Devil in red episode 30

Devil In Red – Episode 30
© Goddy Francis
” Gold..” I heard his voice and the sound of the door.
” Just don’t bother to explain , I don’t want to listen to your lies.” I said opening the closet.
He grab my arm and spin me to look at him. My arm is on his chest and our eyes locked.
” Gold , I love you.”
” I know you love me , but if you truly love me as you claim , you’ll tell me everything about you. Stop this silly lies and be open to me.”
He sighs and take my hands leading me to the bed. He sits on the bed and carried me on his laps.
” You really wanted to leave ?” He ask.
I smirk and roll my eyes.
” I’m sorry for acting that way , I’m just not in a good mood. Tobie was annoying.”
” What happened ?”
He sighs and look away. Yeah right , he’s not willing to talk.
” If you don’t wanna talk about it , it’s fine. Are you related to the Cooper’s ?”
” What did they do to you ?”
” Nothing , they seem too proud and annoying. Perhaps ,Allison is a bully” he Chuckles and smiles.
” I’m not actually Jason Cooper but Mitch is my cousin.”
” What !” I exclaim.
” I know it’s weird. My mom and his were sisters. It’s just too complicated.”
God , where am I gonna start from ? It’s nice he’s not related to Mitchel through their fathers , I’m definitely gonna puke.
” So , you and the Cooper’s don’t have a nice relationship ?”
” We do but , their father is an a****le sometimes.”
” Heard Mitch hated him over some weird reason.” He scoffs and sigh.
” I’m no snitch and I barely care but, what I remember is that, his father was a terrible person and he had some issues with his mom which his mom refused to talk about .” I sigh and hug him.
” It’s okay , I’m feeding you this time.” I said taking his hand.
He smiles and we walk downstairs. I dish out breakfast and sit opposite him in the kitchen.
” You’re leaving today ?” He ask.
” Today’s Saturday. It’s a week already.”
” Can you please stay for another week ?”
” You’re asking me to move in with you ?” He smiles and laughs.
” It’s not a bad idea either.”
” Jason I can’t and you know that. I will spend another week but staying is out of consideration.” He nods a little and pick up a fork.
” I’m feeding you remember ?”
” You’re a woman , I should do the feeding.” He says and I oblige.
I open my mouth as he proceed to shove in the content , he withdraw and kissed me. I shut my eyes and feel his lips on my mine brushing our tongues together.
He stops and his eyes parted looking at mine.
” I love you..” he mouths and I smiled.
” I love you more…” He smiles and shove the content of the fork in my mouth.
” When are you gonna be through with exams ?”
” We’ve not even started..” I Chuckle and he nods.
” Do you have any relative except the Cooper’s ?”
” No , just three of em.” I nod and ate the food on his fork.
” You didn’t answer my previous question..”
” And you didn’t answer mine either..” I snap at him and he laughs.
” Okay , you go first.”
” No , you first. ” I said.
” Do you really want to leave when I ask you to leave ?”
” No , I know you will come after me even if you look damn serious.” I smile and he smirks.
” I thought you said you didn’t trust me.”
” Jason I didn’t say that. You were always acting weird each time your so-called friends showed up. I just thought you’re hiding something from me.” He sighs and smile a little.
” I’m sorry about that. I just don’t want you to bear my burden.”
” That’s why it’s called a relationship , we should bear each other’s burden and not this crazy fight of ours.”
” Thanks.”
” Your turn to ask .” He says and I shake my head sideways.
” I’m good , just wanted to ask you what happened between you and tobie that made you angry.” He Chuckles and take up a piece of food on the fork as he shove it in my mouth.
” What’s up with your article ?” He asks.
” Still nothing..” I sigh.
” If you think it’s difficult to find true facts about your article it would be nicer if you change it to something easier.” I scoff and look at him.
” Now what ?”
” Can’t you just help ?”
” Will you snitch Perkins to me so that I can write about her and spread it to the world ?” He asks and he’s right.
” I get it , thanks anyways.”
” Are you angry ?”
” No I’m not. It’s nice you care about him in such way. I just hope they care for you same way.”
” I barely care.” I roll my eyes at his respond and smile.
After breakfast I get rid of the dishes and wash them. I wipe my hands with the napkin. I turn around to walk out of the kitchen but Jason’s presence startled me.
” You’re worse than a nightmare. I was scared.”
” Why ?” He ask taking a step closer.
” Because I didn’t expect to see you behind me.” He smiles and rest his hands around my waist.
” What do you want ?” I ask. My voice is little and tender.
” I want nothing , I already got you , that’s what matters.” He says and smirk a little.
I Chuckle silently and smile.
” Come on , it’s time to bathe.” He take my hands and carry me up in his arms and lead me upstairs.
I step on the bathroom but Jason stayed back.
” I’m waiting.” He winks and pull the bathroom curtain close.
I undress myself and step under the shower. The water run on my skin and i remembered what Jason said. Mitchel’s cousin , it’s nice they are not brothers.
My skin heat up and respond to a hand running on my waist to my stomach. I open my eyes and tried to turn but his hands stop me from turning around.
” I’ll be gentle.” He whispers.
The sound of that voice made me smile and it’s crazy I didn’t see him sneak in. His hands fondle on my breast while his other hand slide in my sensitive part.
