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Devil in red episode 25

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Devil in red episode 25 by : 12:59 pm On April 19, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 25
© Goddy Francis
I slump on the couch and thought about Jason. I really want us back , but that’s gonna take a little while longer. I need to make him feel what I felt after what he did.
Perkins walks in and slam the door shut.
” Did you give Jason your spare key ?” I ask.
She smiles and sit close to me.
” Don’t tell me you chase him away.”
” Perkins , why did you have to give him your key ?”
” Jason likes you a lot.” I scoff and hiss at her for ignoring my comments.
” Let me tell you something.” She begins.
” Before you resumed NYU , Jason is always visiting the spot. I truly like him and carol likes him more. Even if she’s dating Brad , she’s willing to date Jason because he’s really cool. We don’t talk or share eye contact because of I wasn’t ready for dating. And then you showed up and he fell in love with you. Jason don’t even know what love is. He has never fallen in love before you won’t blame him for acting that way. It’s in his eyes , he’s in love with you. Just give him a chance , if he ever hurts you again , trust me I’ll make sure I get rid of him.” I sigh and look down at nothing.
” Come here…” Perkins pull me closer and hug me tightly.
” Guess what ?” She ask.
” What ?” I smile hoping to hear something good.
” I got you an internship.”
” No way..”
” Yes way. At Kiki’s magazine.”
” Oh my God.. oh my God..” I shout and hug Perkins again.
” Are you s***ting me ?” I ask still amazed.
” **** you , no. I thought you needed one and you’re also going through a lot of s***ty stuff so I just thought maybe I should talk to a friend who’s also a worker at Kiki’s.”
” You’re the best.” I hug her and weep on her arm. This is my dream.
” You’re welcome.”
” We’re partying..”
” I’m in.” I high-five her and jump up running to my room. I remembered something and I ran back.
” Is she a rival to Millicent ? The magazine Veronica works with ?” Perkins smiles and shrug.
” Do I really have to compete with Veronica all the time ?”
” You’re bigger than that.” She wink and I smiled returning back to my room to get dressed.
” Drake , what did you tell Ben Petrov ?” I ask picking up a cigarette.
” What the **** is wrong with you ?” He yells.
” You’re my cousin doesn’t mean you’re my friend. Man what is wrong with you ? How can you go behind my back and talk to Ben about moving stacks for him. Man , I’ve been in this s*** for five years and you ain’t gonna tell me s*** . Why did you go behind my back ?”
” Nigga , I ain’t scared of you. I have every ****in right to talk to Ben about moving weed. You should sort your broke s*** out.” He yells and I smirk.
” Drake , this ain’t Superfly , I’mma **** your ass up.” He smirks and look down at me.
That’s it. I pick up a gun and shot his leg.
” ****…” He groan.
” Another word from you and you’re getting another bullet from me.”
” **** you , mother****a.” He groan and I shot his arm. His two guards brought out a gun and point it at me.
I chuckle at them and watch Tom and will point their gun at Drake’s guys. I signalled Tom and Will and they stop pointing.
” Are you pointing a gun at Mitchel ?” I ask puffing out the smoke.
” ****in b******..” I scoff and shot one of them. The other drops his gun and look over at Drake who’s bleeding.
” Nigga I own new York and every of your s***ty business. Get the **** out of my sight. Get rid of that.” I said pointing at Drake’s dead guy.
” You gon’ pay for this..” Drake lament still holding his arm.
” Take your ****in men out of my floor . Tom help him up and get my floor clean.” I said.
Tom nods and pushed Drake out. The other guy carried his dead colleague and walk out . Allison walk in with Tobias scanning my living room.
” Did you shoot Drake ?” She ask.
” Yeah..”
” Mitchel why ? He’s your cousin.”
” Don’t ****in care.” Tobias scoff and pick up my lighter with a cigarette.
” Get ready for Andrew Cooper and your uncle Alex Cooper. They will be here soon.” Tobias says and Chuckle.
” What ever thing that happened doesn’t mean you have to shoot him. He’s your blood.” Allison says and I Chuckle.
” You’re the youngest Alli , act like one.”
” **** you.” She snaps and pour the wine inside a glass.
” I saw her.” Allison states.
” Gold.. why can’t you live alone ?” I ask.
” She called me a cheap whore. What’s up with her ?” Allison yell.
” If you stop attacking her , she will stop throwing abusive words at you. She isn’t your type.”
” I think she’s dating Jason.” Tobias cut in and I scoff.
” Jason styles ?”
” I don’t care..” I said.
” I don’t think so. Maybe they are messing around. But all that doesn’t really matter , I think it’s high time I teach that b**** a lesson.” Allison says and I scoff at her.
” I still owe him 100 bucks after what happened between us. He’s still part of the Cooper’s.”
” Jason isn’t a Cooper and you know that. He’s just a lame ass mother****a.” I scoff at their arguement and drink up the content inside the glass.
” I need a girlfriend , someone who’s gonna love me for me.” Tobias states .
” What’s up with the Cooper’s ?” Allison mocks as i chuckle.
” We’ve got issues. Bunch of terrible people.” I say.
” Come on , I really wanna get laid. A normal kinda getting laid not this Mitchel type of getting laid.”
” Mine is the best. We all know love s√¢ks , I ain’t willing to give in for that. Not when I have a lot of money to make.” I said.
” No matter what , I still need to get married to a rich normal kinda guy. And I just hope they won’t be like my brothers. a****les..” Allison scoffs as Tobie and i exchange glances.
” Mitchel…” I heard dad’s voice.
What is he doing here ? Is it because I shot Drake. **** me !
