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Crazy wife episode 20-21 by : 6:18 pm On May 7, 2021
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Crazy Wife
Chapter Twenty
It was so sweet of him to worry. He had thought I was in trouble. That’s cute. Staying in his hug like this makes me want to sleep on his chest.
“I’m sorry I made you worried!”I said.
“It’s no problem!”he said
“Violet?”Ella called from the stairs. We released our hug and leave the way as Ella rushed upstairs.
“Hey..”I greeted her as she entered into my room shoving my hair to my ear
” I’m sorry I made a mess in your sitting room..”she ignored my greetings and faced Barry
“That’s okay..although you got me hyper scared”he gave a quick smile
“I’m sorry if I did..”she apologized
“How about you guys come over later for lunch. I’ll make something”
“Aw. Thanks!”Ella said and Barry leaves my room
“Soooo……”she said closing the door
“What?”I asked her moving to my bed
“I met you both in silence…where you saying something and kept shut cause you heard me calling”
“Nothing..he had only thought your paint was my blood with my cloth soaked in it and had rushed to check me up..”
She laughed
“What’s funny..why are you laughing at my husband”
“How could he think that was blood”
“Obviously he was hyper worried about me..after Blake’s threat”
“Oh. That. You’re resuming school on Monday. How about how you’ll handle that? He’s not gonna be with you anyway”
“Ion know..I’ll try my best to handle it the way I can. You, Bob, and I can fish out something”
“Well..let’s see..”she scratched her head “Cant wait to resume anyway”she gave smile
“Barry..your bag!”I hurried downstairs to give him his bag as he struggled with his tie.
“Thanks!”he took the bag from me
“Let me help you with that..looks like you’re not really good at that!”
“Well Jenny helps me at work.. nevermind”
I frown at the name of Jenny helping him with his tie
“I’ll do it. I have no problem in doing it”I said as I assisted him with his tie
“Thanks!”he gave a smile
“Take care of yourself..and don’t come home too late”
“I won’t..as far Jennifer won’t keep me waiting..”
“Making me wait.. so I can tell her the preparations to make for my birthday..”
What did he say?
“Your.. bir..”
“Yeah. Next week Thursday. Knew you wouldn’t know..let it stick now hun?”he winked. I gave a smile
“That’s good. Thursday..it’s fine..I’ll try preparing something too”
“Okay then..see you soon”he klzzed my forehead and carried his bag.
I smile.
His birthday?
Thank God he said something
I would have been extremely caught unawares.
I gotta prepare something too.
Barry’s POV
I was so surprised to see her .
“Vee?”I stood from my seat
“Hey..”she replied
“Hi..”Jennifer also greeted her
“Hi Jenny!”she greeted with a smile back and entered into the office
“Wow..I..you..what are you doing here..”
“You forgot this!”she said pointing to my flask.
I never even noticed that I didn’t bring my food along with me. I had forgotten it at the breakfast bar in the kitchen
Oops. My wife brought it
“Oh my..i didn’t notice..thanks a lot”
“You’re welcome”
“But you’re shouldn’t have taken the stress..i would have just bought something at the canteen..”
“Nah.. it was no stress and anyway. This is better”she winked at my and I chuckled taking the bag from her
“Anyway..home was Boeing so I thought i could use that opportunity to see you..”she said and I smile
“Lesley is also home alone..you guys could meet too”Jenny said
“Yeah..but don’t you think Lesley is a bit too babyish for me!”Violet said and Jenny and I raised our brow
“I’m married you know!”she chuckled and we laughed
“I’ll see Lesley too..it’s just a matter of time”Violet said
“How about we go to the jewelry store…”I suggested
Vee gave a wide smile
“Yeah..yeah.. yeah!”she screamed and i laughed
“Hmmn.you’re taking the only person that kills my boredom away from me Vee”
“I won’t take him away for long Jenny..”Violet giggled taking my hands
She was right. She wouldn’t take me away from Jenny for long. I’m gonna be Jenny’s at last.
So she got no worries!
“This is a new model..”I said to Violet
“Yeah.. but i really like this one..it’s very similar to the one you bought for me”
“I like the new model better.. and anyway..my mum chose the last ring..bit I’m choosing this one”he smirks
“Hmmn. Okay if you insist”I said and took the ring
“How much please?”Barry asked and she said the price. I knew it was gonna be expensive. Buying something at Denix jewelry store is 6× the actual price. I wonder why Barry brought me somewhere this expensive
At least 3× expensive is better.
“Okay..bring it”he said and i gave him the ring as he gently placed it on my fourth f!ng£r,second to my pinky.
“Will you marry me?”he joked. I colored at his remarks. Became red in embarrassment. I blushed.
“Aww. Yes Barry”i said and we laughed. Few people watched and wondered what this small girl was doing with this young guy. While some people found it cute for a young guy asking school girl like me out.
