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Crazy wife episode 28-29

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Crazy wife episode 28-29 by : 6:26 pm On May 7, 2021
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Crazy Wife
Chapter Twenty-eight
“I won’t take this!”I shouted at her even when I suspected I might receive a slap
“I still don’t get you Violet”she said with serious face
“He wants s£× mum…S£×!”
“On your first day of meeting?”
“Hell yes!”
“How absurd, how could he want to have s£× with you just on the first day? Sherlock didn’t tell me Moses was like this!”she spat
“Well now..the stupid f√¢king asshole Moses is a bloody flirt..what are we gonna do about that”I yelled
“Language Violet!”
I sigh and walk around the sitting room.
“Will you go with his elder brother?”
“When his brother is a flirt? What if his elder brother is not a flirt and Moses sleeps with me when I get married?”
“Oh..oh..that’s true..”
“Christ! What are we gonna do..I’m not getting married to that shithole who will take me as a s£× mate”
“Yeah Vee..you won’t..”my mum said. I turn to look at her again to see if she was the one actually talking. She was holding her head like she was having and headache. What I said was bothering her
Has something ever bothered her?
Why was she worried about me being with Moses
Why did she even accept I won’t get married to him again?
“But the Sherlock’s gave me a very big deal Violet..how do you expect me to lose that!”
“Well then lose your seventeen year old daughter!”I spat
“No..”she mumbled scratching her head
I shock.
She stood to her feet
“Even after making it clear in the form I gave them that no s£× till you are 21..he still had the guts to make s£×ual advances to my daughter?!”she shouted
I shrink.
Was that my mum?
“You gave him a form?”
“Yeah..like I gave to Barry and Denix”
“You gave a form to Barry too..”
“Yeah..all the people I signed you with..it was clearly written that no s£× till you are 21.. except if it’s your decision…I clearly wrote it there…maybe that’s why that fool is trying to convince you to have s£× with him..infact..I’ll be right back..I’m cancelling our deal Now!”she snapped and move upstairs mumbled some words in anger!
I need a confirmation
Was that my mum?
The next day
“I am as surprised as hell!”I said to Ella.
“Me too..”she said with her mouth opened “So no more Sherlock Holmes?”
“I’m so happy for you”she hugged me.
“Thanks”I gave a wide smile. “I saw Barry at the Sherlock’s”
“Oh really?”she sat up “what did he say?”
“He asked me to come back home”
“Well then do so!”
“Go back to a life of hatred”
“Barry doesn’t hate you”
“He doesn’t love me either”
“But well at least he cares”
“All guys cares”
“Moses doesn’t”she snapped. I laughed
“Will you be at the court on Wednesday?”
“Mum is filing a case on Moses?”she screamed
“Nah..Barry and I..our divorce”
“Your what?”she screamed again
“Violet?”I heard a more matured voice behind me. I turned to answer my mum
“You’re filing a divorce”she asked moving to the bar to take a drink
“Yeah..you told me to.. the other day..your contracts with the Brown’s are finished anyway”I snapped at her
“Hmmn!”she mumbled
“Ouch!”Ella threw a pillow at me.
“You’ll pay for filling a divorce Violet!”she yelled
“Shh!’i shush her up
“You guys can come together and settle this..just please don’t file a divorce..”she went on her knees whispering so loud
“I fell for someone that doesn’t love me..do you know how painful that is”
“But he wants you back?”
“Why? He’s gonna end up with Jennifer anyway”
“Did you and Barry fight?”my mum asked from the bar
“No..”I gave a wide smile “contract is off anyway.. you told me to always put my best character in my marriage..how could we fight then?”I said
“Just f√¢king tell her the truth!”Ella whispered loudly again
“And what will she do about it? She doesn’t want me married to just one person anyway”
“Can’t you tell her you are in love with him..and this contracts of a stuff should STOP”she shouted the ‘stop’
“Are you guys okay?”my mum asked
“Yes we are..”I gave a wide smile. “Ella let’s go to my room”I said with my teeth still taking a smile as I drag my bestie upstairs
It was a soft knock, but I heard it anyway. Who was it by this time of the night. I was chatting with Ella but I feel so reluctant to open the door
“Violet?”I heard.
