Crazy wife episode 22-23

Crazy Wife
Chapter Twenty-two
“What will be the perfect birthday gift for Barry?”I asked Ella
“Socks!”Jade cut in
“Ew. What is he to do with that?”I rolled my eyes at Jade
“Can you stop preparing about this birthday of a stuff and let’s have a date tomorrow night”
“No..Jade..I can’t..Barry’s birthday is tomorrow..I want to take all the day.”
“And what about today?”
“I’ve got to prepare a lot of things”
“Are you throwing a party?”Bob asked me
“’s just something cool.. something just for us.. alone”
“Hmmn..I think you got the husband..think yourself!”Bob said
“Grr..”Ella groan at Bob “Er.. Vee how about you buy him a tie..”
“Aww. That’s nice”I said
“What’s nice? Only dogs use ties.. dogs like Shane”Bob butt in
“At least he’s better than a chicken with belt!”Ella spat back. Jade chuckled
“Ouch Ella..”I cut in “.. anyway I’ll get Barry a tie too.. but that won’t be his main gift
“Any idea.. Bob?”
“Didn’t you hear when she called me a chicken.?”
“You called Shane a dog!”
“Why are you so obsessed with this stupid Shane of a guy?”
“Because..he knows how to give a girl a Valentine gift when I was actually expecting it from you”Ella yelled
“I sent him to give it to you..I didn’t expect that you’ll just fall for him just at the sight of an handsome boy”
Ella kept quiet as Jade and I gape. She bits her lip and ruffled her hair. Oh like Barry.
“Is that why you have not been Talking to me?”Bob spat
“Is that why you stick to Shane.. because you thought it was cool for him to give you a gift?”
“Why did you kiss Tina!”Ella spoke
“I told you she asked for was a truth or dare game”.
“Why the hell did you lock lips with Violet’s party?”
“He asked for was also a game!..why the hell would you send Shane to give me a gift?”
“Because…I thought you never liked me and I want to go through Shane first..I only asked him to hand it over to Ella without saying a word and you fell for that?”
“Hey guys I’ve been hearing my name like 3 sits backwards..what’s wrong”Shane cane and Jade and I kept staring. Bob maintained a straight face with Ella
“Answer me fell for Shane because of a gift..”
“ name is still ringing here..come on Ella..we have a’s 12:00 already!”Shane said.
Bob bang his fist on the table
“You even have a date with him?” He stood up from his sit and walk out as all of us turn our gaze to Ella
“What?”she yelled at us “’s not that I like him or what..why is he even angry?”she stood up too and walk out.
Shortly Shane went too.
“Oops. Quite a drama”I said to Jade going back to my To-do list.
“Why the hell did you get married to Barry!”I heard Jade say and I look up at him๐Ÿ™„. He bang his fist in the table and walk out too.๐Ÿ˜
Quite. A drama too!๐Ÿ˜‚
Okay now. The D-DAY
Who else has a bad feeling about Barry’s birthday?
Crazy Wife
Chapter Twenty-three
Happy Birthday! Happy Bad day
I creaked to Barry’s room at 11:59 and luckily it was opened. I gently entered his room and moved to where he slept and knelt down on his bed. I look at the clock and when it was 12:00, I bent a little and peck him on the cheek. He shifted in his sleep turning to look at who it was and our lips meet. I tried to pull away but his tongue slip into my mouth and I let him take over as we both kissed. I was surprised when he pin Me to his bed and kissed me a bit harder than before. I didn’t complain or pull back. I let him overtake my lips and i let out a slight moan when his hand went under my gown.
Suddenly he pulled back leaving me startled! I open my eyes and stared at the sweating Barry in front of me
“Are you okay?”I asked sitting up
“I’m …sorry for going that.. far!”he apologized gasping for breath
“That’s okay..I don’t have a problem with that..”I said and he look up at me. I gave him a smile
“Happy Birthday Barry!”
He chuckled
“Oh..”he looked up at the clock “..that’s true.. Thanks a lot”
“Long life hun?”
He nod with a smile “Thanks Vee!”
“I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep. I just wanted to make it on time to wish you happy birthday”
“I really appreciate it..”
