Devil in red episode 11

Devil In Red – Episode 11
© Goddy Francis
” Stop cheating Mitch…” Allison whine.
” I’m not…” I said and cover my cards.
She gigles and try to spy on my cards.
” Damn it , you’re the one cheating..” I scoff and flick her nose.
She scream and tried to swat my arm.
” Mitchel…” I heard my dad’s voice.
I scoff and Allison pouts.
” Is it my fault you’re unfortunate ?” He fires.
” What ?”
” Why are you texting Tionna ? She even sent you her nudes ?” Dad spits really horrified.
Allison facepalm herself and glance at me.
” She likes me.” I say.
” What is wrong with you ? You’re aware i gave her my ring.”
” Just stop , I don’t ****in care if you gave her a ring , I don’t even care about her. Just take your so called fianceè and get the **** out of my house..” I yell.
” Mitch..” Allison coo holding my arm. I snatch my hand from her grip and look away.
” Dad , I’ll talk to him myself. Just go home and talk to Tionna. She’s not who you think she is.”
” Tionna has nothing to do with this. Talk to this prostitute you called a brother. Let him leave Tionna alone. My next visit will be really bad.” He stops ranting and storm out.
” Don’t even say it.” I snap at Allison.
” Mitch , why ?” She ask. I shake my head and sat down.
” Look , I don’t really like Tionna too. She’s a prostitute and i ****in hate her. But it’s really crazy if you keep on sleeping with her , I don’t like it.” I scoff to her speech and sigh.
” Mitchel , you can get a girlfriend.”
” **** , I don’t even need a girlfriend. I’ve had to much s*** going on in my head and a woman isn’t among it . I’m just messing with her.”
” Mess with someone else. Jesus that b**** sucks.” She say and walk out.
I scoff and roll my eyes. My life’s been a mess lately. I lean my head against the chair and close my eyes to think.
I sat in School’s Library with my earbuds stuck tight in my ear. School suck , the stress and class , it was totally stressful.
” Golden…”
” Perkins…” I said and removed my earbuds.
” You’re okay ?” She ask.
I nod and grin.
” One for you..” she says pushing a cup of coffee to me.
” Thanks ..” I tell her.
” How’s class ?” She asks.
” Class was terrible , what about yours ?” She ask .
” Nice.”
” Any crush yet ?” She asks and winks.
” **** me.. no way. I’m not really ready for relationship and I’m ****in serious.”
” And max ?” She ask with a smug grin.
” Perkins , he’s just a nice person.”
” Nice is another word for like.” She wink and gigles.
” Okay , max is totally cool and i like him. But we can’t be together. I’m really not in the mood for relationship , I’ve been through a lot of s***.”
” Emotional s*** ?” She ask and I shake my head.
” Nah , I really don’t want to talk about it.” I sigh and look up at Perkins who’s already emotional. I chuckle to her look and she smiled.
” You will follow me to Hollywood’s.” She says and slurp on her coffee.
” Hollywood ?” I ask her and furrow my brows.
” Hollywood acting class. It’s an acting class and most active and smart actress are nominated for a movie featuring top artists.” She says and I smiled broadly.
” Hey girls..” Carol said sitting down.
” Hi Carol .” I said.
” Where are you coming from ?” Perkins ask.
” I was with Brad.” She replies.
” Your boyfriend ?” I ask and grin.
” Yeah..” Carol replies.
” And he kissed you ?” Perkins ask smirking at Carol. I Chuckle silently and seal my mouth. War is about to unravel.
” Perkins , I know where you’re driving at. Okay , Brad and I usually kiss but we don’t make out.” She says slamming a textbook on the table.
” You guys usually kiss but don’t make out ?” I ask and she nods.
” Damn me , can you see what I’m talking about ?” Perkins ask and I Chuckle.
” Yeah I can see it. Trust me , leave Carol alone.” I smile at Perkins and I just drank my coffee.
” She sucks. Dirty liar..” Perkins whisper pointing out her middle finger.
Carol scoff and I chuckle.
” What are you wearing for the party ? Freshman ?” Perkins ask.
” I really don’t know.” I admit.
” I’m taking you to Beverly , her clothes her hot. If Max sees you with that , he would love to lick you all over.” Perkins tease and i Chuckle.
” You like max ?” Carol ask.
” No , we are just friends.” I reply and roll my eyes.
” Really ? He’s totally cool.” Carol said.
” I didn’t say he isn’t. I’m not just ready for a relationship.”
” Did you tell her about Jason ?”
” Who the **** is Jason ?” I ask.
” A cute redhead guy who always visits THE SPOT. The dude’s cute.” Perkins emphasize.
