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Devil in red episode 23

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Devil in red episode 23 by : 12:54 pm On April 19, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 23
© Goddy Francis
I lay beside Jason as our n@k£d skin brush against each other.
” What’s your favorite color ?” He ask lifting his right hand up as I interwine mine with his.
” Just guess..” I say.
” Women loves Pink.” He smiles and look at me.
” Black.” He finally said.
” What makes you think it’s black ?”
” It’s perfect and mature.”
” Wow.. Correct. What’s yours ?” I ask him.
” Your turn to guess .” I furrow my brows at him as he Chuckles.
” Am I suppose to guess ?” I ask.
” Yeah..”
” Black.”
” Failed..”
” No way.. it’s black.”
” No , you’re wrong.” He smirks and I sigh.
” Jason, I think it’s black. You’re always wearing black .”
” Okay , yeah , you’re correct.” He smiles and turn to look at me.
” Why do you have tattoos ?” I ask.
” You hate them ?”
” No , just asking.”
” It’s a way of expressing myself. I had my first tattoo when I was 19. Mom hates it a lot. Says it makes me look irresponsible.” I Chuckle and imagine 19 years old Jason being yelled at.
” What’s your mom like ?” I ask.
He smiles and open a drawer on the nightstand. He brought out a picture and gave it to me.
” She’s my world.” He coo as I glance at the picture.
” She looks like you.” He smiles and tilts his head.
” I know.” He takes the picture from my hand and keep it aside.
We stare at each other in silence as his hands brush against my hips.
” Do you regret this ?” He ask.
” No. Why ?” He sighs and pull me closer to himself interwining our legs together.
” I truly meant what I said. I really love you and I don’t wanna hurt you .” He says stroking my back.
I didn’t say a word instead i hold him tighter. Why is he making me feel nervous. We stayed that way till evening and I spend the night because Jason ask me to.
I was alone in the room that night , I wear his t-shirt under my underpants and stand at the balcony staring at the compound. I called Perkins to inform her I’m not coming till morning. I saw Jason talking with Jake and they seem to be arguing. He look up at me and turn to look at Jake.
I really don’t know what he said to Jake but he walk out on Jake. Jake’s expression was kinda weird , I can’t explain that. I sigh and the next thing I felt was a firm hand holding my waist. I look over my shoulders and saw Jason smiling at me. He’s sad over some reason.
” You’re okay ?” I ask.
” Yeah , your presence is soothing.” He whispers still holding me from behind.
” What happened between you and Jake ?”
” Nothing to be worried about. We where arguing over something. You’re hungry ?”
” Jason you made me dinner.” I smile and turn to look at him.
He smile and lift me up as he gently place me on the rails of the balcony guarding my waist.
” Why do you love me ?” He ask.
I wasn’t expecting that question. My heart is heavy and I just can’t say a word. Truth is , i really don’t know why I feel this way for him. I remain mute , he smiles and hug me.
” When’s your birthday ?” He ask as he disengage from the hug.
” Two months from now.”
” Wow.. I’ll keep that in mind.” He says and i smile.
” What am I to you ?” I ask him. His look is pale.
” Someone I cared about. Someone I don’t wanna hurt.”
” You know , I believe in true love. That Disney prince charming s*** , I think it truly exists. I don’t know but I truly feel a lot of emotions for you. If you’re not comfortable with me , you can say it and I’ll be fine. I just don’t ….” He cut me short with a klzz holding tight to my waist.
I klzzed back wrapping my hands around his neck tugging my nails to his hair. He klzzed me as our tongues brush against each other , it deepens as he finally stops.
” I truly love you..” he says.
” Really ?”
” So much.”
I hop out of the rail I’m sitting and fall on his shoulders. He hold my waist and I wrap my legs around his waist. He lead me out of the balcony and to his room laying me on his bed.
He climb on to the bed and lie close to me looking into my eyes.
” Come here…” He coo pulling me closer to himself. Our legs are locked together and his hands is stroking my back .
” Goodnight..” he whispers and truly enough I slept off.
I woke up the following morning and Jason wasn’t there. I itch my eyelids and open my eyes widely. The doorknob creak open and Jason walk in holding a cup of coffee.
” Good morning.” I smile and he drop the cup on the bedside table.
” Thanks.”
” You slept well ?” He ask.
” Yeah , you were with me.” He Chuckles and sit close to me.
” I made breakfast , go and shower and brush your teeth.” I Chuckle and get out of bed.
