Crazy wife episode 4-5

Crazy wife
Chapter Four
I got home as happy as hell.
It was me alone in the house. No Barry No Barrier
That rhymes
I jump on my bed and close my eyes to dream about the kiss Blake would give me
It’s gonna be so marvelous
I pick up my phone and start typing somethings
The party arrangement gotta start.
It was this night or never.
Blake was gonna be mine.What clothes should I put on?
At 9:00 sharp the next day I flew my door opened and the music from inside burst out of the whole premises. It was loud enough for a very hot party.
People has started arriving and I was surprised I saw more people that expected.
Looks like i got popular.
Well it’s nice they would all see that my marriage is all a fake
When Ella comes in I jumped at her. She was looking hot and sexy
“Wow where did you get this from!”
“I went shopping..I heard Shane is gonna be here”she said. I giggled
“Bad girl..ready to impress hun?”
She nod with a wide smile
We move to a corner and start talking not until I sight Blake
“He’s here”I said to her as I move to go
“Come on. Stay right here and behave like a.lady.. he’ll Come don’t worry!” She said and I stayed back with her talking about unnecessary things
“He’s not coming!”I said to her as i saw him shaking some people
“Chill Violet..”she pat my chest
Just immediately, my eyes met his and he stared into them without taking them away. I stared deeply too at those perfect eyes of his.
He move to his friends and took something like an excuse from them even while his gaze was still on me. He comes forward as we both stared as he walks toward me
“Hi”he said
“..h..hi”I managed
He lick the downward part of his lips
“You look stunning!”he commented
“All for you!”I said without thinking
He chuckled and moves very close to me. I felt his heat and I swallowed. He holds my hip and slide his hands down my butts and cup them in his palm pulling me close
“I like them soft!”he whispered in my ears and it tingles down my veins. He squeezed my butt in his palm and I bit my lip to prevent the moan that is about to escape. He comes closer not leaving any space between us and the heat from his trouser comes into mine as both of our private collides.
Geez..Blake is insanely making me hot
He put his mouth on my collarbone and kisses it then he went up to my neck planting soft kisses too
“Blake..”I tried to talk “Blake..”I tried again, then Pushed him softly
“We have all the whole night!”I didn’t believe I said that to him
“So please let join the party first”I said
“Oh..”he chuckle “sure..we have all the whole night!”he said repeating what I said
He put his hands in mine and we headed to where everyone gathered at the sitting room
“Who is in for truth or dare?”A guy shouted and everyone screamed
“Truth!”I say when the ninth bottle rolled towards me
“Well, just tell us a few things about your marriage!”the boy said and all my school and class mates stare at me
This was my opportunity. The only chance I have to tell them the marriage wasn’t my free will. They wouldn’t make jest of me in class again.
“Well..”I started “Firstly from the look of things, you can see I am hosting a party at my husband’s clear evidence I am not afraid of the fucking asshole”
They all laughed
“This marriage is just arranged and we are gonna be getting a divorce soon. He had never touched me and I have never touched him too”
“So you mean if your husband meets us all in here..there isn’t going to be any problem?”the boy ask
“Nah nah..He’s not gonna say a damn thing because I rule the house”
They all cheered and clapped. I was happy with my self. So satisfied. My eyes met Blake and he gave me a wink. I blushed red hot
He makes me wanna drag him and push my tongue in his. I was making a lot of steps on getting him before this fake marriage happened.
But Thank God it happened or Blake wouldn’t have recognized me.
He signalled something to me and he stand up. I stood up too and followed him
“You called me?”I asked
“Yeah. I mean while the party is going on could you show me around”he said
Show him around?Why?Does this look like my house?Is he coming for holiday
“Sure I’ll show you around”I find myself say. Shit!I just keep giving in to whatever he says.
He put his hands in mine and Christ it feels like heaven. His touch alone makes me wanna scream. I wish he was my husband instead. Not a 27year old boring boy…man!
