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Devil in red episode 17

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Devil in red episode 17 by : 6:37 pm On April 16, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 17
© Goddy Francis
I open the box and brought out the shoes and drop it on the floor. I brought out the dress and wear it. I stand opposite my mirror and stare at my reflection.
The dress got me , so revealing and too hot. Why would he make such choices. I turn around and stare at my back in the mirror. My back is open and the front is quite better than the back. The length is out of this world , totally short but it hang on top of my knee. I sigh and put on the shoes he bought.
Why all this ?
This are expensive and really beautiful. I was a bit uncomfortable with the dress , I’ve never been this revealing before. I wrap my braids and stand up in front of my mirror to check myself again.
I’m nervous and I don’t know why. I take a deep breath and walk out of my room to the living room. Jason was looking down at his phone when I entered.
” This dress is too revealing..” I lament looking down at myself.
He raise his head to look at me but he couldn’t make out words.
” You’re pretty.” His smile made my stomach heat up and my cheeks flushed.
” Thanks. I think it’s too expose.”
” And I think it’s pretty on you.”
” Why are you doing this ?” I ask and cross my arms.
” I don’t know.”
” Did you go out with one of your girlfriends to select this for me ?” I ask and he Chuckles.
” Yeah , I think.”
Good Lord.. I’m jealous and I really don’t know why. I really don’t have to bring up such conversation but I can’t help it.
” Wow.. so your girlfriend made the choice then ?” I ask.
” Yeah…” He smirks and I nod slightly.
” What do really want from me ?” I ask. He sigh and take a step towards me. He smile and stop in front of me.
” I want you.” He says softly and that tickles my skin. I bit my lip and tried to hold back my nervousness.
” Or you want my body ? Huh ?” I ask in a flirty manner. He smirks and bite his lower lip.
” We’re running late.” I Chuckle and stare at his cute face.
” You’re so unpredictable.” I said. My tone is different and it sounds like I’m flirting. He smirks again and kept a stern look .
” I just wanna know why you bought me this.” I said looking down at myself.
” I saw the dress and I like it. I mean I went to the mall with Jake and I saw the dress. I remembered the girl I saw at teem park wearing tempting swimsuits , I just thought I should see you on this and it fits perfectly well.” I smile at his gestures and bat my lashes at him.
” You thought I took a girl to the mall to buy you this ? No way , it’s so funny you fell for that lie.” He Chuckles and look at me.
” Whatever..”
” You were jealous.”
” I’m not , cause I don’t see reasons to be jealous.” I tell him and he smirks.
He shake his head and i ignored his lustful glances. I snap at him and turn to leave but he stopped me.
” Where are you going ?” He ask.
” I need to apply a little make-up on my face..”
” Jeez , women. You don’t have to , you look good.”
” No..I…”
” I insist , I don’t mind carrying you , we’re running late.”
” Thanks but you’re not carrying me.” I said plainly and he smirks.
He lift me on his shoulders and pick up my bag from the couch.
” Jason..” I mutter but he isn’t ready to let go.
He walks out of the living room with me on his shoulders as he locked the door. He drops me on the floor and carefully lean me against the wall holding my waist. The butterflies resume in my stomach and my skin heat up , I’m about to loose it.
I can’t stay away from him , the more he touches , the more I wanted it. He touched my braids and smirk at me.
” You’re beautiful.” He says and my heart beat skip again.
What are these signs ?
Why him ?
Why redheads too ?
He lean forward and proceed to klzz , I proceed to klzz back but he stops and smirk. Is that a trick or what ?
” Why are you always doing that ?” I ask softly. He Chuckles silently and touch my chin.
” I wanna take it slow..” he whisper.
” You’re ready ?” He ask and I nod.
He take hold of my hand and lead me out to his car. I guess he’s a bit rich too with such achievement like teem park and this car , a Lamborghini that’s a whole lot of money.
” After you.” He ushered opening the passenger’s door and I got in.
Such gestures are rare not to compare to this unpredictable man called Jason. Today he’s nice , tomorrow he’s annoying , what more should I expect ?
The drive was slow and really tense because , Jason is always staring at me. Like we’ve never met before.
” What type of music do you like ?” He starts a conversation.
” Hip hop or maybe R&b.”
” Wow , and blues ?” He ask giving me a smile.
” No I hate it. Too emotional and boring. I really can’t find interest in such music.” I states.
” That’s rare. Not every girls like such music. They love blues and I really hate it too. Truth about such music is that it makes you wanna fall in love.” He says and spare me a smug grin.
” Do you believe in love ?” I ask.
” Save that for the date..” he winks and I blush.
The rest of the ride continue in silence till we arrive at this place that looks like a hotel. It was fancy and totally expensive from the decors.
” Shall I ?” He ask giving me his hand and I take his.
He held me close to himself as we walk in. Our hands are intertwine and for once I felt I’m safe in there and i wish we never break out.
” You’re nervous ?” He whisper when we walk into this hall with different fancy chairs and tables occupied by couples ,God I’m nervous.
I fake a smile and look around. We stop close to a table as he help me with my chair. I smile and sat down. He sits on the opposite chair and glance through this hotel , looking for the waiter I guess. She walks in and prostrated.
” Welcome to M Menu , what can I offer you ?” The waitress ask.
” I’ll eat whatever thing she eats.” Jason said smiling at me .