” Damn , I really don’t like people with red hair.” I admit.
” But why ?” Carol ask. I can’t just tell them a redhead guy slept with my sister and got her pregnant and finally convinced her to get rid of her child.
” It’s nothing.” I lied.
” Okay. But you can’t just hate people because of the color of their hair . Naturally redheads are cute.” Carol said and i scoff.
” I really wanna **** one.” Perkins says and that made Carol scoff. Issues like this always make them argue.
” Can you stop ?” Carol said.
” Stop what ? **** you , you know I don’t give a **** about you. It will be fun to watch brad dump you for Veronica. It’s gonna be fun.” Perkins scoff.
” Perkins that wasn’t cool.” I said. Carol frown and bit her lips.
” What makes you think Brad doesn’t cheat ?” Perkins ask and I annoyingly swat her hand with Carol’s textbook.
” That’s enough. They love each other. There’s nothing wrong with a bad boy falling in love with a nerd. I’m sorry Carol if i actually called you a nerd, I’m just trying to explain.” I pout and smiled at Carol.
” It’s okay. We’ve been friends since last year and I’m used to her hate speech. It’s because she has never witnessed true love. I just don’t blame her.” Carol says and I nod slowly. Yeah that was touching.
Perkins tilts her head and scoff . I love her , she don’t easily get pained.
” What’s up with your acting class ?” Carol ask.
” Great. Allison Cooper is taking the leadrole for her next movie. And I just want a role on that movie.”
” Okay..” Carol says and opened her textbook.
I sigh and continued writing while Perkins lend my phone and I continued what i was doing. That day passed and we got out of school’s library and drove home. I saw max. He smiled at me and i just wave before walking out.
” Max likes you.” Perkins tease slamming the door close.
I roll my eyes and walk to my room.
” You wanna watch a movie ?” Perkins shouted from her room.
” Yeah , but not romance.” I shouted back.
” I know you hate love.” She shouted and i just smirk.
She is ****in right.
” Quickly shower , we are taking a stroll to watch this movie.” I nod to an invisible someone.
I quickly shower and sat down staring at my reflection. Most times I really wanna try love again. Especially when I’m not around my house. Max is cool, but I’m not really ready to date him , maybe because I’m not willing to date and because of Emily’s mistake.
I sigh and wrap my braids up. Maybe I just need to get laid too.
” Don’t even dare.” My subconsciousness scolded.
I scoff at my thoughts and got dressed. Perkins is an outing freak. She loves parties and yeah boys too. One thing i love about her is that she don’t fake a thing. Carol is cool too , she is just her. I walk out of my room as Perkins drag me downstairs.
The drive was long and interesting cause Perkins was busy rapping to a song. Headache !! She halt outside a theater and bought popcorns and tickets. We took our seats and talk about ourselves. Before the movie started , I already down my popcorn including Perkins.
” The **** I hate popcorns.” Perkins said and I laugh.
The movie started and thank God it wasn’t romance. It’s a normal action movie. I laugh to some funny scenes and it was totally dope. The movie ended and we drove back to THE SPOT.
” I just need a vodka.” Perkins said to Max.
” On it miss.” He chuckle and walk out.
We sat down as max return with the drink and hand it over to Perkins.
” What about you Gold ?” He ask.
” Thanks , I’m good.”
” Okay..” he winks and walk out.
” This s*** is no longer chemistry , it’s physics.” Perkins tease and i scoff.
” Hi guys..” I heard Carol’s voice.
” Caroline.”
” Perkins , not now.”
” You should be with brad. Your pope boyfriend.” I tilt my head and Chuckle silently.
” I don’t care what you wanna say. I just need a drink… Hey Tania coffee please…” Carol wave at Tania and she nods.
” I don’t like her.” I said to referring to Tania.
” Same as max. Her attitude sucks.” Perkins scoff and I Chuckle.
” She’s totally cool. Not bad actually.” Carol adds and we scoff in unison. Tania returned with a cup of coffee and hand it to carol.
” I think Max likes you. He’s been staring at you like forever.” Carol whisper.
I dart my view to his counter and he just look away. Why is he so cute ? My cheeks flushed and I just sigh.
” He’s not a redhead.”
” I know. If he was , trust me I won’t give a ****.” I admit and they scoff to my speech. Like i was just ranting.
” Well redhaireds are hot , especially this one.” Perkins whisper and avert her looks to a corner.
A redhead just walk in. He has a tattoo on his lower arm and he is wearing a black hoodie.
” Oh my God…” Carol squeal.
” Is that ?….”
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” Yeah right….”
” What ! I’m about to freak out and go wild. Is that……?”
To be continued

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