“This is the kitchen…”
“Can you show me Barry’s room?”he asked. I stiff
Why?What the hell?I have never even bern to Barry’s room
“Eerhm.. why?”I asked
“Well..nothing..if you are scared he will complain then..don’t worry then..”
“’s.okay..and I said earlier..I rule the house!”I said and we smiled as I led him upstairs
I hope Barry won’t be annoyed.
What the hell? He won’t even know!
I opened the door slowly as Blake and I entered into the big room.
Hmmn. How neat!
So tidied. Good Barry
Blake gently closed the door behind him and looked around
“So..see..this is the Barry’s room you want to see!”
“Wow..nice room for a guy”
“Yeah thanks..can we go now”
“I mean..we just came”
“Oh..I was just thinking it’s gonna be weird staying in Barry’s room. You know we could go to my room”I said rolling my hair with my finger staring at him as flirty as I could
He smirk and i blush
He moves close to me and my heart raced. Oh Blake stop making me this hot
“We could do anything we want to do in your room here also..”he said softly
“”I asked softly too
“Cuddles…kisses…I like them soft..”he said softly and it pierced into my heart
Awwn. So sweet!
“I’ve always dreamt of those things with you too Blake..”
“Now is the time to make your dream true”
I move closer to him this time around leaving no gap
“I’m All yours..”I made sure my breast rubbed his chest. He puts his hands round my waist as we both stared deeply into each other’s eyes.
His lip was coming closer and I could not wait. I closed my eyes and I could feel the heat coming from his mouth and the smell of wine. this was what I’ve dreamt off
“I’m sorry?”I heard him saw and I flew my eyes open
“Hun?”I asked
“I’m sorry..i can’t do this?”
“Why..why can’t you..d.”
“I have something to tell you..”he said
I stiff
“You have..”
“Yes..I..I don’t know how to say it..”
“Just say it Blake..”
“ in love with you…”he said not taking his eyes off me
I chuckled
“I am too..I mean..that’s very nice to’s great..we both..I..”
“But what…?”
“Eerhm..before I fell a bet with my friends..”
“You bet on me?”I shouted
“Calm down Violet!”he whispered “I love you okay.. but my friends asked me to fulfil what they dared me to do..or they might make life a living hell for you..and I don’t want that”
“ made a bet with your friends to do something with me”
“Yeah..that was before I fell for you”
“That’s insane..”
“I know..but not again..I just want to shove them we could continue with our life”
“Please Violet..”
Arrrgh. Look at those lips of his. So cute
“Okay what do they want you to do?”
“It’s simple..they only want your panty”
“Chill..let me explain..the want to see you panty wet with pussy juice..that’s all”
“My panty wet with pussy juice.?well that’s not possible now..cause I wash all my panties..”
“I know..I mean..we can give them the one you’re wearing!”
“No..I’s not wet..”
“I can make it wet..”he said softly
“Do you love me?”
“Of course Blake..sincerely ”
“Then trust me and just stare at me in the eye”
“Those eyes of yours is what I always stare at”
“Then continue doing that”
“Trust me..I promise not to hurt you..”
“I trust you Blake”
“Thanks”he sigh and smile.
(For matured minds only..others skip)
He puts his two hand on my waist as I stare deeply at him..not taking my eyes off..he was the only one I loved..and now he loves me too..after Barry and I divorce I can’t wait to show him to my parents. I don’t care if we could get married and be the youngest couple. He gently skip his hand under my blouse and I shiver. His touch on my bare skin is something else..he moves upward and upward as he starts unhooking my bra hook. Gently I feel loosed as the bra relived me. I was stunned when he pull the hands of my bra away and shove them downwards. I closed my eyes. Oh Blake. Suddenly his thumb touched my nipple
“Aahn!”a slight moan escape from my lips as I bent my head backwards. He carresed my nipple and cupped my breast in his palm. I could feel myself starting to sweat
Like he didn’t have enough. He pulled my blouse off my body and I was half naked in front of him. He replaced his thumb with his mouth as he sucked the tip of my nipple. I moan loudly and push my hard backwards. He painted kisses all over my body and use his tongue to lick my earlobe. Oh my weak point.
