Darkness episode 2

Episode 2
she didn’t act like a car was in front of her. I honked but was still met by the blank stare of the very beautiful lady. I got down from the car and approached her. The closer I got, the more I realised that I had underrated her beauty.
“Excuse me, Miss., Why are you standing here all by yourself with that nasty bruise. you should get it treated.
“Leave me alone”, came the abrupt reply.
“Are you waiting for someone?”
“Leave me alone. I am fine by myself”.
I would have walked away there and then. But I wasn’t just staying because I thought she needed help, I was wanted to help her because I already started imagining how it would feel to hold her in my arms. She sure was a good replacement for Shade.
“What is our name?” I asked.
“None of your business”.
“Can I take you to the hospital?”
She ignored my question and instead crossed to the other side of the road. I followed suit.
“Were you attacked?”
“Is it any of you business?” she replied.
I ignored the anger in her voice and pressed on.
“Who hit you?”
She wanted to scream at me with her hands already raised up, but the action must have ruptured the fibrin forming a thing layer over the bruise on her brow. Red droplets blood started dripping down her face.
“Stop being strong headed and let me take you to a hospital”.
“Do you have a handkerchief?” she asked, trying to stop the flow of blood.
“Yes, but its in my car”
She crossed the road for the second time without regards for me. I was surprised when she went to the passengers corner of my car.i quickly opened the door and she settled in.
“If I let you take me to the hospital, promise me you wouldn’t continue with you questions?”
“I promise”
I handed her the scented handkerchief that Shade usually kept in my car.
“What is your name?”
“I thought you promised not to ask me any question?”
I apologised and decided to just drop her off at a clinic in Ijokodo, close to the Polytechnic.
She had a short green gown on. her laps were exposed and I couldn’t keep my eyes completely off it. her well structured kneecaps also needed to be admired. her entire leg was fair and spotless.
“Why did you insist on helping me?” she asked, turning to face me with equally enchanting eyes.
“Because I saw you were hurt and couldn’t just leave like that”.
“You are a good Samaritan then?”
“Call me a good Ibadanite”.
She smiled and I could swear that was how angels must look when they smile.
“You are funny”.
I wish Shade could hear this amazing girl tell me that I was funny. F–k you hoe!
“This is not the first time he hit me, but I swear it is going to be the last”.
The words were accompanied by tears.
“Who hit you?” I asked.
“My husband”.
That dampened my mood a bit. it meant she could not replace Shade. but she would still serve her purpose.
“I didn’t know you were married”.
“I am. I am married to a demonic man”.
he decided to tell me how they met and how he was the sweetest man on earth until few weeks ago when he started exposing his bad temper and need to hit her as a sign of authority.
We had gotten to a clinic and although I still had every intention of straffing her, I felt she needed more space to sort out her emotions.
“You can go into the clinic and get yourself taken care of. Let me get your number so I can check on you l
she used her hands to clean her tears.
” I thought you said you wouldn’t leave me?”
I was surprised by those words, didn’t know what else I could do to an injured and abused married woman.
“How else can help you?” I put my hand on her lap, encouragingly, she didn’t react to it.
“I want to pack my things away from his house now that I can, I don’t want to be around when he gets back from Ghana”.
“When will he be back?”
“On sunday”.
It was a Friday and I felt that she could still leave his house on Saturday, but if she wanted to leave immediately, there was every possibility that my house could be a stop over.
“Where would you be going to?” I asked.
“I would go to Iwo road and get a bus to Lagos. I have a couple of friends there”.
I was disappointed.
To be continued

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