“You worth it!”
“.and about the kiss..”
“Shh!”I placed my finger on his lips
“I said it’s okay Barry..I don’t have a problem with it..I pecked you and you went too far by pinning me down and kissing me on the lips… it’s no problem..”
“It’s just..”
“Go to sleep hun? You have a big day today!”I said with a smile and stand up from his bed.
“Sleep tight!”I waved at him and closed his door. I blushed and move to my own room
“I’ll pick you up after school!”he said
“Pick me up on time pls..”I said
“Sure..take care”
“You too!”I smile and get down from his car. I waved him a bye and he drove off.
“Happy birthday to him hun?”A voice said behind me
“Yeah!”I replied turning backwards to face him as we walk
“Where’s Ella?”I asked
“No good morning?”he asked back
“Oh sorry Jade!”I smile and walk out
“You still haven’t said good morning?”he shouted behind me and I chuckled.
Where the Hell would Ella be. I’ve got to go back home to make preparations for Barry’s birthday. If he comes to pick me up..then there won’t be any surprise for him. I need to go back home and prepare everything. Once he gets home. Boom. Surprise!
“Why the hell would you be angry because I’m going on a date with Shane!”I heard a voice as I pass the lab. I stopped
I went backwards to give a peep
“Why would you also be angry because I never gave you a Valentine gift”
“You were supposed to!”
“And why is that?”
“You haven’t answered my own question. Why are you annoyed I’m going out with Shane it’s none of your business”
“And why are you Annoyed i kissed Tina. It’s none of your business too”
Ella bit her lips as they stared into each other’s eyes. She turned her face away from him
Was she shy?
“Let’s forget everything that ever happened!”she said and move to go
He drag her back to face him
“Why is it so hard for you to just admit you’re in love with me!”Bob spat
“Why is it so hard for you to say you are in love with I expected to say it first!”
“You’re being are not giving me a chance to express myself”
“We are together almost all the time Bob..why didn’t you take one of those times to tell me how you really feel about me!”she yelled
Bob sighed
“How about now?”
He locked lips with her before she finished talking and her bag fell on the floor ,she put her hands round his neck and pull him closer as thru both settled in for a mind blowing kiss
Aww. My worms jumped at the sight. This is so sweet of them. Hidden love finally exposed. I brought out my phone and made a video. They didn’t stop. Why would they? They were in love with each other! He sat her down on the lab table but he didn’t break the kiss. I zoomed in and out as I took the video. Nice one!
I need to go. This wasn’t the time to disturb them!
I moved away from the laboratory door and moved to my locker to drop my things as I took the personal key Barry didn’t know I had. I wasn’t going to attend class today. It was my husband’s birthday
“Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?”Ella scolded.
I was just coming from home. I had set all my surprises and gifts In the house and I was back at school. It wouldn’t be nice if Barry did not meet me at school
“You were busy!”I replied the furious Ella in front of me
“I was busy? I was never busy today. I even looked for you all around and Jade told me you’ve gone home to prepare for Barry’s birthday”
“Should I have disturb your make out with Bob at the lab?”
She bit her lips”I’ll kill you if you had disturbed us!”she said and i laughed
“ guys are so sweet!”I jerk her
She blushed”Thanks..”
“So what did you plan..?”she asked and we started talking
“Barry!”I screamed and gave him a hug.
“Hey Vee”he hugged me tighter and i didn’t care who was looking at us
“How was office today?”I asked
“Cool..they really made me happy anyway”
“Aww. That’s nice of them!”
“Can we go!”
“Yeah sure! I have so many things to show you at home..”
“Oh..”he stopped “Lest i forget.. Jennifer prepared a little party for me and she wants us to come over!”
“Please..she really stressed herself out..she didn’t even come to office today..and i really want to attend..”
“ insist..but we won’t take long”
“Yeah..we won’’s really very important for me to go!”he said and I smile and entered into the car
There was traffic and i was worried we would get home late. We hadn’t even gone to Jennifer’s place and it’s already getting late!
‘I’m Sorry’ Barry kept saying.
