Devil in red episode 18

Devil In Red – Episode 18
© Goddy Francis
I fell on his chest and hug Jason tightly after the kiss. I’ve never been this safe in my life. He caress my back and we disengage from the hug.
” Lemme take you to a place. It’s my favorite place here.” He said taking my hand as we walk out.
He leads me to the top of the hotel and we appeared in an empty space like a balcony. It’s so pretty and you can clearly see the city.
” It’s pretty.” I said looking below the building.
” It’s nice you like it.”
” Do you always come here ? I mean up here ?” I ask him.
” Sometimes.” He says and I nod.
I look up at him and his eyes were checking me out. I blushed and look away. He noticed my nervousness as he pulled me to his bosom stroking my back lightly. He smell so nice and I don’t mind sleeping on his chest.
” Jason..” I heard that devilish female voice.
Why do I have to compete with Veronica ?
” What are you doing with her ?” She ask after we dispatch from the hug.
Jason sigh and glared at her.
” Why are you here ?” He ask her.
” **** me , you’re so pathetic. I thought you called her damaged.” She says and my expression changed.
” What is she talking about ?” I ask Jason.
” Veronica , please leave.” Jason tell her.
” He didn’t tell you , you’re so dumb.” Veronica said.
” Have you been gossiping about me ?” I ask Jason. His looks are guilty and he’s not willing to talk.
” You’re so unbelievable . I thought you’re bigger than that. You said she’s not your girlfriend and you’re just messing with her and the next thing you called me damaged in her presence. You’ve been talking s***ty stuffs about me ?” I yell.
” It’s not what you think.” He says and I nod averting my gaze to Veronica. She freaking sucks. Public latrine.
” I can’t compete with her and not because of you. I’m out of here.” I said and push pass Veronica.
” Gold…” That got me. For once I thought he doesn’t even know my name. This is the first time he’s saying my name.
I shake it off and hurried downstairs. I rush out of the hotel and hail a cab. The ride was long , it halt outside the spot and I alighted. I took the back door and the elevator before I finally get to my house. I slam it open and shut the door agresively.
Perkins exchange surprise glances with Carol as I sat down. For once , I thought today was really cool , but things aren’t meant to last forever.
” What happened ?” Carol ask.
” I saw Veronica , she showed up and spoilt everything.”
” How ?” Perkins ask.
” Jason have been talking stupid stuffs about me to her. He even lied they were just messing around. Why would he gossip about me with Veronica , I felt so used.” I scoff and facepalm myself.
” He slept with you ?” Perkins ask.
” No , Jesus , we only kissed and it felt like my first kiss.” I sigh and massage my temple.
” Thank God he didn’t. Just chill , if he likes you , he’s gonna come back.”
” Thanks Perkins.”
” I need to get rid of this clothes , it’s not worth it.” I said standing up.
” You’re not getting rid of anything , you’re keeping them.” Perkins scold and I scoff finding my way to my bedroom.
Why can’t he just be different ?
I shut my door and threw my shoes away as I undress myself. I’m missing him again. My life’s so ****ed.
” What was that all about ?” I ask Veronica.
” I told her the truth , you’re just trying to use her just like you use me.”
” Are you ****in s***ting me ? You should stop acting like my girlfriend and maintain your distance. We’re just having sex doesn’t mean you’ll have to poke your **** face into my head. Stay away from me , go get yourself a new **** , b****..” I utter and walk out on her.
How on Earth am i supposed to explain to Gold ?
I thought things were moving fine , the **** , I hate Veronica.
” Hey Mitch…” Ben calls as I sat down. He smirks at me exposing his gold teeth.
I glance at these half naked girls that surrounds him. One was caressing his tattooed chest , second one is cleaning his toes , third one caressing his chest too. They were braless just with pants.
” You care for a smoke ?” He asks pushing a cigarette to me and I decline. He offered me a drink and I smirk at it.
” You quit smoking and drinking ?” He ask and I ignored him .
Ben Petrov signaled the girls and they walk out . I sigh and maintain a stern look at Ben , we don’t just get along too well. One reason is because he’s Russian.
” Heard you move your last stocks to San Francisco.” He says puffing the smoke out of his nostrils.
” Yeah..” I reply.
” I need you to run my delivery and you know the reason. You’ve always work under me for years and you own New York with your dirty cover.”
Dirty cover huh ! I scoff at his speech and he tilts his head at me.
” You’ve always wanna make larger sales in Russia , I’ll work that for ya.”
” How much are you paying ?” I ask.
” It depends on the worth. You’ll send your boys to take some to Buffalo and every other city in new York. It will shipped to you today , complete the job and I’ll give you your money. Half payment comes with the parcels.” He says collecting the wine on his table. He raised it upwards and drank it.
” It’s a deal then.” I said and glared at his so called boys.
” Why still hanging on to your mask ? Mitchel ?” Ben ask.
I lean forward and collect his half consumed alcohol. I drank it and sit the glass of wine on the table.
” Thanks for the gestures , good day.” I stand up and walk out accompanied by Will and Tom.
Perkins have been going through her script and it’s been terrible to watch her rehearse. She sighs and turn to look at us. After that date with Jason I haven’t really talked to him and plus we don’t have each other’s number.
