Devil in red – episode 24

Devil In Red – Episode 24
© Goddy Francis
” How can love be so cruel ?” I ask myself rolling on my bed from edge to edge. Perkins have been confronting me and it’s not helping , including Carol.
God I hate my life.
” What did he say to you ?” Perkins asks.
” A lot of terrible s***. He said he never knew we were dating , that I’m just his slampiece.”
” He said that to you ?” Carol asks.
” I kinda said that myself actually. How could he ? Do you know I thought he’s different. He had fun with me and starts avoiding me. How can I be so ****in stupid ?”
” Caroline , are there still knives in this house ?” Perkins ask.
” What are you gonna do with knives ?”Carol asks and I grin at her.
” We are stabbing a depressed nigga today. I need to speak with him , what did he see you as ? A bet ?” Perkins yells standing up.
” I missed him already. I missed his touch , his love and do you know we had sex..”
” What….” Carol exclaim.
” I saw that coming..” Perkins says and grin.
” It felt like my first sex. I truly missed him . Jason might be a total jerk but he’s ****in unavoidable. ****…” I mutter and sigh.
” Maybe I should invite friends over for an orgy.” Perkins suggests and smile.
” An orgy ? No way , I’m not in the mood for any stupid sexual activity with a bunch of lame ass college students.” I protests.
” Dude , you’re ****in annoying. It’s gonna help. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” Perkins says.
” Look I’m not in the mood.”
” Perkins let’s keep an orgy aside.” Carol snaps and scoff.
” Okay fine. You’re in for a frat party , you ain’t saying no .”
” I’ll think about it.” I scoff and wipe my tears.
” It’s okay. Just calm down , something isn’t right here. You know I saw the chemistry between you two. A normal kinda guy won’t wake up in the morning and starts avoiding you.” Perkins says and I huff.
” Chill , I’m gonna talk to him.” Perkins says and step out of the house.
” It’s okay , you’ll be fine. If he cares about you like he claims he’s gonna come back.” Carol coo patting my back.
I sigh and thought about Jason , the Jason i know not the jason who abandoned me.
” Thanks Carol.” She smiles and stands up.
” I’ll prepare you tea.” She smiles and walk out.
” You need to stop acting like Mitchel.”
” **** , he’s a terrible person.” I scoff pacing around.
” What did you tell gold ?” Jake ask.
” Something I shouldn’t say. It’s weird I’m feeling guilty of everything. I feel sorry for her , she’s in love with me and it’s crazy i didn’t care.”
” All thanks to this bet.” I add and slump on my chair.
” Do you know the reason I suggest we make a bet on Gold ?” Jake ask and I scoff. Of course to see if she’s easy or not.
” I didn’t plan to observe if she’s easy to get or not. You’ve been lonely since I know you , I just thought getting close to Gold in the name of bet was gonna change you a little by making you fall in love her. She’s a nice person and like what I noticed , she makes you happy , man.” I Chuckle silently to his remark and scoff.
” So making a bet with me about Gold was because you want me to fall in love with her. I don’t even know what love is.”
” I have never see you this happy before. Look at your eyes , dude you’re in love with her.”
” What’s love ?” I ask.
” You know that feeling of being so close to someone and you wish they never leave you. You just wish they are with you every single day and that bring out the best in you. That feeling of holding unto someone and you wish they never let go. You’re always scared to be far and you don’t wanna ever hurt them , I think that’s love.”
” Jason you love her.” He adds and i Chuckle.
” What if I’m not sure ? What if I don’t wanna be with her because I don’t wanna hurt her ?”
” Then you have to try hard for you not to hurt her. I know you’re a terrible person…”
” Of course I’m a terrible person. Even if I decide to make her mine , she’s gonna leave if she ever finds out who I truly am. I’m a ****ed up nigga.”
” That doesn’t really matter now , you need to go back to her. Explain to her that you truly love her , not all this girlish attitude..”
” Jason. ” I heard a female voice.