I immediately became a bit wet.
“Wet yet?”he whispered in my ears
“”I moan
I Wanted more..
He pull my skirt gently and pull it off as he made way to caress my lap. Downward he started and moved upward to my pant
“Blaaake..”I moan louder
He carresed the middle part of my pant and I became more wet and wet and he didn’t stop. I feel him touch my pant and hear him chuckle
“Wet already..?”
“More…please…”I pleaded
He slip his hands into my pant and this time I shouted his name. He made way to my sensitive part and put a finger into it. I gripped his shirt tight and groan in pleasure. He was inside of me. He rubbed his finger gently inside me and I scream again. I feel all my pussy juice ooze out of me to his hands and my panty and I like the fact that he didn’t stop. He put another finger as both finger played inside of me and I moan. He continued and start sucking my breast once more
He was doing two things at a time..I was horny wet..Blake made me wet..
I pull him closer. I couldn’t get enough of him. I dragged his trouser and he groan. I start losing his belt in a hurry. I couldn’t wait feel his skin. I hope this was right. As i pull his belt off and zip him down. He kissed me on the lips and my hand weaken as we settle in for a mind blowing kiss. He kissed me hard and I moan each time. When he slow down I grabbed his trouser once again and slip my hand in it.
He pulled away and I feel his finger out of me
I open my eyes
“What’s wrong?”I asked
“Nothing.. I’re wet already..and that’s all I need”
I bit my lip. So it was all over
(Those who skipped can go on)
“Pull it off!”he said and I pull my pant off for him. Je holds it and check it and a smirk fell on his lip..
“I really made you wet!”
“Yes you did”I didn’t know why I was so happy to say that.
“Nice shave!”I heard him say as he looked at my pubic hair. I used both of my palms to cover it immediately as I felt embarrassed being naked in front of him
“Come on..dont be’s just the two of us..and it’s sealed”he winked at me. I blush
“Get dressed let me give the guys this!”he said and left.
A smile crossed my lip
My school crush Blake and I Making out
In Barry’s room?
In Barry’s room?
What the fuck
I quickly carried my blouse and skirt as I ran out of his room to my room. I really feel guilty for this. I was cheating on my husband.
Husband you say?
We are getting a divorce
It can’t stop me from making out with Blake
Can your guess what she forgot in Barry’s room?
(I might not be able to post tomorrow. Take this)
Barry’s POV
I laugh as Jennifer hiss at my dad.
“He told us we would leave tomorrow. Why did he have to finish the work this night”she fuss
I chuckled “Well at least,we are done now”
“I can’t go home..I mean I told Lesley to stay over with her boyfriend. I was thinking I would be home tomorrow”
“Well no can come stay at my house”I offered
She smiled
” You have a wife”she pointed out
“You mean a younger sister?”
She chuckled
“Stop calling her that”
“It’s just so awkward. I talk to her like I’m talking to Lesley.”
“Well.. you’re still obliged to her”
“We are getting a divorce!”I said. She gasped
“Don’t tell Dad! It’s between Violet and I”
“Are you Seriously asking me. You know we are not happily married. She’s so frustrated infact! She wants all this to end as fast as possible”
“I understand her situation..if I was in her shoes I would do worse..its hard for her”
“Barry!”my dad shouted as he burst out of the conference room
“Go home now, you have a wife, stop talking to the devil that is not married..resist temptation!”my father blurted walking out
“Wha..”Jennifer raised her brow
“Dont take his words Seriously!”I said and held her hands. It looks like she was upset
“Its almost midnight..let’s go” I said and we both went to the parking lot after carefully checking whether my dad had gone
“Your wife loves music?”Jennifer asked
“Call her Violet”
“Oh sorry”she chuckled “Looks like Violet likes music a lot. I mean your house is sounding like a disco club!”