He ruffled my hair as we made way to leave the store.
“Asking my wife out hun?”a voice said. Barry and I looked up as my smile fade a bit. Barry still smiled
“She never told me she had another husband..I’m still the one that got her heart!”he winked at me Talking to the boy
Oh true. Hes got my heart.
The guy chuckled too
“My name is Barry.”he introduced being formal
“I’m Justin Denix..”the other guy Introduced. Barry gaped and turn to look at him
We did a bit of mind talk
I wanted to tell him it was Justin. Yes that Justin mum signed me to.
“Oh Justin..”Barry’s voice trailed
“With the expression on your faces.. I guess you know about me?”Justin said
“Not really.. I just know you are a partner to my wife’s mother”Barry said
“Well..I also know..you are her legally married husband..”Justin said
We both gaped..
He laughed
“I found out about you too..”he said and moved to me to put his hands round me
“Anything for Violet..”he said
“Get your hands off her!”Barry cautioned
“I won’t hurt her Barry so chill..it’s obvious she really likes you..”
“What do you want?”Barry said
“Nothing.. I have all the riches in the world…and any girl I’ll like..Violet..is just some baby..”he laughed
“No offence..”he said again stifling a laugh
“What are you up to?” Barry ask him
“Like I said earlier..I’m not into Violet.. especially when I discovered she was married.. Happily married..”
That’s a relief!
“..but Jade likes her..”
I gasp and look at Barry
“Denix Jade?’i asked still gushing. Justin smiled
“Yeah Jade..”
“He likes me?”I asked again and Barry rolled his eyes..
“Sorry Barry..i just sort of like.. follow him on Instagram..I’m his favourite fan..okay..”I face Justin
“No matter who Jade Denix I’d..even though I’m crushing on him and he’s my Instagram pal and if I date him..all the whole of Crown Eisten will know I hit the nail…i pledge to never ..ever..ever leave my caring and loving husband!”I said putting my hands on my chest.
Justin laughed
“I like you already!”he said and ruffled my hair as Barry does.
Barry held his hand.
“Only ‘I’ do that”he said and I snorted.
“I’m sorry Justin..I’m very happy you understand me and I like the fact you are not going through my mum’s plan of getting me married again by force..bit sincerely I am in love with Barry and I can’t trade him for a cute red hair guy.”
“Hmmn. You would tell him that cause I’m not gonna deliver that message”
“She..”Barry tried to talk
“.. anyway I’ll leave now…take care of yourself”he said and winked at me as Barry put his hands round my neck and we left the store.
*3 days later*
“Good morning!”I said to Barry as I came downstairs
“Ready for school hun?”
“Sort of!”I smile and he also smiled as he gave me the tea he made for me. I sipped it Slowly.
“Ready?”he asked me
“Yeah..”I tool the last sip and carried my bag and followed him behind
“Thanks”I said when he dropped me at the school compound.
“You’re welcome”he said and ruffled my hair. I get off from his car and waved him bye with a smile.
I remember those times I would just walk out on him and move to my class. Why was there need for me to tell him bye. But now? If I don’t tell him bye. My mind would not be at rest.
“Geez you scared me..”
“Waved Barry bye hun.. college girl in love..”
“I was in love at high school too.. I was crushing on Blake..”
“Grr. You-are grown now..you are at college..you know what love really is..in two years you are gonna be through with your school. you are no more a baby”
“You too Ella!”I said
“Whatever..I’ve not met mister right yet… except if Shane is really responsible”
I laughed
“Well watch him anyway..”
“So..he’s supposed to freak out seeing me not me freaking out”
“D’oh who gave you that confidence!”
“Barry!”we both chorused and laughed
“It’s really a pleasure seeing you eat with us!”I said and hit Bob at his back
“You all abandoned me.. you and Ella keep keeping to yourself!”
“Oh come on Bob..I can never forget you..you are our comedian..”
“Hmmmn..like I care..”
I raised my brows
“Did you and Ella have a fight?”
“Ask her/him”they both said at the same time
“Oh. Okay. What’s wrong?”I asked
“He was klzzing that dirty Tina”Ella shouted and hit the table
“I told you she klzzed me first..”he shouted too
“How do you expect me to believe that?”she said
“And why do you have a problem with that..you also klzzed Shane at Violet’s party”
“He klzzed me..”
“How do you also expect me to believe that?”
“Hey..guys..”I snapped.
“What?”they turn to look at me
“You both are jealous of yourself?”
“I’m not jealous!”they snapped back at me
“Whoa..see who is in love..”
“Spare me..Shane is a better idea”Ella boasted
“Tina rocks too”Bob boasted too
“Tina s√¢ks”Ella backfires
“She’s B@@by”
“So?..she f√¢ks almost all the guys in school”
“And Shane..he f√¢ks almost all the girls in school!”
