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Crazy wife episode 8-9

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Crazy wife episode 8-9 by : 6:07 pm On May 7, 2021
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Crazy wife
Chapter Eight
“I’m sorry..I sort of got stuck in traffic”
“I wanted to call but I discovered I didn’t have your number!”Barry said and we chuckled.
“How was it?”he asked
“Nice..I only got tired of sitting down”I said to him moving to the dinning where he sat
“Okay then..I just started eating,Let me bring yours for you”
“Thanks..I’m starving”I said with a smile. He stared at me for some while before standing up
Maybe he was wondering why I was behaving a bit nice
He brought my food and placed it right in front of me with a juice.
“Enjoy!”he said with a wink and I smile again
We both started eating in silence and what ran through my mind was what Beauty said at the program. If she could make it work with Toland. I could make it work with Barry. Although o don’t like him and I’m not changing my mind on getting a divorce cause of what Beauty said, but I have promised to play nice till we divorce,maybe that will clear the fridge Barry and I have for each other.
“So what do you learn at the program”Barry asked
Thank God he spoke up, I was thinking of how to break this awkward silence
“A lot..I really learnt a lot”
“Okay share some”
“It’s not something I really wanna share with you”
“I’m just not I’m the position to talk about it to you”
“Hmm. Okay. Anyway the lawyer who has been preparing our divorce is coming over tomorrow to ask you some questions”
“Okay that’s fine ”
“Just express yourself that’s all”
“Sure I will”I said and aye my last spoon. Barry took my plate and joined it with his and stood up
“Huh?you need something?”
“No..I.”I stood up from the chair and took the plates in his hands
“I’ll take this to the kitchen myself”I said. He gaped and I chuckled inside of me
“Excuse me..”I said as he cleared the way for me to pass.
I move to the kitchen and put the plate in the zinc. I took some sponge and soap as I switch on the tap and started washing.
I rinsed them and when I was done I used a napkin to clean my hand.I turn to go and see Barry at the footstep of the kitchen staring at me
I raised my brows at him asking him what
“Why did you do that?”he asked
“Do what”
“Pack the plates”
“Cause..I want to do it”
“Really..is that a reason?”
“Look Barry..we are getting a divorce and it won’t be nice if I continue being rude to you. I’ve decided to be nice till we get a divorce and maybe this is one of my nice attitude”I said. He stared with shock and chuckled
“Are you serious you don’t wanna be rude to me again?”he asked
I nod “Yes..we are friends till we get a divorce”
“Aww. ‘That’s nice of you anyway..I’ll be relieved of your shout”he said and I laugh
“I don’t really shout..I only give you straight faces”
“You do shout!”
“‘That’s when you get on my nerves.”
” I always get on your nerves”
“Thanks for being nice anyway”
“It’s my pleasure”
“Wanna watch movie with me?”he said walking to the sitting room as I followed him behind
“Teen Wolf!”I screamed
“Nah..Big bangs theory”
“You watch that all the time..”
“How do you know that?”
“You know…I watch you watch”
“Lol..you’ve been spying on me?”
“Not really?”
“Okay then..Teen wolf”he said and I jump up on the chair
“Even if I’m not a teen!”he said and we laughed
“Don’t worry Barry..I promise you’ll enjoy it”
“And if I don’t?”
“I’ll tell mum about our divorce”
“Oh my..I love that”
“It isn’t gonna happen..you must watvh the movie..I’ll tell you the details”
“Okay put it already..”he said and put on a wide smile
Crazy wife
Chapter Nine
Barry’s POV
“She’s playing nice? She’s not being rude. I still find it hard to believe”
“Me too”Jennifer said taking a cup of tea from her own desk
“Well..let me say..this is a new turn for you guys”
“What do you mean?”
“You two can get to fall in love with each other and..”
I stared at her and she caught my gaze and shut up.
“I’m sorry”she apologized
“Let me make things clear to you Jennifer, I am not in Love with Violet. Do you know what Victor told me before giving up the ghost? He said ‘my parents are the worse Violet and I can ever have, please take care of Violet for me, do everything you can to keep her safe, show her love, protect her’ and thats what I’m doing to Violet now, I’m taking her as my younger sister. ‘That’s all, I am not in love with her and would never fall in love with her, because I’m in love with someone else”
“That’s all you say all the time..in love with someone else..at least tell us who she is..you just keep ranting about this nobody you call lover..”Jennifer stomped out of her seat and left the office. I sigh
Oh. I wish she knew. I wish she knew she was that girl that made me crazy. I wish she knew just seeing her everyday gives me joy. I wish she knew she was that lover I’ve been talking about all along. I wish she knew I made her purposely break up with her boyfriend to get close to her. I wish she knew that I might be married to Violet by law ,but married to her by heart, I wish she knew she’s the only reason I’m still in my father’s company.