I sigh and glance through the menu.
” That one.” I point a meal and she nods before she walk out.
” How many girls have you brought here ?” I ask. He smiles and smirk.
” Just you.”
” Should I believe that ?” I ask.
” Nah , you shouldn’t. But I’m serious , just you alone.” I search through his eyes and they seem truthful.
” Why did you bring me here then ?” I ask.
” I don’t know.” I Chuckle to his remark but he didn’t even smile just a plain look. So he’s really serious ? Just me. I kept quiet and look down at the table like I’m lost in thoughts. Of course I’m lost in thoughts, I just remembered the Jason I met at the club. The Jason who said he just wanna make out with me. He just bought me a dress and took me out on a date.
How weird can this s*** go ?
” What are you thinking ?” He ask and I sigh .
” About what you said the other night.”
” That I just wanna make out with you.” I nod childishly and he laughs.
” Wow , that’s cruel. I didn’t mean that , just saying and I wanna make you angry.” He admits.
” Stop lying.”
” What makes you think I’m lying ?”
” You seem serious the other day .” I said and he chuckle.
” If I wanna make out with you , I would have done that before now and , I won’t take you out on a date. Not this type of date.”
” Hmm..” I hum.
” Yeah , I always get what I want. It’s like a fetish.” He smirks and wink.
” So , you got me right ?” I ask and he laughs.
The waitress return with our meals and place it on the table.
” Thank you..” I say to her and she nods as usual and walk out.
” You owe me an answer to a question , don’t forget.” I said taking a bite from the food.
” What question ?”
” If you actually believe in love ?” A smirk curl up his cheek and he chuckle, blushing.
” I do believe in love.”
” Wow..”
” Wait , you though I don’t. Why ?”
” Because you’re redhead..” he Chuckles and glance at me surprised. I didn’t really wanna say that , just escape out of my mouth.
” You hate them ?”
” I don’t , I just don’t like them.” I admit. He tilts his head and smile.
” Why did you go out with one ? On a date ?”
” Maybe because that one sounds different.”
” You’ve dated one before ? Why don’t you like them ?” He asks.
Tough question. I can’t just start telling him that they are liars , get you pregnant and force you to get rid of your child , not cool.
” I don’t even know.” I lie.
” Maybe I should think about getting a dye.” I chuckle and smiled at him.
” I ain’t kidding..” he adds.
” You don’t have to.” He nods and continue eating.
” Did you think about what I told you that night ? The make out stuff ? Where you mad or surprised ?” He ask.
” I was mad , yeah and surprised. I’m not really sure if i thought about it till dawn.”
” I bet you did.”
” I didn’t…” I protest.
” You’re lying.”
” Why would you say that ?” I ask.
” You always blinked each time you lie..” I bulge my eyes out in surprise.
” What…”
” Yeah , notice that.” He says.
” Nah I’m not lying..” I utter and bat my lashes.
” You blinked again..”
” No I didn’t..”
” And again…” I sigh and smirk looking at his cute eyes. He Chuckles and snap at me.
” I’m a genius.” He says and continued eating.
” Are you dating Veronica ?” I ask. That question might sound really incredible but I really wanna sort out issues with my subconsciousness. She’s too jealous.
” I don’t have a girlfriend.”
” And Veronica ?” I ask.
” We’re just messing around with each other. Don’t tell me you’re jealous.”
” No , I’m not..”
” God , you just blinked again..” I sigh defeatedly and refuse to say a word.
We ate in silence till I heard the sound of music. So slow and calling.
” You dance ?” I ask as he shake his head at once.
” I hate it.”
” I hate it more.” I snap at him.
” So ?”
” We should dance..” I said looking around.
” I can’t.”
” Can’t believe you’re shy.” I said to piss him off.
” I’m not shy , I just don’t like it.”
” Me neither. Let’s try new things.” I say to him standing up. I took his hand and pull him up.
We join the other couples swaying to the music as he hold my waist. I smile lightly and wrap my hand around his neck tugging his cute hair gently.
” I might step on your shoes.” He Chuckles silently and tilts his head.
We sway to the music with his hands tightly wrap around my waist. That sent shiver down my spine. The way he stare at me when swaying to the music gave me goosebumps. My skin’s hot and my butterflies are trembling in joy.
I think I like him , I can’t think straight anymore. The way my body responds to his touch still amazes me.
” Does it hurt ?” I whisper.
” Dancing with you makes it feel better.” He says and I smile and look down .
He pull me closer and whisper to my ears.
” You’re beautiful.” My heart skip and jump for joy. I blush and he smiles.
He lean closer and klzzed me. I couldn’t restrain , his mouth’s warm and it taste like berries. I klzzed back tugging tight to his hair , his grip on me increase and that made my pores open. I want him and I don’t care about anything.
He klzzed me and I klzzed back , and that takes my breath away. His lips survey my tongue as he klzzed deeper. I don’t care if people were watching us , all I care about is this red haired guy klzzing my pains away. We stop klzzing and I open my eyes. His eyes are still shut , his long eye lashes parted and his cute eyes stare at mine.
We didn’t say a word to each other.
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” I’ve got you now , I won’t let go.” He said.
I couldn’t make out words and I don’t feel like saying a word. I just want him to klzz me more and forget about our problems. He pull me closer and made my wish come true.
To be continued

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