“He’s handsome!”
“So..ask Vee if he beats me look!”
“Tina doesn’t beat my looks either”
“Oh my..my..look who’s arguing..Violet and her asshole friends”I heard a voice behind me which came closer
“What do you want?”Ella passed aggression
“Get out of here!”Bob shouted
“I’m not here for you two…”he said mad them faced me
“Welcome back to school Violet!”he touched my hair. I pushed his hand
“You dare slap me?”he tightened his hand on my hair and people started watching
“You are gonna pay for every pain and embarrassment I faced”he pulled me with my hair and i scream
People started bringing their phones
“You embarrassed me in front of the whole school and I’m gonna do the same..”he said making my face him. He moved his lips close to mine and klzzed me a little. I shove my head off
“What can you hun?”he asked and i turn to look at Bob and Ella.
Blake’s friend were holding them already and they were struggling to help me.
I kicked Blake leg and he laughed along with his friends and some others.
He pull my hair and dragged me to the middle of the school canteen
I scream as every bit of the drag hurt me
“Come on! Do something! Do something! You cheap bitch!”he shouted and pushed me to the floor.
I heard a loud laughter followed by a loud sound that sound like a slap!
Ouch was that me?
I raise me head up to see where i heard the sound from
Denix Jade
Crazy Wife
Chapter Twenty-one
Okay Jade Stop!
“Come on! Do something! Do something! You cheap bitch!”he shouted and pushed me to the floor.
I heard a loud laughter followed by a loud sound that sound like a slap!
Ouch was that me?
I raise me head up to see where i heard the sound from
Denix Jade!
I stiff like everyone in this canteen who are so surprised to see the popular red haired guy backed up with two body guards
Oh gosh Blake is dead
“Are you okay?”he asked me softly. I coughed a little and shove my hair to my ear.
“Yes..a bit!”I said
“You’ll pay for hurting her!”he snapped at Blake and the whole Canteen gasped
“Who the hell are you Jade!?”Blake shouted still holding his cheeks.
Jade laughed
“I guess you know me..”he said “Anyway..take care of him!”he said to his guards as they carried Blake and his friends.
He moved to where I was on the floor and stretched his hand
“Vee..grab my hand!”he said
‘he knows her name’ I heard some people whisper and the whole place became noisy. I looked up at everyone. Phones in the air. Each person recording. Hmmn. Jade was quite a star.
I stretched my hand as he grabbed it and pull me up.
“Gotcha!”he said as he pulled me close to him as we both stared
“Thanks!”I say and he smiled
“You have a lunch to finish”he said as he followed me to where I sat before. People followed behind with their phones. I looked around for Ella and Bob and I saw them coming over to is as they also took their seats.
“Okay..you guys can stop recording now. I want to have a pr!v@te chat..”Jade said as the all grunt and move back to their tables.
Ella moved to seat beside me
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah”I said silently
“Hi. I’m Jade Denix!”he introduced stretching his hand to Ella and she received it warmly
“Thanks for saving Violet”she said and he smiles
“It was worth it!”he replied and my gaze lock his.
“What’s up Bro!”he greeted Bob who stop sat shocked and surprised seeing Denix Jade.
“Hi!”he waved a bit like a girl and Jade chuckled.
“I’m so flabbergasted to see you in our school”
“Just decided to stop by anyway!”
“It so nice of you to even talk to me..I even follow you on Instagram”
“Okay what are you doing here?”I cut in and all of them stared at me.
“Come on..don’t be rude. He saved you!”Ella whispered to me
“At least there’s a reason he did!”I whispered back
“Then you should ask him politely then”she whispered
“I came for you!”Jade said and Ella gasped
“What do you want?”I asked him
“Justin met you right? And he sort of explained somethings to you..”
“Yeah he did”
“And that’s why I’m here..to ask what you think about it?”
“I am married..”i waved my hands to him
“I knew that before I came..”
“Then you should back out”
“I replied to your message on Instagram”he winked.
My heart smiled. Since like a year now he’s just replying my msg
“Thanks but that won’t change a thing!”
“You have been crushing on me like hell now”he smirked
“Not anymore!”I tried to hide my smile too.
“We could get married and give birth to another red haired girl..”he winked and this time I laughed making Ella and Bob laugh too
“Aww so cute”Ella commented. I raise my brow at her and we both smiled again. I turn to face Jade who was also smiling and I frown my face. He chuckled at that expression and my heart blushed
I held his hand that was on the table
“Say yes!”
“I..I..am married and i love my husband!”
“It’s just a number..”
He sigh
“I’m not giving up on you.”he said with a serious face and a line of wrinkle show on his forehead. We stared like that for some while
“Cam o talk to Barry?”he asked
“No..no..lave him out of this..and anyway..he won’t agree..”