I turn to look at my doorway and saw a brown skin girl crossing her arm glaring dagger at me. I’ve seen her before , the very first day I met Gold. She might be Perkins i guess.
” Hey..” she says to Jake and sat down.
” What did you do to Gold ?” She ask ignoring Jake.
” Why did you have to lie to her just to have sex with her ? You know I thought you’re bigger than that.”
” Are you friends with Gold ?” Jake ask.
” Are you a friend to this terrible liar ? If yes , what were you doing when this redhead mother****a was having his way with my friend ? You were busy making things complicated by talking s*** about my friend. What type of depressed nigga are you ? ”
” Look I’m sorry. I know you’re Perkins and she’s said a lot of good stuff about you. I just need your help.” She Chuckle and look around my house.
” Such a nice house.” She compliment and stands up surveying my apartment.
She walk over to the bar and collect a glass pouring a bountiful amount of alcohol on her glass. She gulp it as Jake and I stare at this crazy weird girl.
” So what help do you want ? And I don’t help for for free. Fifty dollars for a start.” I chuckle as Jake smiled. He likes her.
” Deal.”
” You’re good to go.” She smiles and kept the glass aside gulping down the wine from the bottle.
I take my bath and change my dress. I plan on visiting aunt Elna since it’s long. I talked with Miranda and she’s been bugging my phone since I resumed NYU.
” When are you coming ?” Carol ask.
” Tomorrow maybe. I missed them.” I say to Carol adding a few make up on my face.
” Okay , becareful.” She says and hug me.
” Thanks Carol. I’ll inform Perkins and you can talk to her too. She must be out talking to Jason and it’s not really important.”
” Gold , you love him.” I sigh and pick up my bag.
” And I’ll always Love him. Talk later Carol.” I kissed her on her cheek and walk out of the apartment.
A day with Miranda will definitely ease my trauma. I wave at max as I walk out of THE SPOT and board a cab. I stopped by in a mall and alight the cab. I wanted to buy snacks for Miranda since it’s her favorite.
I pick the items i needed and drop it on the counter. The sales rep bagged my items and I paid. I rush out of the mall and the sight I saw almost make me go wild.
” Look who we have here..” she mocks coming out of her car.
Two of her guards stood beside her car as she take off her sunglasses.
” Gold..”
” Who ****in told her my name ?” I said in my head.
The **** I hate the Cooper’s , terrible swines
” I don’t have time to battle words with loosers like you. You’re just like this tiny b****es who works in a brothel looking for lame ass nigga to make way with them. I totally forget to say , try and talk to that terrible b****** that calls himself Mitchel Cooper , he sucks just like your stupid name.” I spits. She growl and gave me a slap.
Her guards proceed to intervene but they stop at her orders.
” How dare you talk terrible s*** about me and my brother ? Who the **** are you ? You’re just a low life black b******.” She yells and I angrily smack her face.
Her eyes are red and she’s angry. Her guards tried to hold me but I walk out on her glaring daggers at her. I know this is definitely gonna get aboard , I so hate technology.
I ring the doorbell as Miranda open up. She screams and hug me. I carried her in and shut the door with my feet.
” Golden.. mom Golden is here..” Miranda scream.
Aunt Elna walk out of the kitchen and hug me while I’m still holding onto Miranda. I drop Miranda on the floor as we walk to the living room. I sat down on a couch with Miranda sitting close to me.
” I wasn’t expecting you today. What happened ?”
” I missed you guys.” I reply Aunt Elna.
” And you bought me cookies right ?” Miranda ask.
” I didn’t forget.” She smiles and snatch the bag I’m holding.
” You’re okay ?” Aunt Elna ask grinning at me.
” Yeah. But not that okay.”
” You care to talk about it ?” Aunt Elna ask and i nod.
” Come here..” she coo as I got up to hug her.
That evening we prepared dinner together as we set to eat. It seems her husband isn’t around cause she told me he traveled too.
” Gold how’s school ?” Miranda ask.
” School’s been stressful. I missed you a lot.”
” I missed you more.” She winks and continued eating.
