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Devil in red – episode 20

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Devil in red – episode 20 by : 8:32 pm On April 17, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 20
© Goddy Francis
I sold the car to a car dealer and just has Perkins predicted , it was bought with the price range of 200, 000 US dollars.
I gave it to the orphanage and half of it to Perkins. I wasn’t in the mood for summer break. Carol refused to take any and I don’t even care about her reasons.
The following evening , I went to study in the library again , this time I made sure I was always looking at my phone . I don’t want to be out late and then walk home.
It started raining and it’s almost 10 pm as usual. I gather my books and rush out of the library. It was drizzling outside. I wait outside for a taxi and i couldn’t get one.
What’s up with this taxi issues ? From drizzles it started raining heavily and I’m soaked and cold. Unfortunately my battery died too. Before I visited the library , Perkins informed me she will be sleeping late cause she wants to attend a frat party.
” ****…” I cuss covering my head with my hands like it was gonna stop the rain from draining me.
God remind me not to ever study in a library again. A car halt in front of me and the driver roll down his window.
” Gold , can you please come in..” Jason , what is he doing here.
I really wanted to be alone not after what he did , gossiping about me to Veronica.
” Thank you . I don’t need a ride from a leak.” I yell.
He scoffs silently and wind up his window. His he leaving me here ? Good Lord !
The door open and he got down.
” I’m not leaving if you won’t come with me. ” He says and shut the door.
I huff and tried to hold back my wet and cold self. He walk closer to me and removed his jacket , I look at his wet hair and eyes. Jason is just too perfect , even being wet he still looks tempting.
He carried my bag pack and hang his jacket around my shoulders. I didn’t hesitate to wear it. He Chuckles and smile.
” What ? You don’t expect me to die of cold , do you ?” I ask and he Chuckles again.
He leads me to the passenger seat and open the door for me. I entered and he shut the door. He threw my bag on the backseat and turn around to enter the driver’s seat.
We’re both wet and he doesn’t even look bothered.
” What happened to you ?” He ask and begin to drive.
I kept quiet and glued my face to the window. He sigh and look at me. Even If I couldn’t see him , I felt his eyes on me.
” I’m sorry.” He says and I ignored him.
He sigh again and refused to say a word. I barely could tell where he’s taking me to cause of the rain and the blurry glass.
” Where are we going ?” I ask but he refused to reply.
Yeah right , it’s my turn. I trust him so I just keep quiet and let him drive. The car halt and I don’t even know where we are.
He alights from the car and I did same.
” This is not my house..” I mutter.
” Yeah , it’s mine.” He says and grab my arm pulling me out of the rain.
” I can’t sleep here , this isn’t my house.” I lament behind him but he didn’t spare me a look or even an answer.
” Do you live alone ?” I ask looking around his living room.
It’s massive and looks like a mansion. Of course it’s a mansion. We climb upstairs and yet he didn’t give me a reply. I felt frustrated.
” You’ll sleep here tonight. Go and shower and I’ll get you something to wear..” before I could say a word he slam the door on me.
” God.. is that a way of saying sorry ?” I lament.
I look around my room for the night and it’s so beautiful. Everything in here is expensive , the bed , the dresser , the TV and yes the bathroom.
I removed my wet clothes and get rid of them. I hope this dries before morning. I walk out of the bathroom with underpants and bra , Jason was standing beside the door holding my bag and a dressed.
” I knocked, you didn’t reply..” he says like he knew I was going to to ask why he had to barge into my privacy.
” Thanks.” It was nice his lustful eyes didn’t check me out this time. I collect my Items from him as he left.
I shut the door and kept the dress on the bed. I didn’t bother too look. I entered the bathroom and hurriedly take my bath.
I dried myself with the towel he brought earlier. I lock the door and pick up the dress he brought. It’s a t-shirt , his t-shirt. How am I supposed to wear a t-shirt with out pants or shorts and I have successfully wash my underpants.
I saw another t-shirt on the bed and luckily a new set of boxers was on top of it. I pick it up and put it on. His scents was wow , it smells good. I put on the boxers and tried to adjust this short t-shirt Jason brought. It was totally short and it expose my entire thighs.
I’m not really used to exposing wears doesn’t mean I don’t wear s£×y clothes. I heard a knock on the door and I rush to open it.
” Can I ?” He ask and I nod.
He smiled and walk in , just as i imagined he was checking me out.
” The dress looks better on you.” He says softly and cross his arms.
