Crazy wife episode 26-27

Crazy Wife
Chapter Twenty-six
Sold again.
“Good morning!”he said as I enter the kitchen to take water. It was a Saturday. Both of us are home. It really hurts me to see that. I didn’t give him a reply. Why would I greet him when we are not in good terms
“Please don’t be like the old Violet!”I heard him say
Yeah he was right. The old Violet was back. The old Violet that shouts, ignores greetings, rude ,..she was back. I still didn’t give him a reply.
“Vee!”he faced me. I sigh
“I am not really in the mood to talk Barry..”I said sounding helpless. Okay forget about the headache I had today, I feel dumb.
“Are you okay…?”he asked moving closer to me. I moved back.
He place his back palm on my neck
“Goodness..Vee you’re running temperature!”
“Practically…”I mumbled
“Oh my God..are you okay?”
“Yeah sure.. Barry..never mind about me”I said pushing my way out of the kitchen
“Should I call Ella?”he asked
“Nah..she wouldn’t like to hear I fell sick because of you!”I spat and walked upstairs.
He knocked on the door. I knew it was him. He wouldn’t listen. Why would he care for me when he doesn’t love me
“Violet please open up.”
No reply
“You’re killing me with this silence..please just let us talk! I feel so guilty”
“Of course I want you to feel guilty”I mumbled . But he couldn’t hear me.
“I’m gonna have to break this door if you’re so hesitant”
“It’s your house Barry!”I mumbled again.
Soon he left.
“Okay are you gonna come out now since the lawyer is here?”I heard him say. I stood up from my bed and moved to the door to open it.
After opening it. I stare at a furious Barry in front of me
“ opened the door for that?”
“That’s my priority now!”I said and move downstairs
The lawyer looked up as my footstep sound on the stairs
“Welcome!”I greeted and gave a handshake “Thanks for coming on time”I said again and sat down
Barry also came downstairs and sat beside the lawyer
“Yes Mrs Brown..about your divorce?”
“Yeah, the one we have been planning..I just wanted ask when our case will be in court”
“ should have asked that on the phone then”
“I just wanted to be realistic!”
“Well okay..your case is on Wednesday. I had wanted to call you earlier too”he said to Barry
“Well do make it fast then”I said
“That’s okay..are you both satisfied?”
“Yes!”I replied. He turned to look at Barry and raised his brows. Barry nodded and the lawyer stood on his feet
“Well I’ll get going anyway..have other clients to attend to. Thanks for doing business with me!”he gave Barry a handshake which he took
I pack my load little by little inside a big bag. Barry and I haven’t really talked well today.
I don’t know how he’ll react to what I’m About to do.
After packing I went downstairs and drag the luggage
“Where are you going to?”Barry stood up and double crossed me
“I’m going to where I came from. My parents house!”
“What? Are you kidding me!”he yelled
Geez. I know he won’t take it lightly
“No Barry I’m leaving”I said and moved. He stopped me
“Violet you are going nowhere!”he ordered
“Why? You still want to keep me at home so I can hear the folktales about you and Jennifer?”I moved to go
He stopped me
“Violet please..just forget all this thing ever happened. You know how much I care about you”
“Barry..look..we are getting a divorce..there’s no need for me to stay here”
“At least we haven’t gotten a divorce yet!”
“But I don’t want to stay here”I yelled
“Okay are least wait till you get better”
“I can’t get better staying will only get worse”I moved to go and he stopped me again holding my hands
“Please Violet”his voice croaked, I look at him. He had misty eyes. So full of tears. He’s gonna make me cry soon.
“‘Please..”he begged
“If you don’t leave me Barry. I’ll call the police you are harassing temperature is enough prove for them to believe”I threatened
I would never do that!
He leaves my hand slowly as I moved away from his front to the door
“We’ll meet at court..”I said and jam the door
I sigh as I ring the bell of my house. I ring it twice till Marshall came to open it
“Violet?”he was surprised seeing me
“Good afternoon”I reply weakly
“Can I come in?”I asked him. He was staring at me with so much shock..with my loads?
“Yeah..sure..come in..i just was never aware you were coming for holiday”
I smile
“A surprise I presume..where’s mum”
“Upstairs. Let me get her for you.”
After the fight mum and I had about the Denix. After she had slapped me twice. After I had walk out on her. I am as scared as hell to see her face. Feeling more sick already. I had no time to shout. If she decides to shout today. Maybe I’ll ask her to postpone it till tomorrow. I have no strength for all that now
“Whoa. The prodigal daughter is back.”I heard my mum’s voice as she come down from the stairs and cackled. I stand up and look at my feet till I feel her in front of me
“How may I help you Violet?”she asked
I look up at her. Staying with Barry was better than this woman. But I had no choice. I was gonna keep crying if I saw Barry’s face.
“Mum..”I started
“Whoops..who’s ya called me evil the other day right..what changed”
“I’m sorry”I apologized
“Well..what are you doing here anyway?”she took a seat.
