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Devil in red episode 13

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Devil in red episode 13 by : 2:45 pm On April 15, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 13
© Goddy Francis
I open my closet looking for something to wear. It’s weekend and Perkins wants us to party. thanks
” I don’t even know what to wear…” I mutter.
” I bought you this…” Perkins said from behind.
I turn to look at her and she was holding a bag. She stretch it to me and I collect it from her. A silver dress .
” Wow…”
” I know you’ll like it.”
” Thanks Perkins.” She smiled and walk out.
I quickly got dressed and add a little make-up because of Perkins. I really don’t want her to tutor me on beauty stuff. I brought out a silver stilettos heels and wear it. My braids were tightly wrap in a bun and I know I look good.
” Gold , come check out Caroline.” She hiss holding Carol. I Chuckle and sigh. What is she wearing.
” Why are you wearing a mum’s bra ?” I ask.
” It’s a party not funeral.” I said and she scoff.
” Carol , you’re not wearing that.” I said and Perkins Chuckle.
” Yes ..” Perkins scream and sat down opposite a mirror.
I open my closet and brought out a black strap dress.
” You’ll wear this..” I said giving her the dress.
She raise it upwards and frown.
” Why did you give me a mosquito net ?” She ask and Perkins Chuckle.
” Damn me….” Perkins Chuckle.
” You’re wearing it. It’s not a mosquito net but more like a strap dress.” I said.
” More like a strap dress ? Is that even a name of a dress ?” Carol ask.
” Carol , please wear it.” I whine. She lamented and sigh.
” And please you’re taking off your glasses.”
” No way.” Carol protests.
” Yes way.” Perkins scoff and growl at Carol.
” Perkins , being hard on her won’t help.” I snap.
” Carol , is a badass with a s***ty attitude. Cut the crap. We just wanna have fun , you won’t fall inside a well with your glass off.” Perkins scolded.
” I’m just wearing this because of you. I’m sorry but I can’t take my glasses off.”
” Thank you. But can you take off you hair band and pin ? You need to style your hair.” I suggest and she just shake it off. Damnit.
” Golden , leave her alone. I’m ****in tired of her s***ty attitude.” Perkins huff and removed her hair.
” Woah , you cut your hair ?” I ask staring at Perkins haircut.
” Yeah. You don’t expect me to spend money on hair when I could wear this..” she said waving the wig she was holding.
” That’s what black women do. Eat nice food and wear good wigs.” She said and wink.
She walk out and I was stoned. Carol Chuckle and walk out with the dress i gave to her.
” Gold, I look so open.” Carol mutter walking out of my room.
” You look good. Brad is gonna lick you all over.” I tease and she scoffs adjusting the dress down to her knee.
” Where’s Brad ?”
” In Malibu , for a music concert.” She says trying to adjust the sleeve since it’s tiny.
” Carol let’s go.” I said . She sigh and frown a little.
” If my mom sees me in this , she’s gonna freak out.” Carol says looking down at herself.
I shake my head and roll my eyes. Perkins was wearing a black straight hair and she looks so pretty.
” I’m out.” She hiss and walk out of the house.
” Shall we ?” I ask lending her my hand. She nods and take it. I hold her hand as we walk out of the house. We went down to THE SPOT and the first person I saw was Jason. His eyes were all over me. I’m not dumb , he’s checking me out.
” What’s he doing here ?” I said in my head. He leans against the counter holding a glass.
” You look pretty..” Max whispered and my cheeks flushed. I’m so ****ed !!
” Thank you.” I whispered back and glared at this Annoying Jason before we walk out of the spot.
” What took you so long ?” Perkins ask standing beside the car.
She huffs and get into her car . I entered the passenger seat while Carol sits at the back.
” I saw Jason..” Carol begin.
” Everyone saw him, punk..” Perkins snap.
” Yeah right..” She sigh and kept quiet. Perfect.
The drive was quiet. Perkins turn on the stereo and a hip hop song pop up. That light up the mood and it was better than three minutes ago.
” What the hell is this ?” I yell staring at the suppose supplies.
” Are you stealing from me ?” I ask dax.
” No boss , the supplies are correct.” He protests.
” Tom..” I snap at tom. He nods and pulled Dax’s jacket. He refused but give in after my stares.
” I got this..” Tom said holding a sheet up.
” You wanna sell that right ? Who do you wanna give it to ? Who ?” I yell.
” I’m sorry boss.” He plea.
” The **** i hate thieves.” I yell and shot him.
” Mitch…” I heard my sister’s voice.
Damn it , I hate to see my family after such moments. My sister’s my weak point . She’s like my mom.
” Tom , get this thing out of here..” I said referring to Dax’s body.
” Take that s*** to New Jersey. I don’t want half payment..” I said and drag Allison out to the living room.
” Did you have to kill him ?” She ask and I sigh.
” If I don’t kill a man now and then ,I feel like a coward. He tried to steal from me. I spend a lot on that.” I said.
” When are you willing to stop this ? selling craps..”
” The day I fall in love. And that’s never gonna happen.”
” Mitchel…”
” I don’t wanna hear it.” I scoff and sat down.
” Dad’s throwing an engagement party , you need to be there..”
” I’m not coming. Andrew’s party is the least I wanna attend. I need to get laid.” I said picking up a jacket.
” Where are you going ?” Allison ask.
” I’m going out. I need a drink and a girl..” I klzzed her on the cheek and hola at tom and the others.
” Becareful , I’ll be home late.” I said to Allison and storm out.
