Devil in red – episode 16

Devil In Red – Episode 16
© Goddy Francis
I snatch the shoe from carol and the dress from Perkins. I threw the clothes inside the bag and tug them back to the box.
” What are you doing ?” Carol ask.
” I’m giving them back to him. I can’t be bought.” I snap .
” No one’s buying you.” Perkins snap back at me snatching the box from me.
” This are expensive and he bought them from his heart. You just don’t turn down proposals. I can’t even remember when last someone ask me out a date in such a romantic gesture.” Perkins advise.
” What are you even saying ?” I ask really pissed.
” Just go out on a date with him.” Carol says and I shake my head.
” I can’t..”
” You can..” Perkins says. I scoff and sat down.
” You’re not getting it.” I scoff.
” Because he’s red haired , **** you dude . Red haireds shouldn’t stop you from having fun.” Perkins said clicking her fingers at me.
” God damn me.” I mutter.
” You’re not planning to make out with him. Just a date.”
” You see , Caroline is even reasonable this time.” Perkins scoff and that made Carol growl. I laugh and smile.
” We’re getting you prepared.” Perkins gigles .
” It’s tomorrow night , I’m not even ready. I can’t remember when last I went on a date. I’m still trying to process everything.” I roll my eyes at Perkins and they nod.
Perkins carried the box and walk out of the living room.
” You’re lucky you know.” Carol says sitting down next to me.
” How ?” I ask.
” Because a cute reasonable guy ask you out on a date. Jason is super dope.” Perkins says sitting down opposite me.
” I’m not even sure.” I mutter.
” You’re ****in sure. He likes you , I saw the yesterday’s chemistry. He might not be completely different but that won’t stop you from having fun. **** Veronica , she talk trash beat her ass so bad. If she’s better, Jason won’t abandoned her for you.” Perkins tutor.
” We’re not dating , just a date. And I don’t give a **** about Veronica.” I said and I mean it.
” Don’t make out.” Perkins said.
” I won’t and I don’t even feel like going either.” I roll my eyes and they Chuckle.
I rush to the kitchen to continue my meal in other not to burn the kitchen. I thought about it , I really don’t feel like not after what he told me the other night.
What if he’s just kidding ?
What if he meant it ? Just wanna mess with me and no strings attached.
I shake my head and sigh. I switched off the cooker and serve dinner for us. We talked and laugh till it was almost late. I shut my door and after all the long conversation since Carol is spending the night.
I brought out a textbook and set to write a school work. I’ve always wished I could get an internship in a publishing company or maybe work for a magazine or a blog. That’s just my tiny dream , i totally love writing.
” Gold ..” Carol knocks on my door.
I look up at her and smiled. She walks in and sit on my bed.
” You’re busy ?” She ask.
” Nah , just writing school’s assignment. You’re okay ?” I ask and she smiles.
” I am , maybe I just wanna say thank you.” She smile and I smiled back.
” You can actually sleep in my room tonight since you’re not going home tonight.” I blurt out.
” Thank you. Jason might be different you know.” She says and smirks.
” Does he have a v***** ? While other guys have manhood , cause that’s the only thing that can make him different.” I said and carol laughs.
” No way. He’s cool , romantic too.”
” Romantic don’t define true feelings. The other night he said he just wanna make out with me , the next minute he’s being nice.”
” Okay , that’s weird. Maybe he’s just saying , just to hurt you in a playful way.” I laugh at Carol’s speech and she smirks.
” What ?” I ask and she shake her head sideways.
” Do you need a friendly advise ?” She ask.
” No , thanks..”
” Good , cause I don’t even have any.” I laugh as she stands up.
” I need to shower ..” Carol says taking off her glasses . I bulge my eyes at her and she grin.
” I thought you shower with your glasses on.”
” No way , come on. No body shower with their glasses on.” She smile and kept her glasses on my table. I nod as she walk into the bathroom.
She looks better with her glasses off. Her hair is always on a bun , we’ve never seen her take off her hair band. I swear that’s weird. I shake the thought of carol and concentrate on writing.