I unclad myself in the bathroom and take my bath. I get dressed on his t-shirt and walk out of the bedroom. The coffee was still on the bedside table when I entered. I drank it and rush downstairs to meet with Jason.
I stand beside the door and watch this cute gentleman cook. He turn to look at me smile.
” How long have you been standing there ?” He ask .
” 2 minutes.”
He smiles and walk to where I was standing. He gently sit me on the counter and smiled broadly.
” You’re through with that ?” I said looking over at his shoulders.
” Yeah . You’re hungry ?”
” Yeah..” He chuckles and klzzed my forehead.
He served in a plate and place it on the counter.
” I’ll feed you.”
I obeyed and kept quiet. He serve a spoonful and shove it in my mouth .
” What’s your first boyfriend like ?” He ask as I chew on the content inside my mouth.
” Terrible and really annoying.” He laughs silently and shove another spoonful into my mouth.
” So what happened between you two ?” He ask eating this time.
” He cheated , and lied too.”
” Sorry about that.”
” Thanks. So you don’t actually have a specific girlfriend , just messing around.”
” Yeah..”
” With Veronica ?”
” And others..” I bulge my eyes at him and he smirk.
” Are you messing with me too ?”
” You’re different.” He states and shove another spoonful into my mouth.
I chewed on it and glance at Jason. He smiles and Chuckle feeding himself. We finished eating and I dressed up on the new set of clothes he bought me and left that morning. I’m not always comfortable with him buying me clothes but i also don’t have a choice.
He drove me to the spot that morning.
” Thank you.” I say and proceed to get down.
Jason held my hand and stole a klzz from me. He stops and peck on my cheek before I got down. I take a deep breath and head straight to my apartment.
Perkins was writing when I entered.
” Golden.. I think you guys are too fast.” I shrug and she got up to embrace me.
” How are you ? And how’s he ?” She ask.
” He’s fine.”
” I see love in your eyes .” She coo looking at me with a smug grin.
” He likes you..” Perkins says and I sat down including her.
” I don’t really know.”
” Go and shower , we have a lot to talk about.” I Chuckle and stand up.
” Where’s Carol ?”
” In her dorm.” I nods and walk to my room to change over.
Today’s the most boring day in my life. Sitting amidst other Cooper’s in the name of family gathering , thanks to Allison.
” Your dad already fixed his wedding date with Tionna..” Della says. She’s the family’s manager.
I scoff and bring out a cigarette to smoke.
” Mitchel you won’t smoke that now.” Della protests.
” And why’s that ?” I ask lighting the cigarette.
” **** , you’re such a douchebag.” She mutter touching her forehead.
” It will be nicer if just act responsible. You’re the worst Cooper in history.” Drake says and I chuckle puffing the smoke out.
” Worst Cooper….” I mutter and Chuckle.
” Till date I still remain the most popular Cooper and no one’s gonna Change that.” I snap.
” Yeah right , it’s clear you’re unfortunate.” Drake spits as Allison glare at him. I hate my cousin.
” What did you say ?” I ask exchanging glances with him.
” Come on , I’m not scared of you dumbass. Nigga you move crap , so what the **** !”
” Drake that’s enough…” Tobias intervene.
” What is wrong with Drake ? He started all this..” Allison says.
” Thank God he’s not with his terrible mask today. Dude , how do you survive that depression.” Drake spits and I glare at him. I feel like shooting him.
” I really don’t understand you both. We’re here to talk about us and also your father’s will. ” Della says.
” Nobody cares about his ****in will either. Andrew is so ****ed.” I spits.
” Mitch , we know you hate your father but trust me , right now it’s not important.” Della says and I scoff.
” What is he doing here ?” Dad ask walking in with Tionna.
” You should honor my visit , if not for my sister i won’t be here.”
” Then get out.” He yells and I scoff .
” Talk later .” I stands up and walk out.
” Mitch…” Allison calls after me and I ignored her.
” You brought me here…” I yell at her.
” I know you don’t have a good relationship with dad and that’s because of mom. We need to sort this s*** out.” She yells back at me.
” Talk later sister. You are the only one I care about in this world and not Andrew , your ****ed up father.” I hug her and klzz her cheek.
Tom open the backseat door and I entered. Memories of my mom flood into my head. I remembered all the terrible words dad said to me , God I hate him more than anything in this world.
* You’re such a terrible kid..* I remembered his statements when i was a teenager.