“I came back..”
“You’re not sticking to your husband anymore hun?”
“I’m ready go listen to you mum..I’ll get married to the Denix to boost your contract”
“Whoa what has my girl turned to..a bitch? Leaving her husband?”
“Mum..just stop those insult..I’ll get married again”
“Hmmn. Still got those guts hun?”
I rolled my eyes.
“Well..since you took so long to answer..the Denix cancelled the contract”
“I don’t know what the hell you told them..their son’s just keep blabbing about me forcing you into marriage which is not right and bla bla.. they said you would fall in love with whomever you want”
“Oh yeah I already did..”I find myself say and blush as Barry’s face rush into my mind.
“Bah?”she asked
“Nothing..”I covered up
“Okay well like I said earlier there has been a change of mind”She sat up
“You are gonna get married again..but not to the Denix..this time the Sherlock Holmes”
“Have you heard of them?”
“No..never..i mean.i can’t..get married again”
I had never thought she would break contract with the Denix. It was just an excuse of me living happily. I know Jade will play along with his parents and my mum will think her plan worked. But now. I guess she is ruling and I made a big mistake
“What has gotten into you..?”she yelled a bit
I shriek
“Think about it”
“Yeah..i will”
“We would be leaving to their house tomorrow”
“ I’ll get you a nice dress too”
“What if I hadn’t come home”
“Yeah..I always make my plan..I bought some clothes for Millie. She was gonna go with me. Good girl. Maybe i could give her to the youngest son there”she laughed
“Anyway Violet.. tomorrow.. don’t be late”she said and went upstairs
I bit my lip in frustration.
Up in my room. I lay lifelessly on the bed. My life was just so messed up.Missed calls from Barry, missed calls from Jade, I had watch the phone ring but feel reluctant to pick it.
“Bestie?”I heard Ella’s voice as I turn to look. She was peeping inside my room
“Ella..”I whispered and she entered
“You’re here?”she asked me.
“Of course..”I said and sat up
“You’ve got explanation to make..Vee”
“Oh Really?”
“I don’t understand what is actually going in..Barry called that you’re are sick and I went over to your house and h said you are here…he really looked worried..”
Hmmmn. Really got some explanation to make.
I’m just so tired about tomorrow adventure.
Crazy Wife
Chapter Twenty-seven
Up in my room. I lay lifelessly on the bed. My life was just so messed up.Missed calls from Barry, missed calls from Jade, I had watch the phone ring but feel reluctant to pick it.
“Bestie?”I heard Ella’s voice as I turn to look. She was peeping inside my room
“Ella..”I whispered and she entered
“You’re here?”she asked me.
“Of course..”I said and sat up
“You’ve got explanation to make..Vee”
“Oh Really?”
“I don’t understand what is actually going in..Barry called that you’re are sick and I went over to your house and h said you are here…he really looked worried..”
Hmmmn. Really got some explanation to make.
I’m just so tired about tomorrow adventure.
“Nothing actually..”I said laying back to sleep
“Did you guys have a fight?”she asked. I sigh
“Ella why are you here?”
“ caused your fight”
I sit up. “Nothing..”
“You don’t wanna talk to your bestie?”she fussed. I chuckled.
“Not that..i find have to worry about me!”
“My job is to worry about you..”
“Okay..Barry doesn’t love me..he loves that what you want to hear?”
She gasped covering her mouth
“Now you really want to make me cry”I said lying down back
She touch my shoulders and squeezed it back as she lay beside me too. I clean the tears that just roll from my eyes back
“Anyway..more guys will come hun?”she said.
I knew she was only trying to calm me down. Normal Elka would scream and fish about it first. But maybe because she really likes Barry. That’s why she kept calm. Or she still can’t believe that Barry doesn’t love me.
I smile as she cup my cheeks and sit up again
“Okay how about Jade?”she asked. I raised my brows
“Come on.. haven’t you noticed he likes you?he even comes to our e-v-e-r-y-day”
“Too Bad I won’t be ending up with Jade too..mum signed me with Sherlock Holmes”
She gasped
“I’m getting married”
“My life is just so messed up Ella”
“Okay forget about’s your health”
“I used some drugs..still running temperature though..”
“Let me get some clothes to dab your body OK?”
She moved into the bathroom and In a while she came back with a little Bowl and a towel in it. She moved to my bed and squeezed out the water in the towel and place it on my body. I shift a bit as the cold water made me shiver
“Sorry”she said and continued.
We were both in silence,each of us in our thoughts.
“Don’t talk about him”I shun and she kept quiet.
I was woken up with an alarm. Mum had set one for me. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom to take a bath and I dressed.
I was looking good. As always. I move to the bed to pick up my phone and my gaze went to my ring. I put my phone in my bag and stared at my back palm
He had gotten it for me. It was his choice. He had jokingly proposed. He had made me feel like a queen. Like a married woman. But it was all ending now. Where the hell was Victor!
