Crazy wife episode 30

Crazy Wife
Chapter Thirty
He’s back
“Why the hell did you say a No at the court” I yelled and hit my bag on him. I was so frustrated
“Do you really want to live with mum and get sold all over again?”
“Is that why you said a are buying me off my parents?”
“You are not safe at your house”
So that was the reason. He didn’t even say a No because he wants us back. He said a No to just protect me from my mum. That was not the reason I wanted.
“Im okay with my mum Barry”
“You’re not”
“Then I’ll go live with my dad then..”
“Your dad and mum..”
“He relocated. Satisfied? My dad won’t sell me”
He sigh
“It’s Okay if you stay with your dad..but I don’t have a problem with you staying here”
“But I do. Forget all procedures. I’m leaving to London tomorrow!”
“Wait London?”he shouted
“Yes..any problem Barry Brown”
“ can’t go to’s too far from do you expect me to cope. How do you expect me to live here alone”
“You were alone before I came over”
“No..i stay over at Jenny’s pl..”
“Then go over and stay at her place too”I move to go. He dragged me back
“Violet..please…your dad might also sell you over there”
I laughed
“Leave me alone Barry” I jerked myself
He held me tight
“You are going no where!”he barked
“What? Why?”
“The court orders”he brought out a paper
“It’s all written here. We are to live together…3 are leaving no where..”
I sigh and swallowed hard as i stare at him furiously.
He smirk and gave a wink “Thanks for staying”
I frown harder
“Er..I made us spaghetti…I’ll bring you some..”he winks again and gave a wide smile as he left for the kitchen.
My wolf tickled me inside and i was forced to smile out
I think we are back.
This will be the 7th time Barry would knock on my door today
“Whaat?”I yelled as I opened the door
“Care for some ice cream?”he asked with a smirk
“Noo!”I yelled and bang the door back
Phew! He was such a problem
Another knock sounded a si was about to go back to my bed
“Grr. Barry!”I yelled again as I opened the door
“Teen wolf…showing episode”
“I know you dont want to miss it”he smiled
I bang the door at him.
..before reconsidering
“Get out of my way”I pushed him away as I rushed downstairs to watch Teen wolf
I jumped on the chair as i pick the remote to increase the volume of the movie. He sat on the chair beside me too and shift closer to me. I shift farther and he came nearer. I shifted and he can nearer again
“Barry what do you want?”
“Watch Teen wolf with you”
“Then watch. Why the hell are you moving close to me.”
“Because..this particular Episode is looking ‘romantic'”he whispered the romantic in my ears.
Geez those weak points
I weak down at those whispers. I just continued staring at him till I came back to normal
I stare at the TV blankly.
I am sort of not myself
It’s been long I heard him whisper in my ears.
It sent tingles
Teen wolf was not what I was watching. But that day we both watched a hot movie and ended up kissing
I just wished it could happen again
“Your lips are tempting!”I hear Barry say. I turn to look at him with a scowl. His gaze was on the TV but he had a smile on his lips. Gosh i love this guy.
“Tempting enough for you to ignore..”I mumbled.
If my lips were tempting then I don’t think he should be saying that. I think his lips should be telling me that
“You won’t let me..”he said understanding my little proverb
Oh. Of course I would
“Thank God you know.”
We both watched TV in silence.
So many things going through my mind
I was at his house, watching Teen wolf. He had gone to bring my stuff at home after we both have spaghetti. I only ate little anyway. He forced me
I was still not happy he only said a No because he thinks mum would use me.
He should have been confessing his love for me by now
But No, he only still cares about me.
He had called me late. Teen wolf just finished. I stand up to go as he drag me hard on the chair back
“Hey..”he said
“What?”I yelled
“You look beautiful”he said again. I rolled my eyes
“You need to see a doctor Barry”
“Well something about me.. Doctor Vee”
“ yet a doctor”
“Soon..I can be your first patient”
“Barry. Will you give me a breathing space for the next 3 month? please”I join my hands together and pleaded
He lose his grip on me and I walk out.
He was such a pain in the neck.
He really wants to make me fall for him all over again.
I dont want to feel used all over again
Crazy Wife
Chapter Thirty (B)
The door bell rings and i hurry to answer.
“Browns residence?”a man asked.
“Yes?”I said and he handed me a paper.
“Sign this please?”I took a look at the man and then the paper as I signed
Then he handed a pack of wine to me with a small wrapped bag too.
“Thanks”I said and closed the door. I look closely at the package. It was an alcoholic drink. What was Barry doing with this?
Well there were some alcoholic drinks in the bar too but the percentage isn’t as much as this. This was way too high.
And what was in the bag too?
I drop the drink on the table to check what was in the bag
“Violet?”I heard behind me. I turned to look at him and pointed the bag to him
“You have a package..”