“I’m surprised as well too..the little girl is having fun when I’m not around”
“Lol. Freedom!”she raised her hands up and demonstrated. I chuckled as I drove into the garage
I got down from my car and locked it up
“Barry?”Jennifer called
“Yes?”I answered her and I see her pointing at something. I turned back to look at two teenagers in my garage making out.
What the?
I look back at Jennifer and ran inside.
I was extremely shocked to see a lot of children in my house..
Whatever teenagers..
Jennifer caught up with me as we both stood at the door looking at a party with teens doing dirty stuff.
I walk inside gently as Jennifer hold my hand
“She’s immature..don’t blame her”she whispered at me
“It his my house not hers!”I whispered back
“She doesn’t make it that way..don’t scold her pleeeaase”
“She should have let me know”
“You guys don’t talk!”
“Hey look guys..Violet husband is here!”I heard a boy say and all of them starts murmuring
“Violet puppet you meant..”another boy said and they all laughed
“Are you surprised..”the boy say again “your wife is throwing a party behind your back..of course that’s because you can’t do a thing.. you puppet!”he said and all of them roared in laughter
Violet came running down on the stairs as I turn to look at her. She stopped on her track and swallowed hard. I stare at her closely. She was on make up. She had really thrown a party
“Come on Violet..come tell this puppet of yours to go to his room”the boy said again
Violet hurried downstairs and rushed to the boy
“Shut up Blake you are drunk!”she shouted at him
“What? Are you scared of him..what did you tell us earlier..”
“That’s right violet..what did you tell us earlier..”another said
“You had said you ruulle the house..isn’t it?”
“Shut up Blake!”
“Violet..where you just lying to all of us that you aren’t scared of your husband?”another said
“No…”I heard Violet shout at the boy. “I..I..i am not scared of him..and like I told you all earlier..i rule the house”
Wait..she really said that?
” and Barry is your puppet?”one asked and she nods
“Yes..h..he’s my puppet.”she said.
I stood stunned and stared at the immature little girl In front of me who is trying to prove to her class mate she was the boss?
“Well then..throw him this cup of alcohol right on his face if you aren’t scared..”one girl said and they all chorused ‘yes’
She isn’t going to do she?
‘ssshhh’ the alcohol splash directly on my face and I closed my eyes in shame
Violet really did that?
I opened my eyes slowly and stared at her blankly as she also stared with no emotion
What has gotten into her
“She’s immature”I heard Jennifer whispered to me again.
I sigh and walk out and all of them cheered for Violet.
I guess she should feel on top of the world now
Crazy wife
Chapter Five
Barry’s POV
“Don’t tell me she’s immature!”I shouted at Jennifer “she’s not immature to throw a party right?”
“Every teenagers love party..”
“Dont give me crap Jenifer..Violet is as mature as she should be,she is doing all this purposely..she even threw alcohol right on my face..was she immature to do that too?”
“Jennifer stay out of this?”I barked.
She kept quiet and sigh.
I pull of my shirt and threw it in the bin. I move to my wardrobe and my leg hit something. I look down to see a two little cupped crop, I mean more cropper top with strip lines..okay let me go straight to the point. I saw a bra.
I look up at Jennifer, she was pressing her fone.
“Is this yours?”I asked. She turn to look and raised her brow
“Come on,my breasts are not as small as that!”she spat
“I’m sorry..I know..but…VIOLET?!”I shouted coming to think of it
“No..don’t think about might just be one of those girls..”
“ Violet’s”
“No don’t sà…wait how do you know”
“My mum..bought this for me to give her on Valentine!I can remember”
“Well..I..”before she could finish talking. I barge downstairs and i heard her call ‘Barry’
I could not listen. I would not listen. I was wearing a singlet but I didn’t care.
I look downstairs and saw Violet with Ella and Violet eyes met mine. I rushed down the stairs and I guess I was the center of attraction now. I dragged her with me to go upstairs but she hesitated
“Barry..leave’re holding me too hard”she lamented
“You had better come right here Violet”
“Leave me alone..Barry!”she shouted. I pause and move to her raising her bra up.