He had taken me to a shopping complex for a change of clothe. I was wearing a beautiful gown he bought for me with glitters and suede boots. He had even taken me to a spa and my hair was done.
It was his birthday after all
And I don’t know why he was awesomely happy. He even bought roses
Finally we got to her house and I yawn a bit. I was already tired of sitting too much in the car.
He put his hand round my neck as we both knocked.
“They are here!”I heard Lesley Voice. Oh that lousy girl.
The door opened and i gave a smile as Lesley showed her 36 teeth. I hope it was even complete.
“King! Happy Birthday!”she shouted and hugged Barry
“Thank you princess!”Barry smiled
“Hi Vee!”she greeted me
I smile and hugged her too. She was looking breathtaking also. I liked her shoes especially.
We entered into the room and different lights glimmered around to bring a beautiful color.
Wow. Impressive.
“Happy Birthday to you.. happy birthday..”Jennifer started singing when we entered and Lesley joined her. She have Barry a hug when she was done and did a little funny prayer for him. She hugged me too and her cologne was fabulous. We took a seat and Jennifer served us all
I have been laughing and cracking my ribs since I came here. Lesley was such a funny girl. She had made each of us laugh to our satisfaction and I was so happy Barry was having fun. This would be the very best for him. I still got a lot of romantic surprises for him at home. We have also been playing game along with Lesley jokes and it was certain the four of us were having fun.
Barry coughed after laughing for some while and spoke up
“I want to say something!”he said and all of us fix our gaze on him. I smiled. He was smiling. I had to smile
“I want you all to listen very carefully!”he said again
We all stare at ourselves wondering what advice he wants to give us that is this serious
“I..I’m in love with someone!”
Oh no!
No now!
Not in front of them!
I’m gonna blush too hard!
I’m gonna turn red!
No Barry Let’s get home First!
“She has been the best..and I really like her..she had always wanted the best for me and I want to appreciate her by telling her what I feel..I have been hiding my feelings for you long and I don’t want to lose her again..The fact that I’m in love with Jennifer is still a surprise to me..she’s stubborn.. naughty….”
My blood seized
Okay let’s backward what Barry had said.
I think I’m having a problem with my ear drums
My leg is stiff in this boot
My gown is pinching me and i feel like pulling them off.
I am going insane.
Barry isn’t serious.
He’s playing pranks.
“… I had spoken to Violet about it before and she told me to confess to the person i love..”
That’s because i thought it was me!๐Ÿ˜ซ
“..and that’s why I’m taking that bold step to tell Jennifer how I feel. I love you Jennifer. I really do.”
My eyes went red hot with tears. I bent down like I wanted to pick something and i rubbed my tears fast with the back of my palm.
This isn’t true
This isn’t real
Barry please
Don’t say this!
Don’t do this to me.
I think I’m getting sick๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿคง๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿค’๐Ÿค•๐Ÿคข
“Barry..”Jennifer voice trailed as she sees into his eyes.
I feel like strangling her now.
This isnt happening
I’m running mad
“How about Violet?”Jennifer asked
They all turned yo look at me.
Please I hope they don’t see how red my eyes is
I hope they don’t touch me and see how stiff i am
I hope they don’t ask me questions cause my heart as just been stabbed
I don’t..I.. Barry..he..
“Jenny..”he held her hand “.Violet doesn’t have a problem with us..”
“I want to hear from her first”Jenny said
Barry turned to look at me and rolled his eyes
I smile
Oh lord don’t let them know it’s a sad and fake smile
“Jenny..”my voice was almost cracking(in tears)
I coughed out to appear more bolder
“If Barry loves you..”I swallowed hard and I squeeze my hand together
“..then I don’t have a problem with it..”I said with 0.3%confidence. I gave get another smile and she smiled too
“Barry..”she said again as they both stared at each other “I like the fact you really take this opportunity to say how you feel..and..I don’t know..but I think it’s what we both can sit down and talk about….. alone!”
“I understand..”he said too and held her hands. “We’ll surely talk!”he winked and she smiled.
