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Devil in red episode 21

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Devil in red episode 21 by : 12:51 pm On April 19, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 21
© Goddy Francis
I yawn silently and open my eyes. I bat my lashes and itch my eyelids trying to fit in with the ray of sunshine sneaking through the window.
Funny thing is that I forgot I spend the night in Jason’s house. I remembered I had a dream that he was lying by my side and cuddling me to bed. He whispered something to my ear and that made me smile.
” What are you smiling at ?” His voice startled me as I turned to look at him. He is standing beside the door smiling at me.
” Good morning..”
” Morning.. you slept well ?” He asks and I nod.
” I made breakfast , go and shower I’ll be waiting downstairs.” He winks and walk out.
I got up and take a bath afterwards brush my teeth. I rush downstairs and he was already settled waiting for me. I smile warmly at him and sit next to him.
” You’re okay ?” He ask me.
” Yeah I guess. Thanks anyways..” I reply and he nods.
” You had a nightmare last night.” He said more like a question.
” I don’t even remember.”
” Sorry about that. I was scared , that something bad happened to you .” It’s nice to know Jason isn’t that bad.
” Thanks..” I shrug at him and start to eat.
” Why did you fight with Allison Cooper ?” He ask and I sigh.
” It’s all over the net , she’s popular..” he answers my thoughts.
I sigh and look up at him.
” She insulted me.”
” You called the entire Cooper’s damaged.”
” Yeah , I was angry at her. She’s too mean.” I scoff and he Chuckles.
” Sorry about the embarrassment.” He says and continued eating.
” Do you know Mitchel ?” I ask as he raise his head to look at me.
He stare at me for a while and broke into a laughter.
” What ? Because we’re both redheads ?” He ask and I shrug.
” Everyone knows Mitchel. We just don’t mix.” He says.
” Why ?”
” I don’t know. Maybe because he owns new York and I really don’t want that kinda friendship.” I roll my eyes and smile.
” You’re a good cook.” He blush and smile.
” Thank you , it’s nice you like it.”
We ate in silence and we were always sharing glances.
” Are you leaving this morning ?” He ask.
” Yeah , I don’t wanna keep Perkins worried.”
” Perkins ? Your friend ?”
” Yeah and also my roommate.”
” You have a roommate ? Didn’t see that coming..”
” Yeah , she’s like a sister.” He nods and we continued eating.
I finished eating and I stand up to take my plates away.
” Don’t bother , I’ll take it.” I shake my head and he Chuckles.
” I’m a good girl.” I took his and left for the kitchen to get them clean.
He walk into the kitchen and stand next to me while I wipe my hands with a napkin.
His eyes are on me and I could feel it.
” You remember the first time we met ?” He ask smirking at me.
Of course I do. I spilled his ordered wine on him.
” Yeah..” I pouts and he smiles.
” The very first person I noticed was you when I entered THE SPOT. You were sitting amidst two other girls and you look so enchanting. A guy walk over to three of you and you followed him to his counter. You guys talked for a while before you brought my wine. I can’t help but stare at you.” My cheeks heat up at his tales and I smiled.
” Come here…” He coo sitting me on top of the kitchen counter.
He stands in between my legs and rest his hands around my waist. He look straight in my eyes and smile. Not a broad smile but a normal cute smile.
” I want you to take this.” He said raising a necklace up.
Wow.. it’s a diamond chest necklace that looks like a heart.
” It’s my mom’s..” he says locking the necklace around my neck.
I look down at it and touched the heart hanging on the chain.
” Why are you giving me ?” I ask and look up at him.
” You remind me of my mom.” He says holding the pendant resting on the chain as his hands slightly brush against my chest.
” Thanks..” I said softly.
He grab my thighs and lean closer to me making us so close. All I could feel is his breath. He klzz my neck slowly and brush his right hand from my thighs and slowly to my waist.
My system heat up as my body responds to his touch.
