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Devil in red episode 3

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Devil in red episode 3 by : 8:41 am On April 7, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 3
© Goddy Francis
~ Mitchel~
This world is crazy.
I might not really loved Tionna but, getting married to my father was f****** absurd.
I got up and walk out of my father’s house. Allison called after me but I ignored her. If my mom was alife , Tionna wouldn’t have such dignity to marry my father. Tom opened the door to my car and i got in. I was silent all through , I hate her.
Allison hated her from the start , because she believes Tionna is somehow connected to Ben Petrov , a Russian drug lord. I sighed and stormed to my room. I halt close to the door and turned to look at tom.
” If anyone comes looking for me , tell them I traveled to Washington.” I said to tom and he nods.
” Thank you.” I entered my room and slam my door shut.
I removed the mask and flung it to the floor slumping on my bed. It was almost evening and I was so tired to go out. Someone knocked on my door.
” I thought I told Tom not to let anyone in.” I yelled standing up.
I placed the mask on my face and opened the door. Tom was standing opposite me with a girl. A girl I never wanted to see.
” Tom , what did I tell you ?” I asked ignoring the girl.
” She said she have a message for you from your dad.”
” I’m not here to hurt you Mitch.” She said and smirked.
” You can go.” I said to ben. He nods and walk out.
I slam my door shut and removed the mask I wore.
” What do you want ?” I asked her.
She Chuckled and touch me from behind. I looked down at her f!ng£r that was caressing my chest , I saw her diamond engagement ring. I scoff and snatched her hand away from me.
” What do you want ? I’m not gonna ask you again.” I said turning to look at her.
” Mitch , I missed you.” She said. I arched my brows and glance at her terrible speech.
” I know you missed me too.” She said and smirked.
I scoff and Chuckle.
” Tionna what are you doing here ?” I asked her again.
She smiled and wrapped her hands around my neck looking right into my eyes. Our eyes locked in an intense silence and I was forced to remove her hand.
” You’re getting married , get out.”
” Ohh , lover boy. I’ll leave , but I’ll come back.” She said and klzzed her middle f!ng£r and index f!ng£r. She touched it with my lips and klzzed me.
She stopped klzzing and walked out. I sighed and locked my door.
” I hate her .” I muttered.
~ Emily~
It’s been almost a week since gold traveled to Nigeria and yet she hasn’t bothered to call. I don’t really care much , Mitch was coming that weekend and I can’t wait for it.
Ayanda and I visited the club one evening just to party. I played snooker with her till it was evening. We sat close to the bar and ordered for drinks. Ayanda planned on getting laid that night , I just wanted to be out and get busy.
Mom suggested I need a job but I hated the idea , I really can’t work under someone.
” Hey…” A guy said sitting close to me.
” What do you want ?” I asked.
” You care for a ride ?” He asked and I scoff.
” b**** , I’m not a prostitute.” I yelled.
” Get your ass out.” I said.
He growled and walk out.
” That was too harsh.” A familiar voice said sitting close to me.
” Fred , what are you doing here ?” I asked.
” Where’s gold ?” He asked.
” You dumped her because of a stupid white south African. What more do you want ?” I yelled.
He sighed and look around.
” Look , you don’t understand. I’m sorry and I need to speak with her. She blocked my number and I regretted everything. Emily I missed her and I missed everything we did together.” He said as ayanda laughs. I look at him and laugh too.
” You’re so unfortunate. Get out , I don’t wanna see your dumb face.” I said.
” Emily , try and understand.”
” Fred get out , I’m gonna pour this on you.” I threatened holding the glass of wine.
I tilt my head and he got up walking out defeated.
” The **** I hate him.” I said and scoff.
” He’s shameless.” Ayanda said.
” I’ve seen a guy I wanna dance with.” Ayanda said standing up.
” Talk later , I need to get laid.” She said and walks into the crowd.
I huff loudly and sip my drink. I just wanna see Mitchel Cooper and fall on his arm let his cute lips plant klzzes all over my body.
” Mimi , you shouldn’t do that.” I said repeatedly but she always wanna make me angry.
” Mitchel is coming to Johannesburg this weekend , I wish I can follow you home.” Miranda whined.
” Mimi , I’m not going home. Mitch is Emily’s big time crush , I don’t really care about him.” I said and sat down.
