Depression batch 3

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 9
“You enjoyed this right?” Just then i stood up
“I guess its time to go”
“Answer me”
“Look this was totally a mistake and i am sorry..but please keep this between us”
“You mean you want to hide what we share to the world?”
“Never!!.. After this??..”
“After what!!..i never forced you”
“Oh yes you did, and i can frame you for that you know right?”
“Okay okay what do you want?”
“Let’s get married!”
“What??.. Please stop joking around”
“Yes..let’s get married.. I promise to make you a more popular barrister”
I thought about it for a moment
“Okay..can you go now?I’ll think about it”
“Better be fast in thinking unless you will be locked up in jail for rape!” She bkuntly said planting a kiss on me and left
“God..why me? Why now?”
I was lost in thought when i heard a car engine coming inside the compound..i peeped and saw it was mum
“Haaa!!Why is she here?” By then my house was neat
I heard a knock at the door, went downstairs and opened
“Haaa!! Mummy welcome”
“My small man is already a grown plant oo”
“Haha mum come in” she came in we were at the living room later and she kept on staring at me
“My tall and handsome”
“Mum its are you”
“Am fine oo”
“How about dad?”
“Leave that matter for Mathias”
“Mummy talk na..Its been long i saw daddy”
“Why didn’t you come home since you miss him ehn”
“Haha okay let me get you something to drink” i was about going when mum called me back
“Darl come first” i came
“Where is my daughter-in-law to be?”
Just then i remembered Bianca’s words
“Mum let it slide joor”
“Nooo.. I want my grandchildren now oo..unless you want me to die”
“No you won’t”
“Oya do something”
“I will..don’t worry” i stood up to leave
On getting to the kitchen i saw Queeneth’s phone on the chopping board
“Why this girl dy do like this?” I said to myself
“She’s planning on coming back??”One mind said
“Abeg just go throway the phone” the other one said
“Darlington oo since!”
(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 10
Mum called from a distance
“Am coming ma” i smiled coming out of the kitchen
“What took you so long?”
“So have you gotten someone you’re interested in?”
“Uhmm i guess so”
“Haa..chìneke thanks sir” mum raised her hands in the air praising God
“See this woman? She know the kind pafuka u dy?” The first mind said
“Darlington i need to meet her”
“Mum i didn’t say i have gotten..i was under probation”
“I don’t care..bring her tomorrow!”
“No mum..her birthday is coming up and she’s preparing for it”
“Are you going?”
“I don’t think so”
“In fact you’re going”
“Ehnn??? Yes”
I just stared at her..
It was 11:24pm at night when Bianca call came in
“Hello” she said
“Hi Bianca”
“I called to let you know if you’ve thought about our engagement”
“Am still thinking of it”
“Why are you talking to me so dull..don’t you love me?”
“Bianca okay let’s get married but the marriage is under don’t Mendel in my life and u don’t in yours?deal?”
“I need both your body, heart and soul”
“God!! Goodnight”
“Don’t you dare hang up on me!”
“What do you want to say then?”
“Please come at my birthday need to make an announcement, you’re getting married to me..and don’t forget to bring a ring along”
“Yes ma”
“I swear if you don’t do it..i must destroy your image.. Blogs will carry it that the popular barrister raped the Senator’s daughter Bianca..”
“Yes! And i think you won’t like such right?”
“Don’t do it please!”
“I know you didn’t rape me but i need to be called a Mrs.. Is it too much to ask?”
“Its not”
“Okay am really anticipating for your kneels to go down begging me to marry you..don’t you think its magical?” She laughed
Then the call ended
“Haa!! Bianca will not kill me..just ordinary s3x led to all this mess!” I said to myself
I paused for a while and looked at Queeneth’s phone which i left on top if the table
“This one sef”
Then an idea popped up;
“Faking the engagement
Episode 11
By morning, mum came to my room and asked for 200K for shopping…with sleepy eyes i took 250K and handed over to her..she was excited and overwhelmed with joy..
“O my God bless you Darl”
“Mum please just go”
“Hana!! See your eyes” she laughed
“Mum i need rest oo”
“Okay okay” then she left, just then i heard Bianca’s words rang into my ears, i jumped up in confusion
“God.. Must i marry this girl?”
My phone rang almost immediately..i picked
“Hi this is Queene-”
“Look i don’t have such time again..if it’s money you need just send your account number!” I fired
“You didn’t even allow me talk”
“What are you even talking sef..if not s3x, s3x, s3x.. Abeg free me!” I yelled
“I am pregnant!”
“Jokes right?”
“It’s no joke.. I am with your child”
“It can’t be’s not been long we had s3x at the office..that’s not my child!”
“It’s yours!.. Am coming over please”
“Let me not see you here!”
“Why?? After the enjoyment?”
“What enjoyed it too so stop acting as if i benefited more”
“So what do you want me to do?!..i told you to flush that stuff but did you listen?now you’re telling me am pregnant!”
“I just wan-t”
“Talk na!”
“Let’s get culture forbids getting pregnant under your parent’s roof..please don’t bring shame to my mum especially..the villagers will hate her!” She cried
“Oh my God!” I was fuming in anger
“I will think about it!..but how did you call me and contacted me?”
“I am your secretary remember? And i misplaced my phone, i used a friend’s phone to call”
“Okay then..later!”
The call ended
“God what a mess!.. Will mum ever forgive me?!..will Bianca understand? about my reputation..i am about to get married to two different women!” I said to myself
“Queeneth is carrying your child.. Just get married to her!” The first mind said
“But it might not be yours oo” the second one said
“How about Bianca?.. How about your good reputation and fame?” The second mind said
(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 12
“I guess this won’t work out between I and Queeneth” i said to myself
“I need to be popular and i don’t need gold diggers like Queeneth ruining it for me”
About 3 hours later when i was preparing to go to the shopping mall to get a nice outfit and a ring for the upcoming birthday party, i got there and went straight to the cashier’s table.. She welcomed me well..she was beautiful and was a description of “She carry am”.. She was fully endowed with a set of white tooth..i guess she was interested in me too..i was ready to shoot my shots but i remembered how reserved i should be..i shouldn’t let me guard down
” Hi uhmm am here to pick a ring for my fiancée” her face melted immediately
“Hello.. We have beautiful made rings just for you!”
“Okay..” I looked on top of the table and saw lots of admiring rings..I picked one worth of 10million
“Why i picked it was because of the press, bloggers..i don’t wanna to give the senator’s daughter a cheap ring at least”
The lady looked at me once more and smiled seductively..i understood the language, i asked her for the account number which i will need to transfer the money.. She gave me and i transferred it..she gave me a receipt with a little paper under the receipt.. I walked through the door and got into my car
It read;
“Call me by 11pm..08154378***…i admire your gentleness”
I just laughed
Then i drove off,On getting to my house i saw Queeneth and mum discussing..Queeneth’s eyes were red and mum held her hands as they sat in the living room
“What are you doing here?I told you not to come here!” She quickly wiped her tears
“Darlington please understand”
“Understand what that you are here crying to my mum?!”
“Darlington you must marry her,you got her pregnant!” Mum fired
“But mummy”
“Don’t mummy me..Just prepare to take her to the alter!!” Mum said leaving the living room in anger
“Gosh!! Please just go!”
Queeneth stared at me with tears molded up in her eyes

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