” Thanks..” I reply and sigh.
His perfect eyes are haunting since they were staring at mine.
” You live alone ?” I ask to ease my nervousness. He Chuckles and finally answer.
” Yeah… You’re scared ?” He ask.
Of course I’m not scared. Why should I be scared ?
” You’re still cold ?” He ask still standing close to the door.
” A little..” I admit.
” Lemme help..” he says seductively and shut the door.
My tummy tremble and I’m feeling hot again. He walk behind me and we’re just so close . His hands are around my waist and I could feel my skin respond to his touch.
” I’m sorry about the other day. ” He whispers to my ear.
I turn to look at him over my shoulder, his face his behind my neck and I can feel his warm breath. I can’t stay away from him not with such connections. He pull me closer to himself , my back lean on his bare chest as his hands slowly brush on my thighs to my waist sliding his hand inside the dress I’m wearing.
My breath hitch as I tried to hold back whatever thing my system as turn to.
” You’re okay ?” He whisper .
I couldn’t say a word instead I nod. He moved his hands further inside my dress and I can almost feel his hands on my br£@st.
I held his hand and sigh.
” You don’t have to be shy , I won’t hurt. ” He says softly.
He removed his hands from my shirt and slowly drop my hand. God what next ? His hands trail around the waistline of the boxer I was wearing and my body responds to that too. I’m loosing my mind.
” You’ve never been touched before ?” He ask . Of course not , not this type of touch.
Fred wasn’t romantic , he has never touched me like this before . My body don’t ever respond to Fred’s touch but yet I let him stole my virginity. He turn me around to look at him , I stare at his eyes and that made my heart beat.
” I can stop if you want .” He said looking into my blurry eyes.
” I’m not a virgin.”
” I know , and it doesn’t matter. I can also stop if you want.”
I look down at myself but his hands caught my chin and lifts it up to look at him. He lean forward and klzzed me. His warm lips are on mine and I could taste that familiar berry taste of his mouth. They turn me on and I can’t stop klzzing back.
His hands are on my waist as he klzzed me , taking charge of my tongue. What more do I want ? Except this redhead man standing in front of me. I don’t know him and I don’t really care to know him. He stops and smirk at me.
” You’re still cold ?” He ask and I Chuckle. I shake my head sideways and he laughs silently.
” I’ll get you something to eat.” He says and proceed to walk out. I stop him at once and hug him. It was still raining but I feel better than before.
” I’m sorry about Veronica.” He said still hugging me.
” I’ll be back.” He said and walk out of my room. I sigh and crack my neck before sitting on the bed. He returns with a tray and sit it on the nightstand.
” You cook ?” I ask.
” Yeah , sometimes.”
I smiled and look down at the chicken pasta.
” I hope you’ll like it.”
” You’re eating ?” I ask him.
” No , I’m good.”
I smiled and start to eat. First i was shy because he’s watching but I really don’t care. I finished the entire food and he was kinda surprised. Maybe because of my appetite.
” You’re done ?” He ask and I nod.
I drank the water and he left with the tray. Lunch served on bed , that always happen in movies and now Jason. He return and talk me to bed.
I yawn and sleep off and I could feel his lips on my cheek. I smiled and adjust myself under the blanket.
I lay on my bed and the thought of Gold occupied my head. Jake called and i pick up.
” What’s up with you ?” He ask and I chuckle.
” I’m good.”
” And Gold ?” He asks on the phone.
” She’s sleeping.”
” You brought her to your house ?” He ask
” Yeah , it’s cold and she was stranded. Don’t even go there , I did nothing with her. I’m not cheap.”
” I think you like her..” he says and I kept quiet like I was thinking.
I heard a scream from the other room and i quickly hang up. I rush to the other room and saw gold sleeping. It seems she had a nightmare.
” Gold..”
” Don’t touch me…” She whimper.
” It’s me , Jason.” I whisper as her eyes open.
She threw the blanket aside and fall on my shoulders. Her hands are wrap around my shoulders as I confront her.
” You’ll be fine.” I whisper to her.
” Please stay with me tonight.” She says still hugging me.
” Yeah I will.” I replied as she disengage from the hug.
I wipe the sweat on her forehead and made her lie down. I slept beside her as our legs intertwine. She rest her head on my shoulders and caress my chest slowly.
” Please don’t ever leave me..” she coo still toying with my chest.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
” I won’t leave…” That was the word that escape out of my mouth.
I won’t leave Is that a promise or what ?
To be continued

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