“Your mum..wants our marriage to be possible”
“I’ll talk to her about that!”
“It won’t take my love from you”
“It’s only a love at first sight. It will wash”
“All the same.. I got attracted to you..and I’m not backing out..”
“I’ll come to your school often..”
“No..that’s not necessary”
“Blake..”he said and bit his lips. Barry does that when he’s a bit angry or worried “Blake..might still want revenge. I’ll stay..and protect you”he said and I imagine one of the characters in teen wolf that said that line
“Thanks anyway..”I said and he smile
“Okay..so what should we eat?”
“Eclair..”Bob and Ella chorused
“Shut up..”they said to their selves again
“What’s up with them!”Jade whispered in my ear
“Hate-love”I whispered back and he nod his head mouthing an ‘oooh’
“Bye!”I waved at Barry as I got into the school premises
“Be careful of Blake!”he said
“I will.”I smile
He drove out. Of course. I’ve got to be careful. But anyway Jade got my back. But he wouldn’t be here all the time?
My phone beeps and i check.
Message from Ella
“Don’t pass the hall way. Blake’s gang. Pass the back of the school.”
Quite protective. Thanks Ella.
I changed direction as I walked with other students passing the back of the school to their various classes. I need to keep away from Blake. Not because I’m scared but..okay I admit..I’m scared. I can’t risk Blake doing anything bad to me. I regretted slapping him anyway. But it served him right.
“Aaaargh!”I screamed as a hand drag me to a corner and cover my mouth. I struggled with the person trying to take his hand off my mouth. I wanted to shout, but his hand was firm. I kicked his leg but he didn’t move. Geez. Nobody was at this corner. Everybody was working to his or her class. The hand spin me to face him before releasing his hand
I cough out before raising my head up
“Are you insane Jade!”I beat his chest hard
“Ouch..”he holds his chest very tight “..you broke my heart!”hr gave a smirk
“I’m not in for jokes… you scared me..”
“You were pretty too scared..I had to release you”
“What the hell! I thought it was Blake..”
He laughed “So its Blake you’re scared of!”
“No..I..I’m not scared of him..I just..you caught me off guard”
“And i f he caught you of guard..how are you going to rescue yourself!”
“I don’t know..I’ll use my girl power”
“And what power does a girl have?”
I stared at him. I don’t even know. I just said it
“The message!”I point a f!ng£r at him and scowl. He laughed
“I sent it..I borrowed Ella’s phone”
“So you lied?”
“Not really..Blake and his guys were at the hallway”
“Hmmn”I moved away from the corner and burst out to the back of the school “..i thoyght you said you would protect me..are yoi also scared of Blake”
“Nah..”he said behind me before joining me in my pace
“He’s very small for me to handle”
“..Or small for your body guards to handle you mean?”I chuckled at my sentence
“Oh come on..I could handle Blake..I just don’t wanna go around and spoil my reputation”he said. I stopped walking
“Can you please stop following me?”I asked
“Why?”he gave a puppy face and I chuckled
“Look around Jade.. everyone with their phones and eyes..they are all staring at us.. watching us..just yesterday. I had more than 30people that greeted me than usual..my Instagram followers increased..”
“Isn’t that nice..”he wink
“No..stop Jade..I don’t want all that..i don’t want your fame..I’m a normal rich brat..nothing else and lastly..i don’t want you!”
He holds his chest like he did before
“Ouch! That hurts!”
He gave a weak smile
“Is this a one sided love?”hr asked. I rolled my eyes
“What are you talking about?”
“I mean..you and Barry..you are so obsessed with him and I’m not sure he likes you..”
“He is in love with me Jade..ask Justin…he wouldn’t let an ant touch me”
“He is matured, more experienced, more funny and crafty..you are just a 16..”
“Okay..you’re just a 17year old student at college who is yet to be matured in 2years time..you might only be crushing in him because he cares for you..he might have someone he really likes”
“It’s not a one sided love Jade..thanks for caring but. My husband and I really love each other!”I snapped and continued walking
“No matter what you say Vee..I’m still not giving up on you”
“Do you want me to divorce Barry because of you..”
“Your mum..won’t like this..”
I stopped on my track
“My mum is just an irresponsible mother selling me out for contracts”
“I am not getting married to you because of your mum. I am because I really like you. We could be the youngest couple”
“I am not interested Jade”I continued walking
“And I’m not backing out either”
“It’s not gonna work out!”
“I’m just trying to protect you from..arranged marriage”
“This is also arranged..”
“Not anymore”I said and he drag my hand and stopped me
“Vee..”he swallowed “..don’t get hurt at the end..that’s all I wish..and I’m the one who an clear that”
“Never mind Denix Jade..I wot get hurt at the end..and you’ll find a better girl than Vee”
“I am still not backing out!”he snapped and walk out

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