Devil in red episode 27

Devil In Red – Episode 27
© Goddy Francis
Jason drove me to his house as we alight the car. I almost forgot I want to ask him what on Earth is he doing at that party.
How am I supposed to tell him about my article with Kiki. He hold my arm as we walk in . It’s been long I’ve been here.
I glance at the sitting room and take off my shoes before I die of feet ache.
” You’re hungry ?” I shake my head sideways at his question and he Chuckles.
” Come here..” I blush and shake my head.
” Not now , you’re not a kitty.”
” I’m your kitty right ?” I pouts and he smiles.
He take a step forward and I take a step backwards. I just wanna play.
” Gold , you need a bath.” He coo and I shake my head.
” What now ?”
” Catch me if you can.” I squeal and ran upstairs.
” Gold…” He chase after me and I ran to his room.
” That was too much. I really can’t remember when last I ran.” He says taking a deep breath.
” You should learn to run sometimes.” I said holding unto his shirt.
He smirks and look at me. I bite my lip and smirk at him.
” What do you want ?” He says softly.
” I want you.”
He pull me closer and kissed me. I miss this man. He pull his shirt over his head and throw it on the couch.
” Let’s take this off..” he whispers holding onto the hem of the dress.
He gently raised it up and pull it over my head. I kissed him back as he kissed back too. His hands is on my back as he unhook my bra.
I moan on his mouth as he grab my thighs placing me on his bed.
” Let’s take it slow..” I tell him.
” As you wish..” I nods and smiles.
He kissed my chest and move up to my collarbone as he brush his tongue on them. He smiles and hover me on top of him.
I lay on top of him as his hands guard my waist. His cute eyes stare at mine , the ringing of my phone distracted our gaze.
” Cameron..” I mutter picking up.
” Hey..” he says on the phone.
” Sup with you ? Any clue ?”
” Not really..” I reply trying not to laugh at whatever thing Jason is doing to me.
” I thought you said you’re partying with the Cooper’s ?”
” Yeah , my boyfriend showed up and we went out. Look Cameron I’m truly sorry but I really wanna try my best. Trust me.”
” Okay. Kiki is depressed . Millicent was her best friend till she own her own magazine and Millicent stole Kiki’s ideas. She will do anything to make sure Kiki don’t stand to fame , reasons Kiki is hoping on you..” Cameron states and i felt sad over Kiki’s issues.
Why would Millicent be so cruel ? I stand up and open the wardrobe bringing Mitchel’s black T-shirt to wear.
” Thanks Cam , I’m gonna do my best , it’s a promise.” I say to him and close the wardrobe.
” Later Gold , becareful.” I nods slowly and he hang up.
I sigh and toss my phone on the bed wearing Mitchel’s shirt. God I miss this scent.
” Who’s that ?”
” My friend.” I reply lying close to him.
” A male friend ?”
” Yup , don’t try to act jealous. He’s not hotter than you.” I smile at him as we glance at each other.
Jealous Jason is so cute.
” What were you guys talking about ?”
” Something and I also wanna ask you something. What were you doing in that party ?”
” I should be asking you that too. Why were you there , dressed like that..” I roll my eyes and kept quiet.
” I wanted to meet with Mitchel..” his eyes bulge at me and it looks surprised.
” Mitch Cooper ? Are you planning to sell yourself to him ?”
” Jason , I’ve got dignity. What do you know about Mitchel ?” He sighs and Chuckle.
” You don’t expect me to snitch Mitchel to you , do you ?” I scoff and sigh.
” You’re not snitching , just helping your girlfriend.”
” Why are you asking ?”
” I work with Kiki now..”
” A blog. Gold no way , I can’t. You can’t write about Mitchel and you expect to tell you few info about him. I can’t ”
” You’re scared of him ?” I ask and he huffs.
” I don’t even know anything about him.”
” Then what were you doing in a Cooper’s party ?”
