Crazy wife episode 31 – finale

Crazy Wife
Chapter Thirty-one
Final Episode
All The Best
For those who chose Barry and Violet
Don’t cry please
For those who Chose Jade and Violet
For those who wants Violet to be single till she finishes school
No one wants to read this episode I know
It might not be what you expect
But wait first
Read first nah
Then pour all your anger on me on the comment box
Sha read it first
Nobody should ask Me for part two oo
Take anything you see like that
All the best
“Ella?”I said as she pick up.
“Would you come back to school please?”
“Bob..”I said as I chuckled
“We really miss you Vee”
“Awwn. Thanks”
“How about we come over to visit you?”
“Nah..that’s not necessary”
“Can you give the phone to Ella please..i really have an important issue”.
“Yes I’m here. “I heard Ella’s voice and some they struggle for the phone
“Can you leave where Bob is?”
“Er.. owkay..I’m far from him.. What’s up?”
“It’s Barry..”
“What’s wrong with him. Is he okay?”
“’s just..He wants us back..I mean..both of us.. couple”
“Awwn. What did you say?”
“I gave him a no”
“Are you insane!?”she yelled
“I don’t know..I mean.. Jenifer rejected him..and that’s why he’s back with me..if Jennifer hadn’t..”
“I understand..”
“So what do I do..?”
“Sincerely..I’m speechless”
“Don’t be..I called to ask for your opinion”
“I’ll go for Barry ,Vee”
“He doesn’”
“Even if he doesn’t love you like Jennifer, he could never think of treating you bad in this marriage, he would care for you the way he would do to Jennifer, you were not aware he liked Jennifer before you fell for him? And thats because he cared. Do you think all marriage are built on ‘ falling In love?’. Not all couples fall in love before they get married, and their marriage is always one of the best. Friendship really matters in a relationship. And I think Barry can handle that..he doesn’t maltreat you, he cares, he smiles, he sacrifices his time for you..what else would you need as a wife..”
“Isn’t that what love takes..your relationship is not built on have the perfect man to show can boldly say he is your husband, he cherishes you..what else can love bring in this marriage that friendship can’t bring.. Vee..note something Love is friendship and Friendship is Love, the two works together. Marriage these days must be built on either of the two to make it successfully. The most important part is..the two makes a marriage successful. They work hand in hand”
I sigh after listening carefully to what Ella said
“Thanks a lot..Rosella”
She laughed
“Damn! It feels so good to hear my full name”
I laughed too
“It feels so nice to say it too”
“So what do you think? Barry?”
“Eerhm..from an expert marriage counselor bestie…let’s give Barry a try”
“Oh my Gosh. Yay!!!!!”
“What am I to do now?”
“Sit him down for a talk..”
“Well…let me try that…I’ll give you a call later ”
“Okay..bye Violet. All the best”
“Bye. ”
I hung up and give a light smile. I stand up and move to Barry’s room.
My phone rings just in time as I look to check the caller ID.
I picked up
“Yes Mum?”I answered
“Vee..”she said softly and pause. I check my phone if the call was still on. Yes it was
“Can you come over on Saturday. Let’s have a mother to daughter talk.”
“Yes it’s’s your one else..”
“I just…i was doubting a little”
“Can you make it on Saturday?”she asked
“Sure..what are we gonna talk about?”
“Just a few thing before i go to meet your dad and Millie at London”
“What? Are you serious?”
“ know..we settled things…those are part of the things I’ll like to feed you in”she said
I smile “Okay mum!”
“How’s Barry… heard he rejected the divorce”
“Well..thank God..I’m sure you’ll be safe the next three month..when I’m back..and you guys still want a divorce then you can come home”
“Don’t forget Saturday”
“Okay mum”
“Love you..”
“Don’t worry you don’t have to reply”she said and hung up.
I stiff. That was actually my mum
What was wrong with everybody?
Guess this was for the best. Like Ella had said
“Barry?”I called as I entered into his room. I had knocked thrice but there was no response.
“Barry?”I called again as I close the door behind me. I saw someone sitting on the floor near his bed.