Someone please get me out of here
I think I’m gonna burst out crying
He was playing love songs in the car. I looked out the window rubbing my tears every 5 seconds. I didn’t want him to see me cry and this has been my position till we left Jenny’s apartment. He doesn’t know what was running through my mind. But I know he was so happy he achieved something today. He keeps humming the songs and I keep listening to the hurtful lyrics that makes me almost wet my gown. I sniffed and rub my nose a little
“You’re feeling cold?”he asked
“Noh ..”it came as a whisper from me as I kept looking out the window
“Ate you okay?”he asked me
I swallowed hard. I swallowed the tears that was about to burst out. My throats were full with veins. I was trying to hold those tears. I gnash my teeth together to stop any sound from coming out. But I could not stop sniffing my nose.
“Vee?”he called
“Hun?”I tried to face him
“Is something wrong?”he asked again with those caring eyes I’ve always fell for. But oops he was only caring
“”I stammered taking all energy to let my tears go in back
“Owkay..”hr said facing the road back
“What do you think of Jennifer and I then?”he asked with a smile
“Perfect!”I said and look out the window to rub the tears that unexpectedly fall now.
“Thanks!”he smiled and increased the volume of the song
Geez! I think I’m gonna keep crying till we get home
Oh my!
“Oh my Gosh!”Barry screamed like a girl as we entered the sitting room. I knew my preparations for him was greater than Jenny’s own. Bit I hadn’t expect him to shout. I was not even in the mood to hear his voice
“All this for me?”he screamed again as i closed the door behind me. He looked around with smile on his lips. I move to go upstairs
“Wait..”he said and i stopped “..isn’t this for us..?”he asked
I turn to him and grind my teeth together to ease the pain in my heart. I swallowed my spit twice before I regained my speech.
“Nah..”I shake my head negatively “..its… you”I said and ran upstairs holding my mouth. I mustn’t burst out in tears in front of him.
That will be too embarrassing
I entered my room and locked the door with the keys before my I voice out my tears. I went down slowly on the floor as I cried my eyes out๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ญ
He never loved me.๐Ÿ˜ช
I was mistaken๐Ÿ˜ซ
He was in love with someone else๐Ÿ˜ญ
I fell for him๐Ÿ˜ญ
Mistook his care for love๐Ÿ˜ฆ
I thought we would be together at the end๐Ÿ˜ค
But no!๐Ÿ˜ฌ
That was not what he was thinking๐Ÿ˜ก
He was thinking of his life with Jennifer in the future.๐Ÿ˜ง
I was dumb not to realize he didn’t love me.๐Ÿ˜ข
He only took me as a junior sister๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
And I expected to be a wife๐Ÿ˜ญ
Changed because of him๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Ignored my friends to be with himโ˜น๏ธ
I regret!๐Ÿ™
I regret ever falling for Barry๐Ÿ˜ž
I regret ever reading KRADIE BLACK books๐Ÿ˜–
I mistook his care for love
I am a big fool๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Barry’s POV
All this for me? Violet really did this? This is so wonderful! So beautiful. She has double made my day. I move to the dinning table as I saw different things on it. There was even a food on the table. When did ordered that?
I move to the table and touch the food. It was still hot. It was on a timed food warmer. When the food gets cold. It resume duties by making it hot.
I carried the food from the warmer and a sticky note on the plate says
‘1: I made it for you, myself, happy birthday’
Violet made food? Can she even cook? I opened the plate to see a full looking delicious spaghetti. The aroma alone filled my nose and I chuckled at the feeling I get eating Violet’s food.
I took a spoonful into my mouth and stopped
Geez! Violet could cook! She has been pretending this long. Gosh! This was my taste! This was what we call an ideal wife cooking. Guess Violet is taking all measures to be matured in this relationship
I wonder why she had a mood swing since we left Jenny’s house. She had even prepared all this for me and cannot join me? Weird!
When I ate half of the food. I took a sip of the juice in the table too
I looked around. There was a number 1 on the plate, so think there should be a number two. She wants me to do everything In Order
I looked around for a sticky note with number two on it and I finally saw it on an apple laptop. It wrote
‘2: Watch this with ๐Ÿ’–”
She wants me to watch a video?