” What was that all about ?” He ask storming into my living room with Alex Cooper , Drake’s dad.
” He went about talking s*** about me. What’s up with that ? I thought he’s the good son , now what ? He’s trying to move crap with Ben.” My father’s presence is annoying including his stupid brother.
” Is that fancy enough to shoot my son ?”
” I get it , I’m no one’s son. Just get out , especially you Andrew.” I said picking up my gun.
” Mitchel take it easy on yourself. Don’t do this..” Allison plea with Tobias.
” Just tell them to get the **** out of my house.” I yell.
” Dad please leave..” Allison say to Andrew.
” Andrew let’s leave. Mitch be rest assured that if anything happens to my son , I’ll eat you up.” He says and walk out with dad.
” ****…” I mutter and stand up.
” When are you willing to sort things with dad ?”
” He’s not my father and will never be.” I scoff and walk out to my room.
Later that evening Tionna visited. Her presence despise me for no damn reason.
” What do you want ?” I ask her.
She sits close to me and caress my hair.
” I missed you.” She coo.
” You **** too much.” I say to her and drop her hand from my hair.
” Don’t you get tired ? What do you really need ? An award ? Sleeping with father and son. You should stop visiting.”
” Are you chasing me away ?”
” Yeah and I want you to leave now.”
” What !”
” Now…” I yell and she scoff. She stand up on her feet and walk out of my house.
Good Lord , I hope she doesn’t come back.
Today’s my first day at Kiki. I’m super nervous since it’s my first publishing job. I take a deep breath and examine my outfit , I hope I’m not too hot.
Perkins walk into my room and smiles.
” That’s enough , you’re running late.” I take a deep breath as Perkins leads me out of my room.
We entered her car and she drive me to Kiki. I alight the car and she did same.
” Don’t try to freak out , Kiki Spencer is nice.” Perkins whisper on our way to her office.
She knocks on a door and a very tiny but mature voice ordered us in. We walked in as she raise her head to look at us. A pretty brown skin lady.
” Perkin..”
” Hi , Kiki..”
” Is she Gold ?” Kiki ask and I smiled.
” Yeah..” Perkins reply as Kiki flashed me a smile.
” Have you work with a blog before ?”
” Not really but I have my own blog.”
” Yeah I know. Perkins showed me your article and I must confess you’re good. I’m Kiki Spencer by the way , it’s a pleasure meeting you.”
” Thanks..”
” Come lemme show you around and you can start tomorrow if you’re comfortable.” She says walking out of her office and we follow behind.
” Hey guys gather around..” Kiki announced clapping her hands.
They got up from their sitted position staring at Kiki for the announcement.
” We’ve got a new worker with us and there she is..”
” Hi guys , my name’s Gold and I’m really honored to be here.”
” That’s the worst introduction I’ve ever heard.” A girl mocks.
” Jane , you’re fired.”
” What !”
” Out , before I alarm the security.” Kiki yell as the girl walk out of the gathering.
” She’s our new editor and analyst. No beefing or dissing. Gold work time starts 8 , I hate late coming. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about a new story to write and also about the pending endorsement with opara. Now get to work everyone , Cameron you’re staying behind.” Kiki says as everyone return to their various activity except a dark haired guy.
” Cameron meet gold. Gold this is Cameron , your new assistant. Don’t fall in love , he’s gay.” I chuckle and exchange handshake with Cameron.
Not too bad to be gay , he’s wearing tight jeans.
” Nice to meet you.” He says.
” It’s my pleasure.”
” Gold , go home and party. Work starts tomorrow.”
” Thanks Kiki , I truly appreciate.” I tell her.
” Thank your friend , she’s a nice person.” Kiki says and walk out.
Cameron walk out with me and Perkins as we talked for a while before he left. I dance to the car and hop in.
” You’ve thought about Jason yet ?” Perkins ask on our way . I almost forgot I got issues with Jason.
” Nay .”
” Okay.” I sigh and look out of the window. The mention of Jason just spoilt everything. I’ve returned back to my emotional state and I hate it.
Max promise to take me out over my internship. I told him about it and he insist he takes me out. That evening , I got dressed and try to look my best. I end up thinking about Jason buying me a new dress just because he wants to take me out.
Just few days without him and I’m about to loose my mind. I walk out hand in hand with Max as he drove me out with his car. We stop by in a cafe as he ordered for drinks and dessert.
We talked about separate stuffs and he’s truly interesting.
” You love Jason right ?” He asks. I sigh and kept quiet. How did he know about us ?
” I know you both had something. He likes you.” I Chuckle and slurp on my drink.
” What makes you think he likes me?”
” It’s in his eyes. Jason is a nice person.”
” I really don’t know why you’re talking about Jason. It’s our date right ?” He Chuckles and tilts his head.
” You’re pretty.” He says and my cheeks heat up.
” Thank you.”
He raise his glass up and I raise mine too.
” To your internship.” Max says.
” To my internship.” I smile as we click the two glasses.
We talked about ourselves and he told me more about himself too. Max is really handsome and nice , but Jason is way hotter anyways. Max drove me home that night and he halt outside THE SPOT. Max got out and open the door to the passenger seat for me.
I take his hands and step out. I accidentally trip but his firm hands caught my waist and that made me feel different . Is this depression or what ?
We stare at each other for seconds . Our breath is fast as he look into my eyes. Our lips are inch apart and he’s smiling.
He lean closer to my ear and whisper. ” Your boyfriend is staring.”
I turn to look at this redhead man and his looks is anger and sadness. His red hair is a mess and his eyes are dark.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
” Jason..” I mutter.
He sigh and turn to leave…
To be continued

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