I moan slightly as he kissed my neck in the process. He continued fondling and kissing my neck. He stops and turn me around to look at him. The shower run slow and it falls like drizzles.
His hands wrap around my waist as he kisses me. He lower his hands down to my bottom and kissed me. I tug on his wet hair and kissed him back feeling his warm tongue against mine.
I touch his bulge slowly on his underpants as he moan on my mouth. He stop kissing my mouth and plant kisses around my neck. He carried me and lean me against the wall teasing my nipples with his mouth.
He stands in between my legs and hold them tight around his waist leaning me against the wall. I moan on his neck as he continued teasing my nipples with his mouth. He stops and kiss my neck.
” I love you..” he whisper and I smile.
” We should get you contraceptives , tired of using protections.” I chuckle as he carried me to his bedroom.
He brought out the foil packet and tear it open. I take a deep breath as he slide in the content. He lean against me and kissed me gently before thrusting in.
” Good morning , Kim.” I say to Kim on Monday morning.
It’s morning and it’s working again.
” Good morning , Gold. Welcome.” I nod and walk pass her.
” Good morning , Gold.” Cameron greeted stretching a cup of coffee to me.
” Thanks Cam.” I smile as he walk with me to my office.
” You’re up with something ?” Cam ask shutting my office door.
” Yeah..” I said sitting down.
I switched on my computer and showed him the few things I wrote down.
” Okay..I guess I got this.” He says dropping a file on the table.
” Not enough information I know.”
” He didn’t went to college ?” I ask Cameron going through the pages.
” Just for a year and later on he dropped out of college after the first year. No one knows why he dropped out actually. His mother never really had a good relationship with his father.” Cameron states and i sigh.
” Where did you get this Information ?”
” From a secure source.”
I sigh and touched my forehead.
” Thanks , Cam.”
” You’re welcome. Are you dating Jason ?” He asks.
I smile and shrug.
” You know him ?”
” Yeah , he’s a good person.” I smile and blush.
” Guys , come check this out. Millicent is here with Veronica.” Kim says peeking her head through my door.
” What !” We exclaim and rush out of my office.
” Millicent I’m asking you again , what are you doing here ?”
” I’m here to check on your downfall. I’m already on top , you’re failing Kiki. Look at your girls , in the name of workers. You’ll never win Peggy’s , you’re just a loosed , abandoned and lonely person….” Millicent spits.
” Okay , I’m sorry to end your conversation , but it would be nice you get your ass outta here…” I said getting in between their fight.
” And who the **** are you ?” Millicent ask.
” Did you employ this thing ?” Millicent ask.
” b**** , you’re the thing. Get your b****y ass and get the **** outta here. Who the **** are you ? You think we don’t know , you stole Kiki’s ideas in other to out smart her. Do you think that made you feel special , it only makes you a dumbass wack b****. And it will always remain in history that kiki made Millicent.” I yell.
” How dare you ?” Millicent yell and proceed to slap me but Cameron grab her arm pulling her backwards.
” Leave..” he ordered.
” Now .” We all yell.
” Millicent let’s go.” Veronica yell glaring at me.
Millicent cuss and walk out. I sigh and turn to look at Kiki who’s sad and and about to cry.
” It’s okay..”
” Thank you.” She wipe her tears and head to her office.
” Millicent’s got nerves.” Kim says as we scoff.
” You talk too much , Kim.” I scoff and walk to my office.
I slump on my chair and set to work.
” Boss…” Tom calls.
I turn to look at him as he sit.
” I was wondering why you wanted to run business with Carlos.” I scoff and itch my temple.
I sit up and brought out a cigarette and a lighter. He lights it for me and I inhale it.
” Carlos is a billionaire.”
” You’re also a billionaire.”
” Not as wealthy as Carlos. They deal in euros.”
” What’s the gig ?”
” I just wanna make large sales , and that’s gonna happen with the help of Carlos. I’m willing to spend a billion dollars as long as I’m expecting more from it.”
” You’re willing to outrun Ben ?”
” Who the **** is Ben ?” I chuckle and get rid of the cigarette.
” Mitchel…” Will says as he sit close to Tom.
” I got his details , Carlos.” I smile and collect an envelope from Will.
” Get the chopper , we’re traveling this weekend.” I said slamming the envelope on the table.
” Sure thing..” Will says and stands up.
” This might cause a huge war between you and Ben.” Will says as Tom stands too.
” The **** , I’m ready for that.” They nod and walk out.
Guess I forget to mention , aside my family , Tom and will knows what I look like. Tom is like a friend , we’ve been close since I started running stacks. I sigh and walk to my room .
I got home that day and Jason isn’t around . I made dinner and clean the entire house.
I squat close to the bed and open the drawer to get rid of unuseful stuffs. It’s locked.
” Why are everything locked in this house ?” I sigh and open the closet to get the key.
I insert it and open the drawer. My heart skip to what I saw. I pick out the item and stare it.
” What the ****..” I mutter looking at the items. I stand up as the doorknob creak revealing Jason.
He saw the item on my hand and frown. That guilt look again.
” Do you mind explaining what’s a gun and a pack of cocaine doing in this house and inside your drawer.” He’s sad and big time guilt is painted on his face.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
We stayed for minutes exchanging looks. He’s not talking or moving. He stare at me with guilt and look away.
What did I get myself Into ?
To be continued

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