” Nigeria is boring without Mitch.”
” What ! Is he your crush too ?” I asked.
” Kinda ” She replied and winked.
” I need to be ready for school Mimi. You are resuming school this fall , don’t forget.” I said and sighed.
She rolled her eyes and picked her phone to play video games.
” Better.” I said and sat down going through my blog.
It’s been boring since ages , no visitors and it’s annoying. I love blogging reasons I planned to study mass communication but mom hated the idea. She said it’s lame to study that because of some crazy reasons.
~ Allison ~
” Tionna , start talking.” I yelled with my arms crossed.
She scoff and smirked.
” Can’t you mind your business ?” She asked.
” **** you , my father’s business is my business. You can’t just barge into my family and try to destroy it. What is wrong with you Russian b****es.” I yelled.
She laughs and look around.
” Your father loves me and i love him too. You’re just pained and unfortunate.” She spat .
I chuckled and gave her a slap.
” What the ****..” she muttered with palm tightly fixed to her cheek.
” You wayward prick.” She fired and tried to fight back before my dad showed up.
” Alli , what are you doing ?” My dad asked.
Tionna ran to his arm and weeped.
” She tried to kill me because we’re getting married.” Tionna said.
She’s evil . A Green snake with evil motives.
” Dad , you can’t just marry your son’s ex girlfriend , it’s unheard of.” I said.
” Alli , what’s your business ? You should be focused on your career and not my relationship with Tionna.” Dad yelled.
” I’m sure she used her dirty Russian voodoo on you , she won’t succeed. We’re gonna fight till you get your ass out of my family , stupid slut.” I yelled at her.
” Did you hear that ? She called me a slut.” Tionna said and pretend to weep.
” Allison , get out. Just get out. If you know you wanna give Tionna issues just stay away from my mansion.”
” Of course I will.” I said and glared at Tionna before walking out.
” Alli.” Tobie called.
I stopped beside my car and turned to look at at him.
” You should leave them alone , it would save you the stress. I think you should focus more on your next movie and not Tionna and dad. He knows what he’s doing.” Tobias said and i scoff.
” Thanks , I’m just tryna help. I really don’t like her. She’s a model , owns her fashion house in Los angeles and my big time rival. She hates me.”
” I understand , just let her be.” Tobias said.
I sighed and faked a smile.
” See ya.” I said as my guard opened the door to the backseat and I got in.
He slammed the door shut and entered as my driver drove off.
~ Mitchel~
I stayed in my pr!v@te office and smoke the hell out of the cigarette i was holding. I was at my casino that evening. Strippers were busy stripping , I just had to stay in my office.
Tom walked in with a girl who was dressed in a blue short dress. She smiled at me seductively and I scoff exhaling the smoke out of my nose.
” You can leave tom.” I said as Tom walked out.
She slide to were i was sitting with her heavy hips and butt and sat on my table. She touched my hair and smiled. She bit her lower lip and took the cigarette from my hand. She inhale it and lean closer to me , puffing the smoke all over my neck.
I smiled and Chuckle silently , that always turns me on. Who told her to do that ?
She kept the cigarette aside and unclipped her bra taking it out with her dress still on. She stands up and sit on my lap klzzing my neck. I held her waist and klzzed her neck too. I traced it down to her collarbone as she m0@ns.
She placed her hand on my shoulders giving me a lap dance. I removed her dress and klzzed her nlpp!es , she bit her lip and tried hard not to m0@n. She pressed me against the chair I was sitting and klzzed me roughly. I klzzed her back as she Chuckle.
” Let’s take it off.” She whispered holding the end of my mask.
” Get up.” I said. She could tell through my eyes , that I’m angry.
” Why ?” She asked still sitting ony lap.
” Get up b****.” I yelled.
She jerked up at once and stare at me weirdly.
” Get out.” I said taking out a cigarette and lit it.
She stood there still baffled as she try make out words.
” Get your ass out.” I yelled.
” What is wrong with you , you dirty stupid ****.” She said.
” What the….” I uttered and brought out my gun.
” No , please don’t..” She pleaded.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
But I hate it , she fell to the ground as her stomach ooze out blood.
” Tom , come get her out of here.” I said on the intercom.
If you’re reading this story, drop your comments. If you’re not reading, then we stop posting.

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