Geez. My mum
I quickly lie down and pretended I was sleeping as the door opened.
It closed and I heard footstep moving toward me.
“Vee?”my mum called again but I kept shut. She should leave soon. I feel her come to where I slept and sat down on the bed beside me.
She touched my hair and rubbed it slowly
I need to peep?
This wasn’t my mum!
She continued rubbing my hair and i could gear her sob. She sobbed? Has she been crying? Why?
She sobbed more and more and sniffed like a baby. Should I wake up and ask her what was wrong?
“Violet..”she whispered in her tears and she peck me on the cheeks.
Then she stood up and left.
I sit up as she closed my door
This is weird
“You’re still not going to school?”mu mum asked me the next morning. It was a Tuesday. I had skipped school yesterday and today also. I didn’t feel like going even when I knew I would miss a lot.
“Yes..I want to feel a lot better”I said to my mum and she nod. I looked at her closely. I’m still trying to figure out why happened yesternight. And she looked really worried this morning too
She kept looking at the stairs every five seconds. I wonder what is going on
I continued eating the nourishing noodles I prepared for myself and Millie this morning. The taste feels good. I wondered if Barry enjoyed the food I prepared for him on his birthday.
I heard Millie’s giggles as always and i look up at the stairs together with my mum. She was with my dad and they were both heading downstairs. He was with a travelling bag.
Business trip!
“Dad? Where to?”
“Leaving for good.”he gave a wide smile
I smile too.
That was my dad. Very cheerful. But we were not really close. Not as close as mum. But he likes me and I like him too. Even with my closeness with mum. Geez she was worse.
“Will you come over sometime for an holiday?”he asked
I frown.
“Holiday. I thought you were going for a business trip”
“Like I said. I’m leaving for good. I’m relocating.”he said
I look at him and then at my mum. She was looking very worried..I don’t know how to explain. It was anger mixed with guilt and worries. I hope there was a word for those three.
“Relocating?”I turned to my dad
“Yes. When are you coming over..to London?”
“Well..”I trailed
It was gonna be so very nice to stay with my dad and leave this mum of mine with her for contracts. He was giving me an offer. A very favorable offer
“If you know you’ll end up living in the street at London then leave Millie out of this..”my mum stood to her feet and spat
“Millie is my child Tracey”my father snapped
“She is also my child.”my mum yelled
“I can go with whoever I want..Violet are you coming?”he asked me
My mum turned to look at me
“You wanna stay with someone who would sell you for a dollar?”
“Violet is staying if you are taking Millie. And don’t even try to take Millie and end up in the street with her..you can’t turn my daughter to a beggar”
“If you are willing and dying to see my house ..did I say house?..”he turned to me and laughed “..if you are dying to see my house at London..then..no problem..you can come over”he said and laughed as he held Millie and they finally got down from the stairs.
“Violet. I’ll call you later hun? Don’t miss Millie too much hun?”he said
My eyes swell. Millie was leaving? My kid sister was leaving me? Oh my God. Im about to cry.
Okay this is a bit clear now
Mum and dad must have had a fight
And it’s about…I don’t know
But mum maybe asked dad to leave her house
Yes it was her house,her mansion, she has been the one funding for everything. I even thought my dad was useless and poor. Always listening to her, never fight with her, she orders everything and does things on her own. But now? It’s such a surprise to see this fight
Now dad was leaving.
He even has a house at London?
He was leaving with Millie too
And Even Asked me to come along
Mum could actually sell me all over again
But I couldn’t leave. I had to go to court tomorrow.
I can’t leave now.
Maybe I’ll decide tomorrow.
Once we get a divorce
I’ll also leave for good
Start a new life with my dad and forget my past
That’s for the best
Crazy Wife
Chapter Twenty-nine
(Hedi fans: As you all know that I use to write a title for each chapter I post. But this time around..i want you guys to drop a title for this chapter in BRACKETS on the comment box after you finish reading. Then you can comment on the story too.The suitable title is gonna be announced in the next chapter. Thanks for reading)
After that confused chapter of my life yesterday. I sit down to clear things.