” I act like I’m fine but deep down I truly wanna move weed like Pablo.” She says and I chuckle.
” You’re serious ?” I ask and she nods.
” Come on , look at Mitch . Till date he remains one of the youngest white kid with a lot of achievement. Nobody knows his net worth but we only know one thing , that his father’s net worth is about 20 billion, that’s a whole lot of money.” Perkins said.
” So you’re saying , Andrew Cooper and Mitchel Cooper sells drugs ?” I ask.
” I didn’t say that. They both own a casino and that’s a whole lot of money. Any lucky girl who’s gonna steal Mitchel’s heart will definitely die with wealth.” Perkins says and I scoff.
I truly don’t find him pleasing not after everything. **** his wealth.
” He’s totally nice you know, even if he’s a total jerk sometimes. He owns a charity organization. Not every modern youth will do that.” Carol emphasize.
” And also a private jet and a yacht. Sex in a yacht is so cool. Half of all the wealthy establishments in New York Mitchel owns 60% , What type of dude is that ?” Perkins sigh and picked up her script.
” And Jason ?” I ask.
” Jason is dope too. He owns teem park and yeah a hotel. Heard he owns a chopper. I truly like Jason you know , his attitude is really cool. No pride and he’s totally romantic.” Carol emphasize.
” Don’t even care..” I scoff and fold my legs together on the couch.
” I’ve got a movie to plan with Allison. The rest of the actresses and actors are meeting in set. Gold , you wanna tag along ?” Perkins ask.
” Aye.”
” And carol ?” Perkins asks.
” Nay , I’ve got band practice , sorry guys gotta hurry.” She says and stand up.
” Hope you’re not meeting with brad ?”
” No way , I moved on.” She winks and rush out.
” Go get dressed.” Perkins ordered and I huff.
I walk to my room and changed my clothes into something better. Few minutes after we arrived at the set. Perkins says it’s not the main movie , just a word from Allison to the partakers and a tiny rehearsal.
I stood at a corner and watched Allison talk. She’s pretty with a very long red hair. Her clothes , everything about her indicates class. **** her !
I roll my eyes to Perkins as she played her role , she’s dope. I’m truly happy for her , at least she’s exploring her dream and also traveling to Los Angeles , California for a movie shoot , I’m still hoping for an internship to keep myself busy.
The rehearsals ended as Perkins flirts non-stop with another team , who I assume is playing Raymond Parker in their movie.
I sigh tiredly and glance at Allison who was talking to one of the protagonist , they feared her like she’s a God. I won’t blame them , she’s pretty and rich. Who wouldn’t fear the Cooper’s , stupid New Yorkers.
She stop talking to one of the protagonist and turn to look at my direction. She scoff irritatingly and made her way to where I was standing.
” And you’re ?” Allison ask glaring at me with arms crossed. What type of question is that ?
” I’m not an actress , I’m here with a friend.”
” b**** you’re so dumb. It’s so stupid you can’t answer simple question. I didn’t ask you to tell me your boring history. Who the **** are you ?” She yell.
” First things first , you don’t raise your unfortunate voice on people you don’t know. What is wrong with you celebrities ? The fact that you have wealth and fame doesn’t mean you can speak to anyone you know. Don’t even try to tell me s*** or I’mma **** your ass up , you dirty stupid redhead v*****. Go sort your s*** with your damaged family.” I spits , afterwards exhale for the long terrible speech.
Allison Cooper is speechless , she dare not say a word cause I don’t mind beating her so bad. What the **** is wrong with her ? She thinks I’m broke ?
” **** you..” I adds and walk out of the set.
Someone’s got a beef partner and it’s a Cooper. Terrible people with defying attitudes.
” Did she cut you out of the movie !” I ask Perkins who sigh.
” Nah , she didn’t. But that was loud. No one’s expecting such banger from ….”
” A black girl or a non famous girl ? It’s nice she didn’t say a word further.” I said.
” Oh my God…” Carol chirps walking into the living room with her eyes glued to her phone.
” Someone’s got a hit.” She says still looking down at her phone.
” Allison Cooper was harassed on set by an anonymous girl.” Carol read out loud.
” Look at the other headline… AN ANONYMOUS GIRL CALLED THE COOPERS DAMAGED” Carol says.
” Someone’s about to go trending..” Perkins Chuckle.
” What the heck…” Carol squeals and sits down.
” Do you know people are asking who the hell are you ?” Carol says and I scoff.
” Damn me , you’re about to go viral.”
” Chill , it’s not such a big deal. I really don’t need such popularity.”
” Your blog needs it.” Carol snap at me and Perkins nods with a grin.
I shake my head and stand up to get water.
” She was mean and so rude..”
” What did you do to her ?” Tobias ask.
” Tobie , you don’t get it , do you ? How dare she call me a dirty v***** ? It’s all over the net , people thinks I’m a coward because I couldn’t say a word . She’s got nerves.” Allison states.
” I’ve seen her before , she acts like she has a huge beef on the Cooper’s.” I said picking up a cigarette.
” She even called us damaged , that’s far.” Tobias says gulping my drink.
” Tom…” I call lighting my cigarette.
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” Yes boss..” he rushed in prostrating before me.
” Send two of the boys and get me this girl. Don’t shoot her , bring her to me.”
To be continued

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