” So who says it’s a Cooper’s party ? The Cooper’s were invited and I was also invited.”
” I’m serious , I know nothing about him , everyone knows he’s Mitchel and that’s all.” I sigh and he sighs too.
He pull me close to himself and my head rests on his chest. Our legs are locked together as he stroke my back.
” I love you okay and that’s what matters.” I smile and look up at him.
He smiles at me and i sit up to kiss him. I sit on his lap and his firm hands grab my hips as we kissed. I kiss on his neck as I felt his breath… He likes it .
I touch his bulge and caress slowly on it. He moan slightly and simper.
” You said we should take it slow.”
” Yeah right , I’ll make tea. You want one ?” I ask getting off the bed.
” Thanks I’ll be fine..” he replies and I walk out of the room.
I made tea and sit to drink it. I called Perkins and she picked up.
” Sup sweetheart ? Where are you ? Giving a lap dance to a Cooper right ?”
” Perkins don’t even go there. I saw Jason and he took me home.”
” Yess… I’ve been longing to hear that. You guys are back and I’m happy for you. Making out already ?” I scoff and roll my eyes.
” You’re silly . I wanna take it slow.”
” Gold it’s cold. Give him a head and ride him like a horse for the night.” She gigles and I huff loudly.
” Thank you but not tonight.”
” Suit yourself.” I laugh at her and she laughs too.
” What’s up with Carol ?”
” She’s still single.” Perkins says.
” Perkins , i know she’s single. Is she with you ?” She huff at the other end and i sigh.
” She left few minutes ago. She’s got band practice. Carol loves music. Allison is giving me a terrible headache over that stupid script. I can’t imagine playing such role.”
” You know that stupid role is gonna change your life.” She sighs and I could nearly tell she smiled.
” Gotta go , becareful.”
” Sure , have fun..” I say to her and hang up.
I toss the mug on the sink and walk out. Jason was already asleep when I entered . I lay close to him as he hands quickly held my waist and pulled me closer.
I smile and tuck myself under the blanket.
” Goodnight.” He whispers with his hands still on my waist.
” Goodnight.”
I close my eyes and fall asleep. The following morning , I woke up early because of work.
I’ve got a pending article and I’ve not gotten a clue. I made breakfast for Jason who’s still sleeping and I drop a note for him. I quickly shower and left that morning.
I stop by at my house and change over. Perkins still asleep and snoring gently.
” Definitely too much fun last night.”
I quickly put on my shoes and ran downstairs. I hail a cab and got in.
” I think i need to buy a car.” I thought as the cab stops outside Kiki.
I sigh and walk inside greeting every single person who cares to answer.
” Good morning Gold.” Cameron greeted.
” Good morning Cam.” I spin and turn look at Cameron holding a cup of coffee.
” Thank you.” I collect the coffee and drank a little.
” And your article ?” Cameron asks.
” I’ll drop down something today. I’ll call if I need help.”
” Okay..” he smiles and turn to leave.
” Where’s Kiki ?” I ask.
” She will be late today.” I nods at his response and walk to my office.
I drop my bag on the desk and get rid of my shoes. I plump down on the chair and set to work. I browse the entire net to find useful information on Mitchel Cooper but nothing came up.
It’s afternoon and I’m hungry. I heard a knock on my door as i ordered the person in.
” Jason..” he roll his eyes and shut my door .
” How did you find me ?”
” You said you work at Kiki’s so ..” I smile at him but he didn’t smile back.
He drop a snack bag on my desk and made his way to my sit.
” You left without saying good morning , i should smack you for that.” He says softly behind me.
He spin the chair and made me look at him.
” I’m sorry.” I utter.
” Why ?”
” For leaving in a hurry and without kissing you this morning.” He Chuckles and help me up.
He carried me and sit me on the desk. I reach for the snack bag but he swat my hand. I frown and pretend to be angry.