“Barry!”I said but he gave no reply.
He was Upset. Sad. I knew. I moved closer to where he was.
2 bottles of alcoholic drink was on the floor and he was holding one too and gulping it down his throat. He had a cigarette on his other hand.
“Barry!”I shouted at him as I pull the cigarette away. “What in the name…what the hell are you doing?”
He turned to look at me with red eyes. He smile
“Hi Honey..”
He was drunk
“Barry what are you doing to yourself”I bent down towards him as I struggled to take the drink from him
“I’m trying to wipe off memories..”he said with some chuckle
“Memories of you..”he points a finger at my chest “..memories of me..”he points the same finger on his chest “..and memories of us..”he said and chuckle again.
“ are drunk..”
“Yes I am drunk because you made me become a drunkard”
“Barry..look..just listen…okay I accept..let’s get back together”I said and his lip widened as he gave me a drunk smile.
“R..ea.lly?”he asked with that smile. I gave a smile too as I nod
“Yes Barry..”
“Th..a.n.k…y..o…”he closed his eyes slowly and slept on my lap
“Thank you Violet, for giving me such a big chance. Th..a..”his voice trailed and he didn’t say anything again.
“Barry?”I called as I ruffle his hair. There was no answer. I bent down to look at him
“Barry..”his eyes was closed. My heart skipped.
“Barry!”I shouted and he let out a loud snore.
Geez! I had thought…
When I played Barry on the bed. I felt a rise on his body temperature. He was looking sick. I had called the doctor immediately. He had checked on him told me. Barry would be was just because of the recent drinks and cigarette he has been taking that is unusual and caused him to feel weak.
I had gone out when Barry was sleeping. I left for the market close to us and had bought some foodstuffs. I had especially bought a lot of spaghetti home too.
I think we would be consuming more of that lately.
I settled down in the kitchen as I prepared for a mind blowing style of cooking as I, Violet Brown took over my husband’s kitchen.
I gently sat on the bed beside Barry as I placed the tray on the bed too.
“Barry?”I wake him up gently. His eyes opened a bit and i give a smile. When he opened his eyes finally he gently sat up and touch his forehead
“Are you okay?”I asked him. He nod a bit
“Shh..I brought your favorite..”I said with a grin as I opened the plates
“Did you make this?”he asked me taking a fork
“Yeah..all for you..come on. Give it a taste”i said
“I’m sort of sick..I won’t mind if you feed me..”he smirk.
I laughed
“I’ll love to”I said taking the fork from him as I dip it in the plate. I gently brought it out and he opened his mouth slightly as he munched it
“Hmmmn”he commented
“How does it taste?”I asked happily
“I must say. You are a better cook than me”
“Yippee!”I screamed and we laughed together.
I took another forkful and gave him as he continued eating.
He gave different smiles anytime I give him a forkful and I’ll also smile within.
We continued.
“You know what Barry…”I said and he looked at me. I dropped the girl and waited for him to finish eating the mouthful I gave him.
“On your birthday…I had really taken the stress to make something as delicious as this too…it was just…I was hurtful I couldn’t watch you eat..I didn’t even know if you hated it or..”
He touched my hand
“It was fabulousπŸ‘Œ..I enjoyed every piece of it..”
“I had really wanted to watch you eat..”
“’re watching me right..and you are even feeding g me..I think you should forget about that say and refresh memories..Hun?”he touched my cheek. I smile
“I’m sorry for making you drink and smoke when I left..”
“That’s not a problem..”he said ” Thank so much for giving me a second chance..I promise I’ll always be there for you..I won’t leave your side anytime..I’ll protect you like a big brother, a mother, a father and a husband..we would have a separate honeymoon once you graduate next year I promise.. you would be the mother of my children.. I would never touch you unnecessarily.. well till you’re 21 as your mum said..”he said and i laughed
“I could make it 19..”I said too and he laughed
“I love you Violet..”
“I love you too Barry”I said with full emotions
We stared into each other’s eyes.
Something tells me he was saying the truth. I could see it in him. And i could fall I love for this man over and over again
A scream!
