Devil in red episode 2

Devil In Red – Episode 2
© Goddy Francis
” Heard you’re going to Africa ?” Allison asked.
I turn to look at her and smile.
” Yeah , it’s among my tour schedule.” I said and sigh.
” You’re okay ?”
” Yeah..” I replied and she smiled.
Tobie walks in , he’s my half brother. My father adopted him when I was three years old and he’s now a family now. He’s really annoying most time.
” All hail Mitch , my masked brother.” He teases.
” Don’t try to make fun of him okay.” Allison fired.
” Chill , he’s also my brother.”
” Tobie , what now ?” I asked sitting down.
” I just visited , dad is bringing a plus one tonight.” Tobias said.
” Who’s she ?” Allison asked.
” Don’t know , let’s wait for the party.” Tobie said getting up to take a wine from the bar.
” So Mitch, how’s life with you ? I’m sure you must have laid with a million girls..” he said raising the glass upwards.
” You suck.” I said as Allison Chuckle.
” Alli what ?” I asked but she raised her hand up in defense.
” I’ve got a movie to plan for this weekend. I’ve been busy and I barely can’t remember when last I got laid. ****…” Allison said.
Tobi and I exchange glances as we Chuckle.
” it’s not funny , I’m just being forward. This is America.”
” Yeah , we didn’t forget.” Tobie said.
” What’s up with Tionna Petrov ? Your sweetheart ?” Tobias asked.
” Are you trying to mock me or what ?” I asked.
” You like her , don’t you ?” Tobias asked.
” Tobias..” Allison called.
I bit the tip of my thumb and frown.
” I don’t wanna talk about her.”
” Russians are way too hotter for a masked American.” Tobias said and gulp the entire wine.
He slam the glass on top of the table and walk out.
” He’s always annoying.” Allison said but I ignored her.
” I know you loved her.” Allison said.
” I don’t.” I yelled and stood up.
” I’m not just comfortable with relationship.” I added picking up a cigarette and lit it.
” You’re sure ? You’re Mitchel Cooper and you’re good for everyone. She’s just an annoying Russian b****. Tionna doesn’t deserve you .” Allison said and i Chuckle.
I Inhale the cigarette and turned to look at Allison.
” Thanks.” I said and hand the cigarette to her.
She took it and and smoke it.
” I’m going to Seattle , got goods to check.” I said to her.
” Sure brother , becareful.” She said.
I kissed her on the cheek and walked out wearing my mask.
” Tom , get the chopper.” I said to my guard as I walked out of the building.
Tionna was my ex girlfriend , we didn’t get to last long. She just woke up one morning and said it to my face that she was tired. Each time I thought about it , I laugh to nothing funny.
It’s not heard of that a girl will just end a relationship with me. I end the relationship not them. Tionna was really pretty and look different. She’s a model and she’s got the fan base and all that. But we didn’t last long.
I got almost everything I want , the house , the cars , the family and the money. My casino worth about 5 billion dollars , my dad’s almost 30 million. My father has never been the best father , too annoying and a **** too. We always had issues , it seems Tobias was the better one.
Tobias runs his company , I refused to be part of the family business stuff because I wasn’t ready to live such boring life.
I sit at the back of the chopper as it lands on my beach house in Seattle. I always come here if I wanna get away . The warm breeze and all that fancy stuff , Seattle to me was better than new york. Till date, I’m one of new York’s youngest billionaire even at the age of 24.
I got out of the chopper with my guards following me behind.
” Welcome boss.” Will said giving me a cigarette with a lighter.
” Where are the they ?” I asked lighting the cigarette.
” Stock in the warehouse.” Will replied walking along side me.
He opened the door to the warehouse , i entered and gave my jacket to Tom.
” Well packed.” Will said.
I took a pocket knife from will and pierced it into one of the parcels and inhale it. I chuckle to it’s content and smile.
” You’re taking some to Madison , I want my money complete. No debts.” I said to will as he prostrates.
” Get me a girl , I need to get laid.” I said and walk out to my living room.
I flung myself on the couch and stare at the swimming pool through my transparent wall. I inhale the cigarette and sighed. I felt a presence standing in my doorway , I turned to look at it and saw a brunette standing right there dressed seductively.
” Go to my bedroom and wait.” I said to her as she walked out.
” b****es..” I muttered and looked through my transparent wall.