Carol return and I gave her one of my pajamas. She smiled and turn her back against me , she’s shy i guess. I Chuckle silently and lower my head to write. I raised my head upwards to look at Carol , something in her back was weird. A scar.
” What happened to your back ?” I ask as she turn to look at me adjusting the pajamas.
” It’s a long story.”
” You wanna share ?” I ask and she take a deep breath.
” It’s okay if you’re not comfortable with it , I’m just concerned.”
” It’s okay..” she sigh and sat down.
” I kinda dated a guy before but we didn’t really last well. He wanted to .. you know….but I wasn’t ready. So we fought and he accidentally hit me with an object and that caused the scar.” She cry and sniff. I got up from the chair I was sitting and hug her.
” It’s okay..” I whisper to her hair.
” Thanks Gold..”
” Is Perkins aware ?” I ask still hugging her. She shake her head and sniff.
” Please don’t tell her.” She plea and I nod.
” Thanks again..” I smiled and we disengage from the hug.
She clean her eyes and lay down on my bed. I take a deep breath and stare at Carol. I help her with my blanket as she covered herself. I walk out of my room and over to Perkins , she was sleeping when I entered her room.
I couldn’t sleep , my circle of friends have been through a lot of s***ty relationship breakdown and it’s so painful. Even my sister and now I’m about to go out with a guy. I close the living room door silently and sneak out. I wanted to be alone, same time, I felt like talking to someone , Max.
” Max .” I call knocking on his door.
I knock again and he open up. He smiled at me and ushered me in.
” You’re okay ?” He ask closing the door.
” I’m bored.” I say softly and he chuckle.
” Sit.” I nod and sat down.
” How’s school ?” He ask sitting on the couch opposite mine.
” Fine but really stressful..” i reply and he chuckle.
” Sorry about that.” I nod and he smiled at me.
” Why do you work in THE SPOT ?” I ask.
” I like the job.” He says plainly.
” Wow ..”
We talked about different stuffs and I definitely fall asleep. I didn’t even notice till the following morning. I woke up to a strange bedroom , i quickly spread the blanket aside and check myself out.
” Come on , you thought I will take advantage of you ?” Max’s voice startled me. I smile and he chuckle.
” I brought you coffee.” He says stretching the cup to me.
” You fell asleep last night.”
” It’s obvious.” I stated and smiled keeping the coffee aside.
” Thanks Max , I’ve got class and I’m almost late.”
” Sure becareful.” I hug him and ran out.
I open the door to the living room and Perkins was cleaning the house.
” Did you see an angel last night ?” I ask closing the door.
” Nah , what’s up with you and max last night ?” Perkins ask and grin .
” **** me..” I mutter and smile.
” He said you slept off.” Carol says coming out of the kitchen.
” Yeah , was tired. I need a bath , we’re late for class.” I said and they both nod in unison.
I chuckle and rush to my room. We went to class that morning and we got back. I tried to write down my school work in other to keep up with the semester’s schedule. Perkins wasn’t around that evening including Carol. My door bell chimers and I rush to get it.
” Jeez..” I wince to this nightmare standing In front of me.
” Can I come in ?” He ask and push pass me.
” I didn’t even ask you to come in.” I mutter and close the door.
” You’re not dressed ? Did you see my delivery ?” He ask with a smirk.
” I did , didn’t expect to see you.”
” Then go get dressed , I’ll be waiting here.” He smiles and sat down.
” Jason ..”
” You can throw the clothes away if you don’t like it , I’ll get you a new one or you can actually wear what you’re wearing , you look good already.” He says and I sigh.
” How can I actually deal with you ? You’re such a headache.” I mutter walking out on him.
I take a deep breath and quickly shower. I really can’t believe I’m doing this. What happened to Gold ? That kinda hard Gold ?
How to grow your business while you stay at home
It’s kinda hard to believe but I have this crazy feeling I don’t even know what I’m doing. I can’t stay away from him either , something in me wants to go closer and something in me doesn’t want me to. I just can’t decide instead , I dance to his rhythm.
He has taken over even if i know nothing about him , i really wanna be close. Dangerous or not I’m willing to play his game….
To be continued

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