* I hate your mother more for bringing you into this world.. you disgust me.*
* You’re depressed , take him to the therapist , he’s being wild every single day *
Those days were my worst nightmares. The trauma and the fight between dad and mom. How i shot him cause of anger and it hurts he didn’t die , and I guess that’s one of the reasons he hates me more.
I touched my forehead and I’m running temperature. The car halt outside my house and I jump down.
” Get me a girl .” I said to Tom and he nods walking out.
” Gold , something isn’t right here. What is wrong with you ?” Perkins ask.
Where am I gonna start from. That it’s been two weeks and Jason isn’t picking my calls nor replying my texts. **** my life.
” You’re okay ?” Carol asks.
” I’m not fine..”
” What happened ? You’ve been acting super weird.”
” Jason isn’t picking my calls. He isn’t replying my voicemails and texts. What did I do wrong ? I thought he said he cared.”
” That’s okay. Maybe something happened to him. Have you visited ?” Perkins ask and I shake my head sideways.
” What if he’s tired. What if he doesn’t find me interesting anymore ?” I ask.
” You can’t just decide. You both liked each other , you can’t just get tired without reasons. You should pay him a visit.” Carol suggests.
” She’s right. Go check on him.”
” What if I see him with another girl ?” I ask almost in tears.
” No , just calm down and check on him.” Perkins insist and I nod.
I wipe my tears and stride to my room. Why do I have a bad feeling about everything. After that day I left his house things haven’t been the same. He’s been avoiding me and I felt betrayed.
I stand outside his apartment and decipher wether to go in or not. I walk in and everywhere is quiet. I heard female chatters at the back of the house and it’s coming from the swimming pool.
I went to the backyard and saw Jason sitting with Jake talking. His expression changed when he saw me. Two girls were busy in there swimming and it look they were braless just underpants.
I wanted to cry but I just thought crying won’t change anything. I cross my arm and stare at Jason who was dumbstruck.
” Leave..” he said to Jake who stands up.
” Out…” He yell at the girls.
They murmur and walk out with Jake. I didn’t say a word , instead I cross my arms and stare at Jason.
He stands up and walk to where I was standing.
” I’m sorry.” He says
” So those girls are the reason you ain’t picking my calls ?”
” You know , I actually didn’t expect that from you. I thought maybe you’re different , but you’re just like every other stupid depressed guys .” I yell.
” I thought maybe we were…”
” Dating..” he completes the statement and I felt like passing out.
” I thought we had something together. I thought you said you loved me.”
” Gold you don’t understand.” He says and I slapped him.
” How could you do this to me ? How can I be so dumb ? You said it to my face in that ****in club that you just wanna have s£× with me. I still didn’t listen to my instincts and I finally gave you what you wanted. You said you loved me , you said you ****in cared about me , how come I didn’t see this coming. You just wanna **** and get the **** out of my life.” I yell at him with tears.
” You’re just a liar. You used me and I fell in love with you. Not because of this stupid clothes you bought for me but because you treated me like a queen. You made me realize that i can still love again. Jason what are you ? You’re just a terrible depressed person who goes about taking advantage of people.”
” Golden , I’m sorry.. I can explain.”
” Explain what ? For avoiding me or for bringing in double girls to have fun with ? Or for using me ? I thought you loved me , I thought we had something. I’m just your slampiece. Just a s£× toy. It’s not even your fault , it’s mine , you told me you don’t date but yet i thought maybe there’s something in there that beats for me but there’s nothing. You’re just like them.”
” You don’t understand. It’s not like i did it on purpose. Fine I lied , that doesn’t mean I don’t ****in care about you.” He yells.
” Why can’t you just be straight , you just came into my life to **** the hell out of me. Congratulations you’ve succeeded , you lying piece of s***.” I yell and proceed to walk out.
” I guess this is also a lie too right ?” I ask him holding the necklace.
” It was never your mom’s , you just lied about it to make me feel weak. Just take it..” I cut the necklace off my neck and throw at him.
” Gold…” He calls but I ignored him.
How can I be so dumb ?
” Golden , I love you….” he yells . I scoff and rush out of his house.
The **** I hate him , terrible liar.
Why can’t he just be different ?
Why did i have to fall in love with
him ?
Why do people keep hurting me ?
How to grow your business while you stay at home
Weird part’s that I can’t stop thinking about him. I thought we were dating.
I thought we had something for each other. I’m just his slampiece , why didn’t I see that coming ?
To be continued

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