Devil in red episode 12

Devil In Red – Episode 12
© Goddy Francis
” Is that…. ?” I ask.
” Yeah… Jason styles. So cute and most times a grouchy. He always visits THE SPOT and I truly like him.” Carol blush.
” Caroline , you have Brad.”
” Carol please…” She correct Perkins again.
” I truly like him you know.” Carol says.
” What about Mitchel ?” I ask.
” I like him too.” Carol says and we scoff.
” Hey girls..” Max calls walking to our table.
” Tania already left and I’m really occupied with work. The customers are a lot and pop’s wants me to work till midnight. I just need to borrow an extra hand.” Max plea. Perkins and Carol glance at me .
” I’ll help.” I said.
” Thanks..” Max says and walk out.
” **** you two…” I whisper pointing out my middle finger. They Chuckle and wink.
I followed Max to the counter and scan the entire cafeteria. My eyes met Jason’s as we exchange glances for seconds before we broke the stare.
” Weirdo..” I said in my head.
” You see that guy over there ?” Max ask looking at Jason who wasn’t staring. I nod and turn to look at Max.
” You should give him this.” He said sitting a wine on top of the counter.
” You’ll serve this wine to him . He hates it when his wine is served on a glass. So you’ll take it to his table and let him see you pouring the wine. Hope you get it ?” Max grin at me and I nod again.
He shakes his head and roll his eyes. I smiled and carried the wine and glass. I wasn’t comfortable serving a redhead man. They despise me with their terrible attitude.
We refused to stare at each other. I open the wine and poured it inside the glass. Memories of Emily came flooding in and out of my head. Why redheads ?
” What the **** ! Are you insane ?” Jason yell.
I look up at him and gasp. I overfilled the glass and the drink poured on his clothes. I wasn’t expecting that.
” ****… What the **** is wrong with you ?” He ask standing up. Obviously I was betrayed by my mouth and i couldn’t say a word.
All eyes were on us and I was angry.
” You’re such a pathetic lame b******. You couldn’t even say sorry. What do you think I am ? Crazy black mother****a.” That’s it , he just got to the spot.
” Gold…” Max called. I frown and kept quiet.
” I’m really sorry…” Max plea. Why his he saying sorry ? This Jason dude sucks.
” You don’t have to be sorry , you just have to get rid of this lame ****. **** she’s crazy.” He yells.
” Who the **** do you think you’re ? The **** you need manners , you dirty a****le redhead b******.” I spat.
” You’re just a pathetic lame idiot , b**** you suck…” I yell and everyone stare in awe.
He must be a favourite customer here. I don’t even care.
” Gold , that’s enough..” I heard Perkins voice.
” It’s not enough. What is wrong with this redhaired idiot ? I don’t care about who you are , you’re just a dirty, stupid , a****le. **** your ego…” I yell.
” Gold…” Perkins calls again. Her hand grip around my arm and she pulled me out.
I turn to look at this annoying redhead but he was gone. Yeah right , he was ****in angry and I liked it.
” What just happened ?” Perkins asks as Carol slam the door shut.
” Is that the type of guy you said you wanna make out with ?” I ask. Perkins rolls her eyes and huff.
” Dude , you don’t get it. Not all redhaireds are annoying. But that’s not the issue , what’s up ?” Perkins inquire.
I take a deep breath and sat down.
” I accidentally spill wine on his clothes.” I explain.
” That’s what’s up !” Carol says .
” You should have simply say sorry.” Perkins scolded.
” You don’t get it , I wanted to but he was mean. He even called me a black mother****a.” I scoff and sigh.
” Pop’s is angry. You should go downstairs and apologise to pop’s and max. Customers are always right , you ain’t supposed to exchange words with customers. What if he doesn’t come back ?” She continues.
” I don’t care.”
” Pop’s care. You just chase away his customer and it’s not cool.” Carol nods at me and I sigh again.
” Fine..”
” Let’s go.” I got up and followed them downstairs to THE SPOT.
Max was at his counter , he wasn’t happy and I’m certain.
” I’m sorry..” I plea.
He look up at me and smile halfway.
” Yeah I know. It’s kinda new to you and I won’t blame you at all. Your temper is terrible.” He says and Chuckle.
” Yeah I know. I’m sorry again. Please talk to pop’s.”
” I will..” He says and I smiled.
” Thank you.” I whisper and wink at him before I left.
I went back upstairs and the girls followed me. I’ve never witnessed such embarrassment in my entire life. Not from a stupid redhead guy. For one reason or the other , I was pained.
” Let’s play a game to burn the night.” Perkins suggested.
” What type of game ?” Carol ask.