He slides his right hand inside my shirt and slowly caress my back pulling the shirt upwards a little.
” You’re scared ?” He asks. His voice is soft and flirty.
” No..”
My breath is fast and slow at the same time.
” What do you want ?” He ask klzzing my neck.
” I want you….” I coo trying to hold back the m0@n.
He smirk on my neck and stop klzzing. He slides his head under my shirt and klzzed my bare chest. I felt his warm tongue brush against my nlpp!es as my breath hitch.
” Should I stop ?” He ask under my dress.
I slightly shake my head and I could tell he smirk.
” I didn’t hear you..”
” Don’t stop.” He smirks and continued licking on my nlpp!e.
His right hand move slowly on my thighs and inside my shirt as he fondle on my right br£@st. I couldn’t help but m0@n slowly.
He got out from under my shirt as he slowly take the shirt off. I’m shirtless and he is smiling at me.
” Lay flat .” He ordered and I did.
I take a deep breath and tried to slow down my arousal.
” You’re wet.” He whispers holding on to the waistline of the boxer I was wearing.
” What if someone walks in ?” I ask and he smirk.
” Who ?” He ask and I refused to reply.
He removed the boxer i was wearing and part my legs. I carefully rest my legs on his shoulders as his f!ng£rs brush against my sensitive part in between my legs.
I m0@n slowly as he klzzes my sensitive part and then he used his tongue. He continued that motion till I was almost there.
My legs are weak as I m0@n slowly. He noticed the pleasure in my voice and insert his index f!ng£r. He thrust in and out and I finally got there…
I take a deep breath as he pulled me to sit up. He klzzed my lips and smiled.
” You need a bath.” He whispers and I nod.
He pick up the shirt and help me put it on. He carried me and lead me upstairs to the bedroom I slept.
” You need company ?” He ask leading me to the bathroom.
” You wanna join ?”
” If you want..” I blush and imagined myself in a bathroom with Jason. I shrug and he chuckle.
” Take your time.” He says and turn to leave .
He got to the door and smiled at me before shutting it. I smiled and thought about what happened in the kitchen. Why didn’t I meet him before fred ?
I walk out of the bathroom and wipe my body with the towel I was tying. I saw a fancy bag on the bed. I sit close to the bag and open it , it’s a dress and sneakers.
” Wow..”
Why all this clothes. My phone rang and i got up to answer the dialer. I glance at the icon and it’s a strange number.
” Hey..” I said on the phone.
” You saw what I bought ?” He ask. Jason… I smile and pouts.
” Yeah.. but why all this ?” I ask and he chuckle.
” Nothing , just thought you will like it. I kinda liked it , so i just thought you might like it and also I wanna take you out.” My cheeks heat up and I blush.
” I’ll be waiting downstairs. Get dressed..” I smiled as he hang up.
” Wow..” I sigh and sit back on the bed. I totally forgot we don’t even have each other’s numbers. Maybe he stole it last night .
My phone rang and it’s Perkins.
” Dude , where are you ?” She ask on the phone.
” Jason.”
” What ? You guys settled each other’s issues ?” She ask and I nod to no one in particular.
” I don’t get it.” She said.
” I truly like him. Yesterday night he drove me here because it’s raining and we talked about what happened.”
” Wow.. and you won’t come home ?”
I chuckle and smiled.
” No, I’m coming home. He’s taking me out.”
” Did he ? Like s£× ?”
” Perkins , no.” I scoff and sigh.
” Okay , becareful. I think he likes you for real.” I shrug and look at the dress he bought on the bed.
He’s so addicted to short dresses.
” Have fun and please come home soon.”
” Sure thing girlfriend.” She hang up as I take a deep breath.
God , I like him , no I think I’m in love with him. Does he feel same for  me ? Maybe he does , his mother’s necklace and everything. Jason is too perfect.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
But wait up , are we dating ? Cause I’m already in love….
With a redhead man.
To be continued

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