I opened the laptop and switch it on immediately. Can’t wait to see the surprise!
“Happy Birthday Barry!”I heard a scream from the laptop. It was Violet talking and she was smiling widely. She had recorded herself and was beaming with pride
“I guess it’s time!”she said and chuckled again. I smile. What was time?
She looked down at her fingers and then at the camera again
“Barry..”her voice trailed “..I.. don’t think I should be the one saying this…b.but..I can’t take it any longer..”
“I’re taking so long to tell me how you feel about me and..I can’t..really bare it again..”
My smile fade a bit
“Even with the fact that our marriage was arranged. I never knew how I fell for you…”
I ruffled my hair and stop the video. I looked around! My heart beat Increased. I was feeling guilty for something. I still don’t understand what Violet is saying
I played the video back.
“It’s awkward to me too..I mean..I was so angry about our age difference and I didn’t think it would work out..but I fell in love with you..and..I..I..don’t want a divorce any longer Barry!”
“Stop watching the video!”I heard Violet voice as I looked up to see the real Violet red with anger and tears all over her face with mucus on her nostrils. She threw the laptop on the floor in anger and i stood yo my feet
The fact that my heart is beating fast and im feeling very guilty is still a mystery to me. My heart had given a thud when she said she was In Love with me. She said she didn’t want a worms smiled with that. But seeing her this furious real life is making me have pain in my heart
She moved the the dinning table and took the drinks she kept there too. She smashed them on the floor each and scattered the whole table. She was crying. She was hurt. I was hurt too!
Violet’s POV
I scattered all the things I stressed myself in arranging this morning. Why does he need to see them when he was in love with someone else. This was all my confessions..the birthday card I made specially for him with my own feelings! The video! The food! The picture Ella took when he kissed my forehead. Our wedding pictures! The gifts!
All of it was my confessions and he wanted to see it all? So he would make jest of me.
“Vee!”he moves close to me
“Leave me alone”I yelled at him with my eyes hot in tears and red in anger
“Don’t you dare watch that video”I pointed a finger at him yelling with all my strength
“Violet..please calm down..”his voice croaked. Was he really about crying or he’s pretending to Care
I’ll take option 2 as the answer
He only shows he cares. But not deeply
“Vee..”he moved closer to me and held my hands. I cried out. I burst out in uncontrollably tears. I beat his chest repeatedly.
I shouldn’t have fall for him
I shouldn’t have taken that risk
“I hate you Barry..”my voice choked and cracked in tears. He held me closer to him
“Vee..I’m sorry!”
“Don’t tell me you’re sorry!”I yelled at him “I fell for you..I thought you loved me..I thought we were gonna be a very great made me have me showed me you couldn’t return..”
“It’s not what you think!”
“You loved Jennifer all along. You should have said it. I wouldn’t bother falling in love with you! I regret every moment we spent together!”
“No.. Violet..don’t say that..please..I don’t regret any moment with you and you shouldn’t either.. you’re the best girl a man could have..”.
“Then have me Barry! have me!”
He rubbed the tears in my eyes and i sniffed.
“You are special..Vee..the man who would have a gem..who wouldn’t want to watch teen wolf with you, who wouldn’t want to hold you in the arm when you’re sad, who wouldn’t want to kiss you..all this and more is what makes you great..i never regretted any moment with you..what made you think anytime we kissed I don’t break off…it’s because. I don’t know..I’m attracted to you in some way..I just.. Jennifer..just..she’s..”
“I don’t want you talking about her”I burst in tears again
“Violet…I watched the video..and..I feel a thud in my heart hearing you like this..and I don’t..”
I lock my lips with his and shut him up from whatever he wanted to say. I don’t want him to reject me. I’ll kill myself if he does. Barry was mine. He had always been mine. No one else! I don’t want him to say he never fell for me. It hurts. My heart had been broken and I don’t even know how to fix them. If he says anything I might pass out.
Breaking this kiss now is what would make me die. And I was happy Barry didn’t break the kiss. He had even pulled me closer for more and rub my back with love.
At least he was attracted to me.
Okay that works a bit!

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