” A naughty one. I don’t even care if some nerds is dating a badass pope.” Perkins joked and I laugh.
” I don’t wanna play naughty.” Carol says and I was forced to tutor.
” Come on , we’ve been there before. No one’s asking you to leave Brad , we just want you to be free. Stop this nerdy attitude only for today. We’re friends.” I said.
She smiled and nods. Damn me.
” I’ll go first..” Perkins said and cleared her throat.
” Foods you’d love to eat everyday… Chicken pasta.” Perkins said.
” Pizza.” Carol replies.
” Brown Rice..” I added.
” Why brown rice ?” Perkins ask.
” It’s perfect ” I replied and they both Chuckle.
” Celebrity you’d like to see…. Justin Timberlake.” Perkins said.
” Mitchel Cooper.” Carol says.
” He’s not a celebrity. Just a redhead masked boy with stupid fame.” Perkins argued.
” Same thing..” Carol protests.
” It’s okay ..” I said at once to stop the pending fight.
” And you Gold..”
” Rihanna.” Perkins gave me a thumbs up and I smirk.
” Celebrities you’d like to make out with…. Justin Timberlake…” Perkins said and Carol broke out.
” Nah , I’m not playing this one. I don’t wanna make out with any celebrity.”
” Yeah we know you won’t..” Perkins scoff and click her tongue.
” Carol , come on be free..” I persists.
” Okay fine…”
” Please don’t say Mitch.” I said and she scoff.
” I don’t know..” she said and we scoff.
” What about you Gold ?”
” Keanu Reeves…”
” Why John wick ?” Carol asks.
” None of your business..” Perkins said and I Chuckle biting my finger.
” He’s kinda perfect and mature.” I replied her curiosity. She bulge her eyes and smirk.
” So when will you be truthful Carol ?” Goodness , for once Perkins called her Carol and not Caroline. I heave a sigh of relief and smiled.
” I’m truthful. I just don’t like stuffs like that . Like I said , my mother….”
” Is a virgin too huh ?” Perkins fired.
I kept quiet and stare at them . Arguements loading..
” Do I really have to be free with my body like you ? I just don’t do it…”
” Oh my God…” Perkins scream and touched her chest.
” My brows , I can’t feel my brows.” She continued screaming and touched her brows.
” What happened to your brows ?” Carol and I ask at once.
” ****… I can’t feel my brows..” Perkins said touching her brows.
” Jesus , dude your brows are intact.” I said still surprised. I really don’t know what she’s trying to do.
” No… Caroline has finally removed everything with her boring lies. You’ve shaved my brows with your lies.” She snap and scoff.
Carol and I exchange glances and avert it back to Perkins.
” Are you s***ting me ?” I ask. Carol Chuckle and brought out a textbook.
” She’s pathetic.” Carol says and I nod.
” Whatever..”
” You sound more like Aria.” Carol says.
” Who the **** is that ?”
” The girl in the story KISSES. She’s quite better anyways.” Carol says and I Chuckle.
” The **** , I hate that story.”
” Why ?” I ask.
” Too annoying and filled with emotional s***. The protagonist sucks too.” Perkins said.
” You’re the one who sucks.” Carol said and I chuckle.
” Yeah right. Dumbass.” I stand up and find my way to get water.
Thank God for that game , I totally forgot I had a fight with Jason douchebag. I poured water into a glass and sat down to drink. The kitchen’s messed up , all thanks to Perkins , so lazy.
” Perkins …” I shouted her name.
” Now what ?”
” You’ve got chores to do. Get your ass down here.” She scoff and yawn loudly.
” I’m high , I just need a nap.” She mutter and I scoff. She reminds me of Emily’s lazy attitude. The remembrance of Emily made me despise Jason dumbass i fought with.
I turn on the tap and resume washing the dishes.
” We’re partying tonight..” I heard Perkins say.
” Jason , what’s up with you ?” He ask for the third time.
A common girl stand up to my face and insulted me. She’s so annoying and pretty too.
” I met a girl..” i tell him.
” And you like her ?” I scoff to his question and smirk.
” I like her body but she insulted me.”
” That’s funny , how ?” Jake asks.
” She spilled my ordered wine on me and even called me a b******.”
” I want her…” I said.
” What makes you think you can get her ?” I Chuckle and smirk.
” I always get what I want. It’s more like a fetish or let’s call it logic.”
” So , you wanna date her ?” Jake ask.
” The **** !  I want her in my bed and I’m gonna get her to moan my name.”
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” Let’s make a bet on that.” Jake suggest and I chuckle. A bet on a crazy mean girl. She’s so annoying but pretty and well made.
” I’m on it.”
To be continued

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