I gently removed the ring and put it in my wardrobe. I can’t risk my mum seeing it and throwing it away like the other time. It was quite expensive
I move out of my room to the sitting room and I saw my mum tying a bow on Millie’s hair
“Is Millie going with us!”I yelled
“Your manners?”
“Good morning Millie going with us?”
“No.. she’s going to the church with Marshall”
Oh I forgot today was even a Sunday.
“ ready?”she asked me. I nod and she smile
“Let’s go then.. Marshall!”
Marshall came running down stairs
“Well be leaving now”
“Okay ma”he answered. I move to Millie a kissed her on the nose. She giggled and asked me to carry her but I left
I was doing all this for her future. I can’t risk mum selling her too like I’ve been sold
The Sherlock Holmes dealt with land. They sold lands. I did a little research. The sell companies too and built house. The mainly deal with lands and buildings and they earn a whole lot of money.
I got down from my mum’s car car and she asked me to keep on a smile.
There was a small company beside the house and cars were parked outside. But guess that was wasnt what we came for
We entered into the parlour and where asked to sit down as I waited for my doom.
“Welcome..”I heard someone say and i turn to look at a old man with a walking stick. My mum and i stood up and bow a little
Then the discussion started!
They were discussing about business all through. Partnerships and so many other boring topics.
“Excuse me?”
“Yes?”the man said. My mum rolled her eyes
“My the car”I said and she nod. I stood up and moved outside
Grr. What a life!
I move to my mum’s car and rested in it. I shouldn’t be here. Should I escape. Should I tell Sherlock I’m married. Geez mum would kill me. She would skin me alive. And Millie? The little girl is gonna be used. I sigh and look around. Nice house for a matrimonial home. I turn around and my eyes lock Sherlock’s sons eyes. Mum showed me his picture yesterday. He was very handsome, I admit,he had all the qualities I want in a man,but I don’t know he was. He turned back to the people he was talking to but I continued staring. What would he be like if we got married. How does he talk? Was he loyal? Can he cook? Is he as cheerful as my ex?
“Admiring him hun?”I heard beside me. I shriek and turn to look. My eyes widened at the sight In front of me.
“Good morning!”he said politely.
Who else talked politely?
I still find myself dumbfounded, but what to do?
He kept staring at me too and I turned to look if mum was outside watching
“How are you feeling now?”he asked again
He didn’t take those cute eyes off me.
“Please..”his voice trailed and he turned back to clean a tear that fell
Oh my God!
He turned back to face me
“Come back home..”he said again. My heart cried. I swallowed, I don’t want to cry in front of him.
“I can’t..”I find myself say like a whisper. Gosh I was supposed to be ignoring him..bit I just can’t. I want to talk to him. I want to hear him say something and I’ll reply.
“ can”he replied
“Not when I’m getting married to Sherlock Holmes son”
“Mum..made a contract”
“Violet! And you agreed?”
“I had no choice!”
“You are mine only and no one else..i won’t let any other handsome face take you away from me..”
“Just stop bragging about me if you don’t love me”
“You Seriously think I don’t love you?”he yelled
“Prove it then!”I yelled
He stared at me and bit his lip. I knew he was frustrated. He bang his fist in mum’s car
“What are you doing here”I tried to sound normal
“ and Sherlock”he said simply.
“Same purpose then..I’ll get going, mum is waiting”I said and moved. He drag me back
“Your ring?”
So he noticed
“Why wear it when we are getting a divorce in two days time..and my future husband won’t really like to see a wedding ring with me would he?”
I move away and went inside.
Marriage is a contract. My mum had said to Sherlock and his son. They had also agreed with it
Moses Holmes was quite a flirt.
Why did I say
He was a flirt
When his dad and my mum asked us to have our private time. He had taken me to his room. I sat down and he had closed the door too
“Violet”I said. He smirk
“You look beautiful”
“I’m so happy to be your future husband”
He sat beside me on his bed and shift a bit.
“How old are you?”he whispered in my ear with a flirty tone. I shift. He irritates me.
“I’m just 17 and you”
“Well..I’m 24″he smirk again
Barry is 27 and he is 24 but he irritates me like hell and he sucks. Barry is better off
“Good for you then”I replied. He shift my hair to my ear
“Your hair looks nice”
“Thanks..can we go back now?”
“Oh come on..we barely talked..are you shy”
“No.. I’m just not comfortable”
“Do you need to lie down”he said pushing me on the bed. I sit up immediately
“No!”I yelled
“My bed is quite comfortable for two anyway”he said as he pushed me to the bed and he also lie down.
“Leave me alone!”I hit him
“Come on Violet..are you afraid of sex? I’ll go gently with you”
“What? Are you insane?”
“Is this your first time?”
“Shut up asshole!”I hit his chest. He laughed
“Aww. You are sweet!”
I move out of his room and walk out. He was such a mistake

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