I wish Jennifer knew that I was in love with her.
I closed my laptop and carried her bag as I walk out of the office too
“Hey?”I called after her as she walked to the parking lot
“Leave me alone Barry”
“No..I’m not..look just listen to me”
“We are good friends, we’ve been good friends all along, me, you and victor, now I’m the only one left for you now..and you can’t tell me little things. ”
“It’s not little Jenny it’s something I’ll still tell you..”
“Is she someone I know?”
“Yes!Yes!and that’s why I’m not telling you anything..at least not now..I’ll tell you about her later”
“I don’t know”
“Just hint me”
“Her name starts from letter J”I said
“Oh my God.. Jasmine”
“Are you serious?”she shouted
“Okay shut up now!”
“Oh my..oh.ii.. Jasmine”
“That’s why I didn’t tell you”I said moving to my car
“Hint me more Barry. When did you start liking her?”
Oh no!
“Jennifer get into the car and shut up”.
“Tell me Barry. Does she knows about this?”
“Victor is the only person that..”
“Victor even knows?You’ve been crushing in her for long?”
“Listen Jenny..”
“Oh..oh..that’s why you refused to come to the canteen that day. She was on duty”
“No! I was having an headache”
“Love headache you mean?”
“Oh shut up Jennifer!”I screamed and increased the volume of the radio to the loudest,at least that’s what Violet would do if I was upsetting her. Now Jennifer is crazy now.
She’s still even talking.
Whatever she wants she should say..I should not have hinted her at all
Jennifer only stopped talking when my lawyer entered the car.
At least silence dwelt in the car after that. She looked out the window for the rest of the journey.
“Violet?”I called as Jennifer and the lawyer followed me behind as we all entered the house together
“Coming?”Violet said rushing downstairs
“Hi”she greeted us all
“The lawyer!”I pointed to her
“Oh. Come in”she said and offered him a seat which he took.
“Miss Violet right!”he asked
“Yeah”she nodded as Jennifer and I take a seat
“Why do you want a divorce?”The lawyer asked me the first question
Hmmn. Why?
“Because i was forced into this marriage!”
“Another reason?”
“Because I’m too young to take marital responsibilities”
“. And last reason?”
“Because I’ve been married to someone who’s far older than me..more or less like an abuse”
“Okay..nice one..Any firm if assault from your partner?”
“Okay describe your partner in 3 words..”
“Caring..mature and straight forward”
“Hmmn..do you have public pressure?”
“Yeah..mostly at school”
“Any lesson you’ll like your parent to learn at court”
“Unprepared and arranged marriage is the worse they should offer to their children,especially young and immature ones like me”
“Reasons for the arrange marriage?”
“Business partnership!”
“Any threat from your partner?’
“Your partner is perfectly fine with this marriage?”
“No..”Barry answered this time around
“Same reason..arranged and unprepared marriage”
“Any threat from your partner?”.
“Suicide attempt?”
“Hadn’t led to that”
“Okay..both partners are perfectly okay then….but not comfortable with each other’s presence”
“Yeeess”we both chorused
“..and the inability of the wife to handle natural responsibilities”
“Yeeess”we chorused again
“All next procedures will be at court and we’ll get back to you for the date..that time both parents will be present”
“That’s fine by us”Barry said and the lawyer stood to his feet as all of us joined him
“Thank you very much”I said giving him an handshake
“You’re welcome”he replied with a smile and move towards the door as we followed behind to see him off.
“I heard you were a bit sick”Jennifer said to me
“Yeah it was minor but I’m fine now”.
“Oh. That’s good then!”
“What would you like to take?”I asked her.
“Water is fine!”she said and I moved to the kitchen and took a bottled water along with a cup and placed them on a tray. I walk out if the kitchen to the sitting room to see Jennifer whispering something into Barry’s ear and he was laughing uncontrollably. He had always laugh to anything she says, either on phone or real. Where they Really best friends or…He also whispered something into get ear and she giggled
Something tells me the tray I’m carrying is about to fall!

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