He rolled his eyes
“Really..what is in there?”he asked opening the bag slightly
“Was just about to check”
“Oh ok then..hand over the drinks”he said as I carried it and gave it to him
“What do you need all this for”I ask with a frown
“Oh. This? A friend sent it to me. He’s having a Surprise I get to keep this”
“OK”I said and move back to my room in silence
Still not in talking mood with Barry.
He did not go to work today.
Neither did I go to school
I missed school and i really missed Jade. After our kiss. We’ve not seen each other. Only chats and few calls which I refuse to keep
Ella told me he has stopped coming to school cos his school resumed too.
But I guess if I was at school. He would come once in a while
Just a one and half year and I’m done with school. I would look for a job..far away. I might not go with my mum. She would sell me more
But I really need to find out what was really wrong with mum.
It’s baffling to see her cry
And Barry..he has not been friendly today. He just kept a stern face..not really stern. But he had not been playful like yesterday.
He was looking too serious. He wore a smile when he greeted me this morning but it didn’t last. Where was that playful Barry today.
I’m even starting to miss him.
I had come downstairs to wash the dirty plates I used for my cornflakes and other miscellaneous I ate.
Barry was also in kitchen
I ignored him. He was slicing some onions. I move to the Zinc and open the tap.
There was silence between us
Unusual silence between us
“Ella called this morning”he broke the silence
“Oh.”I mumbled. Ella Just wanna make deal about this. Why can’t she call my number?
“She expect you to resume school on Monday”
“I expect you to resume work on Monday too”I said
He stopped slicing and I turn back to look at him. I raised my brows at him and he chuckled
“Thanks for caring”he said going back go what he was slicing
“I’m not caring… I am just tired of seeing your face at home”
“Oh really..”
“You don’t want to see this handsome face?”this time he was already where I was. Close to where I was washing plate. I dropped my plate and face him
“You are not that handsome you know..”
“Victor always told me I’m handsome”
“Psst.. Victor sucks at fashion..he’s bad at commending someone”
“Well also told me I’m handsome”
“Ew. When was that?”
“The video. The one you made for me on my birthday”
“I thought I spoilt that system..”
“I repaired it”
“The video was all a lie okay..get this right..I don’t and would never admire you..the video was just was rubbish one of my fantasy and lust..”
“Well at least I’m handsome enough for you to lust on..”
“I.. you..”I tried to argue but failed
“Give me a chance…”he said quietly staring into my eyes. His eyes with so much love and i wish what I see in his eyes was what I’ll receive.
“I messed up. I made you fall hard for me. I played with your feelings. I really feel guilty. I was supposed to pull you close and let’s enjoy this marriage. But I only toyed with your feelings..just a chance to make things right”
“ love Jennifer”
“I’m not denying that I don’t…”
“Then just stick with her”
“And leave you all alone?”
“Are you’re getting back together with me because you PITY? Me?”
“No. I’m getting back with you because I love you..”
“Barry you don’t..this is pity”
“No it’s’s realization..I’ve been sort useless when you were not around. I don’t wanna go back to being useless. Just stay and let’s start all over again”
His words moved me. I stare into his eyes
Say yes Vee. Let’s start this all over again. Get married and pull him closer
He lock lips with me and i pause. He has said it all. We are definitely coming back to gether
“Violet?”I heard. I jerk. I open my eyes as I stare at Barry. He was looking at me with worried eyes
“You have been staring at me since and you claim I’m not handsome”he gave a smirk
I’ve been staring at him ?
I thought we kissed
“What are you thinking? My face got you thinking?”he asked
Wait. I was dreaming?
“Your face is not as handsome..”I walk out of the kitchen.
I feel him following me behind.
I can’t believe I thought we kissed.
“Can we just be friends all over again and just forget this attitude of yours Violet”
“I’m not giving attitude Barry..I am the attitude”
“Don’t say you didn’t miss me..our fun..our kiss..”
“Shut up”
“We could watch Teen wolf together..i promise to cuddle you”
“Aww.. No!”
“I could make you more food Violet?”
“I can cook too”
“Okay..we could cook together then”
“Let’s just be friends all over again”
“So I would fall for you all over again and you’ll tell me you love Jenny?”
“I’ve gotten over Jenny”he mumbled
“You love her”
“I thought I did”
“What do you do about Jennifer..leave her heart broken”
“She actually moved on too…it turns out she didn’t like me”
“Is that why you are coming back? Seriously Barry.”
“No..i discovered I actually liked you more.. Jennifer has just always been my childhood friend and she was always on my mind and I thought you didn’t really like me too..and you were just playing around till we get a divorce..”