Barry and I turned towards the door and we looked at our self again. We had heard a scream. I stand up from his bed as i opened the door of his room to see Ella, Bob, and Jade!
They were all on the stairs coming upstairs and loking at the scene. Bob was holding Ella. Maybe she almost tripped. They all look up at me as i opened the door and they manage a smile
“Did you sneak into my house?”I asked as I closed Barry’s room.
“Your door was opened..we had knocked we heard no reply”Jade replied
I gave him a big grin as I ran to hug him.
“I missed you…”I said happily. He pulled me tighter which lasted longer
“I missed you more..”he said softly into my hair. I pulled away from his hug
“So good to see you again…”I said “Bob..i thought I told you in the phone earlier bit to Come over to my house”
“I knew from the start you never missed me..”he said and we all laughed
“I really missed you”I said as i hug him too
“Ucckn”Ella cleared her throat. I look at her “How was it..”she asked
I gave a wide grin.
“Yay!”she screamed and hugged me. We both laughed as the two guys watched.
“I’m so happy for you “she said pulling away.
“Thanks..Ella there’s spaghetti in the kitchen..please serve us all so we could watch a movie before you guys leave..Jade..don’t you miss me..let’s go outside and talk..”I said dragging Jade down the stairs as we ran out of the parlour to the compound.
We started laughing when we stopped running.
“It’s so good to have you back”he said panting a bit
“Yeah me too”I said panting.
We were both silent with smiles on our faces.
“Look..”he said pointing out at the road of the compound. I turned to look at him and raised my brow
“What?”I asked him
He smiled “Remember? Our kiss?”he said
“Oh..!”my voice trailed as i looked back at that place he was pointing at where I got down from his car and we had kissed and Barry was watching
“I really wish it could happen again..”he said. I turned to look at him and rolled my eyes and we both laughed.
After our laugh cleared we both stared at thing air and I look down at My hand as I pick my nails
“Jade…”I started
“I know…”he said. I raise my head up along with my brow
“Ella told me.. you’re back with Barry and the Jennifer stuff was just a misunderstanding”he said
Oh thank you Ella.
“Yes actually..that was what I was about to say ..I mean..I wanted you to forget about us..”I said
“No!”he snapped with a straight face. My heart skipped. He turned to look at me with that stern face and later gave a grin and ruffled.y hair
“How would you ask me to forget about us..I mean..I would forget about my feelings.. but not our friendship”he said and I laughed
“True. True.”I said nodding my head. “It was really fun being friends with the popular red haired guy”I said and we laughed again
“Well..”he sigh “..All the best…and….since we can’t be more than just a friend..can we just be best friends then?”he asked.
I gaped at him short of words. That red haired guy on Instagram. My celebrity crush was asking me to be his best friend. He looked so cute asking me that
“Don’t tell me you’re gonna say a yes!”Ella yelled behind me. I jerk from my thoughts
“Geez stop screaming”
“You want to leave me for a red haired guy!”she screamed again
“ one can take your place in my heart okay? So chill Rosella”I said
“Call me that again..”she fuss forcing a smile. Jade and i burst out laughing
“Rosella!”We both chorused and she giggled
“I love when you say it..”she blushed again and we all laugh
“What’s going on here?”Bob asked with a frown “ all left me with that tempting food over there and I’ve been staring at it and you are here gisting?”
“Food Monger!”Ella snapped her finger at him
“At least I’m better that Billy”he said and we all laughed as we all head inside
Billy the Bully. At school. Food was indeed created for him.
I feel something fall on my shoulders as we walk inside and i look down to see a flower on my feet. I gently picked it up and smile as i inhaled the fresh smell. I move back a bit and look up as I saw Barry peeping through the window. I laughed and blushed as he blew me a kiss. And joined his finger to bring a love shape.
“Violet?”I heard Jade call me as he me to where I was.
“Oh.”he said as he looked up to see Barry at the window. He smiled at me too
“Hurry! Ella said Teen wolf is starting soon”he said and ran inside.
I smile and blew a kiss back at Barry.
Teen wolf could wait.
The End

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