” **** you…” She says and climb upstairs.
Yeah right , **** me.
Perkins dance to the music blaring out of the speakers. I sit close to Carol who don’t even look comfortable. I totally forget she don’t get along with parties. She’s been adjusting that dress since we got here.
Perkins stand up to dance with a guy. I chuckle and drank my drink.
” Hey Carol …” I shouted because of the music. Too loud.
” I’ll be back , I need to use the restroom. I’ll be back.” I say to her. She nods and smile. I got up and walk out finding my way to the restroom.
Different kinds of teens and youths occupied the stairs holding red cups and some were making out . I find my way through and i finally found the bathroom. I rest my hand on the edge of the sink and throw up.
My system don’t go along with alcohol. I take a deep breath and sigh. I stare at my reflection and sigh. I look so stressed out and tired and my eyes swell a little.
” Come on , we can’t make out here ..” I heard a girl’s voice at the other bathroom.
” Why ?” A male voice ask and it was familiar. Brad.
I walk out of the bathroom and lean against the other bathroom door.
” Damn it Brad..” I said in my head. He was klzzing a girl in a restroom and the b**** was Veronica. Just like perkins predicted.
I shake my head and walk out of the restroom. Perkins was sitting next to Carol swaying to the music.
” Restroom ?” Perkins ask and I nod.
” This party is lit. I’m getting laid tonight.” Perkins said and carol scoff. God , I wish I could tell her , her boyfriend is making out with Veronica in a bathroom.
” Where’s Brad ?” I ask Carol.
” He’s in Malibu for a music concert.” She replies.
” Ooh…” Malibu huh ?
” Okay…” I said and pour another drink to my glass. Tomorrow’s Monday and I’d to wake up early to go to class.
I turn to look at the entrance and saw a set of people walking into the club.
” No way…” Carol said.
” Is that Mitchel ?” Carol ask with her mouth open. I glanced at the crowds and I saw a redhead guy with a mask. He was dressed in all black. It’s kinda weird cause we stare at each other till he walk passed me.
That wasn’t normal, I almost lost my breath.
” Wait a minute , all famous Mitchel ?” I ask about going wild.
” Yes..” Carol scream waving her hand in the air.
I nod and bit my lower lip. I picked up the wine bottle and got up.
” What are you doing ?” Perkins ask standing up at once.
” I just wanna talk.”
” Gold , I’m not a kid but this look isn’t a talk look. Drop the bottle.” Perkins said holding my arm.
” You don’t get it.” I said quietly to avoid suspicious looks from this party freaks. Everywhere seems so abnormal since Mitch entered.
” Drop this and we gonna talk.” Perkins ordered snatching the bottle from my hand.
I can’t tell them about Mitch and Emily . I really don’t wanna say it.
” Sit.”
” I just wanna talk.”
” You’re not talking. Mitch isn’t just an ordinary kinda guy. He’s the real deal. He owns this place and you can’t just start a fight with someone because of anything.” Perkins tutor.
” You don’t get it.”
” Gold chill and drink. We’ll talk about this when we get home.” Carol utter.
I sigh and sat down. I gulp the entire wine and sit the bottle on the table.
” I need to use the bathroom.” I said standing up with a glass of wine.
” I’ll be fine..” i said to Perkins who proceed to stand up too.
I smile at her and find my way to the bathroom. I sit the glass of wine on the sink and throw up again.
” ****…” I mutter.
” Yeah right…” I heard a guy’s voice. Not another red haired guy. I turn around and saw Jason.
” What the ****..” I utter.
” What the **** are you doing here ?” I yell and he scoff.
” I should be asking you that. What the **** are you doing here ? Are you stalking me or what ?” I Chuckle and bit my lower lip.
” Get out of here.” I yell.
” Really ? You’re such a lame a****le with a terrible body.”
” What ? ”
” What are you gonna do ? Get angry and give me a hand job. You’re still a b**** , damaged one at that.” He says and I went wild. That hurts , damaged b****.
I’ve never been insulted in my life before. I bit my lip harder and grab the glass of wine and poured the content on his face.
” What….” he groan and I angrily smack the glass on the wall and proceed to stab his arm with the half broken glass.
He held my arm and slam my back against the wall. He smirks and hold my two arm really hard.
” Get yourself out of my face.” I yell.
” You’ll shut up and listen to me.” He commands as I struggle to free myself.
” I just wanna make out with you and i will. You’re so annoying.” He says.
” b**** you’re not my type.” He chuckle and scoff.
” Yeah right , you’re not my type. Your ass is too bony. And this too…” he said looking down at my chest.
” You s√¢k..” He says and slam my back harder to the wall. He let go of my arm and turn to leave.
” Nice dress though.” He said and walk out.
” Argh…” I growl and slam my fist on the wall.
” Damn….” I groan at the pain and scoff.
How can he even say it to my face that he just wanna make out with me . What type of guy is that ? My head hurts when I remembered I saw Mitchel at the club and also this s***ty place is his achievement. I take a deep breath and storm out of the restroom.
Thoughts of Jason filled my head , his last words keep on rewinding in my head.
‘ I just wanna make out with you. Your ass is too bony and including my tits.’ The **** i hate him more.
I went upstairs to free my head and i found a balcony. The cool breeze brush against my skin and I felt calm. I saw a guy standing at the extreme resting his arms on the railings. Something is wrong with him , he has red hair and he wears a mask.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
” Mitch…” I mutter.
He turn to look at me and I went numb.
To be continued

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