“‘Ssshhh'”I pause him. I wasn’t going to get emotional in front of him. He should just stop talking
“I never played around with you” I failed. My voice croaked as I said it “I never played around. I did all I did because i fell for you..kissed you..hold you..lie I had a dream to sleep in your room..clean the wall just to see you dress..make you forget your good on purpose to bring it to work for you..knot your tie.. everything I did was because I loved you”
“And if I didnt love you..would i have kissed you back, would I have made you knot my tie..would I have cuddle you when you came to my room.. wouldn’t I have send you away the day you cane to my office..I was just so ignorant to realize it..if you don’t accept to be that Violet I loved then I’ll just continue drinking and smoking”
“You don’t smoke..”
“Of course I do…after you left!”
“Are you..”
“The package you saw this morning..who do you think it was for.. i order that everyday..”
“Barry..are you insane”
“Jenny rejected me and i don’t want you to either”
“Why won’t I reject you are coming back to me because Jennifer rejected you”
He bit his lip
“Maybe..”he said and walk out.
He was looking depressed
This isn’t right.
Barry doesn’t drink or smoke.
Jenny rejected him.
Why the hell did she do that and turn Barry like this.
And what am I now…
The solution to his problem?
He’s back with me because Jenny rejected him
I’m now a compensation.
So he wouldn’t be alone?
So he wouldn’t lose two people at a time.
No I won’t take it
I can’t be a compensation.
He doesn’t love me
He just wants to bribe me in staying by using g sweet words.
Never..i refuse to fall
Flash back of memories brought me I to this king about Barry back. Should I really get back with him
Even with the fact that Jenny rejected him
He must be very depressed
Very unhappy
Very said.
He was gonna lost two girls at the same time
Should I really go back to him.
Should we really forget all this and be the best couple like R&B.
But he didn’t love me
He’s only back because if Jenny
If Jenny hadn’t rejected him. He might not have come back.
But what if he actually discovers jus feelings for me and when Jenny hurt him, he was happy he got my back
Was I breaking his heart more and more
Memories of him still stuck i. My brain.
How was school today?”He asked and looked at me
“Barry I-don’t-want-to-talk!”I said picking my words
“I just…”he started talking and I increased the volume of the song in the car to the loudest that I couldn’t hear anything he was saying.I looked out the window
No never, I’ll never eat Barry’s food
I turned to leave the kitchen and I find myself reverse back to open the pot
‘Hmmmn’ The aroma spread out into my nose. Barry was a good cook
“Fork fork fork”I murmured to myself looking for the fork
When I saw it, I grabbed it and dig it into the pot, brought out the spaghetti and pushed it into my mouth.
I ate happily, I took another and into my mouth it entered without any obstruction ,then another big spoonful into my mouth and I heard
“Tasty hun?”
I had sex with Barry last night”The teacher read out from the paper
My heart skipped
All the student turned to look at me
Obviously. I have no idea how it spread but everyone knew my husband’s name was Barry
They gazed at me with overwhelming, confused ,shocked, stares
Some were laughing, some just staring ,some taking opportunity to copy from others
“Couldn’t you wait for the class to be over before you could gist your friend about your husband”my lecturer said
I was embarrassed thoroughly
A divorce?”he asked
I nodded
“Well that’s a good one”he said again
My worms jumped
“Oh thank you”I said so happy with a wild smile
“But if we take a divorce, how will our parents not know about it?”he asked
I hit my palm on my forehead
“Psst.. Fool we won’t let them know”I said still laughing.
An honeymoon ticket?”I read and asked with shocked screaming.
They all smiled in reply. I turned to face Barry and he managed a smile too with the rest
“Well then..throw him this cup of alcohol right on his face if you aren’t scared..”one girl said and they all chorused ‘yes’
I “Well then..throw him this cup of alcohol right on his face if you aren’t scared..”one girl said and they all chorused ‘yes’ of you..and I’m sorry for that..I didn’t want you guys to pester me about being married at this age and I want to feel among you all insult me at school about being married..and that’s why I had to lie that..I am not happily married or so…”
“I am happily married to Barry and we even use to have sex!”
“Oooooh!’they chorused
“Barry..I..made a mistake”I move away from the door and moved to the bed he lie down with his laptop. I knelt down beside him. He look up from his laptop
“Stop being sarcastic”he said
” I’m not being sarcastic. I’m being sincere. I’m sorry for what happened today. I threw a drink at your face..I could never do that to Victor..”my voice trembled,saying Victor’s name alone is making me cry.I sniff and rubbed the tear that just toll from my eye
“I embarrassed you in front of a whole school..I could never do that to Victor..I gave my friends the gut to pick on would never happen if it was Victor…I’m sorry Barry..I made a mistake..please ..f.o..rgive me”I cried. I never wanted to cry in front of Barry but talking and thinking about Victor..
“That’s okay..I would take it were immature”Barry said to me
“No.. I would never be as immature as that to Victor..”
“And if I was Victor, I would….”