” What’s that look ?” I pouts and he smirks.
He lean closer and guard my waist with his hands as he look down at my chest.
” Who knew you look good with sleeve shirt.” He smiles and take of one button.
” Sorry..” he whispers and take off another.
” We should do this later. Someone might come in.”
” Who ?” I tilt my head and he scoffs.
” You got me angry…” He whispers behind my neck and that sent shivers down my spine.
” You couldn’t even call..” he says kissing my neck.
He slides his hand into my skirt and caress my thighs. He pull the skirt up a little and continued kissing my neck down to my collarbone as he slowly make his way to my cleavages.
He caress my thighs and let loose of another button. My breasts are visible and he’s smirking at it. He kissed my lips slowly and brush his tongue on mine fondling on my hips.
I moan on his mouth as we kissed. The sound of my office door made us both flinched.
” I’m sorry…” Kim says as she smirk at me.
Jason button my shirt and I adjust my skirt getting down from the desk.
” I’ll call you later and I’ll come pick you up.” Jason says and kissed me on my cheek before he walk out. Kim’s eyes were fixed on Jason before he left.
I cleared my throat and she turn to look at me.
” Is that your boyfriend ?” She gigles and smiles.
” No, he’s my father.” I scoff at her and she scowl.
” Whatever. He’s hot and really cute.” I roll my eyes and she smiles.
” What ? Just saying he’s hot and nothing more.”
” Kimberly what do you want ?” I ask getting pissed with her unnecessary remark.
” Okay..” she drops a file on the table.
” From Kiki , check them out.” She sighs and turn to leave.
” What’s your boyfriend’s name ?”
” Kim , please leave.” She scoff and walk out of my office.
” b****…” How dare she ?
I sigh and open the file. I huff and flip the file to the other page. How on Earth am I supposed to type this before 6: pm.
I snatch the snack bag on my table and it’s french fries and chicken including sandwiches.
” Jason…” I mutter.
I eat up and start the typing work in other to keep up before i round up for the day. That evening Jason showed up and pick me up. He Insist I spend the week with him. I told him I didn’t have extra clothes and he drove me to a mall.
I bought few clothes and we left. He helped me with my bag as we walk into his house. We climb upstairs and I drop the items on the couch. His phone rang and he look up at me.
” I’ll be back , I need to get this. ” I nod at him.
He departs his room and I did same. I needed water and I’m kind of hungry. I walk pass the other room and proceed to take the stairs.
I turn back and glance at this room. Funny part is that I’ve not entered this room since I started dating Jason. I open the door and switch on the light.
It’s a replica of Jason’s bedroom but this is quite bigger and beautiful.
” Wow..” I look around.
I saw another door and it looks like a doorway. I stride towards it and proceed to open it.
” Gold..” Jason’s voice startled and I flinch.
” What are you doing here ?” He ask . His looks is terrible, like he’s angry.
” Looking around.”
” How did you get the key ?”
” It wasn’t locked. Why all this question ?” He touched his forehead like who’s thinking. He sigh and take my hand.
” Let’s get out of here.”
” But why ? It’s just a bedroom.”
” Don’t be stubborn okay and just listen to me.”
” I don’t get it. You’re acting weird and strange. Is there anything you’re not telling me ?” He scoffs and pull me out.
He shut the door and locked it.
” This room is out of boundary. Don’t ever go in , if you love me , you’ll listen to my orders.” I scoff and stare at him in bewilderment.
” Why ?” I ask. Instead of giving me an answer he walk out of my presence.
Why is he acting strange ?
Is there a courpse in there ?
What if he’s just trying to keep me from seeing something ?
First he walk out on me just because he wants to answer his call and now he’s stopping me from entering a bedroom. A bedroom ?
What his he afraid of ?
How to grow your business while you stay at home
What secrets his he not telling me ?
I’m not even sure if I knew who I’m dating. God I need answers.
To be continued

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