” Do you know Mitchel Cooper had….”
” Mimi that’s enough. I told you no more Mitch In this house.” Aunt Elna scold.
” Bummer…” She scoffs and frown.
” Now eat your meal and go to your room.”
” Aunt you should pardon her.” I said. Aunt Elna exchange glances with Miranda as Miranda smiled lightly.
” What happened to you ?”
” Something happened. I fell in love with a redhead man..”
” What ?” Miranda exclaims.
” His he related to Mitchel ?” Miranda ask as she seal her mouth asap.
” I’m sorry..” she plea.
” The Cooper’s aren’t the only redheads. There are like hundreds in New York.” She scoffs and roll her eyes.
” Go on Gold..” aunt Elna says.
” He lied to me. I never knew he didn’t loved me. He avoided me for two weeks and said it to my face that he never knew we were dating. He saw me as his slampiece.” I sigh and sniff.
” What’s his name ?”
” Jason.”
” Did he apologized ?”
” Yes , he said he loves me but I don’t believe him.”
” Do you love him ?” Aunt Elna asks and i sigh.
” Yeah I do. A lot. He made me feel special and i felt different. I’m in love with him.”
” Then hear him out , afterwards decide if you’re willing to be with him despite his mistake.” I sigh and look over to Miranda who give me a thumbs up.
” Thanks Aunt.” She smiles and we continued eating.
The following day which is Sunday I left after morning Mass. I planned on sleeping till evening cause I’ve been thinking since yesterday. I insert my key and twist the doorknob paving through the door. I slam the door shut and turn to leave for my room only to find Jason standing in my living room.
” How did you get in ?” I ask.
” Through the door..” he replies with his hands stuck in his pocket.
” You’re mortal , you don’t disappear.” He Chuckles and smirks.
” What are you even doing here ?” I ask. He sighs and take both of his hands out of his pockets and walk to where I was standing.
” I missed you.”
” That doesn’t answer my question. What the **** are you doing here ?”
” Look , I’m sorry. I was scared.”
” Scared ? Scared about what ?”
” Of hurting you.”
” **** jason , you already hurt me. What more do you want ? Just be straight , you’re horny and that’s the reason you’re here.”
” Come on Gold. I won’t be here if I’m horny. There are lot of b****es out there who’s willing to spend a night in my bed. I want us back..”
” We never dated , so type of want back are you talking about ?” I yell.
” Gold I truly love you. I was confused and scared. I wanted to speak with you then I just thought maybe I need to think about it . Just please give me another chance.”
” To hurt me again ? No ,get out.”
” Golden please. I truly meant what i said. I’ve never said I love you to any girl. Gold I meant it , I’m already addicted to you. Two weeks without you was insane , i couldn’t even think properly. I can’t stay away from you and i know you can’t either. Gold you love me…”
” I am not a liar like you . Yes I’m inlove with you , but what did you do ? You used me just to satisfy your stupid urges.”
” What are you saying ? You wanted the sex too. If it was left for me I may not even touch you till you’re willing. I’m a terrible person but I’m willing to be the best for you if only you can please give me a chance to make things right. My life’s been the best since you showed up , you can’t just walk out like that.”
” Jason , I’m just your slampiece remember ?”
” I didn’t even say that to you. You called yourself a slampiece.” I scoff and roll my eyes.
” Yeah right , just go please. I just wanna be alone. I need to forget about you. Maybe we were not met for each other. I need to concentrate in school and think about my damaged life.” I yell and open the door wide for Jason to get out.
As much as I want him to leave , I still wanna hug him tight and let him kiss me as he want.
” Jason please leave. Not now , I’ve been through a lot of s*** and i can’t think straight. Just please leave.” He sighs and turn to look at me.
He’s sad and guilty.
He walk out and stop in front of me.
” Something in there  still want us back and I won’t give up. I’m truly sorry.” He says and I slam the door against him.
I deserve peace , not disasters in form of cute redheads.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
What if he’s right anyways ?
I still want him back but I can’t.
To be continued

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