“Throw you (me) in the pool and ground you (me) for three days”we both said to gether while I used ‘me’ and he used ‘you’
We chuckled
“Why did you do that?”he asked
“Do what”
“Pack the plates”
“Cause..I want to do it”
“ that a reason?”
“Look Barry..we are getting a divorce and it won’t be nice if I continue being rude to you. I’ve decided to be nice till we get a divorce and maybe this is one of my nice attitude”I said. He stared with shock and chuckled
“Are you serious you don’t wanna be rude to me again?”he asked
I nod “Yes..we are friends till we get a divorce”
“Aww. ‘That’s nice of you anyway..I’ll be relieved of your shout”he said and I laugh
“I don’t really shout..I only give you straight faces”
“You do shout!”
“‘That’s when you get on my nerves.”
” I always get on your nerves”
“Thanks for being nice anyway”
“It’s my pleasure”
“Wanna watch movie with me?”he said walking to the sitting room as I followed him behind
“Teen Wolf!”I screamed
“Nah..Big bangs theory”
“You watch that all the time..”
“How do you know that?”
“You know…I watch you watch”
“’ve been spying on me?”
“Not really?”
“Okay then..Teen wolf”he said and I jump up on the chair
“Even if I’m not a teen!”he said and we laughed
“Don’t worry Barry..I promise you’ll enjoy it”
“And if I don’t?”
“I’ll tell mum about our divorce”
“Oh my..I love that”
“It isn’t gonna must watvh the movie..I’ll tell you the details”
“Okay put it already..”he said and put on a wide smile
“Where’s Barry?”I asked after taking a gulp
“Hmmn…”she smirk
I smile
“I asked a question?”
“He said he was going to Jennifer’s place”she said nd my smile slowly Fade.
I’ve seen another R&B”one of the customers said and I laughed. Barry stared at me wondering why I laughed to that
“A picture please”I heard someone say.
“Sure!”I stood up immediately as I held Barry’s hand for him to stand up too. I got popular marrying Barry..that’s the best thing ever.
Barry slip his hand round my waist and my heart skipped. We both pose with some other couples as we took pictures in the restaurant.
I was being tagged as the youngest wife with the most handsome husband
I closed the door tightly to ensure no one is eaves dropping. I rested my back on the door
“I’m in love with Barry”I whispered
“Ah!”she screamed.
Whether happy or worried. I don’t know which.
I ran to her to cover her mouth up
“Are you kidding me..?”she whispered back
“No..I’m not..I really like him”I said again
“Are you sure about this..?”
“Yeah..yes..I mean your book confirmed it all”
“ worked for my it’s not lying..but..I can’t believe hate him..”
“That was then Ella..”
“So you don’t want a divorce now?”
“No..I don’t..”
“You really want to be married to you guys should live happily”
“Yes I Really do..”
“Oh my it a one sided stuff..”
“I thought as much..but I think he really likes me too”
“You sure?”
“Yeah.. according to the rules..he does and he told me he likes someone and can’t say I’ve been watching him..and I think it’s me..he’s just afraid I might reject him”
“Aww..”she sobbed
“My best friend is happily married.. Finally!”
I smile. I’m glad she really supports me liking Barry
“What are you gonna do about it. How are you guys gonna confess about your feelings to each other..”
“The same way he’s doing to me..I’ll use baits”
“A romantic make him know I’ve changed and i really like him”
“Okay stop whispering mouth aches”Ella came back to her tone
“Oh sorry” I said and chuckle. She stared at me for some while and then smiled
“You don’t care about the age difference anymore..?”she asked
“Yes..age is just a number right?”
“As far my partner is not maltreating me..I’m okay right?”
“Are you happy about this?”
“And you sure we won’t have a problem..”
“Quit being rude”
“I won’t..”
“Then you guys are fine”
“Thanks Bestie”I hugged her
“I love you too Vee”
You don’t wanna stop?”I heard another whisper down my ear.
Oh my weak point!
I know I might regret it later but i threw the pillow I had with me and locked my lips with Barry’s to shut him up
Violet I’m off to work”he shouted down the stairs. A normal me won’t be awake if Barry was heading to work. I either meet him in the kitchen about to go or he had gone. But I had woke up very early this morning to do unnecessary house chores just to see him get ready for work. I had even washed all the clean plates giving Barry the excuse that germs penetrate through bla bla bla..
I had almost cleaned the wall, when I was cleaning the TV. Just to watch him pick some things in the sitting room and go back upstairs. I had entered his room To asked if he had hair clip for my hair. I wondered what that would be looking for in his place.
Which led to all the divorce and so.
I Really want to accept Barry back. I really do.
But I’m not sure
I don’t want to be used
I don’t want to be second hand
I dont want to be a compensation in this marriage
I really want to feel loved
Maybe an advice from my bestie will be nice.

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