“What was this looking for in my room?”I barked at her
She stared at me and at the bra, then at her mates who were now laughing now.
She looked so unhappy and frustrated. She feels…g..uilty.
She turned to look at the guy that asked her to throw me alcohol and they sort of did an eye contact talk or something
Then the guy motioned others to keep quiet and they stopped laughing
“You all might think..Violet was lying to us about not having sex with Barry. She’s can she have sex with someone like this..I am sure he can’t even make Violet cum for a whole hour!”he said and roars of laughter filled my ears
“And about the found in your room..”he directed his talk at me “..anyway Blake did the job!”he said and some of the people cheered maybe..his friends. I turn my gaze to Violet and she bit her lip and look down
Blake why. Blake please no
I feel Barry gaze lock mine as Blake explained that he was the reason for the Bra Barry found in his room
Oh How careless of me?
I was embarrassed even though all my class mates was cheering. I was totally dignity just front of Barry and Jennifer.
No this was t right..I still feel guilty about embarrassing Barry in front of my whole class mates and now..Blake is saying trash. This is the first time I see Barry wild. He was I’m his singlet and he was sweating he had and angry and disappointed look on his face. I didn’t mean to..
He is embarrassed..I am embarrassed.. Jenifer too is. They would think..that was the way I always did
“You know what again Barry..”I heard Blake say..oh no..isn’t he satisfied
“I made her wet to the extent that, she cried for me to go on..”he said. I closed my eyes and bit my lip…oh no..not in front of Barry please
“I fingered her..she had to pull all her cloths to get closer to know what again..when I was sucking those breasts of hers..her pussy juice just came oozing like a….”
“Shut up Blake..”I shouted and cautioned him pointing a finger at him.
“What baby? Are you scared of him?Let me feed him in on how I carresed your clit…”
“Shut up you fucking asshole!”I slapped Blake
Oh my?
Wow, ouch, oops,seriously?
I heard a lot of comments from people
“I have had enough of your lies..”I shouted at him
Even though they were not lies!
“You cant come to my home and ruin it for me.. especially in front of my husband!”I cautioned again
“I have lied to all of you..and I’m sorry for that..I didn’t want you guys to pester me about being married at this age and I want to feel among you all insult me at school about being married..and that’s why I had to lie that..I am not happily married or so…”
“I am happily married to Barry and we even use to have sex!”
“Oooooh!’they chorused
“About the letter I sent to Ella at biology test was true..”
“No but I write the letter myself”my seat partner said
“Well thanks for that..”I replied him
“To all fucking haters who don’t mind their own business…go to hell..I don’t care..and about the bra in Barry’s room..that’s Barry and I problem”
“One more thing? The party is over!”I said and my eyes met with Barry who still looks at shocked as ever. I walk past him and went upstairs. I feel him following me with Jennifer and my classmates started leaving
I ran to my room and threw myself on the bed as I hear the door open
“Violet..”I heard Barry’s voice
“Leave me alone Barry!”I shouted under the pillow I buried my self in
“I won’t leave here until you talk to me..”he barked
Here he goes again!
He has never shouted at me..
Was I wring today?
I stood up from the bed and walk to him
“What do you want me to say?”
“Did you and that boy had something together”he asked I’m a silent and sweet voice I could ever imagine
“Barry..i don’t want to talk..”
“You never want to prove stubborn and rude all the time…this night..i am not gonna take your nonsense..and just tell me why the boy was talking about your pussy juice and…”
“He only fingered me..”I shouted “..we didn’t have sex..”
He calm down and all the wrinkles that came on his face disappeared
“Only?”he asked me and I turn away to look at his face
“Who asked for it..”
“I was our plan to have fun and it’s none of your business”I shouted
He stared at me and then walk out. I sigh
“It’s a relief you guys didn’t have sex anyway.. but that was bad..I’m sure Barry might be relieved too”I heard Jennifer say and she have what looks like a fake smile
I sigh. I pray Barry is relieved

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