Tonight my father is throwing a party for the Cooper’s and all the family boring stuff. I was supposed to be there since he’s coming with a girl.
Who’s that unlucky girl ?
~ Gold~
Aunt Elna and i prepared dinner as we sit to eat. Her husband is in new York because of business issues. Miranda sat close to me as we talked.
” Heard you’re going to New York.” Aunt Elna said.
” Why didn’t you tell me ?” Miranda asked.
” Mimi , I totally forgot.” I said as she sighed.
” Don’t care , you’ll always come over to babysit me since we live in new York too. School begins this summer and I want you to come stay with us and take me to school every morning.” She said and winked.
” Mimi , your sister is going to school and she won’t have time to babysit you.” Aunt Elna said as i grin.
” I hope you’ll get a boyfriend too.”
” What ? Mimi..” Aunt Elna called looking at her kid. I covered my mouth and try not to laugh.
” Gold doesn’t have a boyfriend and she’s not a kid anymore. Emily is always the fun type , but I like you more anyways.” She said smiling.
” I think you know too much.” Aunt Elna said.
” I have an Instagram page mom.” Miranda said as I pretend to cough.
More secrets to be unravel.
” You what ?”
” C’mon mom , stop acting like Jesus hates it. You don’t want one and i like one. Gold is a follower too. Right ?” Miranda said and smirked at me.
” Huh !” I uttered in dismay.
” That’s enough. Let’s eat before i die of hypertension.” Aunt Elna said drinking water.
Miranda winked at me , I scoff silently and shake head. She’s more than naive.
After dinner she followed me to her room and made me listen to her cover of the song ” SELFISH”. I’d love to give birth to a child like that , so smart , cute and brown skin. She has curly hair and a very sexy nose. Miranda is just too pretty but know too much for her age.
🎶 Call you everyday , cause I’m into you.🎶
🎶 You made me always look like I’m selfish 🎶
🎶 There’s no point in telling , cause I’ve fallen deep🎶
🎶 I could be far , I’m not selfish…🎶
” No Gold you spoilt it. It was terrible , you just sang off the hook.” Miranda said after singing alongside her own cover.
” I’m a better singer than you.” I said in other to get her irritated.
She rolled her eyes and huff.
” There’s a boy down the road , he says he likes you .” Miranda said and grin.
” Mimi..”
” Yeah , his name is Fred , Abuja connect , you gon’ like him.” She said smiling victoriously.
” Eww , why would you say that ?” I fired.
” I told him you’re interested in him cause you’re single and ready to mingle.” Miranda said as my eyes grew wide.
” What the ****…” I yelled and raced after her.
” Catch me if you can.” She shouted and ran upstairs.
I hurriedly took my bath and got ready to travel to New York. I don’t wanna look like the bad egg and not attend my father’s party. I just wanna see that unfortunate girl who’s dating my father.
I put on my mask and stared at my reflection. Most times I ask myself why hiding behind masks , but then a reason will crawl to my head.
” Mitchel hates bizarre.” I smirked and carried my Jacket walking out of my house. Apart from Allison , my dad , Tobias and Tionna, no one else have seen my real face or what I look like. They only see a redhead behind a mask and I like it that way.
My father’s house was filled with different important persons and that includes the family tree of the Cooper’s.
My guard walk me in and I took a seat. What’s special about Andrew Cooper’s party. The servants give me a drink but I refused it , I wasn’t in the mood to dine in my father’s house. Well, because we were always having issues.
For about two hours , I didn’t see my dad. Allison and Tobie sat close to me cheering themselves with drinks. I sighed and look around , here comes my father. He walks in with a girl as they both held hands.
” What the..” Allison said standing up .
” Seriously.” I muttered looking at my dad’s girlfriend.
” I’m not surprised. Russian roulette.” Tobie said laughing.
” Tionna , what the ****…” Allison yelled.
She smirked and stood close to my dad.
” I’m really happy to see my family here today. Allison my pretty daughter , Mitchel my rude son , tobie my very submissive son , my brother Alex Cooper , my nephew ,Drake Cooper , my very good friend , Barnabas and the others too I’m truly honored to have you here. This party is to the benefit of my lovely fianceè Tionna Petrov .” My father said raising a glass of wine in the air.
Was i dreaming or what ? My father’s getting married to my ex girlfriend ?
” You guys are getting married ?” Allison asked.
Tionna smirked and nods smiling at the audience.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
” What !” Allison yelled.
To be continued

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