared , he don’t wanna hurt you and he’s scared of loosing you. If I was in his shoes i would have done the same .” She says and bite her apple.
Why do I have to come here in the first place ? Neither Perkins or Carol are helping. God why ?
” Gold give him another chance. Jason is a good person. I think he’s gonna quit this s***ty stuff because of you cause you don’t like it.”
” How many chances am I suppose to give to him ? He’s always lying.”
” It’s called relationship , everyone tell lies including you. You lied about your twin sister and he lied about weed smuggling. Look at your Lamborghini….”
” Perkins it’s just a car…”
” And I don’t even have it. You love him don’t you ? He takes care of you like his little cute daughter. Bought you a car up to 10 million dollars , gave you everything you want , buying you good clothes and everything a girlfriend will always want. Do you even love him ?” Perkins asks.
I sigh and cross my arm.
Of course I love him. Dealing with someone who sells drugs is like risking your life in a den. How am I supposed to cope with that ?
” Gold , do you really love him ?” Carol asks and I sigh.
” Of course I do.”
” Then talk like couples. As a girlfriend and supposed bride you should act like one. You don’t just walk out of relationship because of temptations…”
” You’re not getting it ? He’s always lying and lying….” I yell.
” And the same reasons he’s lying about this big issues his because he’s scared. Have you forgotten you’re his first girlfriend ? Jason had never been in love before . You’re his first date and you should respect that. Do you even look into his eyes ? Each time I see you two , I see perfection. Stop running away from relationship issues , it’s gonna make it all worse. ” Perkins tutor and I’m getting bored.
” Perkins is right. He really loves you but if I’m to advise here I think you need to give him a little space . You guys need to clear everything and make amends.” Carol says and I scoff.
I picked up my phone and storm to my room. Why are they making things difficult for me ? Which girl can easily overlook lies ? Not just any kind of lies , but lies that can actually break your soul.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
I truly love him , he’s the first man that has really made me fall in love like this. Fred was out of ignorance , highschool pressures.
I look down at my ringing phone and sighs. Jason’s calling. I angrily ignored it and switch off my phone. I just wish I can travel ..
To be continued

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