What was actually going on?
Dad has gone with Millie.
Mum and I are home alone and she looks so worried.
Firstly she was angry about Moses making s£×ual advances
Then she had interfered when she heard about a divorce
And she has been in my room at night and cried?
Then she was so worried about Millie living with dad because she was not sure he had a house
She didn’t want Millie to suffer
She had also wanted one of the children to stay with her. Either Millie or Violet
She was not the ‘i don’t care’ mum I knew
She was not that bossy woman that orders my dad around
My dad actually snapped at her today
I never knew he could do that
What was wrong with my mum?
I am totally confused.
I place my ring on my f!ng£r. Barry had complained the last time that it wasn’t with me.
I hope he was glad if he saw it with me today.
Nobody followed him to court. Nobody followed me either.
Just some few people who came to sit and watch.
And the lawyer and judges.
I have been answering all the questions I’ve been asked and so was Barry.
We were opposite each other at the other ends.
And he kept his gaze at me.
Whenever I look up. My heart just skip.
It skips to the extent that I sometimes forget that the judge was talking to me
I was actually doing this.
Actually divorcing that one I loved
First guy in my life..that I fell in love with
First man that treated me like a lady.
Okay now Vee forget about the age difference. You love this man
Oh no Vee. He’s 27 and you are 17. How awkward
Vee listen, Beauty and Roland are young couples like you..come on isn’t that a sweet popularity
Haha. Vee. In a flash you could get popular with Jade
But Vee, would Jade handle you with so much maturity in your Marriage?
Hey Vee. Jade is as much a man as Barry. Didn’t you see the way he klzzed you
Barry also klzzed you Vee. With so much care. Just look into his eyes and see..
I looked over as my mind directed me. He was with so much emotion. He doesn’t love me. Why would he be so emotional.
No seriously. You marry who you love right. Hes gonna get married to Jenny then why tell me to co e back home. Why is he this confused . He was supposed to choose between Me and Jenny. Okay if he tells me to come home. I will. But is he plans to marry Jenny where will he put me. He will make me more emotional. I will continue to fall for him
So let me have my peace
After this f√¢king divorce
I’m going over to London to spend time with my dad.
And start a new life.
“Will you like to Divorce Barry Brown, Mrs Violet Brown?”
They threw the question
My heart skipped. It was already time. My heart was beating fast. I was putting and end to this
I look up at my sweet husband. He was also staring me. Waiting g for my answers
My wish had come to pass
I had always wished for a divorce at the beginning of this wedding, before I fell for him
Now here I am. At the court , to divorce Barry Brown.
I really wished it was ‘Will you like to take Barry Brown as tour beloved husband’ that the judge was saying instead. I would have said a big yes. But guess what. Im still saying that Big yes now
“Yes!”I replied the judge. Barry bit his lip. I turn away from him. Why was he frustrated. The judge pen some things down before turning to face Barry
“Will you like to divorce Violet Anderson, Mr Brown?”
He threw the same question
Me looking up at him will just worsen the situation at hand
I might burst out crying.
It was ending so soon
It was going to be all over.
I could get on with Jade..
But how could I? In this confused stage of my life
“NO” I heard
My heart flew as I looked up at Barry. The judge adjusted his glass and asked the same question
“NO!”was the same answer he gave. This time louder
The third time the judge asked
I got a life ‘No’ that filled the court room.
I stiff. I was dumb. My mouth was wide open
“Yippee!”I heard and i turn back to see Ella dancing
She left school?
She came?
The judge scribbled somethings and the lawyers gossip. My blood has seized were I am right now.
I need someone to remove me off this trance
“Okay. A divorce is a two sided thing. You both still have differences to sort out. I’ll give you three months to sort things out..then you’ll decide if you BOTH want a divorce. When you do. You can arrange with your lawyer once more and if you decide to make a change. Them I wish you a blissful marriage”

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